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155 – Demon race battleship



After temporarily breaking away from the entanglement of the [Snow ground boar bats], the formation airship used the quickest speed to flee through the skies like an arrow leaving the bow.

The countenance of everyone on the metal plates were extremely grave.

Everyone was clear in their hearts, that once they were discovered by the demon race, this represented the descent of a huge disaster.

A battalion of [Snow ground boar bats] was not frightening. If they faced them directly, within just approximately two hours, they could completely annihilate them. But after the route of formation airship was exposed, what faced them was the mad hunt and encirclement of the demon race. There would be other battalions of demon races coming to kill them at any time. The numbers were so many that they could not kill them all, and they had no where at all to hide. Even if there was a Bitter Sea stage expert here to oversee things, they would be completely exhausted down to their death by the countless demon races.

Right now, the only way out, was before the experts and the other flying battalions of the demon race could react, leave the controlled territory of the snow ground demon court using the quickest speed.

The speed of the formation airship was extremely rapid.

But in the heart of Liu Zongyuan and Ye Qingyu, they were not calm at all.

The demon race was born and raised in such a harsh environment. They had a hunting and tracking power that humans could hardly imagine.

Right now they could only hope that the [Snow ground boar bats] would not be able to pass on the knowledge of their existence at the first instance. They could only hope this would be so since the demon race on the Explosive Snow glacier had completely fallen into chaos.

“Use full power to run the airship. Prepare to use the Origin crystal and the second flying formation…..”

Liu Zongyuan settled down, and order after order was passed down from his mouth.

At this time, the existence of an experienced commander demonstrated it’s importance.

The speed of the airship increased by a considerable amount.

Accompanied by the sharp whistle of air breaking apart, the formation airship broke a huge rough fissure through the roiling sea of clouds like a streak of lightning. It was as if the skies had been sliced apart.

At this time, they could not care about such an unrestrained mad increase in speed and whether this would or would not alert the demon race.

Whether they had a chance to live, all depended on the fraction of a second.

If they were able to rush out of the Explosive Snow glacier, and leave the demon race territory before the [Snow ground boat bats] battalion could convey the information of their presence to the higher ups of the demon race, then everyone on the ship could live on. If not, their chances of living on was thin.



Even Faster!

The faster they were, the greater their chance of living.

On the airship cabin, the formation master was already sweating. He used all his strength, to control the centre of the flying formation.

On the metal plates, the soldiers were graves. They stood still and quiet in formation, blades and spears unsheathed, prepared to meet battle at any moment.

The {Painting saint] and the student Xinger, stood at the cabin door. Their expressions were also abnormally grave.

Big Head lay on Ye Qingyu’s shoulders, his nose occasionally sniffing at the White Horse helmet. He seemed to be extremely interested in the white horse helmet, and would occasionally extend his pink tongue and give it a little lick, leaving  saliva on it. Ye Qingyu could only grab the neck of this glutton, and forcefully stuff him back into his chest…….

Ye Qingyu carefully observed the reaction of this silly dog.

Through his previous experience, this glutton should possess an extremely strong sensing ability. His ability exceeded the investigative power of the formation on the airship as well as the senses of an expert like Liu Zongyuan. He was able to discover in advance the traces of the battalions of the demon race.

Very quickly, fifteen minutes passed by.

Everything seemed to be calm on the surface.

“Another fifteen minutes of time, and we will have neared the snow dragon den.” On the face of Liu Zongyuan, a trace of relaxation was seen. “Out of the many battle divisions of the demon race, the snow dragon is the one with the strongest territorial nature. It will absolutely not allow the other battalions of the demon race to enter into their territory —especially within their den. And the snow dragon cannot fly, so it has no way of posing any sort of threat to us. This is our great chance. As long as we pass through the snow dragon den, and increase the speed of the formation airship, using our full power to travel, we can escape. After another fifteen minutes pass this place, we can enter the territory where both parties are exchanging blow, and there we can find reinforcements!”

The words that he spoke was very loud.

The contents of his speech, clearly travelled to the ears of everyone.

The originally somewhat nervous soldiers, let out a breath. Their original expressions of despair turned to hopeful expressions, light in their eyes.

As long as they had hope, the human race could explode with a shocking power at any moment, withstanding the situation.

[Painting saint] Mister Liu let out a faint smile. He followed along and said: “Through some emergency channels, I have also sent the request of aid out. As long as we withstand another hour, we can receive the support of the great army of Youyan Pass. At that time, even if the elites of the [Southern Incline legion] arrive here, we will be safe and unharmed.”

As this news came , the morale of the soldiers were even higher.。

The original anxiousness and unrest was completely swept away.

That’s right, this time the mission was exceeding important. Mister Liu had created tens of maps of the Explosive Snow glacier and the territory of the Snow ground demon court. This could be counted as wealth of the entire army, even the empire empire. It must be believed that if the formation airship were to encounter danger, Youyan Pass would absolutely not abandon them. Once they received this news, they would definitely send out top class experts as reinforcements for them.

Ye Qingyu looked at Liu Zongyuan and Mister Liu.

Without knowing why, even through the contents of the words of these people seemed to boost morale, but Ye Qingyu  faintly felt, that these were just comforting words said to lift their spirits.

After another ten breaths had passed by—–


Big Head stood up again, climbing to Ye Qingyu’s shoulder. His throat emitted with a low growl, deadly staring in front of him.

Ye Qingyu heart thudded.

They had came again.

“Prepare to battle!”

This time, there was not a need for Ye Qingyu’s warning. Liu Zongyuan immediately reacted.

Before his sound had finished ——

The clouds completely dispersed.

In front of them there was a black ‘current’, like the tide of death, that completely covered the skies as they approached.

What also appeared at the same time, was a flood like clamour of the caws of crows.

As if death had arrived, there were countless crows cawing. The noise emitted was extremely frantic and sharp, countless of them mixed together. The sensation it gave off, was as if there were sound waves hitting and rebounding off each other, creating some sort of chaotic and fatal frequency. The soldiers on the metal plates, in an instant had the sensation that countless little daggers and swords were stabbing into their ears. Their entire heart became hot tempered,making them want to murder the people standing next to them…….

“”It’s the [Black crows of misfortune]. Everyone activate your inner yuan, and close off your hearing.”

Liu Zongyuan loudly shouted.

Ye Qingyu, in the first instant, activated the [White Horse battle armour].

White light completely covered his body. At the same time, there was a hidden metal formation activating in the white helmet. There was still the silver liquid that instantly became a silver coloured face plate, protecting his face and facial features.

This liquid face plate, completely blocked away the boundless and endless, chaotic and disturbing, caws of the crows. At the same time, it also heightened Ye Qingyu’s sense and extended his range of detection.

Everything around him, in his vision, became clearer. Within several hundred metres, he could even see a thread.

In Ye Qingyu’s mind, he recalled the introduction about the [Black crows of misfortune] that had he read on a scroll before.

This was one of the most peculiar divisions of the great flying divisions in the snow ground demon race.

This was a black coloured flying division of the snow ground demon race. Their intelligence and strength was low, the large majority of black crows could not even count as demon warriors and were only demon soldiers. Their intelligence was much lower than the other demon races at the same stage. They travelled in flocks, and relied on their countless and boundless numbers to destroy their opponents. They were extremely sensitive to death, and had no fear of death whatsoever. In many battles, even if the black crow flying division had died to the last bird, they would not retreat and continue charging. Some people said this was bravery, some people called this stupidity…….

This was a snow ground demon race that reproduced at a terrifying rate.

As if it would never ever completely die.

Very evidently, the division of [Black crows of misfortune] appearing in front of them, was not to kill the people on the formation airship.

This was done to delay the airship.

This was an extremely bad sign.

Because it represented, the previous [Snow ground boat bats] had already passed on the news of the formation airship. And after receiving such news, there was a high up decision maker of the demon race nearby who had very quickly produced a strategy. They had sent out a division that was best at delaying, using the black crow battle division to tarry the progress of the formation airship. And for the coming operation of the demon race, win the greatest amount of time.

The worst situation had appeared.

“Charge past!”

Liu Zongyuan roared as he bit his teeth and screamed.

Twenty metal formation yuan qi cannons, at the same moment spat out the cannon fire.

The shooting star breaking armour arrows were like rain, shooting at the black swathe of black crows that they could not see the end of at all.

Battle exploded in an instant.

Ye Qingyu activated the [White horse battle armour] transforming to a streak of light, directly entering into the black coloured tide.

The white horse wings were like blades of death. Instantly, it sliced apart space and air. It was unknown just how many huge black crows it slaughtered. The lights of the Little Shang sword, was like a sickle harvesting wheat, reaping the life of the black crows. This life form with a wingspan of around two metres long, and a black beak like iron, with talons like blades could hardly pose as any sort of threat to Ye Qingyu.……

Big Head with a shocking stableness, tightly clenched onto Ye Qingyu’s shoulder.

No matter how fast Ye Qingyu sped through the air or changed his direction, it seemed not to affect Big Head in the slightest.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu had no trace of fear.

With the [White horse armour] protecting him, he was like a sharp drill, from beginning to end in front of the formation airship. Without reserving any of his strength, using his strongest power, he fougt against the current in the black tides of crows, forcibly breaking apart a passage way for the formation airship!

The black crows fell like dumplings from the skies, dying.

The scarlet red demon blood completely covered the air.

It was unknown just how much demonic blood covered the White Horse wings.

Even Ye Qingyu himself did not realise, that in the hidden formations of the white horse wings it was as if it were absorbing these blood. The silver coloured wings of the white horse battle armour, began absorbing more and more of the limitless demonic blood. The white horse wings became increasingly snowy white. The originally somewhat damaged portions, was right now slowly recovering and reparing.



The vision in front of their eyes brightened.

Ye Qingyu had finally rushed out from the flock of crows.

And what followed after was the formation airship.

the current of black crows were left far far behind them.

But everyone did not have time to breath air to recover, when another demon race battalion appeared in front of them.

This time, it was not a natural flying battle division.

It was two massive snow ground demon race battleships.

Because the territory of the snow ground demon race was extremely poor in terms of natural resources and materials, the demon race could not be like the humans and construct airships through raw materials. They used the sea of consciousness of great demons after they had died. The majority of airships of the demon race used the skeleton and corpses of great demons as its main components. Through a special demon formation enhancement process after, they had the power of flight and battle. The demon race airships in front of them were the corpses of two huge eagles. The silver coloured wings  were about a hundred metres in length, with a a width of thirty metres. From far away, it was like it was alive. as if two living snow ground huge eagles were there. It gave off an incomparable visual shock.

If not for the appearance of a huge tower and bannisters on the back of the huge eagles, as well as sails and cables and the numerous demon soldiers, perhaps Ye Qingyu would really have thought that they had encountered two terrifying snow ground huge eagles.

Very evidently, the two huge snow ground eagles were at least the class of demon commander when they were alive. When they perished, their body did not rot away and their muscles and bone were as hard as steel. It was the perfect material to construct a battle fort. This was used to great effect, to construct a battle ship.



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