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159 – Scum



Ye Qingyu’s expression changed slightly.


What was this?

It seemed like that the person that he was pointing to was himself?

It really is me?


In this entire process, that ominous person had clearly not even given Ye Qingyu a glance. He did not even take notice of me, why would he suddenly want me to remain behind? Could it be that it was because I pretending to be unafraid of death, and brought Mister Liu to the cloud with the White Horse wings, so therefore he took special notice of me? This is really too unlucky. That old fellow Mister Liu really dragged me down. If I knew it was like this, then I should have let Liu Zongyuan fly him to the cloud.

The Liu Zongyuan next to him suddenly had a cold shiver for some reason.

“You just said that you were going to let us go.” Mister Liu stared at Yan Buhui with a frown. “With your position today, could it be that you want to go back on your words?”

Yan Buhui’s expression was apathetic, his tone containing a hardness that could not be questioned. Indifferently he said: “The words I’ve said, can I not change it? I am not the fake gentleman that Lu Zhaoge is, what matters if I change my mind? Leave him behind, you can go. If you don’t want to go, then everyone can stay behind. Make your own decision.”

“This….” Mister Liu hesitated for a little. “How about this, I stay behind, and we can drink another cup of teas and reminiscence about old times. Let him go. With your currently position, why must you make it hard on a little child?”

“I feel his words are very correct.” Ye Qingyu quickly jumped out to supplement these words into the conversation.

Mister Liu felt his vision darkening.

“Hahaha…..” Yan Buhui began fiercely laughing loudly.

After he finished laughing, he did not even give Ye Qingyu a glance, but only stared at Mister Liu for a short while. There was a pale disdain in his gaze: “The [Painting saint] Mister Liu, is really a top character in the great army of Youyan Pass. Although you have always been low key but the demon race has long been placed at a disadvantage by you On the bounty list of the [Southern incline legion]. your name is ranked in the top twenty. If I kill you, and bring you back to the demon court, this can be counted as a great contribution, but……” As he said to here, Yan Buhui smiled: “But in my eyes, even ten Mister Liu’s value is not worth even one of this young man.”

Mister Liu hearing this, did not have anger from being underestimated. He only shook his head: “You have evaluated wrongly,. Patrolling envoy Ye has only been here for a month’s time.””

“That’s right, that’s right…..” Ye Qingyu quickly chimed in.

But he was ignored once again.

Yan Buhui was calm and serious as he said: “Some people, even if their name is even more famous, as long as one sees them, they will feel that they are only just so. Under their fame, they are unimpressive. And there are some people that even if you have never heard of them before, but you can sense how terrifying they are the first time you see them.” He swept his glance across Ye Qingyu. There was a hint of admiration contained within his eyes.”From my eyes, this young man is the latter. Even though his wings has not yet fully grown, but I can already see some things on his body. If I leave him be, in the future he will be the great calamity of the demon race. Why not get rid of him early.”

Mister Liu hesitated.

Yan Buhui looked at him, smiling but not smiling, saying again: “And according to my knowledge, Mister Liu you are not a practitioner of Buddhism. You would never show sentimentality for people of no value. This time you are willing swap yourself for this young man. Haha, I think that even you have seen through the potential of this youth?”

Mister Liu stared at Yan Buhui for a long time.

He knew that he had lost once again in front of his previous friend.

In reality, ever since Ye Qingyu had comprehend the natural way from his paintings, spirit raising in one night, Mister Liu already had a completely new perspective of this youth. Then afterwards, Ye Qingyu’s performance as he killed the enemy was fearsome and valiant, making the [Painting saint] realise that he had estimated Ye Qingyu wrongly initially. He had not seen the value of this piece of rough jade at the very first instance. He was somewhat regretful that he had brought Ye Qingyu to such a dangerous place. If they loss such a genius, then it would be a huge loss for the entire Youyan Pass, even the entire Snow country.

But right now…..

Yan Buhui’s gaze, would also be so poisonously sharp.

Seeing that Mister Liu did not continue  to speak, Yan Buhui continued on: “This time, Mister Liu you’ve entered alone deep into the Explosive snow glacier. I don’t think I need to state the reason for your excursion. If my guess is not wrong there should be maps of the [Southern Incline legion] on the Explosive Snow glacier military, about their military arrangements and the terrain within the formation airship . For Lu Zhaoge, this should be something that he dreamed to have in his dreams, haha…….”

Mister Liu’s expression greatly changed.

Liu Zongyuan was shaken, subconsciously clenching the long blade at his waist.

“Haha, no need to be nervous. Those maps, will count as my present to Lu Zhaoge. What matters if you bring it away. I long for the day that Lu Zhaoge really brings the [Army of Youyan Pass] to the Explosive Snow glacier and do battle with me. And not hide throughout the day in the turtle shell of Youyan Pass……” In the words of the Yan Buhui, there was a surge of dominance and confidence tat normal people could hardly understand. Blandly: “The value of these maps, from my perspective, is not as high as this youth. Therefore, the maps you can bring away but you must leave him behind.”

These words were resolute and decisive.

Without the slightest possibility of negotiation.

Mister Liu understood Yan Buhui’s personallity. He knew that since he had said such words, there was no possibility of change anymore.

If he continued to argue, then most likely the other people on the formation airship could not leave either.

But in Mister LIu’s heart, he really was not willing to abandon this peerless unpolished gem Ye Qingyu.

The atmosphere, seemed desperate and solemn.

The gaze of Liu Zongyuan and the others when they looked at Ye Qingyu held both pity and helplessness.

Mister Liu let out a sigh, about to attempt for the last time……

But —–


An excited noise sounded out on the formation airship.

The previous covering and hiding Ye Qingyu, suddenly had a smile on his face. Stepping forward and giving out a thumps up, he waved his hand towards Yan Buhui.

“Haha, Yan Buhui is it? Good, this is far too good. In reality, no one has ever praised me like so before. But I cannot deny that your praise is the most sincere and creative. Haha, you are really making me burst with joy. Since you have so sincerely praised me, then if I don’t stay behind, it is far too boring. It is decided then. They can leave, I’ll stay behind.“

The expression of demon king Ye was excited and delighted.

As if he was a little child that had been praised to over the moon, a trace of embarrassed red really appearing on his face.

Yan Buhui was taken back.

It was the first time an expression of surprise had appeared on his face since he had materialised.

Even Mister Liu and Liu Zongyuan stared numbly at Ye Qingyu. The student Xinger barely suppressed his urge to feel Ye Qingyu’s head, to confirm if this fellow was burning with fever and speaking nonsense.

“Patrolling envoy Ye, you…..” Mister Liu panicked, about to say something.“

Ye Qingyu waved his hand, a expression of that it was all for the greater good. Generously saying: “Mister Liu, no need to say anymore. He regards me as so important, how can I not cooperate with him. No need to care about me, one of my life in exchange for the lives of everyone is very worth it.”

Everyone on the ship, instantly become moved.

This was a true brave warrior.

What a selfless spirit.

If I don’t enter into hell, who would enter in hell. Patrolling envoy Ye, was really a true and fearsome soldier.

Those soldiers that were somewhat more emotional than the others, already had wet tears on their face.

Those soldiers who displayed their emotions on the inside, gave Ye Qingyu the standard military salute.

But who would have guessed, that Ye Qingyu’s countenance would quickly changed, laughing: “Besides, I may not really die if I stay behind. If I really reach the end, I still have an ultimate move that will definitely save me.”

“What ultimate move?” Liu Zongyuan’s eyes brightened.

Ye Qingyu rubbed his jaw, shamelessly grinning: “I can surrender…..wahahah, since that person thinks so highly of me, I can choose to surrender. He shouldn’t kill me if so.”

As he finished.

There was silence between heaven and earth.

Liu Zongyuan nearly felt his vision blackening and falling to the metal plates.

Mister Liu could not laugh or cry. He had an urge to throttle this retard to death.


Those hot wet tears, those military salutes, those silent lowered heads, those wiping their armours and weapons and was praying because of they were moved by the actions of that person, their emotions were instantly dispelled. The emotions of the soldiers disappeared like snow at the beginning of snow that had fresh pissed poured on it. Not only did it disappear, it left urine smell that made one mad…….

The mouth of Yan Buhui, curled in a amused way after being taken aback.


Nearly everyone had such a phrase appearing in the bottom of their hearts

The retard in front of them, was he really the person that fought shoulder to shoulder beside them, that was hot blooded like a War God that killed demons along with them just before?

Could he have been furtively swapped out with a different person?

The originally tragic and solemn atmosphere was completely swept away in that instant.

Mister Liu kneaded his head, then turned and headed towards the cabin without looking back. As he walked, he said: “Start the airship, quickly start the airship. Let’s go.”

Ten breaths later.

The formation airship, like an arrow leaving the bow, like a startled rabbit, crazily disappeared in the far off skies.

“Eh? They’ve really left? This bunch of scoundrels, they really have no loyalty to their friends. To have really left……” Ye Qingyu kept staring as the formation airship disappeared in the sea of clouds, clenching his teeth and cursing at them.

Opposite him.

Yan Buhui stared fixedly at Ye Qingyu, his lips twitching several times.

He deeply breathed in a mouthful of air. Forcefully activating the martial heart he had cultivated for tens of years, he suppressed the urge to slaughter this scum into pulp, then said in ridicule: “What is it? Little fellow, do you regret staying behind?”


Ye Qingyu swept his gaze over him, saying in rage: “What’s the use of me regretting? You’re so fierce. Even if Mister Liu hesitates, the ultimate result will still be that I stay behind?”

“You can really let go of your grievances.” Yan Buhui used a gaze similar to a cat catching a mouse, regarding him in an undisguised fashion.

Ye Qingyu did not pay attention to him. His gaze flickered around, evaluating his surrounding environment. He had an expression that he was currently planning something.


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