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153 – Snow ground boar bat



“What is it?”

Liu Zongyuan came over with an anxious expression.

Ye Qingyu pointed towards the gigantic mass of clouds. “I feel something is not right at that place.”

Liu Zongyuan followed along to where Ye Qingyu was pointed. His originally anxious expression, evidently relaxed somewhat. “Oh, you’re referring to that. Don’t worry, I’ve already extended my senses inside, there’s nothing there…..ahah, on the way, we have already traversed many masses of such clouds. Officer Ye, perhaps you’re mental state is too nervous right now. Relax a little. Only half a day more, and we can return to the territory of Youyan pass…..”

Ye Qingyu shook his head.

Right now, it was not only simply because of Big Head’s actions that made him suspicious. He truly and utterly felt unrest born in his heart.

The closer they neared the mass of clouds, the more unrest he felt.

“That’s not right. Officer Liu, I can sense, there is something hidden within the clouds. Officer Liu, order for the airship to quickly halt and for us to reverse at any moment. We must not enter into that mass of clouds.” Ye Qingyu’s voice became more and more determined.

Liu Zongyuan looked at Ye Qingyu’s expression, then carefully thought it over. He issued the order, for the formation airship to temporarily stop.

At that time, the distance they were away from the gigantic mass of clouds, was only a hundred metres.
“People, prepare the shooting star armour arrows. Let us probe the clouds.” Liu Zongyuan ordered the soldiers to arch their bows, and shoot towards the mass of clouds.

On the formation airship, there were formation metal yuan qi cannons prepared. The power was extremely great, but after shooting, there would evident yuan qi fluctuations spreading throughout the air. It was very easy for it to attract the attention of the demon race. Therefore unless it was at a crucial moment, they would not utilise it. At this moment, using bows were better.

These soldiers were martial artists of the Spirit spring stage and there bows were the shooting star armour arrows. The power was extremely great.


The bowstrings trembled, and the shooting stars armour arrows were like a torrential rainstorm, shooting into the mass of clouds.

But the clouds were silent, without any reaction. There was not even the slightest turbulent air current caused.

“Shoot again!”

Liu Zongyuan issued another order.


It was another wave of arrow rain.

The shooting star armour arrow once again entered into the clouds in a tight and clustered fashion.

The clouds still did not have any movements or fluctuations whatsoever.

Liu Zongyuan ordered for the arrows to be shot once again.

The result was the same.

After three waves of shooting, Liu Zongyuan looked towards Ye Qingyu and smiled faintly: “It seems there is not any problems. Officer Ye is far too anxious……” In truth, the cost to create the shooting star armour arrows were high and only shooting one round was enough to test out potential dangers. The reason Liu Zongyuan ordered the soldiers to shoot three waves of arrows was because his personality was cautious and careful. However, another reason was that he wished to give some face to Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu shook his head.

HIs heart willed, and under the activation of his yuan qi, a silver mist rapidly appeared in the centre of his palm.

This white ice mist was as if it had a life of its own. In Ye Qingyu’s hands, it constantly grew longer, finally solidifying into the shape of a long spear. When the mist dispersed, a ice spear appeared in reality in Ye Qingyu’s palm. With an ancient design, the body of the spear was about a pebbles thickness. It was a diluted pale green blue colour, and under the sunlight, it flickered with a translucent jade like radiance.

Ye Qingyu lifted his hand.

The long spear sailed outwards.

[Banner of Heaven and Earth of the four moves of the golden armoured king].

The ice spear instantly disappeared, then descended from the heavens, nailing down onto the mass of clouds.


A desperate howl emitted from the mass of clouds.

Demonic qi roiled.

The colour of Liu Zongyuan’s face greatly changed.

The soldiers on the armoured plates, also sensed that something was not right.

Without needing for Liu Zongyuan’s orders, their blades and swords were unsheathed. Everyone activated their body, moving and positioning themselves in defensive formation.

The next moment, a rich and dense demonic qi hurricane exploded from within the cloud layer. Like a huge gale, it blew and dispersed apart the huge white clouds.

The could see behind the clouds, there was a large swathe of black flying demonic beasts that completely covered the sky. Their outer appearance were like bats, with wild boar like heads and fangs. Their bodies were pale silver, and their wings were like old leather, bringing with it sharp bone hooks. There had a pair of forelimbs and hind legs, and their pitch black claws were sharp like blades…….

Such a crowd of demonic beats, had beat their wings without sound, hiding within the mass of clouds.

Within this colony, was a boar bat that was five or six metres tall. On it’s back, there was a ice spear that was stabbed into his body. There were black demonic blood dripping from the injury. At this moment it was crazily struggling, a tragic howl emitting from its mouth.

“It’s the [Snow ground Boar bats]!

There were soldiers that loudly shouted.

[Snow ground Boar bat] was one of the branches of the snow ground demon race battalions. They were similar to Snow dragon in that their vision had also deteriorated seriously, not able to see objects. But they had the strange power to use sound waves to confirm the position of their foes. At the same time, they specialised in concealment; when they were in a silent state, they could completely conceal the demon qi from their entire body, with nothing leaking out. No wonder someone like Liu Zongyuan could not sense the existence of this crowd of Boar bats.

This type of demon race would normally travel in a group.

They had a sharp like blade bone hook wings. and also talons that could slice apart steel armour. The sounds that emitted from their mouth could hurt someone without shape or form. In the air, they were a demon race that were hard to deal with.

Normally, the [Snow ground boar bat] held the role of a scout in the army of the demon race.

The instant they saw the [Snow ground boar bat], Liu Zongyuan’s facial colour changed.

“Prepare to meet the enemy.” Liu Zongyuan unsheathed the long blade at his waist. He shouted: “Increase the speed of the airship, rush past it.”

This experienced officer, in the first instant, made the most correct decision.

Once the air ship was discovered, once they were exposed, then they were in absolute danger.

At this time, they could not fight a dragged out battle. They needed to rush out from the Explosive snow glacier. Once they arrived at the area controlled by the army [Youyan Pass army], then they were safe.

On the armour plates, there were the creaking sounds of the bows. All forty of the shooting star armour bows was drawn to a full crescent state in an instant.

And the twenty metal yuan qi cannons on the edges of the airship, also began storing energy. The scarlet red formation lines on the cannons were filled with energy, emitting a blood red colour. Under the cannon uniformed soldiers’ control, the mouth of the twenty cannons rotated and aimed towards the [Snow ground boar bat] battalion a hundred metres away.

At the same time.

The body of the formation airship began lightly shuddering.

The heart of the airship began vibrating and humming with a peculiar noise. At the same time, the carved formation array on the body of the airship was activated, rapidly flickering with light. The heart of the formation activation noise, was like the loud roar emitted from a slumbering gigantic beast.


The formation airship shuddered, tearing apart through the air. Like an arrow released from a bow, it headed straight towards the [Snow ground board bats] to rush past them.


The loud shout of Liu Zongyuan seemed to occur at the same exact instant.

Then there were the shooting star armour arrows that covered the sky being released.

The formation metal yuan qi cannons glinted with a scarlet red light pillar, bringing with it a destructive aura. Then like a meteor shooting through the sky, it instantly exploded into the crowd of the [Snow ground boar bats].


Blood shot everywhere, white bones were crushed.

The battle began in an instant.

The formation airship had the protection of the formation forcefield. For a short period of time, the [Snow ground boar bats] had no way of attacking them.

By travelling at such a rapid speed, there were tens of [Snow ground boar bats] unable to evade in time. They were crushed into meat paste by the formation airship.


There were constantly [Snow ground boar bats] that charged over, striking on the external energy field. They rebounded off it, blood dripping and their bodies broken.

Such a type of demonic beast did not fear death. Under their mad charge, the protection field of the formation airship rapidly became thinner and thinner.

This division of [ Snow ground boar bat] had already lost twenty to thirty percent of its number through the charge of the formation airship. Originally they had hid within the clouds, they wanted to kill the human race airship before they could react. They had never thought they would be discovered prematurely, and then was struck so quickly that they could not react by the human race formation airship. In an instant, the air was covered with bloody wind and rain. All those that had died as of this moment, were the [Snow ground boar bats].

“Charge, charge past!”

Liu Zongyuan lifted his curved blade, roaring loudly to keep up morale.

His body was as straight as a spear, his muscular body towering like a mountain. Facing the [Snow ground boar bats], he did not even retreat a step. His manner was enough to give someone confidence and make them rely on him. This type of sensation was hard to describe using words alone. Standing alone at the head of the ship, the silver cape fluttering madly, it was as if he was a deity of war.

At this moment, the warfare officer of the Vanguard camp, the star of the army, finally displayed his true colours.

If it was the normally silent Liu Zongyuan, then it seemed liked he was an unnoticeable boulder. The Liu Zongyuan at this moment, was like a diamond that had lost the moss on its surface. In an instant, he exploded with a fascinating lustre, giving a shine that made someone not dare to regard directly.

Under his command, the soldiers methodically returned fire, charging, shooting down the boar bats.

Twenty breaths later, the formation protection field of the airship had finally broken.

The mad boar bats, like flies that could enter through every hole, landed on the metal plates

These demonic beasts had a large body. The smallest had a wingspan of two or three metres. The moment they landed on the armoured plates and as they flapped their bone hook wings, the formation airship shuddered. On the armoured plates there were hole after hole that appeared. In an instant, there were seven or eight boar bats that landed on the armoured plates, madly destroying and causing chaos.

“Throw these beasts off!”

With a long blade in Liu Zongyuan;’s hand, he commanded from the head of the ship.

As the commander, he must listen and observe everything. Unless it was at an crucial time, he could not participate in the battle.

From within the crowd of boar bats madly charging, there were two figures that exceeded eight metres. Their whole bodies was a violet black colour. They were a class of demon warrior, the boar bat king. Liu Zongyuan must preserve his strength; once the boar bat kings descended on the ship, he must personally fight against them.

At this time, Ye Qingyu knew, that his time to act had come.

His heart willed.

Another ice spear coalesced in his hands.

Ever since successfully [Spirit raising], in these days, he had constantly practiced. The control and handling of his ice inner yuan had already reached a state where he was extremely familiar with it. Forming ice into weapon, making his ice inner yuan become his weapon was not a difficult task for him anymore.


The ice spear once again descended.

The Banner of Heaven and Earth of the golden armoured king was once again used.


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