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154 – One single glance overthrows the school!


Li Muyang desired to be stronger.

He was hungrier for power than anyone else.

He does not want to return back to his previous self, back to the days he was bullied, humiliated or completely ignored as though he was invisible. He does not want to go back to the life when everyone looked at him like they were looking at a ‘pig’.

He always pretended that he does not mind but deep down how would he not care? He is also just a normal youth who wants to have dignity and hopes to receive attention and see girls blushing lovingly at him.

He wants to change his own life; he wanted to be—-not the same person.

Before he left Jiangnan, he had this thought.

In order to change his fate, he accepted Starry Sky Academy and chose this journey.

However, when he subconsciously killed the chief of the Monitoring Department of the kingdom–or at least that’s what people were telling him.

As a result, his life entered into another state.

Along the way, he and fatty Gongshu Yuan experienced five attacks and seven planned ambush, and even though they ran straight to Starry Sky Academy they were still intercepted at the foot of the mountain–

At that time, he no longer lives for himself.

He seriously thought he could die.

He knew he killed someone who should not be messed with; he was willing to pay with his life. If there isn’t a better option.

However, one’s family should not be impacted by one’s mischief and troubles.

He hopes his actions will not bring danger to his parents and family. Even the thought that they may retaliate against his parents and sister, Li Shinian, Li Muyang trembled with worry and could not wait to find brother Wuyou to borrow his crane to fly back to Jiagnan.

However, he knew very clearly that even if he flew back to Jiangnan, he wouldn’t have the power to protect his parents.

He needed to continue to stay at Starry Sky Academy. He needed to solve the mysteries of his body. He needed to become a strong person of Starry Sky–

He wants his parents to live happily, wants to see Li Shinian get married and have children and live a happy life.

So, someone who is not afraid of dying would not mind using some underhand means to achieve their goal–if there is any stigma or consequences, he will not escape, and was willing to bear all responsibility.

Hearing Xiahou Qianbai said he will help him build his foundation, Li Muyang was thrilled.

He sprung up from his bed, his eyes gleaming with excitement, asking: “Teacher Xiahou, are you serious?”

“A gentleman keeps his promise. When have I, Xiahou Qianbai, not kept my words?” Xiahou Qianbai said proudly.

“Yes, yes, yes. I said something wrong, I’m very emotional right now, I can’t believe what I heard.” Li Muyang repeatedly apologised and said with a smile.

Xiahou Qianbai took a glimpse at Li Muyang, saying: “your physique is too weak now, your activity of qi is unstable, you cannot build your foundation. First, you have to stay in my medicine hut for a few more days, I will give you some medication to replenish your body–When your body is well, I will then help you build your foundation. I hope you will be successful.”

“Thank you teacher Xiahou.” Li Muyang jumped out of the bed, straightened his clothes before he respectfully bowed to Xiahou Qianbai.

With a swish of his robe, Xiahou Qianbai proudly said: “No. This is to repay Ziyang Shishu’s favor—-”


For many people, Tiandu is very, very small, small enough that it cannot fit even a grain of ambition.

For many people, Tiandu is very, very big, big enough to lose yourself and everything you have.

Tiandu’s Imperial high school. It was the end of a school day but students did not immediately return home, instead waited at the school gate in small groups; it seems like they are waiting for something.

“The girl is really beautiful, like a cuckoo, even her voice is enough to captivate me—” A young man in a grey uniform said excitedly.

“Yes, Yes, I saw her too, she went to take a walk around Willow Lake, she’s even more prettier than Willow Lake—” The friend next to him added.

“This girl should only exist in heaven, when have you seen someone like her in this world? Compared to her, the what four beauties of the school are not worth mentioning–”

This was just the discussion among one group.

From their conversation, it seems there’s a beautiful new female student in the school. One single glance from this girl was enough to overthrow the male students, making these students refuse to leave even after school had finished.

Other groups, whether big and small, are probably discussing the same thing.

“She’s here, she’s here.” Within the crowd, a student shouted, controlling his happiness.

Then, the crowd parted into two sides at the school gate.

Dressed in a dark-green muslin skirt and with her hair rolled up in a bun, a sweet-looking maiden was seen walking down the middle of the crowd with a smile on her face.

The maiden’s hair was split into sections, with a knot of hair on top of her head that was not held up by anything and hanged down naturally, while the ends of the hair, resembling a tail, draped over her shoulder, This hairstyle, known as the Swallow Tail, is a hairstyle commonly sported by unmarried girls in West Wind Kingdom.

Her expression was sweet, with a lazy smile on the corner of her lips. Her alert eyes, which flickered around, made everyone who looked at her eyes sense her joy and then unfathomably feels refreshed.

“Knowing someone by one’s reputation is not as good as meeting in person—”

“She really is beautiful enough to feast the eyes—”

“Li Shinian, her name is Li Shinian—Shinian, Shinian, this name is not named for us, right? Seeing this woman, who would not miss her?”——

“Sister Shinian, a lot of guys are furtively glancing at you.” Walking next to Li Shinian, Xiao Huan said teasingly.

“Right. I have never seen them gather at the school gate waiting for someone before–”

“Sister Shinian, you just came to this school, but you stole the limelight of the three beauties of the school Gu Yuxin, Liao Ziyu and Zhang Xian, be careful they might pick on you later—”

Li Shinian possesses the ability to easily get along with everyone, both boys and girls.

When she was in Jiangnan, she was known as the big sister of the school.

She just moved to Tiandu, but in less than a week’s time, she already has a group of best friends.
Li Shinian gave a light laugh, saying: “soon they will be tired of seeing me, don’t pay attention to them.”

“Sister Shinian, you seem to have experience.” Xiao Huan gazed at Li Shinian with a look of adoration.

“This is nothing, before–my brother was more impressive than me.” Li Shinian said with a smile.

With a look of curiosity, Xiao Huan said: “Sister Shinian, I always hear you talk about your brother. Is your brother really so handsome, is his complexion as clear as jade and is he better-looking than Song Yu?”

“Of course.” Li Shinian firmly said. “My brother is not only good-looking but achieved the best results in the imperial exam. He excels in both martial arts and literature. He is the dream guy of countless girls in our school. You can not imagine, how many love letters and gifts I received for him at school–So annoying.”

“I really want to meet your brother.”

“Me too. I hope I would have the opportunity to see Shinian’s older brother—Li Muyang, right? I often hear people talk about him a while ago.”

“Will your brother come to Tiandu to visit you? If he does, you must let us meet him——–”

Just as the girls were giggling as they walked through the crowd towards the outside, a tall boy in a gray robe suddenly jumped out, purposely blocking the path in front.

“Li Shinian?” A male student, with a sugar cane grass dangling at the corner of his smiling mouth and his eyes slowly wandering up and down Li Shinian, shouted with a ruminative expression on his face.


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