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155 – Do not have the privilege!

Chapter 155: Do not have the privilege!
“Is that not senior Xingyu? Senior Xingyu is a well-known scholar of our school. When he first came to the school, he wrote ‘The three strategies for grain retailer during war times’, which became very popular and was greatly admired by the old pedants of the school. It’s said that he helped reduce the loss of rations and fodder by 30% during war, this is an astronomical reduction–”

“He’s even better at writing poems. So much so that, years ago the “Autumn Water Song’ he wrote caused a sensation and the price of paper in Tiandu increased as a result of this–”

“When did the cost of paper increased? However, he does have a little fame within the school—-Senior Xingyu is very handsome. I heard that he’s extremely close with Zhang Xian, one of the three beauties of Imperial View, there are even rumours that they’re in a relationship, right? Now he’s pursuing new student Li Shinian?”——

Just as the students have said, Chen Xingyu is indeed an influential figure of Imperial View High School.

He’s handsome and talented, and with his carefree expression and charming smile, he attracts the attention of many girls.

Chen Xingyu along with his friends were blocking the road in front of Li Shinian as he asked with a smile: “Li Shinian?”

He spoke in an interrogative tone of voice, it’s obvious that he does not know Li Shinian at all.

Through a simple psychological hint, he indirectly told the girl standing before him that, although everyone praised how beautiful you are, how good you are, but in my eyes—you’re just a stranger.

Some girls with low IQ and high self-esteem would be easily tricked by this method, triggering a strong urge to introduce themselves and the desire to conquer—Don’t tell me you don’t know me? Don’t tell me you don’t know who I am? Well, I will think of ways to make you know of my existence and then make you love me–

Of course, there were too many women who acted like so.

And then discarded like a broken pair of boots.

Clearly, Chen Xingyu was a player.

In Imperial View High School, his rivals can be counted on one’s fingers.

“Chen Xingyu.” Xiao Huan stared at the handsome man standing in front, her eyes twinkling as she furtively poked at Li Shinian’s waist and whispered at her ear: “He’s Chen Xingyu, I told you about him before–”

Xiao Huan did indeed mentioned Chen Xingyu to Li Shinian before; just as boys like to comment on the beautiful girls in the school, girls also liked to judge the quality of the men in the school.

Chen Xingyu is the boy most discussed among girls; his name had appeared many times in Li Shinian’s ear. Even before she came to Imperial View and was unfamiliar with almost everything in the school–

She had heard countless stories and the glorious history of this boy, although this was only the first time they met.

“Who are you?” Li Shinian lifted her head and with a smile sweet, eyed the male student standing in front of her.

And as always, her smile was simple and pure, and looked somewhat confused. Anyone seeing her smile would think she’s a pure, adorable girl that makes people want to take care of her.

“She’s an inexperienced girl.” Chen Xingyu thought in his mind. He liked this type of girl.

Just like a glass of water, whatever you add to it, it will become that colour.

He would be the God that changes the fate of this girl, whether she enters into heaven or hell will be controlled by his thoughts.

“Chen Xingyu.” Chen Xingyu’s mouth fretted at the corner, the sugar cane straw in his mouth also tilted up. He had practiced this pose numerous times in front of a mirror; it is his most charming gesture. One of them. “Have you not heard of my name before, you have very limited knowledge and scanty information. Later on, if you can’t remember my name, then you would regret for life.”

“Why would I regret for life if I don’t remember your name?”

“Because–” Chen Xingyu’s eyes were like a wolf’s eyes, aggressively eyeing Li Shinian. “You lost the opportunity to meet and get to know an outstanding young man.”


Female students screamed with excitement and joy.

What a classic opening, what a charming confession.

What a wild, domineering and manly man, he easily made people admire him and be mesmerised by him.

“Chen Xingyu is too domineering, I like boys like that-”

“My body is losing strength, quickly hold onto me-”

“I can’t, I’m going to stop breathing—”

Li Shinian had the same expression as the girls around her, shyly took a brief glance at Chen Xingyu before quickly lowering her head again.

Her eyelashes were flickering, her cheeks blushing red and even her neck revealed a flushing red colour like the colour of peach blossoms in full bloom–

Li Shinian, with her voice sounding like a mosquito humming, whispered: “why would I want to know and meet you? I do not want to know or meet you. I don’t know what kind of a man you are.”

Seeing the girl’s shy and charming beauty, even though Chen Xingyu was accustomed to seeing beautiful girls, his heart skipped a beat.

Too beautiful!

Too cute!

Pure like a white flower that’s creating ripples in the middle of spring water.

Chen Xingyu ignored his racing heartbeat and said as a beaming smile spread across his face: “So, I came. The reason I appeared in front of you is to give you a chance–a chance to know what kind of guy I am.

His gaze swept across the several girls around Li Shinian with a smile on his face, as he said in an incomparably tough voice: “classmates, let me take Li Shinian home—you have no problem, right?”

“No, no-” Xiao Huan repeatedly waved her hand back and forth. Facing Chen Xingyu, she could not refuse.

“If you can guarantee Shinian’s safety, of course we have no objection.” Another girl said aloud.

“We were just about to separate at the school gate, if someone is willing to take sister Shinian home, of course that’s good–”

The male onlookers became outraged.

What is he talking about? As though walking Li Shinian home is a scary task. They were also very willing to walk Li Shinian home. Why is it that all the good stuffs are taken by Chen Xingyu? He and Zhang Xian were in a stable relationship, right? Don’t tell me he’s going to dump her?

Chen Xingyu cupped his hands together at Li Shinian’s friends, smiled and said: “I owe you a favor. Tomorrow at Golden Jade restaurant, I will be paying.”

“Thank you, senior.”

“Thank you, senior.”

“Golden Jade Restaurant, I like it–”-

After getting rid of the several unsightly sidekicks, the wolf smiled at the little white rabbit and, made a gesture of invitation that nobles of the kingdom use, saying: “Miss Shinian, may I have the privilege of taking you home?”

All this, was so simple.

Simple to the extent that he felt no joy of victory.

“I’m sorry, no.” Li Shinian’s smile remained on her face and her expression did not change, still smiling like a sweet, naive, little white flower.

But her words—made people feel embarrassed and awkward.
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