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157 – Flower guardian!

Chapter 157: Flower guardian!
What is this bullshit reason for refusal?

Chen Xingyu was boiling with fury.

He could no longer maintain the calm and elegant outward appearance that he had displayed before, encountering something like this is difficult to keep calm.

Chen Xingyu stared sharply at Li Shinian and said through gritted teeth: “just because a piece of sugar cane straw, so you rejected me? Is that fair? Li Shinian, are you kidding me? There is a famous proverb in Tiandu, being a girl from a small city you will not have heard of it–When I like you, you have what you want. However, when I hate you, who do you think you are? If you think humiliating me will give you joy and glory, I’m afraid your hopes will come to nothing. Since you made a move first, Xingyu does not mind to fight until the end.”

The smile on Li Shinian’s face gradually faded away, looked at Chen Xingyu with serious eyes, saying: “Senior Xingyu, do you want to hear the truth or a lie?”

Chen Xingyu was taken aback and stumbled over his words, asking: “What is the lie?”

“The lie is that because both you and my brother like to chew a sugar cane straw but you’re not as cool or handsome as my brother, so I rejected you. By saying that, it took into account senior Xingyu’s ‘face’, right?”

“What about the truth?”

“The truth?” A cold smile curved Li Shinian’s lips as she said: “When you and I first met, I thought you have no rancor towards me, so I don’t understand why Senior Xingyu wants to bring trouble to me?”

“Bring trouble to you? You said I bring trouble to you? How can I bring trouble you?” Chen Xingyu, looking slightly stiff, asked in an annoyed voice. He spread out his arms, a wronged expression on his handsome face, like a little man who had just been bullied. As he spread out his arms wide, his eyes scanned the crowd of many students: “you guys help decide who is right. I was courteous and polite to Li Shinian classmate. Not only did I intended to protect her home, I also invited her to attend Orchid Park’s gathering–Is that bringing trouble to her? If that is, then what I want to know is: what is caring about someone?”

“Also, everyone know how I, Chen Xingyu conducts myself and my personal character; when have I ever bullied people? If it works for us, we stay together; if not, we split. When did I ever force anyone? Li Shinian was disrespectful towards words and even humiliated me, many students here are witnesses to this.”

“Senior Xingyu, I may look dumb but I’m not stupid. I’m new here but you said I’m the so-called fourth beauty of Imperial View High in the presence of many students and then intentionally guided other students to belittle the other three sisters–By doing so, even though the other three sisters are broad-minded, they will still have some frustration towards me. The three big sisters are beautiful, intelligent, and have a good background, they can do anything they want in the school and have countless pursuers. If they don’t like me, other students will naturally repel me. At that time, how can I stay at Imperial View High?”

Li Shinian glared at Chen Xingyu with increasingly fierce eyes, explaining: “At that time, I would only have two ways about it: one is to leave, transfer to another school to avoid gossips. The second option is throw myself into Senior Xingyu’s arms and receive your protection. Imperial View is the best school in the area besides the Royal Academy; for a little girl like me who’s from a small city to enter into Imperial View Royal is a great blessing, it’s nearly impossible for me to transfer to a better schools–So, a normal person would generally choose the second path, isn’t that right? Senior Xingyu.”

Everyone looked astonished.

They were simply here to see the thrilling scene, but there was more to it than meets the eye.

That Chen Xingyu—with just a few words he blocked Li Shinian’s way out and future in the school?

When Chen Xingyu praised Li Shinian as the fourth beauty, they also echoed his words. They stood at Li Shinian’s side, thinking that Li Shinian is prettier than the other three beauties. Numerous people also yelled that Li Shinian should be at the top of the ranking—It turns out they fell into Chen Xingyu’s trap and became Chen Xingyu’s accomplices.

“That Chen Xingyu is so hateful? In order to get Li Shinian he is willing to do everything——”

“Shinian classmate is right, if she aggravated the three beauties the moment she came to the school, and with people like Chen Xingyu plotting behind, how would her days in Imperial View be happy?”

“Well, as long as I’m Liu Tao is still in Imperial View High, no one can touch even a hair of Shinian—”

Nearby, inside a black luxurious carriage, as the curtains were gently lowered down, Gu Yuxin’s face was seen smiling at Liao Ziyu and Zhang Xian, saying: “this girl is not stupid.”

“She’s not only not stupid. She’s a demon-like person. Li Shinian is quite interesting, I like her.” Liao Ziyu chuckled. Then, she shot a glance at Zhang Xian sitting opposite of her, asking: “Sister Zhang Xian don’t you think your Chen Xingyu stepped into a mudpit this time and embarrassed himself?”

Zhang Xian’s face was still cold and arrogant as she said: “Chen Xingyu brought humiliation upon himself, can’t blame anyone. However, sisters, are you not wary of this new girl?”

“What is there to be wary of?” Gu Yuxin chuckled: “Are you afraid that she will snatch away that nuisance title ‘three beauties’ or ‘four beauties’? It’s just a ranking made by some bored people, if she wants it then she can take it. What’s so important? So what if someone’s more beautiful? In the end she would probably just marry a master of Tiandu and become a concubine?”

“Sister Yuxin has a point.” Liao Ziyu giggled. “It’s better for this girl to not gain fame in Tiandu, quietly and peacefully study, and marry to a good, honest man, then she might live a good life. If she’s unwilling to remain out of the limelight and tries to stand out—her life would not be easy in the future.”

“What does that have to do with us?” Zhang Xian said. “Let’s go horse-riding at Navy Park.”

“Let’s go.” Gu Yuxin waved her hand. “Few days ago I bought a strong colt, lets have a race later on.” ——

The black carriage headed in the direction of the bustling downtown area. To these girls from wealthy families, what just happened is just a small episode of their life.

This is an era in which strong people are respected and the society is rigidly stratified.

The Emperor owns all lands; Generals protect millions of people. Princes, dukes and nobles employ a large number of servants, but there are even more ordinary people who live in peace and work happily, relying on their own hard work and hands to feed their families. However, when disaster strikes, they would not have the strength to fight or the ability to protect themselves or their possessions.

Such as their wealth. Such as their beauty.

“Don’t slander me.” Chen Xingyu thundered. “Li Shinian, if you don’t publicly apologise to me and restore my reputation, don’t think of leaving the school gate today.”

Li Shinian glanced over at the school gate and then at her current location, before she said aloud: “but I’ve already stepped out of the school gate–Do I need to go back in first so you can say that sentence to me again?”


Chen Xingyu suddenly drew the sword strapped at his waist and pointed at Li Shinian’s chest, hissing: “You think I don’t dare to kill you?”

Li Shinian stood still with her back straight as she replied: “Of course you do.”


Chen Xingyu extremely regretted impulsively pulling out his sword, how would he dare to publicly kill at the school gate?

He does not care less about an insignificant person’s life, but he pays serious attention to his own future.

He is a young man with great ambition. He wants to dedicate his talents and blood to the kingdom; accordingly, the kingdom should repay him with a high official position and generous salary, as well as the respect of the whole world.

If he swung down with his sword right now, even if his family could find a way to make things right using his family’s relationship, he would carry the notorious title of someone who ‘killed on impulse’. Who would dare to use him in the future?

Chen Xingyu’s hand trembled with anger.

He just said those words casually, why did this idiot woman take it seriously?

According to before, when his sword thrust towards a person, especially if it was a woman, they would quiver and topple backward to the ground, landing on their buttocks.

While he would coldly glance at her, saying ‘killing you will dirty my sword’ and then jerk his sword into the sheath, turn and walk towards the distance, leaving a tall, rear figure and the admiring eyes of countless people–

What is wrong with this Li Shinian? She does not act according to his plan at all.

Chen Xingyu was in a dilemma.

Chen Xingyu was very upset.

Chen Xingyu felt there is not one good person in this world.

“Hey, I originally thought today was pretty boring. Day after day have passed, and I wasted more time everyday. Didn’t expect to see such a drama today—-” A playful voice came from behind.

“Your knight in shining armour is here.” Chen Xingyu said excitedly. He can’t be serious to stab a woman in the chest with a long sword but if there’s a man wanting to be the ‘hero who saves the beauty’, he may not be kind to him.

Chen Xingyu turned his head around abruptly or could not wait to turn around.

As he turned, he also pretended to unintentionally sheath the sword pointing at Li Shinian’s chest back into its scabbard.

He glared at a youngster dressed in a bright robe with a sugar cane straw in his mouth and thundered in a cold voice: “who are you?”

He actually wanted to hug this guy but to ensure that there isn’t a flaw in the storyline and to not disappoint the audience, he can’t help but to sacrifice this fool who does not know how high the sky is or how the deep the earth–

The bright robed youngster casually cupped his hands, saying: “Young master, Yan Xiangma.”

His finger pointing at Li Shinian behind Chen Xingyu as he said: “Her flower guardian.”


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