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160 – See you

“You don’t need to waste your efforts. My yuan qi space domain is a thousand metres in range. You cannot escape at all.”

“A thousand metres?” Ye Qingyu smiled a little, nodding his head roguishly. His gaze kept flickering about. With his arms crossed, he regarded the opposing party. “Fine, it seems I really can’t escape……..Let’s speak of the proper matter, why must you have me stay? Could it be that it was because of my peerless martial talent, is really like the will o wisp in a gloomy cemetery that cannot be hidden? It’s been discovered by just one glance by you…… “

A will o wisp in a cemetery?

Jsut what kind of nonsensical analogy was this?

“Young man, be more serious. If you continue using such a tone to speak to me like this, I will kill you.”

The expression of Yan Buhui became icy cold.

In that instant, the surrounding yuan qi seemed to consolidate. A coldness that seeped into one’s bones spread throughout the air.

He had truly been angered.

Because he was able to tell, that what was hidden behind the laughter and chuckle of Ye Qingyu was a heart that did not fear him in the slightest.

In these past tens of years, Yan Buhui had seen far too many people that thought themselves as brave and heroic. But the large majority of these people were forcefully faking it. They were just showing strength on the outside but weak on the inside. Just a look at them was enough to make someone laugh and feel disgusted. But Ye Qingyu was not afraid. Not only was he not afraid, he held a mockery and disdain that he did not hide at all.

“Fine, no need to be so fearsome.” Ye Qingyu lifted both of his hands. “I’ll be serious then. You’ve specially wanted me to stay behind, just what do you want from me?”

Yan Buhui deeply breathed in.

He did his best to control his killing intent.

Even he did not know why, but when in front of this youth, his emotions could not help but be affected. But he was finally able to control and suppress his killing intent. Staring at Ye Qingyu, he said word by word :”Follow me, I won’t kill you.”

Ye Qingyu let out a snort. “After half the day, you really want me to surrender.”

Yan Buhui did not say anything.

He was waiting for Ye Qingyu’s reply.

“Eh, to speak the truth, you have spent all these years alone among the demon race, do you not feel lonely and isolated? Therefore you wanted to find a person to follow you?” There was a nosy expression on Ye Qingyu’s face, and he said jokingly: “But I am a man. Why can’t you find a woman to follow you?”

In the pupils of Yan Buhui, killing intent and cleverness flickered past.

But he instantly began to smile.

“I was nearly angered by you.” He seriously evaluated Ye Qingyu up and down. Asking : “I’m really curious, just what kind of things do you possess that makes you will be able to escape from my hands?”

The smile on Ye qingyu’s face instantly retreated.

“Eh, you were able to see this?”

The two people chattered away.



The formation airship swept past the arc of heaven like a ray of light.

In the blink of eye, the area controlled by the [Army of Youyan Pass] could be seen far away.

“Superior, are we really going to abandon patrolling envoy Ye?” Liu Zongyuan asked somewhat emotionally.“

He turned his head to look back several times, as if he was going to witness a miracle and that fellow was going to catch up at any moment. But time and time again he was disappointed.

Mister Liu’s expression was calm: “What can we do apart from that?”

“But…..but……” Liu Zongyuan said several buts, but ultimately he could not say anything.

Because he was clear in his heart, that under such conditions, apart from leaving behind Ye Qingyu, there was not any other choice. If they went against Yan Buhui’ will, not only would Ye Qingyu be unable to return, but everyone on the airship would also die. What was more important, was that those precious maps would also be lost. They had to choose the lesser of two evils. Abandoning Ye Qingyu, was absolutely the most logical choice.

“Ye Qingyu is not definitely going to die.” The Xinger who had not spoken, suddenly opened his mouth.

“Ah?” Liu Zongyuan was taken aback, then instantly said in a astonished tone: “Could it be that Xinger really thinks he is going to surrender? I feel that he is not that type of person.”

Xinger smiled and shook his head. “Officer Liu, don’t be fooled that person. From my perspective, his final nonsensical words seems like he has gone crazy, but his motive is very simple. It is to make us not tarry any longer, to quickly leave from there. I feel that patrolling envoy Ye is using his own special method to hint at us to not worry about him, and that he has a method to handle Yan Buhui……”

“How is this possible?” Liu Zongyuan exclaimed.

Even if his head was damaged, he would not think this was possible. That in front of a top class terrifying expert like Yan Buhui, the Ye Qingyu who was just at the Spirit spring stage would be able to escape.

There was a faint smile appearing on Mister Liu’s face. “An abnormal person, cannot be evaluated using a normal way of thinking. In the past I could not see through Yan Buhui, right now I similarly cannot see through Ye Qingyu. He thinks that he has a way to handle it. In truth, if you think carefully, just how many inexplicable matters has appeared on this child? I feel that Xinger’s words are correct. The stance and tone of patrolling envoy then was evidently telling us to quickly leave, and that he has a plan.”

Liu Zongyuan hearing this, could only shake his head with a bitter smile.

His concern had caused him to lose his composure. At that time he was really worried for Ye Qingyu, so he had not considered so much.

He only just understood, that the reason Mister Liu ordered the formation airship to leave was because of this point.

Liu Zongyuan turned his head to look back at the path they travelled for the last time.

“I hope that he can really return safely.”

He prayed in his heart.



“You intentionally said so much, is because you wanted to anger me. In reality, you wanted to buy time for Liu Yuqing and the others. You have confidence you can escape from me? But I really can’t see any way you can escape, unless……” There was a suspicious expression on Yan Buhui’s face. “Unless you have an unlimiter divine talisman, otherwise it’s impossible. But just how precious is the unlimiter divine talisman. Furthermore, I completely cannot sense the existence or aura of the unlimited talisman on your body.”

“So the name of Mr Liu, is called Liu Yuqing. This is somewhat feminine…….you’ve guessed right.” Ye Qingyu smiled. “I really don’t have anything called the unlimited talisman.”

Yan Buhui nodded his head. “Then you…..”

Ye Qingyu let out a chuckle. “But you’re wrong about one thing. It is not only the unlimiter talisman that can break through your space formation……..have you heard of a thing called flash before?”

“Flash? What is it?” Yan Buhui was taken aback.

Ye Qingyu began to have a faint smile.

He laughed very happily.

Then his body slightly faced upwards. He waved at Yan Buhui in a confident and at ease fashion.


A pale silver coloured light flashed by on his body.

The next instant, Ye Qingyu had disappeared from his original position.

“What?” Yan Buhui was shaken.

At that instant, he did not sense the slightest trace of yuan qi fluctuation nor did he sense any power of formations. With his cultivation realm, with his experience and with his vision, he really could not see through just what kind of method Ye Qingyu used to disappear from his eyes. He could confirm, that this was not a concealment or invisibility technique, Because not even a speck of dust could evade from his senses. But right now, he could not even sense Ye Qingyu’s existence.

After huge shock, there was a shred of a smile on Yan Buhui’s face.

“Interesting, really interesting. Who would have thought that such a person would appear in Youyan Pass.“

He smiled slightly, and did not chase after.

On one hand, the injuries he had sustained this was not light and the sealed space formation he had created, was in truth used to hide for the attacks of the [War God Youyan Pass] and the other experts of the human race. And on the other hand, Yan Buhui felt that even if he managed to catch up to this youth, he could not harden his resolve to kill him. Vaguely, Yan Buhui could already see a shadow of himself on Ye Qingyu.

Such an interesting fellow, was already very rare. If he killed him in just one stroke, would it not be such a waste?

Yan Buhui returned and lazily inclined back onto the white cloud.

“The wind will destroy the tree that grows higher than the forest. Ye Qingyu is it? I will see, just how long you can endure in Youyan Pass……those treacherous hypocrites, when they witness the appearance of a genius that can threaten them, how can they remain indifferent? The things that happened to me in the past, most likely you will also experience. At that time, I will see, if you will still stand by their side so determinedly like today. ahahahaahahah…..”

He closed his eyes.

A nap in ten years.

The heart sutra Yan Buhui cultivated in was called the [Great dream heart sutra].


If Ye Qingyu knew that after he had escape, Yan Buhui did not have the intention to continue chasing, he would definitely curse and shout.

Because after activating the [Flash formation] in the [Titled Fiendgod chart], he had considered just where he could escape to so that Yan Buhui would not instantly discover him and catch up. There was a very long period of time needed to activate the [Flash formation] for the second time so he only had once chance. The direction he chose to flash, was not towards the Youyan Pass, nor was it back North.

He chose to go downwards, directly entering the [Snow dragon den].

The [Snow dragons] had extremely powerful and strong territorial perceptions. And their body was extremely tough, excavating a labyrinth underground that extended everywhere. It was filled with various types of dangers. Yan Buhui had also been injured so he would most likely not chase after into such an environment.

Of course, the most important point was that the Ye Qingyu who thought himself very clever reckoned that Yan Buhui would never imagine he would choose such a place to flee.


Flash ended.

Ye Qingyu appeared in a underground ice cave.

“I’ve really arrived at the [Snow dragon den]/“

He stabilised his mental state, carefully observing. He was able to sense, a rich and dense demonic qi surrounding the entire underground ice cave.

“This should be the demonic qi of the Snow dragons. These passages and caves like a mine, should be the traces left behind by the movement of the snow dragons through the ice. ” Ye Qingyu carefully observed his environment.

The environment was similar to the underground ice cave below the hundred broken mountains. It was just that the ice passageways curved and split even more, like an underground maze. The sensation it gave Ye Qingyu, was as if he had entered into a massive  ant hive. Thankfully he did not encounter a hibernating snow dragon, otherwise the situation would be even more. Ye Qingyu guessed that this should be the outer territory of the snow dragon’s den, therefore he could not see the hibernating snow dragons.

No matter what, this was far more hopeful than being in the hands of Yan Buhui.

“What I need to do next, is to think of a method to find the direction and utilise the holes and passages left by the snow dragons to directly travel to the southern border of the Explosive Snow glacier.  However the underground passageways of the Snow dragon, is far more complicated and massive than what it seems like from far away……..Damn, I’ve really been pushed to the edge this time. I can only hope that the snow dragons are obediently sleeping away, and not to come out randomly. I am only passing by…….“

Ye Qingyu prayed in his heart.


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