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158 – Grass Clashing!

Chapter 158: Grass clashing!

Chen Xingyu is usually someone else’s master; he did not like someone else to be his master.

For people in higher positions than him or people who are stronger than him, he regards them as ‘father’.

The most he can do is let them be his ‘father’,but being his ‘master’ is impossible.

You see, Chen Xingyu has great pride and dignity. Even he has his own integrity.

“Master Yan Xiangma.” A guy chewing a sugar cane grass in his mouth introduced himself like so.

Chen Xingyu was both angry and happy, initially angry initially then his anger transformed into joy.

Angry that the jerk had the nerve to refer to himself as his ‘master’.

He crossed the line!

Happy that he doesn’t know who Yan Xiangma is. He has never heard of this man at all.

He’s easy to bully!

The current society is exactly like that. If someone irritated you, your first reaction would be to think whether this person could be easily dealt with–it would not be wise to kick a steel plate. Chen Xingyu would never do such a silly thing.

Chen Xingyu’s eyes widen in anger, glaring with a cold, arrogant glint in his eyes. “Who is the little brat? To dare to speak insolently.”

Yan Xiangma walked over to Li Shinian’s side and gazed at the girl’s beautiful face and her resolute eyes, asking: “Are you alright?

“I’m fine.” Li Shinian said shaking her head. With a smile on her lips, she surveyed Yan Xiangma. Although she was not familiar with this man but meeting an old acquaintance is a happy thing. Tiandu, this city made her felt too unfamiliar, without sense of safeness and security at all.

“I’m glad.” Yan Xiangma’s lips curved into a smile, the familiar mischievous grin. “From now on, leave your safety to me.”

“I definitely won’t—-”

“It’s decided.” Yan Xiangma interrupted Li Shinian’s refusal, uttering in an imperious voice.

He knows that if he gave this girl an opportunity, she can turn him to pieces. In her mind, besides her idiot brother, there are no other good men in the world—I am clearly more handsome and smarter than Li Muyang by hundreds of times, right? Strange, why do I have to compare myself to Li Muyang? We are not even at the same level, right?

After confirming that Li Shinian was not hurt, he twisted around and his eyes swept over Chen Xingyu as he asked with a smile: “you’re a retard, right?”

“What are you talking about?” Chen Xingyu was boiling with fury, his hand clenched tightly onto the handle of the sword.

“If your intelligence is normal, you should know that I’m an adult. Also an adult who’s older than you. What do you mean when you said ‘whose child is that’? Don’t tell me you usually describe yourself as a ‘child’? This kind of shameless thing, a normal person would never do it.”

“I’m don’t hit women, so I can let her go this once.” Chen Xingyu’s eyebrows-like-scimitars raised while the sword in his hand swung up to Yan Xiangma’s chest, “However, for a ruffian like you, I will not let them off–Draw your sword.”

“You want to kill me?”

“Draw your sword.”

“I see your breathing is steady and calm, and your eyes look determined; you seems like someone who’s adept at sword fighting.”

“Draw your sword.”

“Your voice is powerful and not angry; your sword qi is faintly concealed. It seems like you are someone who cultivates.”

“Draw your sword.”

“Also, the way you lift up your sword horizontally with the tip slightly trembling is the standard ‘wild geese over the calm sand’ style of lifting a sword; you should have a little connection with the Changbai sect. What is your relationship with the Lui clan?”

“What? Are you scared so you don’t dare to draw your sword?” Chen Xingyu sneered. He kept his identity well hidden, why would his real identity be known? How could he show off pompously in front of ordinary people in the future?

However, this feeling of his identity being exposed publicly felt pretty good. He liked it.

“What I want to say is–” Yan Xiangma’s eyes narrowed looking at Chen Xingyu, his playful expression suddenly turned stern. “Conceited little trash like you who thinks too much of himself but actually has no ability or background, I can handle ten with one hand.”

“Die.” Chen Xingyu thrust forward with his sword, splitting into three strikes that directly pierced towards Yan Xiangma’s face, chest and throat, the three strategic locations.

Yan Xiangma stood still until he felt the qi of the sword and the edge of the blade was on the verge of piercing through his skin when he suddenly punched out.


Red flames erupted like a ball of fire ignited in the sky.

The ball of red flame burned with a shrill hissing sound while a white mist filled the air.

The mist temporary shrouded the two and then instantly dissipated into nothing.

Chen Xingyu used Changbai’s division Lui clan’s ‘Autumn water sword’ technique, one sword stroke that agitates the autumn water that even the heavens cannot move.

He thought that his sword stroke would assure his victory, would pierce three holes on the chest of Yan Xiangma, this shameless man, and then he would deliberately pin him with the crime of provocation at the school gate and throw him into prison—He has this kind of ability.

Just when he was wondering how to deal with the follow-up of thisincident, an even more breathtaking and majestic power suddenly gushed towards his face.

No, not just his face. Like an invisible blazing wall of qi, it completely blocked his whole body, forcing him to stagger backwards at a rapid speed, as though a slightly slower speed he would be burned into ashes and mist.

Chen Xingyu felt his body rising into the air and then falling heavily to the ground.


His butt was first to slam against the floor, then his back and head.

His butt nearly split open, his spine about to crack and his head felt heavy and dizzy as though he has been severely beaten up.

His thighs were the last to drop to the ground but without too much damage.

Chen Xingyu breathed in short, difficult breaths, wrinkling his nose as the burning smell filled his nose.

He tried hard to get up from the ground but a mouthful of blood spurted out.

What made him felt most terrified was that the blade of his sword in his hand had vanished, leaving behind only the sword hilt, which was tossed away when he could not bear the intense heat from the sword and because he felt his hands were going to be steamed.

This guy, who is he really? How can he be at such a profound level of cultivation?

All the spectator’s eyes lit up, many people cried out in alarm by the sound of the flame.

“Wow, that guy is amazing——”

“His ability seems stronger than Chen Xingyu, he’s not with us, right?”

“He said he’s called Yan Xiangma—I have never heard of this guy before—”

Chen Xingyu forced himself up using his elbow as a main support for his body, propelling himself forward to sit upright.

His eyes stared icily at Yan Xiangma and his voice wavering in fear and curiosity as he asked: “who the hell are you?”

“Master Yan Xiangma.” Looking apparently annoyed, Yan Xiangma said: “you just asked this question, you’re clearly wasting my time. Although I have a lot of time to waste—but I’m a picky man. My time cannot be wasted on anyone. Especially trash like you who I can handle ten of with one hand.”


“Don’t question what I say, anyone who knows me will know that I never tell lies.” Yan Xiangma glared intently at Chen Xingyu. “Now, listen carefully to every word I’m going to say; you better pay attention to where I pauses because that is what I want to specifically remind you—-First, publicly apologise to Li Shinian, admit that you had ulterior motives and you’re a beast.”

“That’s too much. That’s impossible.”

“You can refuse but the consequence of refusing is that I’ll punch you again. Your hand that was gripping the sword will have the same fate as your sword: melt into nothing. With one arm missing, let’s see how you chase after girls in the future.”

After a moment of silence, Chen Xingyu’s line of sight shifted to Li Shinian and he finally said in a low voice: “I’m sorry, I–had ulterior motives. I’m a beast.”

Everyone fell silent in shock.

The students were aware of Chen Xingyu’s usual style and behaviour, and know that he has a powerful reputation in school so almost no one dares to mess with him.

And because of this, the three beauties and him were especially close; other people did not even have the opportunity to come near them.

Now, he was forced to publicly apologise to a new girl—How would he have the face to go out and meet people in the future?

“Look, your introduction of yourself is more domineering than mines. Who dares to publicly admit he’s a beast?” Yan Xiangma came close to Chen Xingyu, patting him on the shoulder as he said: “Now listen to my second request, be sure to listen carefully—Leave far away, don’t let Li Shinian see you ever again in Imperial View High. Every time she sees you, I’ll blind one of your eyes. When both your eyes have been blinded, I’ll cut off your nose, ears and tongue. Of course, I know you don’t believe me but this can’t be rushed. You can try to break the promise, I also patiently wait for the opportunity.”

“Fine. I promise.” Chen Xingyu said through clenched teeth. Leaving Imperial View High is not a big deal to him. With his family’s relationship, he could go to other schools. Since the situation has turned to this, he also does not have the face to stay here anyway.

As long as he remains in Tiandu, there will be a chance for retaliation.

“Thirdly, which is the most important–don’t hold a sugar cane grass in your mouth ever again. Otherwise, every time I see you I will hit you again.” From his mouth Yan Xiangma fiercely pulled the half-chewed sugar cane grass, threw it to the ground and hissed: “I hate clashing clothes with others, but today I clashed grass with an idiot—you know, it makes me feel ashamed?”

“You can’t hold something else in your mouth? A bone from red braised pork? A dagger or some gold coins? Or a foxtail grass–Why must you hold a sugar cane grass in your mouth? Don’t you have a little creativity? Can’t you–make some slight changes?”



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  1. I fuckin love yan xiangma !! (=´∀`)

  2. If siblings were blood-related, I would accept Xiangma … But they’re not so it goes for the MC

    • geekdivaherself

      October 11, 2017 at 8:06 am

      They’re not genetically related, so of course there’s no impediment genetically or to some degree socially, however they have been brother and sister so long that she knows when he’s got to take a crap before his butt sticks out. That is a HUGE impediment to romance!

      • Tss, that’s the ultimate step of an accomplished romance, when you don’t even care about closing the toilets doors anymore ’cause the power of frien…love trumps all.

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