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145 – Everything was slightly strange


The earlier one entered into the Bitter Sea stage, the lower their future potential and limits for cultivation was.

Because the Spirit spring stage was a realm where one accumulated yuan qi. The longer one stayed in this stage of accumulation, the greater the quantity of yuan qi in your body. And by leaving this stage early, this signified that you had accumulated little too. This would lead to a weak foundation, making your future path narrower.

Ye Qingyu’s plan was to cultivate as many Spirit springs as possible before considering entering the Bitter Sea stage.

According to his previous cultivation speed, this needed at least ten years of time.

Therefore he was not in a rush.

Practicing the martial path was originally something that went against the heavens. It had never been a matter anyone could rush through.

It was another matter altogether that Ye Qingyu regarded very importantly ——-

After reaching the twenty Spirit springs stage, a martial artist could attempt to excavate or bestow an attribute to their inner yuan.

There were martial artists that drew flame into their body, controlling fire yuan qi. They were able to completely scorch the lands around them through this power. There were also martial artists that managed to grasp wind yuan qi.  With just one thought, they were able to engulf heaven and earth with gale……..

According to the formation yuan qi theory and foundation, there were normally five elements that existed in heaven and earth. Metal, wood, water, fire and earth could be developed within someone’s inner yuan and display a frightening power. Apart from this, there were also other attributes like poison, ice and shadow. These various rare attributes could also be controlled by some fortunate people and become some rarely seen inner yuan attributes.

This process where one imparted an attribute to their own inner yuan, was called [Spirit raise] in the martial cultivation process.

Ye Qingyu as of this moment was already at the fifteen Spirit springs stage. If he managed to excavate another five Spirit springs, then it was possible for him to [Spirit raise].

Only Spirit spring experts who had successfully undergone the Spirit raise process, could be counted as true experts of the Spirit spring stage.

If your inner yuan had an attribute, then your power in battle would multiply.

Those martial artists that had successfully underwent the [Spirit raise process] could completely crush martial artists who had not undergone this process and was at the same stage.

For people cultivating in the yuan qi martial path, the [Spirit raise] could be counted as a threshold.

A threshold that was extremely important.

There were some martial artists that began to Spirit raise at twenty Spirit springs, and they were not even able to succeed at the forty Spirit springs stage. There were also some geniuses that went against heavens who was able to complete this process quickly. The instant these geniuses entered into the twenty Spirit spring stage, they would succeed in Spirit raising and were able control inner yuan with a special attribute that belonged to them.

And as for what kind of attribute was chosen, this needed the individual choice of the martial artist to decide based on the state of their own body.

Normally, there were not many special requirements.

But the large majority of martial artist in this world chose attributes of the five great elements: metal, earth, water, fire and wood.

Because these five elements were the fundamental energy that this world was constructed from, it extended everywhere in this world. These elements were relatively easy to sense and to control. Furthermore, every element of the five elements had extraordinary power, and belonged to the major path. As for the other rare attributes like shadow, poison and space, these attributes were very hard to grasp. Therefore the process of Spirit raising would need far more effort compared to the major elements. It was very possible that all one’s effort would go to waste if they chose rare attributes.

Ye Qingyu had already began to consider, just what attribute he should choose.

This was a very important matter.

Therefore he had to consider seriously. He could not make any hasty decision.


The fifteenth day.

Ye Qingyu was summoned to the Pass Lord’s residence to receive orders.

The order contained two points.

The first was that Ye Qingyu could once again choose ten elite soldiers from the army for the White Horse tower. They would become the new White Horse sword slaves.

The second was to notify Ye Qingyu that fifteen days later, the Vanguard camp would begin a small scale military operation. Ye Qingyu must follow the army to the Explosive Snow glacier, and participate in a battle against the Snow ground demon race. The Pass Lord residence notified Ye Qingyu in advance so he could make preparations to follow the army.

“Such a day, has finally arrived?”

Ye Qingyu was slightly excited.

Every since receiving the [White Horse battle armour] he had never had the opportunity to utilise it in real battle.

Through several days of continuous training, Ye Qingyu vaguely felt that by confining himself, his development would be slow. He needed a great deal of battle experience. Only through this could he have sort of a breakthrough.

Afternoon of that day.

According to the summons, Ye Qingyu went to the [Military council pavilion] to receive his orders.

This time, he still was not able to see the legendary War God of Youyan Pass, Lu Zhaoge. The person who received him was still Mister Liu.

Compared to the last time, Mister Liu spoke a little more.

This scholar with a lean face, enquired amiably about various little things regarding Ye Qingyu. Such as whether he had gotten used to Youyan Pass, or whether he had any requests. He was different from the solemn and dignified strategist of the Pass Lord’s residence, and was more like a kind and amiable old man. It was only that the little student standing beside him stared at Ye Qingyu incessantly, evaluating him from top to bottom. In his bright and clear eyes, there was curiosity and an undisguised interest. He evaluated Ye Qingyu with a smiling expression, as if he wanted to completely see through Ye Qingyu.

Mister Liu’s attitude, made Ye Qingyu feel that something was strange.

But he answered every question that was asked.

“In the [Gale operation] fifteen days later, I will also be there to accompany the army when we depart. Haha, I am far too old, my body is already becoming somewhat stiff. At that time, I will need to ask sword envoy Ye for his care and attention.” Mister Liu said with a laugh. After all the procedures had been met, Mister Liu placed all the arrangements for this battle into a jade piece and handed it to Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu received the jade piece, and said seriously. “Protecting Mister Liu, is the responsibility of every soldier.”

In his heart, he felt there was something strange going on.

According to common reason, a strategist like Mister Liu of the Pass Lord’s residence would normally not follow the armies along to battle. Such scholars, would normally sit safely at the centre of command, creating plans and schemes, analysing the situation, providing opinion. They would rarely be like warfare officers that charged forward into battle. The [Gale operation], just what was it about, that it would need a strategist like Mister Liu to accompany them into battle?

“En, you have so many accomplishments when you are so young. No wonder you are the inheritor of a heroic badge.” Mister Liu still had a face of friendliness. He reminded: “This time, the [Gale operation] is not a little matter. What is contained within the jade piece, is the plan of action concerning this operation. After you take it, don’t look at it immediately. Only after ten days, can you open the jade piece. At that time, you will know the contents of this operation.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head to indicate that he understood.

“Fine, prepare well in these days. If you have any needs, you can come find me at any time.” Mister Liu slapped Ye Qingyu’s shoulder with a a smile, then said to the little boy standing beside him. “Xinger, help me see Sword envoy Ye off.”

Xinger smiled, bouncing and jumping to the door. Bowing, his eyes like moon crescents, he said: “Military officer Ye, please.”

The little student jumped and hopped at the front as he led the way.

Ye Qingyu followed behind, the [Military council pavilion]

On the way, there were many people that greeted the little student Xinger with a smile. It seemed like this fellow was well known within the Pass Lord’s residence.

Some people, after saying their greetings, evaluated Ye Qingyu with a curious gaze.

Very quickly, someone recognised that this youth with a strong and muscular body and graceful facial feature, was namely the new patrolling sword envoy of White Horse tower whose name had spread throughout in these days. This caused a significant commotion.

Once the new spread out, there were people that specially came from the Pass Lord’s residence. Pretending to be just passing by, when they brushed past Ye Qingyu, they would turn and evaluate Ye Qingyu from top to bottom. They then hid far away, whispering secretly and pointing Ye Qingyu. They had never imagined, that the ferocious demon king Ye from the rumours, would be a gentlemanly, elegant faced young man. It made them exhale in shock.

Ye Qingyu also did not imagine, that the first impression he left to the people of the Pass Lord’s residence would be like this.

“Just how were you able to do it?” As they were about to leave the gates of the Pass Lord’s residence, the little student Xinger asked curiously.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback: “What are you referring to?”

“How were you able to, in such a short amount of time of a month, from three Spirit springs to rise to the fifteen Spirit springs?” The little boy stuck his tongue out.

“Oh, you’re asking about that…..” Ye Qingyu’s mind flickered with countless scenes. The voices and smiling expression of the sentries appeared again. He smiled: “That is a secret.”

Xinger pressed his lips together. “You’re really petty.”

Saying that, he pointed toward the gates. “We’ve already arrived. Get out by yourself.”

This really was a proud and pampered little student.

Ye Qingyu laughed involuntarily, exiting from the gates.

Xinger stood on the background, looking at the back of Ye Qingyu. The smile on his face, gradually disappeared.

“I can’t discern anything. Perhaps Mister Liu’s guess was wrong. But right now this is a crucial time, we can’t afford not to take any precautions.” Xinger’s appearance changed from his childlike countenance that he previously displayed, becoming like an old expert. He recalled the transformation of Ye Qingyu’s expression as he had asked this question. He had not even missed a shred of change that occurred on Ye Qingyu’s expression. But Xinger still could not reach any conclusion whatsoever, shaking his head. With both his hands clasped behind his back, he returned inside.


Returning to White Horse tower.

Ye Qingyu stored away the military order jade piece safely.

He felt that something was really strange.

It was not only the fact that Mister’ Liu’s attitude was somewhat bizarre. Even the words of the little student Xinger, seemed innocent on the surface, but in reality was probing for something.

A master and student pair made Ye Qingyu feel that something was wrong.

And furthermore, the [Gale operation] was a military operation that would happen fifteen days later. The army’s plan must be confidential and secret, with great importance attached to the secrecy. It was entirely possible for them to pass down the jade piece military order just before departing. This would prevent news of this operation from leaking. But why was it that Mister Liu gave this jade piece so early to himself, and reminded him that he must not open it before the appointed time?

Why did Ye Qingyu feel, that Mister LIu’s was rather hinting to him, that he must look at the contents of the jade piece?

As for the military supply department where he had caused a great commotion, the Pass Lord residence did not take any stance on this whatsoever. There was not even a word of reprimand that was passed down. This was also enough to make Ye Qingyu feel that something weird was going on.

Everything was abnormal.

“I don’t know what Mister Liu is planning. But this doesn’t matter, I have a clear conscience. I can only take things step by step. Before departing, I must be careful and prevent the people of he Cool breeze mountain faction from secretly causing harm……”

Ye Qingyu began planning in his heart.

Zhao Ruyun, Yi Sance and the others seemed to have given up on the surface. They had taken no action whatsoever. But who knew whether this was something that they did on purpose to show weakness deliberately?

Ye Qingyu returned to the fourth floor of the White Horse tower, beginning to train yet again.

No matter at what time, power was the most important.

As long as one had enough power, they could completely crush every sinister and nefarious scheme.

By the time night descended, the wind and snow in the air were even greater and stronger.

Ye Qingyu opened his eyes after he had finished cultivating. Through the window, he was able to see the huge snowstorm occurring outside. A thought suddenly occurred to him.

“Youyan pass is a place of the extreme cold. Cold ice rules over all. If I impart such a power into my inner yuan, would I be able to obtain ice inner yuan?” As the time of the Spirit raise was approaching, Ye Qingyu knew that he must make some attempts to [Spirit raise]. Within Youyan Pass, there were many experts that possessed the power of ice inner yuan. This meant that this path was possible. Ice belonged to one of the mutations of water in the five elements, possessing an extremely great power.


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