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156 – Foolish!

Chapter 156: Foolish!第一百五十六章、傻裡傻氣!

Sorry, you do not.

It was the most hurtful words that Chen Xingyu had ever heard. He had never been refused. Moreover, by a woman.

Could it be—I’m not handsome enough?

From a young age, he grew up under comfortable living conditions. Loved by his parents, cared by his family and flattered by countless people. And because he’s relatively good-looking, accomplished, unruly and possesses talents that people can’t ignore, he was always the focus of attention wherever he went.

He is the ‘prince’ of Imperial View High; he is the most dazzling influential figure.

Everyone only knew he and one of the three beauties of the school, Zhang Xian are in a relationship, but in fact, he is also very close with the other two beauties, just that he had not succeeded yet–

He originally thought that, with his widely circulated stories, appearance and manners, it would be a piece of cake for him to impress a new transfer student—

Also, the girl looks so pure and simple as though she does not understand the world; this is the type he’s an expert in.

However, he was relentlessly refused.

Adding to this, it was witnessed by countless students and his friends.

It can be predicted that tomorrow, no tonight, no within moments, the news of him being rejected by Li Shinian will spread throughout the campus and he’ll become a laughing stock.

This was a fact difficult for the prideful Chen Xingyu to accept.

“Oh, Li Shinian refused Chen Xingyu—”

“Chen Xingyu also fails sometimes, Li Shinian really has a personality—”

“Hahaha, I did not expect Chen Xingyu to have a day like this–Starting today, Li Shinian is my one and only goddess, I’m going to pursue her—-”

As expected, the students standing in a circle watching broke into spirited chatter, pointing and laughing

Although they tried to suppress the volume of their voice but because of their excitement, their words still clearly arrived at Chen Xingyu’s ears.

The smile on Chen Xingyu’s face froze, his teeth grinding into the sugar cane straw in his mouth as he hissed: “Shinian classmate—is there a need to keep me a thousand miles away?”

“How could that be?” Li Shinian smiled. “We are still classmates. Tomorrow we would see each other again, how can I keep you thousand miles away? Just that it’s not convenient for you to walk me home; after all, I don’t have a boyfriend–if I accepted your offer, then, tomorrow all the students in the school would think I’m your girlfriend.”

“Is that not a good thing?” Chen Xingyu asked, his characteristic careless and charming once again emerged onto his face. If you wish, from this point on, you can be my girlfriend?”

Li Shinian shook her head. “No, no, I can’t, I don’t like you. How can you be my boyfriend?”

Chen Xingyu’s eyes fiercely stared at Li Shinian’s sweet little face. “But I like you. Although we just met for the first time, but I know–you are the girl I’ve been waiting for.”

“The fact that you like me has nothing to do with me, right?” Li Shinian explained seriously. “Many people like me, if everyone has a request like that, then would I not have a lot of trouble?”

“Interesting.” Chen Xingyu’s lips curved up into a playful smile. “As long as Shinian classmate gives me some time, I am confident that you will like me one day. At that time, I will ask you again, you wouldn’t reject me again, right?”

Li Shinian was still smiling as sweet as honey, saying in a clear, crisp voice: “if it’s a guy I like then I would be very happy if he walks me home everyday. However, if it’s a guy I don’t like, I should keep a certain distance. This greatly impacts a girl’s reputation. Senior Xingyu is well-known within the school and is also a very ambitious boy, presumably you won’t make things difficult for others, right?”

Chen Xingyu couldn’t get angry now, otherwise he would look like a petty, incompetent person who can’t accept failure.

He worked very hard to maintain the beaming expression smile on his face, saying. “Of course. I just heard a classmate mentioned that there’s a lovely new girl whose beauty is comparable to our three beauties of Imperial View Gu Yuxin, Liao Ziyu and Zhang Xian, so I was curious. I wanted to know more but it appears I am too direct and rude—However, today I realised Shinian classmate really deserves the reputation. Because of Shinian’s arrival, from now on, we no longer have three beauties in Imperial View High, but four.”

Li Shinian’s eyes flashed with an ominous glint. She waved her hand again and again, urgently explaining: “I can’t be compared to sister Gu Yuxin, Liao Ziyu and Zhang Xian. Although I am new here but I’ve already heard three sisters’ name before. The three sisters are all outstanding beauties, I’m just an ordinary girl from a poor family–There is a huge difference among us.”

The more modest Li Shinian was, the more boys came to her aid.

“Shinian classmate, you really can be the fourth beauty of Imperial View and also you’re rank at the top of the four——”

“Exactly. My favorite is Li Shinian classmate, you are such a kind and sweet girl——”

“Shinian, if you need someone to accompany you, Zhao Kai volunteers——”

“Hmm. Minor tricks to win the hearts.” At the corner of the school, a beautiful girl stood coldly. She is one of the beauties of Imperial View High, Gu Yuxin. Her face is like the crescent moon and her skin as white as snow; she indeed deserves the first place of the three beauties.

“From this it seems Chen Xingyu’s taste is just so-so. Sister Zhang Xian, it’s best for you to stay away from him in the future.” Standing next to her was a cheerful oval-face girl but her voice was full of irony.

Zhang Xian was cold, simply swept her gaze over Li Shinian, before she turned around and walked away, saying: “A girl from a small, insignificant family who had not seen much of the world will eventually be deceived by Chen Xingyu—-and then tossed away like an old shoe. Why care about such people?”

The two other girls nodded simultaneously in response to Zhang Xian, before they walked over with their head high to the horse carriage waiting for them outside the campus.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Chen Xingyu noticed Gu Yuxin, Liao Ziyu and Zhang Xian, yet had no intention of stepping forward to say hello.

He had noticed their presence earlier on and it was precisely because he saw them coming that he deliberately said Li Shinian is the fourth beauty of Imperial View High in front of them.

Because he knew very clearly that these women would not because of some praises, hate himself, instead this hatred will be transferred onto their rival Li Shinian’s head.

At that time, Li Shinian, suffering from the pressure of the three influential women in the campus and without any other option, would throw herself into his arms and receive his protection in order to be safe and sound.

She had no better option unless she chose to leave.

Chen Xingyu did not believe Li Shinian would understand his plot. He was incredibly pleased with his predicted outcome. He thought that as long as he insists Li Shinian is the ‘Fourth beauty of Imperial View High’ she would surely appreciate his intention.

Which girl is not vain? Who does not like to be the highlight of a crowd?

A young girl like her, how can she refuse the temptation of fame and fortune?

It must be said, with the title ‘fourth beauty of Imperial View High’, one will attract more people’s attention. Once a young master from a powerful, noble family laid their eyes on her, it’s very likely she would marry into the family as a concubine.

“Shinian classmate has everyone’s support, no need to be modest. Beauty is something that is seen by everyone with eyes and not like something you learn that has to be shown for people to know about it–”

Li Shinian’s cheeks turned crimson red, saying softly: “I’m not as good as you say, don’t say such nonsense.”

Seeing Li Shinian’s expression, Chen Xingyu knew his chance has come around again.

In any case, today he needs to make Li Shinian give in no matter what.

Otherwise, he would become the laughing stock.

Then, he looked at Li Shinian with a sincere and gentle look on his face, saying: “a couple of days is the Orchid Park’s mid-autumn poetry gathering, I am the president of the Poetry Society of Imperial View High, I can invite a few students to go with me to attend Orchid Park’s gathering, would Shinian classmate be willing to attend Orchid Park’s gathering with me to listen to poems and admire the full moon?”

“Wow, Chen Xingyu is inviting Li Shinian to Orchid Park, he really is putting in a lot of effort——”

“I heard Orchid Park Association is the most popular poetry society, and even some people from major families would attend——”

“At last year mid-autumn poetry gathering, poetry expert Yan Daoji attended and also praised Chen Xingyu ‘wisdom’”——

Even the several students on Li Shinian’s side became excited. Xiao Huan tightly gripped onto Li Shinian’s arm, saying: “Shinian, quickly accept it, it’s Orchid Park poetry gathering, there will be many literature experts–National top scholars will share poems and admire the Moon together. Once there is a good poem it would spread throughout Tiandu and the Kingdom, take us with you to expand our knowledge–”

Chen Xingyu’s gaze shifted to Xiao Huan and said with a smile: “this classmate can also come with us——”

“Shinian——” Xiao Huan was on the verge of tears; she was too excited to even say a word.

While all eyes were clustered on Li Shinian’s face, eagerly awaiting her response.

Go? Or not go?

Go attend the Kingdom’s top scholar party and enjoy the envy and jealousy of countless people. For girls around this age, it’s an extremely attractive invitation.

Who wouldn’t want to be a different person?

Chen Xingyu’s face was beaming with smiles, admiring Li Shinian’s bright red, oval face.

This little white flower will eventually fall into my hand.

“I won’t be going.” Li Shinian shook her head slowly, saying aloud.

“Why?” Chen Xingyu shouted in a hoarse voice. Why is this girl so hard to please? I invested time and effort but was still unsuccessful, what went wrong?

Li Shinian lifted her head slowly to look up at him and said softly: “Because–my first impression of you was not that good.”

“What does that mean?”

“When you first appeared in front of me, you were chewing a sugar cane straw in your mouth.” Li Shinian said.

“What’s—wrong with that-?”

“My brother also likes to clamp a sugar cane straw in his mouth, so when others do the same I always feel they are not as cool as him and looks silly—”



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