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161 – Eat….Yummy!


The whistle of the wind was like that of a gale. It came from deep within the passageway.

In this underground ice space, there were wind passing through it. This was different from the underground ice cave of the hundred broken mountains.

At that time, Bug Head suddenly crawled out from Ye Qingyu’s chest. He climbed onto Ye Qingyu’s shoulder and evaluated his surroundings.

Ye Qingyu began kneading Big Head’s head, and could not help but jokingly reprimand: “When that fierce person Yan Buhui was here, just where did you die to? You little trash, hiding when there’s danger, and only coming out when it’s safe. You can eat so much, I’ve really raised you in vain.”

“Wuwu…….” The little fellow rubbed his head against Ye Qingyu in an attempt to curry favour, then extended his little tongue panting, as if he was apologising. Suddenly he jumped down from Ye Qingyu’s shoulders, his two hind legs bouncing and jumping about. Shaking his tail, he headed towards deeper in to the passageway. In an instant, he disappeared into a far off corner of the crystal passage.“

“Eh? I reprimanded you slightly, and you want to run away from home?” Ye Qingyu was shocked by Big Head’s action.

Could I have hurt the self esteem of this fellow?

He’s only a dog, can he please not have such strong self esteem.

Ye Qingyu was about to rush after him. Thankfully the silly dog Big Head returned after disappearing for a bit.

The glutton turned around to look at Ye Qingyu, still having a countenance of trying to please Ye Qingyu. In his glistening large eyes there was pure innocence written within. He seemed to be giving a signal to Ye Qingyu through his eyes, shaking his head and wagging his tail. The expression in his black and white large eyes was extremely nimble and flexible, indicating that Ye Qingyu should follow him. This was evidently saying that he would lead the way for Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded for a moment, then followed after.

Could this fellow really know the path?

But he had evidently never been before.

But no matter what, this was the first time the stupid dog wanted to do something of his own initiative.

Recalling Big Head’s mysterious history, Ye Qingyu ultimately decided to believe him. He followed after.

Big Head hopped about in a cheerful and lively way.

He was like lightning jumping about. Sometimes he would sniff the air in the crystal passageway, as if he was discerning something. Every time they encountered a split in the corridor, he would seriously sniff, then choose a passage way from among the choices. He seemed to be discerning for real, not blindly walking and relying on luck. The most important point was that this man and dog pair had walked for fifteen minutes, but they had still not yet encountered any Snow Dragons.

“Eh? Can he really recognise the path?”

Ye Qingyu was delighted.

This was a harvest that was out his expectations.

People said that old horses recognised the way, who would have thought that little dogs could also lead the way.

“Hahaha, who would have thought that a little thing like you really have the senses the lead the path.” Ye Qingyu quickly followed behind, praising Big Head.

“Wuwu!” The little fellow upon hearing his master’s praise, became even more excited. Big Head rapidly ran two circles around Ye Qingyu then rubbed his head against Ye Qingyu’s leg. He continued to lead the way.

Very quickly, the man and dog pair walked on for another hour.

Within the passageway, the sounds of the wind became louder and louder.

The sounds of the wind was like thunder. It was as if within the depths there was a terrifying lightning storm that was currently forming.

The fierce wind rushed out from within the corridor, coming them at them like blades. There were also some scattered ice crystals mixed inside this wind. Clustered tightly, these fragment struck against the icy walls. It was as if in the icy underground there was currently a fearsome snowstorm brewing. Snowflakes completely covered the air, the crystals perfect. It was like there were bright blades in the darkness that came whistling towards them. The hardness of these ice crystals were like steel. When it struck the icy corridor, it would leave a paper white crack that instantly disappeared.

“This gale is too terrifying. The snowflakes are like hidden weapons. Martial artists at the level of the ordinary stage has no way of surviving in such an environment. Their skin will definitely break open and their flesh shredded if they are struck by the ice fragments.”

Ye Qingyu casually grabbed at the ice crystals coming over straight at him, his wrist moving. He sense the force contained within these projectiles and could not tremble with apprehensiveness.

Activating his inner yuan, an invisible barrier began to appear around his body. The torrential rainstorm of ice crystals that came at him were all rebounded.

Big Head was not afraid in the least in such a terrifying explosive snowstorm. The icy crystals snowflakes would barely just brush past his little adorable little figure every time. It was as if they would never touch him.

They both continued on forward in such an explosive snowstorm.

As the walked further and further, Ye Qingyu felt that something was increasingly strange.

“That’s not right. According to logic, the air underground should be in a still state. It should not be moving so rapidly but why is there such an terrifying explosive snow storm in the ice passageway, ……could it be that we are about the reach the exist, and there is an opening to a windy terrain outside?”

Ye Qingyu thought silently. His heart could not help but become more cautious.

But Big Head became more and more excited. He jumped about in front, running faster and faster.

Ye Qingyu could not help but rush to chase after.

Another fifteen minutes passed.

The explosive snow storm became larger and larger.

Even with Ye Qingyu’s current strength, he also felt that he needed to expend more energy to continue.

He could not help but activate his inner yuan with his full power, walking step by step forward. The speed at which they travelled became slower. And the snowstorm within the ice crystal corridor became greater, completely terrifying. If this was on the plains, it would most likely instantly uproot trees with a thousand years of age. If an army fought in such an environment, it was very possible that the army would meet the fate of complete annihilation.


In front of him came the excited yelps of Big Head.

Ye Qingyu quickly rushed forwards.

The snowstorm in front rapidly strengthened. He forcefully rushed past then Ye Qingyu felt his body lighten and the vision in front of him brightened.

Ye Qingyu fell to one side, the weight of the gale disappearing .Carefully examining, he discovered at the end of the ice crystal corridor there was a incomparably huge large crystal space below him that appeared in front of Ye Qingyu’s eyes. The width and length was a thousand metres long, as if it was a palace for a giant. The place he was in right now was a smooth and flat ice rock, and in the far off space there were two massive ice cyclones that unendingly circulated and wriggled, as if they were two silver dragons. Finally, these cyclones brushed past Ye Qingyu’s body, rushing towards the icy corridor that he had just burst out from.

As he looked downwards from the two icy crystal tornadoes…….

Ye Qingyu was suddenly fiercely dumbfounded.

“What is this……My heavens, could it be…….a snow dragon that is currently sleeping?”

In the bottom of the space, there was a white gigantic object silently laying there. It’s body was coiled like a white city wall, roughly the length of a thousand metres, ultimately curled up like a python. It was like an ice and snow mountain range that gave off an indescribable visual impact. If one carefully examined, one could discover that the shape of this leviathan was similar to a dragon. There were silver crystal dragon scales clustered on its body. Because it was coiled, one could not see the dragon claws, but the head of the dragon could clearly be seen, as if it was a true dragon. In legend, the divine dragon had the face the shape of a horse, a hog’s nose, ox’s lips, antler horns and the tassels of a prawn. The snow dragon did not seem much different from this…….

And the ice crystal gale, was namely being breathed out from the snout of the Snow dragon.

So the gale, was created as a result of it’s breathing.


Just what kind of life form was this.

Even if he had seen the shape of the snow dragon in the diagrams of books before, it was after all just a picture. At this time seeing a live snow dragon appearing in front of his eyes, Ye Qingyu was very fiercely shaken.

Huge, mysterious, noble, powerful…..

There were countless descriptions that flashed by in the mind of Ye Qingyu.

And then his reaction was, to quickly use the time to run away.

In the underground icy layer, to encounter a fully grown adult Snow dragon, even experts of a class like Yan Buhui would have a headache.This was even more so for Ye Qingyu.

Once they were discovered, they would instantly be crushed.

But the next instant, Ye Qingyu realised, that the snow dragon in front of his eyes had not yet discovered them

It, was currently sleeping.

In legend, the snow dragon was a special life form. Not only did it live most of its life within the ice layers, two thirds of its life and above was also spent slumbering. Unless it must came to the time to feed or to reproduce, it would not be wiling to awaken. The majority of the time in its long life was spent in sleep.

If nothing happened that threatened the life of the Snow dragon, it would not be very willing to wake up even if it was disturbed by the noise.

“Wuwu……” Big Head jumped excitedly, his nose pointing at the the slumbering dragon below them. He completely had the manner of someone taking credit for achievement.

Ye Qingyu bit his teeth, giving off a killing intent as he stared fixedly at this stupid dog.

You fraudulent blockhead.

I let you lead the way to avoid the Snow dragons and to leave from here, but instead you really followed the smell of the Snow dragon, and brought me in front of a live Snow dragon that was currently hibernating.

Bastard, do you want to murder your master?

Could it be that I have mistreated you, and not given you enough things to eat?

Ye Qingyu really wanted to rush over and throttle this stupid dog to his death.

Who would have guessed that as the stupid dog bounced and jumped with his nose pointing at the slumbering Snow dragon, a strange tone would come from his open mouth.

Ye Qingyu heard this. It was as if he was struck by thunder. He was completely dumbfounded.

The stupid dog looked at confusion in his master, then repeated himself: “Wuwu, eat, yummy….”

Ye Qingyu stood where he was for tens of breaths of times, and then was like a bunny that had it’s tail stepped on, jumping up immediately. Then he instantly grabbed Big Had. He inspected and pinched him from his head, to his neck, to his belly , to his belly, saying in a flabbergasted manner: “What did I hear, did you speak? You really spoke, when did you learn to speak human……you…..demon!!”

Big Head, really learned how to speak human language.

It was something that Ye Qingyu would not even have dreamed about.

“Wuwu, hurts……….” Big Head was nearly kneaded into a ball by Ye Qingyu, bitterly struggling, his throat saying another word.

Ye Qingyu looked at him like he saw a ghost. Only a while later, did he really believe that this fellow really would speak.

It had become a ‘jing*’.

Could it be that the reason he had eaten so much before, was to accumulate enough energy to evolve after it hibernated?

Thinking about this, Ye Qingyu instantly became enraged.


After eating so much what was evolved was really such a useless ability. Hey, I raised you as a battle companion, why don’t you evolve other abilities like flight and burrowing through earth. Leading me on the wrong path is fine, but what is the use of you speaking? Could it be that when I am fighting against enemies, that I have to rely on your mouth to mock the enemy?

This was really a failure of a battle companion.

After Ye Qingyu’s huge shock passed, what followed was an even greater disappointment.

But very evidently, the cute Big Head had not noticed the thousands of curses from his master.

With great difficulty, he jumped from Ye Qingyu’s palm, pointing at the Snow dragon below. Like he was claiming credit for his accomplishment, he said: “Eat, yummy…..”


*a lifeform that gained intelligence


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