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156 – Bizarre matter


For humans, the corpses of experts were something that they regarded as sacred. Normally, they would inter it deeply into the ground, or perhaps use some other methods to preserve them appropriately. This type of method where corpses were refined down into other objects or materials, was regarding as something extremely malicious. It was not allowed by human society and was something that everyone despised.

But for the Snow ground demon race, everything was the complete reverse.

Using the corpses of elders who had passed away to create weapons and battleships, was a method of showing respect to their elders.

Even great demons themselves, hoped that after perishing, their corpses would be of use to the demon race, and contribute to the survival of the race.

From ancient times to now, the demon race had always thought they were the lifeforms that inherited the will of the world. After death, their soul would be in the heavens, brightening the nine heavens. And their corpse would return to the earth, transforming into mountains and rivers as well as the mineral resources of the earth. On some perspective, being refined to weapons or battleships, was also a type of returning to the great earth. It was even more beneficial for their race. Contributing even after their death, was an incomparable glory for them.

It seems like these huge eagle battleships, had a extremely high specification. It could absolutely be counted as one of the top class divisions of the [Southern incline legion] of the demon race.

The instant they saw the two huge eagle battle ships appear, the colour of Liu Zongyuan’s face completely changed.

The main battle power of the demon race, would really appear here?

Could it be that the demon race had already set up precautions and defences in front of them?

Wasn’t it said that the demon race was right now completely in chaos?

How was it possible that their reaction speed would be so quick?

The expression of the soldiers on the metal plates also changed.

The formation airship they were on had been modified; with their speed and defensive power the strongest. But their offensive power was not that strong. For the purposes of concealment and detection, the airship type they had chosen was a middle class investigative airship and was not the main battle ship of the Youyan army. And as for the two huge eagle battle ship, could absolutely be counted as the main battle force of the demon race. To handle one was already very difficult. If two appeared, they absolutely had no chance of victory. Even if they wanted to escape, they could not escape.

At this moment, the [Army of Youyan Pass] that was known as one of the most elite armies in the empire, completely demonstrated their bravery and quality.

Even in despair, the soldiers did not collapse.

They silently took out a red silk scarf from their chests, tying it on their foreheads.

The red scarf fluttered in the strong winds of the cold air at the demon race territory. It was as if flame after scorching flame was lit.

Every soldier in the [Army of Youyan Pass] believed, that if they died in the territory of the demon race, if they died in foreign lands, that as long as their pride was not dead, as long as their honour did not fall, they could still return home. Even if their bodies rotted away, even if their flesh became the food of the demon race, but this red scarf could still lead the way back in the afterworld back to their homes. They could still make their souls return to the homes that they had once died to defend, they could transform into the sparking stars in the arc of heaven, able to protect their closest people.

When they met with an situation with no hope, the soldiers would wear red scarves on their head.

On one hand it was to lead their souls back home. On the others hand, it was to break the cauldrons and sink the boats* encouraging themselves and their comrades to fight shoulder to shoulder to the death.

The red scarves fluttered and blew.

Such was the fate of soldiers.

This was the last battle of the soldiers.

Even Liu Zongyuan himself, was wearing a red scarf on his head.

At this time, any speech to encourage morale, would be shown to be superfluous and pale.

If death was really going to descend, if their final destination was really going to arrive today, then he would accompany his brothers, to beautifully finish walking their last stretch of the road.

Ye Qingyu was silent.

Of course he knew, just what wearing a red scarf on the head represented.

Was he afraid?

A little bit.

He had many things he had still not accomplished. He had still not found out the mystery behind the secret priest shrine within the Snow country. He was yet to meet again with the little loli Song Xiaojun that had left with the sword immortal Wang Jianru. There was also Aunt Lan, Little Grass and Tang San, as well as the Wen Wan and Li Shizen of the Vanguard camp….

But, even if so, what about it.

Whatever reason, at this moment, could not become an excuse for him to flee from battle.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu was not only a soldier in the army, he was a martial artist of the human race.

As a martial artist, or as a member of the human race, he had the duty to protect the existence of his race from the very beginning.

And at this moment, it was time for him to carry out his duty.

Ye Qingyu activated the White Horse armour, white light cold qi encircling his body, the little Shang sword in his hand shimmering with radiance

Everyone, was waiting for the moment where the battle would explode.

As if the next moment, blood  and white bone, cannon fire and smoke, would rupture and sputter in front of their eyes.


A breath of time went past.

Two breaths of time went past.

Twenty breaths of time went past.

In Heaven and Earth, it was completely silent.

The opposing demon race huge eagle battleship, still silently floated in the skies.

The hunting sail on the battle ship made noises, the triangle multicoloured sail crashing and fluttering. On the tower and the metal plates, row after row of demon soldiers stood, their expressions solemn and malevolent. There seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. But there was an extremely peculiar atmosphere that coalesced around the two huge eagle battleships.

Ye Qingyu gradually realised something.

“This is…..something is not right, it’s somewhat too peaceful.”

Ye Qingyu eyebrows frowned, looking in detail at the battleships opposite them.

Normally, when two battleships met, the first one who let out the first strike, would be the one with the absolute upper hand. Such an opportunity was transient and fleeting. On the huge eagle battle ship, there would definitely be demon warriors, even the existence of demon commanders leading this ship. Everyone of them were well experienced famous leaders. It was impossible for them to delay and not attack after seeing the formation airship of the human race.

But the two huge eagle ships in front of them, maintained a hard to describe silence.

As if they had not seen Ye Qingyu and the others or the formation airship.


A mysterious bizarreness.

Ye Qingyu frowned, looking at the Big Head who was still quietly lazily basking in the sun. A flash of understanding suddenly appeared in his mind.


He activated the white horse battle armour, the wings extending. He headed towards the two huge eagle battle ships.

The other people were shocked by this.。

“Brother Ye, quickly return……” Liu Zongyuan loudly shouted.

Ye Qingyu gestured from far away, indicating that they were not to follow. He carefully and cautiously neared the huge eagle battleships.

On the formation airship, the eyes of the soldiers was instantly filled with hot tears.

What a heroic officer, what a selfless youth.

From the moment they interacted, the soldiers excluded and refused to accept Ye Qingyu. The soldiers felt this young man from the academy, was a young man that had not even entered onto the battlefield before. It made the proud soldiers unable to accept the fact that he had such a high military status. But right now, they started to feel ashamed for their shallowness.

Liu Zongyuan similarly felt the blood in his body burning.

A true brave warrior.

An officer that was absolutely worth engraving in one’s memory


Brother Ye, you are far too in a rush!



Rest assured and go first. You go first and I, Liu Zongyuan will quickly come find you and walk the same path. In the underworld, under the nine springs, we will still fight shoulder to shoulder.

Liu Zongyuan was nearly brimming with tears.

It was as if he could already see the Ye Qingyu being surrounded by the experts of the demon race, and the cannon fire, that tragic scene of him perishing and falling……

But, the coming scene, did not develop according to his expectations.

“Eh?What is this?”

As his tears hovered, Liu Zongyuan was blank.

Because he inexplicably saw, that after Ye Qingyu activated the White Horse battle armour, he unexpectedly, without any obstructions at all, boarded on the huge eagle battleship. The demon race on the metal plates did not have any reactions whatsoever. After Ye Qingyu observed for a brief moment, as if spasming, he waved them over in a exaggerated fashion…..

What was it?

Liu Zongyuan was completely blank.

Why was it that the demon race had no reaction, and allowed Ye Qingyu to board?

Why did the battle not kick off?

After a moment of blankness, Liu Zongyuan suddenly realised something. His heart could not stop madly beating, turning around to shout: “Everyone protect the airship.” He himself activated the wings of his battle armour, transforming into a ray of light that neared the huge eagle battle ship and landing beside Ye Qingyu.

“What is it?” Liu Zongyuan’s voice was shaking.

Ye Qingyu shrugged his shoulder, his shock and emotionally moved state hard to disguise. “Old Liu, look for yourself, a strange matter…..a false alarm. I don’t now what happened, but the demon soldiers on these two battleships has completely died off. There’s not even one that is still alive and breathing. Look at this….” Saying this, Ye Qingyu extended his hand to push a fierce and muscular snow ground bear warrior.


This Snow ground demon bear that was enough to uproot rivers and mountain, fell softly without any force in its body.

Liu Zongyuan widened his eyes.


Ten breaths later.

Ye Qingyu and Liu Zongyuan had nearly completely searched through the two huge eagle battleships on the inside and outside.

Within the two battleships,there was not even a single demon that was alive.

They had completely died.

On the two huge eagle battleships, there were two thousand or so lifeforms of the demon race. Within, there was not a lack for powerful experts with unfathomable strength as well as high class snow ground demon races. According to Liu Zongyuan’s experienced judgement, there were at least ten demon commanders, four hundred or so demon warriors on the two battleships. It was an extremely powerful force, far, far exceeding their previous expectations. Such an arrangement greatly exceeded the standard scale of a battleship. This was nearly a  large scale demon race battle division, But for some reason, so many experts of the demon race, had completely died on this ship.

What was even more bizarre, was that there was not signs of any battle on the huge eagle battleships.

Every demon soldier, every demon warrior, every demon commander was either peacefully sitting or standing. There were different expressions on the faces of everyone on the two battleships. There were faint smiles, peacefulness, and there was some demon races that had gathered around and was conversing. As if a second or two before, nothing had happened whatsoever on the two eagle battle ships. The next second later, there was a terrifying apocalyptic disaster that occurred. No matter how strong or weak they were, their life was reaped away in a split instant.

The arrival of such a disaster occurred so quickly, that not even existences like demon commanders could react in time.

Ten great demon commanders, every one of them was comparable to a top expert of the Bitter Sea stage of the human race.

Instantly dead.




Under the arch of heaven, above the sea of clouds, the sun was fierce. But Ye Qingyu and Liu Zongyuan both instantly had cold sweat covering their bodies.

Such a matter, was simply too inexplicable.

For such a strong demon race battleship to be destroyed through such a peculiar method was something that had never heard of before.

Ye Qingyu and Liu Zongyuan, could not hide their fear and shock at seeing this sight. They were standing in the fierce sun, but instantly felt surrounded by a gloominess they had never experienced before. As if a Death god was hiding somewhere in a corner, soundlessly and sinisterly smiling as he stared at them. As if death would descend at any moment.

“Without any injuries, without battle occurring. As if the life force of the demon race was absorbed by some terrifying existence in an instant.”

Liu Zongyuan carefully observed.

Just what kind of power, was able to do such a thing?

A Heaven Ascension stage of the human race?

Or was it a demon king in the demon race?

Hard to imagine.

“No matter what, these two battleships no longer pose as a threat to us. We cannot tarry, we must immediately depart and rush away.” Liu Zongyuan awakened from his shock, and did not dwell on this bizarre matter anymore. Only by rushing and hurrying back towards the territory of the human race, could they be safe.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

But he faintly felt, that something was not right. But he had no reason to oppose Liu Zongyuan’s decision.



*cut off their path of retreat


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