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147 – Jade tree of the Song family!

Chapter 147: Jade tree of the Song family!
Lin Canghai turned around, apologising profusely to Li Muyang: “brother Muyang, I’m really sorry. I didn’t expect Nujiang to have calmed down already and made you wait—–”

Li Muyang was woken by him but could not see the landscape he wanted him to see, this made Lin Canghai felt an enormous sense of guilt.

“What’s this?” Li Muyang smiled as he waved his hand dismissively. To be able to watch the night scenery of Nujiang with you two, even if Nujiang is no longer raging, I am equally as happy.”

“That’s good.” Lin Canghai looked at Li Muyang and Qiandu, saying: “it’s late, you two should rest early. I’m also tired so I’m going back to rest. We have a class tomorrow morning.”

“Rest early.” Li Muyang said with a smile.

After seeing Lin Canghai off, Qiandu also said goodbye to Li Muyang. “Muyang classmate, rest early. Good night.”

“Qiandu classmate, good night.” Li Muyang said with a smile.

Qiandu’s eyes shifted to the book [Language of Dragons] in Li Muyang’s hand as she asked with a smile: “Muyang classmate, you can understand that book?”

“I can’t understand it.” Li Muyang answered, shaking his head. “It’s too hard, it seems like a book from heaven. So, I fell asleep very quickly and missed the wonderful scene of Nujiang, it’s such a pity. If I knew, I wouldn’t have read it at all.”

Qiandu giggled: “I believe Muyang classmate is gifted in dragon language, as long as you keep trying, you will be able to achieve extraordinary results–then, good night.”

“Good night.” Li Muyang said with a smile.

Qiandu waved her hand, turned and walked at a brisk pace towards her little courtyard. Her courtyard was situated in the most western part, separated by Cai Pa’s, Lin Canghai’s and Tie Muxin’s houses. However, each building is close to each other and could be reached in a few steps.

After his two classmates left, Li Muyang drew the gate gently closed behind him and not forgetting to latch the gate. His heart only began to thud fiercely; there was a feeling of fear.

His instinct told him that Nujiang’s wrath was connected to his recitation of a worshipping text.

Although he wished his intuition was wrong.

Because of that worship text, Nujiang had such a big response?

Red waves surged to the sky and the sudden appearance of a dragon, what does it really mean?

In that case, as long as I continue to recite the text, could I summon the dragon’s soul and keep it for my own use—–

Thinking about it, it’s pretty exciting.

If I had dragons as my subordinates, where could I not go in this vast world? Tiandu’s Cui family, just what can they do to me?

However, Li Muyang could also anticipate danger.

Lin Canghai and Qiandu have said earlier that the abnormality of Nujiang had alarmed all the students of Starry Sky Academy, then the teachers who are at a high stage of cultivation and the heads of department would have understood the situation more clearly.

“Have they discovered my existence?”

“Do they know——Nujiang was raging because of my covert manipulation?”

Thinking that he can control Nujiang and summon dragon souls, Li Muyang felt his blood racing.

Who would have imagined, the famous trash of Jiangnan city, youngster Li Muyang would have a day like this, that he would bring honour to his family–When did the Li family ever had a hero like him?

Don’t bully the poor who is young!

Of course, such things must be kept confidential and not be known to outsiders. Not even his family.

Otherwise, it would bring danger not only to himself but also his family.

If other people knew I was a dragon, when they are killing me would they let my family go? Who would know whether my families are dragons or not?

Li Muyang’s mind was filled with all sorts of worries.

It was early dawn, the first rays of the morning sun shone down, Li Muyang just got out of bed.

Following the training plan he drew up, he practiced [The Art of the Breaking Body] for half an hour before practicing calligraphy for half an hour.

After a hot bath and putting on a clean clothing, he took out the [Language of dragons] under his pillow and gently caressed it.

According to the plan he drew up, he would recite every morning. But after what happened last night, he did not dare to casually read it out loud.

“It was only when I read the last article [Worship of dragons] at that back, that Nujiang became angry–If I read other dragon text there shouldn’t be any changes, right?”

With this thought, Li Muyang decided to do a little test.

Running a test secretly inside my own courtyard is better than being exposed in front of many people in public, right?

So, tightly holding the book [Language of Dragon] in his hand, Li Muuayng came to the backyard of the house.

He gazed at Nujiang, which was painted brown-red by the rising morning sun and was choppy at the time, as though it was singing a lullaby to sleep.
Li Muyang swallowed a mouthful of saliva, turned to the first page of the book [Language of dragons] and read out the first sound as he faced Nujiang.


Teacher Yang taught this sound in class. It was the sound that Li Muyang accidentally answered correctly.

Strange and obscure tones sounded from Li Muyang’s mouth, but Nujiang remained as quiet as ever and there didn’t seem to be any noticeable changes.

Li Muyang, feeling more at ease, tried reading two other tones of voice out loud; Nujiang was still not angry.

Now, Li Muyang was even more certain that except the text [Worship of dragons], other words do not affect it in the slightest. It won’t set off Nujiang nor summon dragons–

Thinking about this, he felt a bit disappointed.

Besides Yang Xiaohu’s dragon slayer major, Li Muyang also latched onto Kong Li’s and Xiahou Qianbai’s thighs—-no, minored in both subjects that Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai were in charge of, Buddhism and Taoism.

In order to address the danger he might face and ensure the safety of his families, he put forward himself to take multiple classes, but instead was criticised by Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai, saying that no one can study both Buddhism and Taoism together, and by doing so, he’s more likely to harvest nothing–—

Li Muyang said he would come, then he definitely will come.

Instead of trying to prove anything or use the truth as a huge counterattack against Kong Li and Xiahou Qianbai, he feared his empty words would anger the two teachers of Starry Sky, leading them to not want to protect his family.

At that time Li Muyang was most concerned about two things: first, the safety of his family who were far away in Jiangnan. Second, the dragon inside his body being discovered.

Li Muyang obtained his school timetable. Xiahou Qianbai has a class at Rising Cloud Pavilion this afternoon on [Cleansing Mind Incantation], so he hurried to Cloud Hall early in the morning to get a good space.

In the divine continent, Sound of Heaven Temple is the orthodox sect of Buddhism and Lung Fu Shan is the leader of Taoism. These two sects are both famous and powerful, the strong people under them are as abundant as clouds and their disciples are more than one million.

The disciples of theses two sects all found throughout the continent and in all nine countries. Adding to this, in each country, Buddhist masters or Taoist masters are among the country’s most influential figures, they are even capable of determining the rise and fall of the Royal family and the heir to ascend to the throne.

Of course, most of the time they maintained a neutral stance and do not ask or show interest about these worldly things.

At least this is what they claimed.

The intense competition between Buddhism and Taoism is an ongoing problem for thousands of years. At times, Buddhism dominated while sometimes Taoism received support from the royal family.

Right now, the divine continent was in a state where Buddhism and Taoism was flourishing. This could absolutely be attribute to the fact that there were countles experts born from these two sects.

Regardless matter whether it’s a Buddhist allegory of Sound of Heaven Temple or a speech from Mt Lung Fu, both lead to wide interpretations all over the divine continent.

Like a sudden clap of thunder rolling across the flat land, it can shape heaven and earth, as though it’s a huge monster.

The number of students in Xiahou Qianbai’s class is no small number and also there are several beautiful female students. By the time Li Muyang arrived, dozens of students have already gathered at Rising Cloud Pavilion.

These students sat in the middle of Rising Cloud Pavilion, each occupying a neither big nor small area of a wooden bench. Li Muyang walked to the corner and sat cross-legged on the floor, taking up a small space.

At his side, not that far away, was a handsome youngster clad in a white robe sizing him up. It was the most beautiful man, Li Muyang had ever seen before.

Cui Zhaoren is good looking. Xie Wuyou is good-looking. Also, that Yan Xiangma—-he’s also not ugly.

Because of his elegant manner and appearance, Li Muyang had a good opinion of him.

He took the initiative to shake his hand, smiled and said: “I’m Li Muyang, please to meet you.”

“Li Muyang?” The expression on the white-robed youngster’s face turned colder.

“Yes. What is your name?” Li Muyang tried to ignore the change of expression on the white-robed youngster’s face, even though he felt he was treated more unfairly than Dou E. He wholeheartedly wanted to have a good relationship with each student but why does everyone have to make life difficult for him?

Let alone Lu Qiji that crazy woman and Chu Xun that little pretty boy—What is it with this pretty boy in front of me?

I simply called out my name but he revealed a look of disdain?
“Song Tinyun.” The youngster with scimitars-like-eyebrows said in a cold voice.

“Song Tinyun?” Li Muyang concentrated hard, thinking and making doubly sure that he does not know this boy and that he had never seen him before.

In that case, he was even more confused. Since we’ve never met and do not know each other, why do you look at me with those eyes? Like I stole your woman and that we cannot live under the same sky.

Or, is it because I have a bad name so the moment other people heard my name it’s enough for them to have the urge to rush up and give me a beating?

Song Tinyun did not answer, instead his gaze just swept coldly back and forth across Li Muyang’s face, as if this kid’s face was hiding a big secret.

Li Muyang began to get nervous, thinking to himself: this guy does not know I’m a dragon, right?

The palms of his hands began to sweat as he calculated the possibility of silencing him as well as figuring out ways to escape and run away from the blame of Starry Sky Academy—–

“We know each other?” Pretending to be calm, Li Muyang asked with a smile. Before he assessed the situation, he needed to communicate in a polite and amiable manner.


“There is enmity between us?”

“There isn’t any enmity between us.”


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