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144 – News regarding Li Shizen



The middle aged housewife that Ye Qingyu had randomly hired from the marketplace had a strong sense of responsibility for a servant. She displayed a toughness that made even Ye Qingyu speechless.

At the very beginning when she was manning the doors, she was very patient in explaining matters to the visitors. But as she discovered that this crowd of people would just pester endlessly, she became somewhat impatient. Regardless of what she said, these words would not enter into their ears at all. She began swiping the broom in her hands about, wildly swinging it through the air. She shouted angrily: “Go, go, go go! My superior is busy, he doesn’t have time to receive you. Quickly go, I still have to make dinner. If you delay my master’s dinner, your heads……”

This housewife only had one thought in her mind———

Since her master did not wish to receive such people, then these people were not existences that needed to be feared.

Therefore, if she wanted to aid Ye Qingyu in solving his problems and share his burdens, she must display a forceful nature.

Mother Wu was very satisfied with her current job. Not only was the work light, the benefits were extremely great.

This female servant hoped that if her performance was suitable, Ye Qingyu would change her status as a temporary servant to become a permanent servant. Then her family did not have to worry constantly and remain poor.

These were the simple thoughts of a minor person.

It seemed not too correct, but was in reality very correct.

If she knew that any one of the people covering their heads and fleeing away right now, was enough to make her and her entire family die tens of times over, she would be so frightened that her knees would soften.

“Ai, shrew, shrew…..”

The little military officers were helpless as they were chased away.

A common housewife that they could casually crush to death just by waving their hands could not do anything just because the White Horse tower was standing behind her. This was enough to deflate them entirely. Fate was sometimes so laughable, but what could they do?

After several days of hustle and bustle, the dust gradually began to settle.

The people appearing in front  of White Horse tower gradually lessened.

But the the fame of the tough housewife Mother Wu, began to spread out.

As the person in question, Mother Wu knew nothing about this fact and how she was already somewhat famous in the Pass.

On the fourth day, Wen Wan sent over someone with news. He had found some clues about the location of the old military doctor Li Shizen. As for the little soldier called Ye Congyun, there were still not any news whatsoever. After all, the number of soldiers in Youyan pass was far too many. We Wan was only a military officer; the channels and resources he could utilise were limited. He could only search slowly, and could not be rushed.

Ye Conyun was the little brother of the armoured sentry.

That day when Ye Qingyu was fleeing for his life at the underground ice cave, his path was blocked by the [Pill King of Azure Phoenix] Chen Moyun. The armoured soldier died in battle as a result to protect Ye Qingyu. Before he passed away, he told Ye Qingyu he had a little brother called Ye Conyun. He asked that if Ye Qingyu managed to make it to Youyan Pass, that he hoped Ye Qingyu was able to pass on the news that he had died to his little brother…..

Ye Qingyu did not forget this task entrusted to him.

There was not a day, that he dared forget the benevolence of the sentries.

And it was those days, when the sentries used their own flesh and blood to protect him, these actions was what allowed Ye Qingyu to comprehend the meaning behind the word ‘soldier’.

The matters that had happened on those days, from Ye Qingyu’s point of view had an impact and baptism akin to a tsunami or an avalanche on his system of values.

After arriving to Youyan Pass, at the first instant Ye Qingyu went in search for the little brother of the armoured soldier. It was a pity that in such a large Youyan pass, searching for someone like a fly with no head was ultimately not a method that would work. Ye Qingyu could only ask for assistance and borrow the power of others, so that he could find this Ye Congyun.

No matter what, he could not allow anything to happen to Ye Congyun.

Ye Qingyu swore in his heart.

Hearing that Wen Wan had not managed to discover any news about Ye Congyun whereabouts made Ye Qingyu extremely disappointed.

But he knew that he could not blame Wen Wan for such a result.

Thankfully the news of Li Shizen whereabouts could be counted as a great harvest.

The situation of the elderly man was comparatively better.

According to Wen Wan’s information, Li Shizen was right now serving in the Vanguard camp, therefore it was very easy to find him.

The current circumstances of Li Shizen was also included in the information passed along—-

Because of the fact that the elder’s medical arts were profound and he had coincidentally met with a guerilla warfare officer who had heavy injuries and was just returning from the front lines, he gained famed. He managed to save this warfare officer from the hands of the Death God. In the short time of tens of day, he had already treated a significant number of elite soldiers, healing their injuries. As such,  he received heavy respect. To prevent the elderly from rushing about everywhere to treat injuries, the Vanguard camp specially opened a medical building for Li Shizen to sit and treat the various wounds. He did not need to follow the armies to battle.

After numerous items where his miracle hands brought people back from the dead, this elder received the title of [Miracle hands divine doctor]. He could be said to have some small fame in the Vanguard.

After receiving such information, Ye Qingyu could rest at ease, without the need to immediately rush to see him.

A doctor was a rare resource within the army and a doctor with such a high level of medical skill like Li Shizen, would receive even greater respect from the military.

This was because soldiers danced on the the edge of a blade where the head of the blade was lapping in blood. No one could not guarantee they would not get injured at any moment. Everyone understood, a doctor with high skill, perhaps at that key moment, would save their life.

Therefore, Li Shizen should not encounter any danger.

And right now, Ye Qingyu himself was plagued with disturbances. He did not know what kind of action Zhao Ruyun, Yi Sance and the others would take in vengeance. To prevent the anger of those people to be released on Li Shizen, Ye Qignyu decided for the moment not to let others know of the relationship between himself and Li Shizen. After all, they were in the military together – if Li Shizen really encountered any issues, he could still make it in time to aid him.

Another three days passed.

The imagined revenge from Zhao Ruyun did not arrive.

Ye Qingyu spent his days training, without doing much else.

The position of the patrolling sword envoy was special, without the need to attend for duties and patrols everyday. No one came to manage him.

But Ye Qingyu felt, that he himself had not immersed himself into the life at Youyan Pass. There was a considerable difference from his imagined life as a soldier.

Bai Yuanxing’s injuries had completely recovered.

The cold poison in his body was completely expelled. He could already resume his normal functions. Apart from the fact that his body was still slightly weak, there were no major issues remaining.

Mother’s Wu mission was hence completely finished. According to the initial terms of her hire, her contract should have ended, but she wanted to stay behind. She finally mustered the courage to say this to Ye Qingyu. Ye Qingyu pondered over this with a smile. These days with the aid of Mother Wu where she kept herself busy in White Horse tower really made his life much more easy and relaxed. Furthermore, Bai Yuanxing could not handle the matters when it came to cooking. Therefore he agreed to retain the famous shrew of White Horse.

Right now, what made Ye Qingyu slightly worried was Big Head.

Ever since the glutton came to Youyan Pass, it was unknown whether it was because the temperature was too cold for him, or perhaps that he had gorged himself from eating too much, he had always remained in a state of slumber. No matter how much Ye Qingyu called to him, he would not wake. Previously he was amazing at eating, now he became amazing at sleeping. For seven or eight days, he had not woke up even once. It would occasionally sleepily move a little bit, just to open his mouth slightly to eat something……

“Ai, if not for the fact I brought you out from the [Boundary canyon battlefield], and hoped that you can become a Spirit beast companion, you would be in trouble.  Otherwise, with your foolish appearance and performance, I would have long thrown you away……”

Ye Qingyu looked towards the slumbering Big Head, weeping dry tears.

Until right now, he had still not made clear, just what kind of breed this glutton was, and what abilities he possessed.

Time, passed day by day through such boring training.

Ye Qingyu’s handling and control of his yuan qi had finally reached a state of completion. He was  completely able to control the power of the fifteen Spirit springs stage.

At the same time, his understanding of the [Limitless divine way] had deepened. Out of very three times of trying to enter the [First limit], he could already succeed one time. This kind of success rate was already comparatively high. It was only that his attempts to enter the ‘second limit’ was still far from successful. Ye Qingyu tried for hundreds of times, and only at the last time, could he begin to touch the door of the [Second limit domain]. But ultimately, he was not able to step past this boundary.

And as for the four moves of the golden armoured king and the four moves of the unmatched general, these two set of divine techniques, Ye Qingyu had constantly practised them. His comprehension and understanding of these techniques became even deeper where he gained a more familiar understanding. These eight moves, demonstrated from his hands, was many times more times powerful than it was previously.

Ye Qingyu’s only regret was that, since the Inexorable spear was destroyed within the [Cloud top cauldron], he felt that he was lacking in a heavy weapon.

Apart from training, Ye Qingyu would also browse through the [Pill mantra].

After everything in the [pill mantra] was deeply imprinted his mind, confirming that he would not forget any of the contents and he could nearly read the book backwards, Ye Qingyu chose to destroy this booklet. After all, it was an object belonging to the [Pill king of Azure Phoenix] Chen Moyun. The fact that he had killed Chen Moyun could not be leaked out as of this moment. Therefore leaving the [Pill mantra] on him was a disaster waiting to happen.

For him to completely digest the contents of the [Pill mantra] would require the time frame of at least several years. Ye Qingyu was a genius, but even geniuses needed time to grow. Right now, he could only walk step by step forwards slowly.

If there was time, Ye Qingyu really wanted to try and refine pills.

If he was able to refine the [Mysterious heaven pellet] according to Li Shizen’s pill formula, he would definitely benefit greatly.

However, Ye Qingyu understood that some matters could not be rushed and could only progress slowly.

As for the [Cloud top cauldron], it definitely could not be exhibited to the wider world.

Ye Qingyu only treated it as a storage tool for his use.

As for the jade box that Ye Qingyu had discovered on the body of Liu Yuancheng and had always been curious about, he still did not know what was inside. After several times where he attempted to understand and unlock it, he still could not manage to break apart the seal of the jade container. He planned to find a master in small scale formations to open the box after some time had passed and the winds had blown over.

Without knowing why, Ye Qingyu felt that this jade contained something that would prove to be of importance to him.

The days of cultivation passed especially quickly.

Ye Qingyu’s strength, after the previous explosive surge, began entering into a slow and settled stage.

According to the different martial manuals, after a martial artist had reached the twenty Spirit springs stage, they could attempt to enter the Bitter Sea stage.

But the large majority of martial artists, would not make this choice.

Because twenty Spirit springs were the lowest requirement for the Bitter Sea stage. If they really entered the Bitter Sea stage with such a number, it would signify that the yuan qi liquid in their dantian world was not enough, and would always lack for something. Even if they became a Bitter Sea stage, the area of this ‘sea’ was limited. There were times that their strength could not even be compared to experts of the sixty and seventy Spirit springs stage.


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