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148 – Cleanse the mind!

Chapter 148: Cleanse the Mind!

“In that case, why did brother Tinyun talk to me in that manner?” Li Muyang looked strangely at Song Tinyun, asking aloud.

In this world, there is no unfounded love or unfounded hate

He could not understand the reason. It was the first time he met Song Tinyun—-If he did not take the initiative to greet him, he won’t even know who he is.

The how could they be enemies?

Under the warm sun, Song Tinyun’s skin looked as white as snow, bright and radiant.

In this class, there are many pretty female students. However, when they were next to Song Tinyun, they were cast into the shade. They all looked like leaves while Song Tinyun is a bright red flower.

Li Muyang decided to not like him anymore.

Because his presence would threaten his title as the most handsome man in Starry Sky Academy.

The first time Li Muyang wore the cloud robe provided by Starry Sky Academy, he could not help but to give himself such a name.

“What kind of manner did I treat you with?” Song Tinyun’s scimitar-like-eyebrows raised as he said without any emotions.

“You don’t like me.”

“Does everyone have to like you the first time they see you?” Song Tinyun was almost amused by this idiot. This is the man who Cui Xiaoxin was ‘close’ with in Jiangnan, it seems he’s not that impressive? “Who do you think you are? An icon of the kingdom? A strong person of Starry Sky? Or a circus clown?”

Li Muyang chuckled: “you were hostile to me. I just wanted to know the origin of this hostility, after all, I have no disgust and no bad intention. I took the initiative to greet you because I was trying to make a new friend—-”

“I don’t easily make friends.” Song Tinyun sneered.

“Me too.” Li Muyang also sneered. What’s the big deal? Who can’t sneer.

Without saying too many words.

Li Muyang kindly showed warm feelings but Song Tinyun gave him the cold shoulder, which directly affected his mood to learn.

With his robe swaying slightly and gaping open, Xiahou Qianbai charmingly strode over.

Not sure whether it’s because he wanted to show his authority or whether this man is fond of flaunting. He used the Taoist secret technique ‘shrink into inches’, and without even casting a shadow, he suddenly stepped into the Rising Cloud Pavilion.

“He really has the style of a Starry Sky teacher, he’s a model that I studied hard to be like–”

“Teacher Xiahou is the most handsome man in Starry Sky Academy, his scholarly knowledge, appearance and manner makes people develop heartfelt admiration for him——”

“Teacher Xiahou is really handsome–Starry Sky Academy does not forbid romance, right?”——

Xiahou Qianbai scanned the audience, when his gaze brushed past Li Muyang sitting at the corner, he gave him a slight nod, before he said aloud: “today, we will learn the [Cleansing Mind Incantation]. When you entered into Starry Sky Academy, you experienced the four assessments – wine, women, avarice and temper. Why does Starry Sky Academy have these assessments? It’s not to assess your efforts or test your mind. But to make you have awareness—-so you know whether there are any areas that you are lacking in. What are your weaknesses, where you need to improve or which areas you need to overcome.”

“Three thousand paths, each no different to others. The real path can only be thought about but not explained. It requires you to learn, to feel and to become, smashing emptiness into pieces overnight and become a strong person of Starry Sky. You are currently in a place called Starry Sky Academy, you call me a Starry Sky teacher—-However, it doesn’t matter whether I was at Starry Sky Academy or not, we’re not going to tell you the truth. We will only pass along to you the methods of searching for the truth, you can do things following rigid, conventional methods or explore in a much more flexible manner–I know that among you guys, there are royalty, nobles, disciples of famous sects, sons and daughters of tycoons; everyone has their own unique way of practice. Your choice of cultivation method is up to you.”

“Starry Sky Academy was able to become Starry Sky Academy because of its ability to use different means to obtain the same result. You can continue to be yourself, you can incorporate your hundreds of strengths, you can stay at Starry Sky Academy to study, gaze at the moon, draw or farm–Whatever you want to do, as long as you are interested then you can be successful. The school does not have any demands from you. Someone found 100,000 secret techniques from books, some people realised the true meaning of life within months, some people became famous by painting some picture, and someone grew out of a unique world through farming——”

“The only thing I need to remind you is that you’re responsible for your life.” Xiahou Qianbai said sternly. His piercing eyes made its way through the crowd as he said aloud: “some people are majoring in Taoism, some wants to study both Buddhism and Taoism, while there are others who want even more—-So, I feel I have the responsibility and the need to teach you this lesson first. This lesson we will talk about [Cleansing Mind Incantation].”

Li Muyang suddenly blushed in embarrassment. He knew Xiahou Qianbai was insinuating that his mind is cluttered and he has too many desires. He would not be successful like this so he needed to cleanse his mind with the [Cleansing Mind Incantation].

Li Muyang thought this was a good thing; he will first learn [Cleansing Mind Incantation].

Mother Luo Qi often said to him: It’s always good to have more skills.

Li Muyang carefully calculated, he really did not know much. In a place like Starry Sky Academy, where strong people are as abundant as clouds, it would be very hard for his skills to rank in the top ten right?

Moreover, he accepted Chu Xun’s challenge, would he still remember—The date is approaching. If he can’t beat him at that time, wouldn’t it be embarrassing?

I am someone who can stir the emotions of Nujiang. A strong person has to have strong dignity.

Xiahou Qianbai’s body floated upwards, then crouched down slowly and unhurriedly, his legs loosely crossed and his back straight, displaying a Taoist meditation posture.

He closed his eyes, pressed his hands together and muttered some words.

“Laojun said: The great Tao or way has no form, yet it generates heaven and earth; The great Tao has no feelings, yet regulates the course of the sun and moon; the great Tao is nameless, yet it raises and nurtures all things; I do not know its name, so I named it Tao. The Tao can be pure or turbid, moving or tranquil; heaven is pure and the earth is turbid. Heaven is moving and the earth is tranquil. The male is pure and the female is turbid. The male is moving and the female is tranquil. Descending and transforming itself from the origin toward the end, the myriad beings are being born. Purity is the source of turbidity. Movement is the root of tranquillity. If people can always be pure and tranquil, heaven and earth can return to the primordial—–”

Hearing this mantra, Li Muyang didn’t feel cleansed, instead felt very restless.

Like ten thousand flies were buzzing around his ears, it was hard to bear and extremely painful.
“The human spirit likes purity, but it is disturbed by the uncontrolled mind; the human mind likes tranquillity, but desires meddle with it. Frequent elimination of desire will lead the mind to tranquillity; cleanse the heart and the spirit will be pure. Whoever fails to do so has not yet cleansed their mind and eliminated their desires. Those who have successfully abandoned their desires can observe their minds by introspection and see there is actually no mind. Then, observe the body from without and see there is no body——–”

Li Muyang clenched his fist and released. As his hand clasped onto a stone in front of him, distinct notches instantly appeared.

The expression on his face looked ferocious, his head dripping with sweat and his eyes blood-red.

He felt a strong desire for destruction, an impulse to destroy everything in sight.

Song Tinyun, sensing a strong presence of danger, immediately glanced sideways, couldn’t help but be aghast by the sight.

This guy—–he wanted to kill someone?


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