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158 – He stays behind

From his tone, it seemed like Yan Buhui knew Mister Liu.

Ye Qingyu suddenly recalled, that Mister Liu had previously said that Yan Buhui had previously tasted tea along with him. Then did this mean, that the two people were once friends?”

“It seems like even War God Lu was not able to kill you by attacking personally.” When Mister Liu spoke again, his expression was already much more relaxed. There was even a faint smile: “After so many years passed, it seems like your strength has grown yet again.”

On the white cloud, Yan Buhui slowly opened his eyes.

Ye Qingyu’s heart was fiercely shaken.

Just what kind of gaze was this.

It was as if his eyes were unfocused. It was hard to describe just what kind of emotion was contained within his eyes. As if it was peace, as if it was rage, as if it was sorrow….Ye Qingyu had never seen ,that it was possible for so many complicated emotions to be contained in someone’s eyes. It was just a gaze, but it was as if it all the emotions in this world had immersed within.

“If my strength had not grown, I would long be dead.” Yan Buhui replied blandly.

His expression was calm, his gaze without any focus. He did not look towards Mister Liu. As if he could see through the formation airship and the air around, seeing the remote desolate space time.

“But you have been injured.” Mister Liu smiled as he said these words. “To recover from your injuries, you killed and absorbed the life force and yuan qi of the experts of the demon race under your command. From this, one can tell you have been very heavily injured.”

Ye Qingyu heard this and suddenly understood.

It seemed like he was the reason that all the experts of the demon race on huge eagle battleships had died. The reason such a strange situation occurred, was not because they were ambushed. In reality it was because Yan Buhui used some secret technique to absorb their life force and yuan qi, to recover from the injuries on his body. No wonder there was not the slightest trace of battle on the battleship, and there was not the slightest reaction of the experts of the demon race before dying.

A terrifying method.

A poisonous intent.

He would not even spare the subordinates under his command.

“I have even killed people of the human race. What about a mere demon race……..What does it matter if I was injured. My strength has grown, but so has Lu Zhaoge.” Yan Buhui gaze retreated, finally giving Mister Liu a glance. His expression was still peaceful: “Being injured at his hands, is not something to be ashamed about. Ten years ago, Lu Zhaoge was already someone with a titled Bitter Sea stage of cultivation. After ten years has passed, he has naturally gotten even more powerful. Such a truly powerful expert, he does not dare to do battle in a straightforward fashion, but instead spend time and effort to create a scheme to kill me. Should I not feel honoured? The so called War God of Youyan pass, is only just so!”

Mister Liu’s expression changed.

“You dare, to insult commander Lu!”

“Mad person, shut your mouth.“

“Traitor, go die!“

The soldiers on the formation airship were all elites that had fought in over a hundred battles. Many people treated the War God of Youyan Pass, Lu Zhaoge as their spiritual idol. They utterly respected and worshipped him. Even if they were facing the apocalyptic demon king Yan Buhui they could not help but be angered when they heard him insult Lu Zhaoge. They directly opened their mouths and reprimanded Yan Buhui.

Yan Buhui hearing this, only faintly smiled.

He did not explode and strike out. He did not even glance at the righteously angry elite soldiers.

A short while later, Yan Buhui looked at the clouds far off, as if he was recalling something. Only after a while did he say in a leisurely and cool tone: “Just when was it, that I was worshipping that man like you people. I regarded him as a god, I regarded him as a father. I thought he was righteous and fair, that there was nothing that he was unable to do. I thought he was the saint that could rescue this world………haha, how laughable. A man will just be a man, how it is possible that he could be a god……If it was my previous temperament, then you people would have long died ten thousand times over. But right now, I won’t kill you.”

Mister Liu stood at the head of the ship, a faint smile on his face : “You won’t kill us? Could it be that you are about to release us?”

On the face of Yan Buhui, there was a mocking smile. “Mister Liu, it has been so many years we have not seen each other, but you are still a schemer. But in these years, after speaking so much, did it prove to be of use?”

Mister Liu seemed as if he knew what the opposing party was pointing at. He remained silent, not speaking.

“I have not drunk Mister Liu’s tea for some many years.” Yan Buhui’s suddenly changed the subject, his tone calm and tranquil.

Mister Liu lifted his head, sighing. “How difficult can this be. Xinger, bring over the tea set.”

The expression of the student called Xinger was calm as he turned to enter into the cabin of the airship. Very quickly, he came out again. In his embrace, there was a tea table and an entire set of tea utensils. Carefully and cautiously he placed it at the head of the ship. Without waiting for Mister Liu’s instructions, he stood by the side, beginning to boil water.

Yan Buhui lifted his head.

A white cloud floated over, as if it was a physical object. It enveloped the tea set as well as Xinger within, then lifted, floating through the air.

This scene, was as if he was soaring through the clouds and harnessing the mists.

Mister Liu frowned. Then he looked at the Ye Qingyu beside him: “Patrolling envoy Ye, bring me over.”

Ye Qingyu activated his white horse wings, supporting Mister Liu’s shoulder. His figure flashed, landing on the white clouds.

His feet sunk in, as if he was stepping on solid ground.

Mister Liu sat cross legged. His manner was like when he was painting. He began to boil and prepare the tea.

His actions was extremely familiar, every movement and gesture containing a beauty that was hard to describe using language. It was as if these movements contained the essence of the way. Ye Qingyu had previously seen Xinger preparing tea; at that time he had felt Xinger’s tea art was near the way. But only when he saw Mister Liu preparing the tea, did he understood that the difference was still great when Xinger was compared to Mister Liu.

There was no wind in the air.

The white clouds stood there. It was as if the surrounding space had stopped entirely.

The formation airship was silent.

Everyone on the airship was peaceful as if they had fossilised.

In the blink of an eye, the tea had already been prepared.

“Please.” Mister Liu lifted his hand.

Yan Buhui walked step by step through the air, cloud after cloud appearing under his footsteps, like blossom after blossom of perfect lotuses. The translucent petals supported him. He came over and sat in front of the tea table. His entire movement was like an immortal descending to the mortal world. From top to bottom, one could not see the slightest trace of demon qi on him. It really made it hard to believe, that such a elegant and noble young master, was a person that had accepted the transplant of a demon bone through a secret technique of the demon race. That he was a traitor to the demon race.

In the celadon teacup, the amber coloured tea emitted faint steam.

Yan Buhui opened his mouth and sucked.

The tea transformed into a jet of water, completely entering into his mouth.

Seeing this scene, the Ye Qingyu standing beside them could not help but remember that night when he himself had drank tea with Mister Liu in the cabin. At that time, he had also completely finished it in one gulp. No wonder Mister Liu said emotionally that he was very like that person. It seems like, the relationship between Mister Liu and Yan Buhui was not simple. The two people must have drank tea together many times previously. Otherwise, a fierce person like Yan Buhui would not suddenly want to drink Mister Liu’s tea at this moment.

Ye Qingyu at this moment, suddenly felt that he understood Yan Buhui a little.

After all, he was a human. Even if he capitulated to the demon race, but they were after all not the same race. Even if the [Burning snow demon commander] believed in Yan Buhui, but the other demon races would not be willing to accept him. He should have been very lonely in these years?

A human living in the demon race, with his gaze filled with alien races, just how boring would that be?

“Good tea. I have not drunk such for many years.” Yan Buhui drank three mouthful consecutively, sighing in admiration.

Mister Liu did not lift his head, seriously preparing the tea. Pouring tea into another cup: “Even better tea is a waste if you drink it like so.”

“Words that are even more right, by speaking it over and over again so many times, is a waste.” Yan Buhui replied blandly. “Just how many times have you said these words to me?”

Mister Liu had a faint smile. “When the matter is right, no matter how many times I have to say it, I am willing to continue on doing so.”

These words had a hidden meaning contained within.

How could Yan Buhui not be able to hear the meaning behind these words?

Drinking another cup of tea, Yan Buhui replied calmly: “How do you know that you are definitely right? Like a cup of tea. It originally is something that is used to solve thirst. When it was created, it only has the value of being drank. As long as it is able to realise it’s value, it is the same no matter how it is drank. This is the same as humans; as long as one is able to realise their own value, no matter how they do so is not important. The reason why humans want to become stronger is to control others. Since the human race does not accept me, then by transforming into a demon, I similarly can become stronger. When I truly become stronger, sooner or later I can control all of you.”

His previous manner was apathetic, as if he did not care for fame or profit whatsoever.

But when he spoke these words, his aura changed. His confidence and aura was strong and invincible, like a peerless divine sword being unsheathed.

“You’re wrong. Tea has to be carefully tasted; only then can you sense the special essence within. Humans, has things they can do and things they cannot do. Only then, can they be famous throughout all the ages.” Mister Liu lifted a tea cup, slowly sipping it down, refuting in a leisurely tone.

Yan Buhui had a brief smile. “Really? In the past, when I had my principles, what was my consequence? I nearly died as a consequence, with my wife and children unable to be protected. Today, I do not care anymore. I am completely unscrupulous, as long as I am able to take my vengeance, as long as I make those people pay the price, make them fear me, afraid of me. I will make them hear my name and be scared witless, hiding far away. They will not dare to make me as their enemy. I feel that this can already prove everything.”

“The matters in the past, in truth……” Mister Liu was about to say something.

Yan Buhui smiled in disdain, waving his hand. Drinking another three cups of tea in one gulp, he fiercely stood up, a aura of rejecting someone outside a thousand miles away. Calmly he said: “Fine, these pointless great teachings, pointless great principles, I have heard far too many times. From when I was small, I have heard far too many moral teachings like this. Yet I still cannot live out my life in a good way. Mister Liu, don’t say anymore. The Yan Buhui today, is no longer the innocent scholar at Youyan Pass of the past.”

Mister Liu hearing this, stopped what he was about to say. Finally he could only let out a long sigh.

“Haha, after so many years, drinking Mister Liu’s tea is still a pleasurable matter. Today, you’re luck is not good. To escape to my place by coincidence, and to mistakenly enter into my recovery formation. But I won’t kill you.” Yan Buhui stood up, laughing loudly. “Mister Liu, I’ll bother you with a matter.”

“Please speak.” Mister Liu let out a breath of relief in his heart.

Yan Buhui clearly said each word: “Please can you go tell Lu Zhaoge, that if he wasn’t able to kill me this time, then he won’t have another chance in the future. In these tens of years, the progress of his martial cultivation is far too slow. If this continues on, then in another five years, he will not be my opponent anymore. At that time, our roles will be reversed. At that time, it is me who will hunt for him and kill him. I hope at that time, he will be as lucky as I have been.”

A extremely powerful aura began exploding from Yan Buhui’s body.

The surrounding was smothered in a aura so powerful that it was inexplicable. Yuan qi was roiling, as if they were huge waves. The massive formation airship, was like a little raft bitterly struggling in tidal waves in such aura. It was as if it could be completely drowned at any instant. The people on the airship, including Liu Zongyuan, could not help but shiver and tremble, face filled with fear. This had nothing to do with their bravery. Their will and five senses was completely ruled by a instinctive pure fear and respect towards powerful beings.

“I will relay your words.” Mister Liu said seriously.

“Then go.” Yan Buhui flicked his hands.

Ye Qingyu gave him a glance, bringing Mister Liu and Xinger back to the formation airship.

The formation airship slowly began to activate. Just as it was about to fly and leave this ominous area……

At that time, Yan Buhui suddenly turned his head, his gaze like lightning , landing on Ye Qingyu’s body. “I’ve changed my mind. He, stays behind.”

The person he pointed at, was namely Ye Qingyu.


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