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163 – Acknowledge as Master!

Chapter 163: Acknowledge as master!

Just as Xiahou Qianbai has summarised the seven realms of martial arts for Li Muyang, what kind of state is the Empty Valley?

It seems like a valley or rather a water channel. Essential qi fills up the valley, it gradually rises and develops into a towering mountain and then escalates to the High Mountain Realm.

What’s different is that, this valley can be large or small, deep or shallow. Like a gulf or a warehouse. Because of the difference in depth and size, cultivators achieve different outcomes.

Of course, it’s not a definite influencing factor. It does not necessarily mean that a wider gulf means one is more likely to become a strong person of Starry Sky. Such a misinterpretation would cause cultivators who are unable to fill up the Empty Valley to sustain injuries and fill with resentment. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that those with a small valley would not have big accomplishments; however, those with a small valley does have a higher probability of progressing at a slower pace——Those originally without an Empty Valley but was enlightened overnight and become famous across the starry sky, are also not a small number.

Therefore, everything depended on fate.

However, Xiahou Qianbai has never seen an Empty Valley like this.

More accurately, it’s not a valley.

It’s an ocean, a vast expanse of blue sea.

Majestic, spectacular and without boundaries.

Water ripples are wide and powerful compared to the bright starry sky above. The size of the sky is the size of the sea. Boundless sea and sky. Sky and sea together as one. There is no clear dividing line between the sky and the sea, as though it is difficult to separate them from their origin.

Red sun rises from the bottom of the sea, the moon goddess descends toward the bottom of the sea.

The sea is their bed, it’s a warm hug. It embraces thousands of stars and even the brightest star in the sky is just a child of the sea.

“What is this?” Xiahou Qianbai became furious when he saw this scene. He felt Li Muyang is rebellious and always use all sorts of weird things to refute every word he says—He can endure everything else but the seven realms of martial arts are the rules that all cultivators of the divine continent follow, why must you be different?

“What is this? Because I said the Empty Valley is like a valley, so you’ve got an ocean? If there’s something you’re not happy with, then tell me, don’t play such tricks with me——” Xiahou Qianbai had an impulse to yell at Li Muyang.

Of course, he’s a noble. He would never behave in such a rude manner.

“As vast as the ocean?” Li Muyang is a beginner, he obviously could not understand the meaning of Xiahou Qianbai’s words and even more did not notice the odd expression on his face. Of course, even if he noticed, he would only think that Xiahou Qianbai is——envious. After all, a disciple’s Empty Valley is larger than his Empty Valley back then, of course the teacher’s face won’t look so good.

Li Muyang eyes widen and his face lit up in a wide smile: “So, my Empty Valley must be very big, right?”

“Very big.” Xiahou Qianbai replied. In fact, ‘very’ can hardly describe it. He thought for a very long time, before deciding that ‘as vast as the sea’ is more appropriate.

“That’s great, that’s great. Teacher Xiahou mentioned that a bigger Empty Valley can accumulate more essential qi and has a higher chance of breaking into the next realm and progress further in the long run— — Teacher Xiahou, I will definitely become a strong person of Starry Sky, right?”

Xiahou Qianbai remained silent for a long time, before he replied: “This——depends on fate.”

Xiahou Qianbai was not brushing off Li Muyang. He really could not make a rational analysis of Li Muyang’s current state, not even a dubious speculation.

His Empty Valley is a vast blue sea, is this good or bad?

It seems pretty special, and also very cool.

But, that’s a vast sea, what about his future path? How will he set the pace of his future training?

And more importantly, just how much essential qi would he need to fill up the sea?

“I understand. I understand. You Taoists don’t like to give definite answers.”

Seeing Xiahou Qianbai’s gaze sweeping over, Li Muyang realised he said something very stupid.

In order to remedy his mistakes, he said something even more stupid: “Monks are the same.”

The strange thing today was that Xiahou Qianbai did not get into a tangle with him on his mistake, as though he did not pay attention to his explanation.

He still had a very strange kind of look on his face as his gaze flickered back and forth over Li Muyang’s face. “Li Muyang——just who are you?”

“I’m Li Muyang.” Li Muyang tried hard to maintain calm and even attempted to control his heart rate. Because for a master like Xiahou Qianbai, as long as there’s the slightest subtle change in emotion, it won’t escape from his eyes.

He is still Li Muyang but just not the same Li Muyang as before.

He is now a dragon.

If this secret was known to others, would Xiahou Qianbai slay him by himself?

People dream of slaying dragons all day long, such as Tie Muxin, Cai Pa, Qiandu and even Yang Xiaohu——They would not let him go, right?

Li Muyang’s life is really stressful.

Xiahou Qianbai sensed Li Muyang’s nervousness but did not think too much. He simply thought he was worried that his foundation is not ideal.

“I mean, your body——is not the same with other people. Or should I say, different from many other people.”

“I know that.” Li Muyang’s face turned gloomy, “I was struck by lightning when I was born and nearly died. Later, when grandpa Taoist priest came to examine me he told me that lightning entered my body and it’s a miracle that I’m still alive—Ever since I was born, my body has not improved. Several times my pulse went weak and I almost——could not live to today. It is for this reason that I always had few friends and schoolmates looked down on me, calling me a trash, a pig——”

“I did not mean that.” Xiahou Qianbai hurriedly explained: “It doesn’t matter where a hero is from or their background. What happened is in the past and now you’re a student of Starry Sky Academy. Those who ridiculed you will definitely regret and berate themselves for their behaviour and actions——”

“Thank you teacher Xiahou.” Li Muyang said gratefully.

Li Muyang set down the bowl of medicine, adjusted his clothing and with a ‘plop’ sound, dropped to his knees in front of Xiahou Qianbai.

“What are you doing?” Xiahou Qianbai just stood coldly; no trace of being ruffled at all.

“Zheng Gu was in Yuanzhou, when Qi Ji brought along his poem to visit him. The poem ‘early-blooming plum tree’ reads: In the village covered in deep snow, last night bloomed a few. Upon hearing this, Zheng Gu said: ‘a few’ is not early, why not change it to ‘one’. Much better. Qi Ji immediately knelt down and respectfully bowed with both hands to Zheng Gu. He is Qi Ji’s master who corrected his mistake with one word. The ancient story ‘one who corrects a mistake be your master’ is passed on with approval. Teacher Xiahou helped me build my foundation, it can’t even be compared to the ancient story——The favour of a drop of water should be repaid with a fountain of water. Student is unable to repay your kindness, I hope teacher Xiahou will take me in as your disciple so I can give my respect day and night and pour you tea——”

Xiahou Qianbai interrupted Li Muyang, saying coldly: “If you pay your respect to me day and night it will disturb my practice, and I already have people to pouring my tea. What is the use in taking you in?”

“——” Li Muyang felt his face was burning with embarrassment, more painful that being ruthlessly slapped across the face.


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  1. I have been loling for the past couple of chapters, had to wipe off my screen coz of the comedy here….this teacher is something else 😀 And the MC is a dragon in a dragon slayer class :3 Thanks Aran for the translation 🙂

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