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159 – Killing the chicken for training the mind!

Chapter 159th: Kill chicken for training the mind!

“What? You refuse?” Yan Xiangma said in a arrogant tone while glaring at Chen Xingyu.

“——” Chen Xingyu obviously refused to obey. This is Tiandu. It’s the imperial capital. It’s where tigers crouch and dragons coil. It’s where nobles and wealthy families as well as many members of the Royal family live. It’s where the Kingdom’s most powerful or influential people gather; besides the man on the throne who would comply with anyone else?

Of course, he did not dare to say it out loud.

He knew very clearly that this bastard did not lie, he really can handle ten of him with one hand——

Dressed in luxurious Chinese-style clothing, Yan Xiangma coldly scanned the audience, saying in a clear voice: “I’m telling you, as Jiangnan city’s most famous hedonistic young master, there’s nothing I can’t do. Starting today, I will protect Li Shinian. If someone is not satisfied, come find me–Remember, my name is Yan Xiangma, my dad is Yan Bolai.”

Yan Xiangma needed to be arrogant and unruly. He needed to maintain a high profile. He needed to attract all the attention.

Since he’s going to help, then he must eliminate all of Li Shinian’s worries about future consequences and her fear of trouble.

This is Tiandu, where imperial power exists. And it’s precisely because this is Tiandu and where there is imperial power, that it gives rise to some powerful people who disregarded the law. These people would dare to do anything.

He would not allow others to hurt Li Shinian. No one could.

“Yan Bolai?” Chen Xingyu paused for a minute, thinking that the name sounded a bit familiar.

Of course, with his knowledge, he would not the names of the dozens of governor of each province and the lord of each city in West Wind Kingdom.

The local dragon is not as powerful as a strong snake. Chen Xingyu decided to endure silently and patiently wait for a chance to retaliate in the future.

Therefore, despite Yan Xiangma’s provocation and how obnoxious he was, he remained unmoved and indifferent. To be successful one must not be bothered about trifles. He is a man who wants to dedicate his life to West Wind Kingdom.

Li Shinian bowed slightly to the classmates, one after another, and said in an earnest voice: “thank you, thank you for your sense of justice and for speaking out forthrightly. Thank you for your kindness and love. Shinian is unable to repay the favour and can only bow to express my gratitude–Today everyone saw what happened, Shinian had no better option. We are still classmates, please look after me.”

“Shinian classmate don’t take this matter to heart, we’ll definitely take care of you——”

“Anyone who dares to bully Shinian classmate will have to answer me first——”

“Shinian classmate, we are your backup team—”

Li Shinian once again expressed her gratitude to the crowd, before she turned and walked onto the road into the distance.

Yan Xiangma followed her with quick strides and stretched out his arm to wrap around Li Shinian’s shoulder but instead was slapped away by Li Shinian.

“Give me some face, many people are watching.” Yan Xiangma whispered.

“Give it a rest.”

Yan Xiangma attempted to drape his arm around her again. “If my status is unverified, I’m afraid some people wouldn’t be convinced—”


Li Shinian once again slapped away Yan Xiangma’s perverted hand.

“We don’t have that kind of relationship anyway.”

“Come on, I said I’m your flower guardian–if you pretend to be my girlfriend, no one would dare to bother you.”

“Then, only you can bother me?”

“How could you think of me like that?” Yan Xiangma said irritably: “I am the son of the lord of a city, Jiangnan city’s most famous hedonistic young master. What woman can I not bother? Would I only bother you?”

“Then go find them, why did you come here?”

“I don’t – like to demean myself.” Yan Xiangma said with a grin. “Shinian, you’ve no idea how happy I was when I heard that you came to Tiandu. After our farewell in Jiangnan I thought I would never ever see you again. I felt so sad for months. I even thought about breaking the cage of home and come all the way to Jiangnan just to see you.”

“How come you did not come?” Li Shinian curled her lips and said mockingly.

“I was worried of getting lost.” Yan Xiangma sheepishly said.


Li Shinian could not be bothered to talk to this guy anymore. Because what he says is rubbish most of the time.

“However, I’m so happy you came. So happy that I almost caught fire. After I heard about your school, I immediately ran here to find you, but I did not expect to run into an idiot looking to take advantage of you —are you someone other people tarnish as they please? Anyone who dares tarnish you, I will cut off their fingers.”


“Shinain, how come you’re at Tiandu?”

“Because my family is here.”

“How come you live in the Liu mansion?”

Li Shinian shot a wary glance at Yan Xiagma before she answered: “If you’re asking me, then who should I ask?”


“Although our family and the Liu family bear grudges against each other but it has nothing to do with you. Wherever you live, I will be happy. As long as you are in Tiandu, as long as you and I are living in the same city under the same starry sky–”

“If you say things like that again, I will break the cage of home and head back to Jiangnan miles away.” Li Shinian said.


Imperial View High School is situated right in a central area, so both sides of the street were very lively and noisy.

A man and a woman walked side by side in the middle of the street surrounded by tides of busy strangers.

Yan Xiangma tried to stay in front, shielding Li Shinian from the crowd and preventing Li Shinian from being shoved aside.

“Ever since you came to Tiandu—Have you seen Xiaoxin?” Yan Xiangma asked aloud.

“No. Is Sister Xiaoxin well?” Li Shinian finally showed some interest, said with a smile: “I always wanted to look for her. But I’m not familiar with Tiandu and have been busy with school recently, so I had to delay my visit. But once I settle down, I will immediately go see her. After all, she is the only friend I have in this city.”

A bitter smile crossed Yan Xiangma’s face. “A person is standing right in front of you, am I not considered as your friend?”

Li Shinian’s jet-black eyes swept back and forth, observing Yan Xiangma’s face, before she said aloud: “don’t know why but I think you’re a bad person.”


“But thank you anyway.” Seeing Yan Xiangma’s hurt expression, Li Shinian cracked a smile. “If it wasn’t for you, there would have been so much trouble today. That Chen Xingyu is so cunning; many people would have been easily tricked. I have nothing against him and we only met for the first time but he used such dirty tricks, it proves he lacks good moral character.”

“Exactly. That guy is shifty-looking, he disgust me.” Yan Xiangma said with a murderous look: “if he dares to mess with you, I will make him try Yan family’s powerful Flame Fist.”

“Alright. I admit you’re my second friend in Tiandu.” Li Shinian said with a smile.

“Great.” Yan Xiangma grinned. Then, as if he suddenly remembered something, his expression changed. “Shinian, I think——for the time being, perhaps you should not see Xiaoxin.”

Li Shinian’s smile froze on her face, then faded. “I understand. Friends should support each other, I should not be a burden to her.”

“Shinian, you misunderstood what I meant. Xiaoxin is also not that kind of person you think she is.”

“What does that mean?” Li Shinian asked in a puzzled tone. “If sister Xiaoxin is not the kind of person I think she is, then why did you stop me from seeing her? We’re all from Jiangnan, to be able to meet at Tiandu is a rare fate. Since we know each other shouldn’t we meet up?”

“You really don’t know?”

“How would I know if you don’t tell me?”

“Because–” Yan Xiangma carefully inspected Li Shinian’s facial expression, until confirming that she really did not know he whispered: “because your brother killed her brother.”

“What are you talking about?” Li Shinian looked frightened, staring wide-eyed at Yan Xiangma.

“Li Muyang—killed Cui Zhaoren.” Yan Xiangma said in the lowest voice possible. “Li Muyang is your brother, this is the truth. Cui Zhaoren is Cui Xiaoxin’s brother, this is also the truth. Therefore, you and Xiaoxin—-it’s best if you don’t see each other for the time being. While I—-of course, I won’t be affected by these things. The things I, Yan young master wants to do who dares to stop me.”

“How is that possible?” Li Shinian’s face turned ashen. She knew about Cui Xiaoxin’s background; she knows that she was born in one of Tiandu’s most prominent families and that many strong people who shine throughout the starry sky are from that family. “My brother, how can he kill Cui Zhaoren? How would he kill sister Xiaoxin’s brother? He does not even dare to kill a chicken–”

Yan Xiangma’s face grew serious as he looked at Li Shinian and asked: “Shinian, do you really think——Li Muyang does not dare to kill a chicken?” —— ——


“Kill it.” Xiahou Qianbai’s finger pointed at an Mt Gong’s multi-coloured chicken as he said aloud.

Li Muyang desperately shook his head: “I don’t dare to.”

“To study martial arts and cross the threshold, you first need to have a firm and unswerving determination and mind. Kill wolf and fight tiger, behead demon and slay dragons, what sort of things can’t be done? You can’t even kill a chicken, how can you think to become a dragon slayer?”

“Teacher Xiahou, I’ve never done this kind of thing before—Wait, why don’t you do it?” Li Muyang passed the hatchet over.

“Me? What is my identity? I’m a teacher of Starry Sky, I’m your teacher–such inelegant jobs should be left for disciples, you actually want me to kill a chicken?” Looking furious, Xiahou Qianbai roared.

“Otherwise, why don’t we cut it some slack and eat something else today?”

“Do you think it’s for eating? Us Taoists are kind, not discriminative and we never kill the innocent. In our eyes, all things are spiritual. Humans are spiritual and chickens are spiritual. If we’re thirsty we eat fruits and if we’re hungry we eat spiritual fruit. These kind of dirty, greasy foods are hard to swallow. In order to exercise your mind, I gave you this problem–If you can’t pass this obstacle, don’t even mention building your foundation.”

Li Muyang clenched his teeth, gripped onto the hatchet and ruthlessly swung down at the Mt Gong’s multicoloured chicken.


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