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163 – The awakened Snow dragon



Only until Wen Wan had been brought outside by Liu Zongyuan, and the sounds of Wen Wan curses came from far away, did mister Liu let out a sigh. In regret: “A pity, a pity, can it be that Youyan Pass really cannot raise peerless geniuses? In the past it was Yan Buhui, and today it was Ye Qingyu……Xinger, go prepare, lets go to see Pass Lord Lu.”

“Mister wants to go seem him for?” Xinger asked in a questioning tone.

Mister Liu stood up, saying in a determined tone: “Since Ye Qingyu has died in battle, then the things he can receive must not be less in any way. The military order of the Empire is such that even after death, officers can receive the titles of the empire. Ye Qingyu protected the maps so that they were not lost – this can be counted as a great contribution, I need to tell this to the Pass Lord, and request for them to confer a title to Ye Qingyu. This is his reward, no one can take this away…..”

Xinger hearing this, silently nodded his head.

The army of Youyan Pass, was known as the most elite of the ten great armies of the empire. Lu Zhaoge was also known as the most famous warrior of this generation, but once an army was camped at a place for far too long, there would be all sorts of factions that would appear.  There would be all sorts of tricks to rob away military rewards of dead people. This matter was quite common – especially for new people like Ye Qingyu who belonged to no factions or possessed any sort of background. Once they died in battle, it was very hard for them to receive their titles after death.

But this time, from what it seemed like Mister Liu would be unprecedentedly firm on this matter.



Ten days later.

Within the snow dragon den.

Ye Qingyu sat in a meditative position on an icy boulder, slowly exhaling murky breaths of air and  opening his eyes.

As his heart willed, the ice yuan qi around him retreated, and the translucent snowflakes tens of metres around him disappeared. The originally fifteen yuan qi silver dragons that were roaring around him, transformed into cold air that disappeared strand by strand into Ye Qingyu’s body.

“”Who would have thought that the power of fifteen Spirit springs, will belong to myself entirely in such a short amount of time. I can control it fully now.”

Ye Qingyu slowly stood up. There was an indescribable comfortableness in his body.

In the dragon den, there was advantages that made one delighted. The yuan qi of heaven and earth —-especially ice yuan qi was brimming. This allowed Ye Qingyu who cultivated in such an environment, to train with half the work and twice the result. Furthermore through this type of training, Ye Qingyu vaguely discovered, that in the cold air that the snow dragon exhaled, there was a incomparably strange energy contained within. This was far more pure then the coldness in the surrounding space. After absorbing this into the body, the benefits were extremely great. the power of his ice yuan qi greatly rose.

An ice crystal constantly transformed in his palm.

This was the power of the ice that Ye Qingyu controlled.。

If it was in the past, after Ye Qingyu successfully [Spirit raised], he could control the power of ice yuan qi. This was enough to instantly freeze a martial artist at the ordinary martial level. But for an expert of the Spirit spring stage, this did not possess enough power to kill them. And right now the cold power held in Ye Qingyu’s hand, had a great destructive power even towards the experts at the same stages of cultivation as him. Once this coldness entered into their body, it could instantly freeze their muscles and bones. Even the inner yuan could be frozen or perhaps slowed. It was exceedingly terrifying.

This was the effect after absorbing the breath of the snow dragon.

Ye Qingyu’s heart moved.

In his dantian world, fifteen spirit springs roiled and roared.

Fifteen yuan qi dragons reappeared around his body.

Every silver yuan qi dragon represented a Spirit spring. If one carefully examined, one would discover that the outer appearance of each was largely different from the yuan qi silver dragons at the beginning. It was unexpectedly exceedingly similar to the slumbering snow dragon at the depths of the pit. It was a perfect imitation, as if it was a shrunken model of the snow dragon.

“After absorbing the pure ice and snow air exhaled from the Snow dragon, my inner yuan can transform into a snow dragon illusion after it leaves my body. It’s power is even greater.”

Ye Qingyu was very satisfied.

After cultivating for tens of days, the inner yuan in his body had already reached a complete stage.

He could begin to consider the next step, to consolidate a [Yuan qi kindling] and excavate the sixteenth spirit spring.

This type of speed, was faster than what Ye Qingyu had originally estimated.

He stood on the icy boulder, surveying the huge snow dragon below.

The massive body was coiled, as if it was a thousand metre tall mountain range. The huge head of the dragon was at the peak of the coil of dragon, and the figure of the dragon would rise and fall as it breathed. The crystal scales on its body would vibrate, translucent and sparkling. It was called the Snow dragon, as if it was really a huge dragon sculpted from ice. An unending snow storm formed from its snout because of its breathing.

A faint pressure, was born in this ice room.

Ye Qingyu silently observed it for a period of time, then made a risky decision.

He walked downwards from the icy rock, slowly nearing the Snow dragon.

The closer he got to the snow dragon, the denser was the pure ice energy from the snowstorm.

Ye Qingyu decided to excavate the sixteenth Spirit spring so he hoped to absorb more of the aura of the Snow dragon.

Ye Qingyu stopped when the Snow dragon was around five hundred metres away.

This type of distance, was already a comparatively dangerous distance.

According to the information Ye Qingyu had seen in the books, and from some little experiments he had done these days, if he entered into a five hundred metre radius of the sleeping snow dragon, it would begin to sense his presence. If it received provocation, it would instinctively sense the existence of danger, awakening from its dream.

Looking at the snow dragon from so close, and seeing such a perfect life form, Ye Qingyu felt that he was as little as an ant.

He sat cross legged in the ice and snow, beginning to train in the nameless heart sutra, absorbing the aura of the snow dragon.

For any martial artist of the inner attribute ice, this type of aura was a holy object to promote their strength.

Ye Qingyu became immersed in the long process of cultivation.

Big Head at the start lay beside Ye Qingyu, seeming to be guarding Ye Qingyu. But after laying there for several hours, he felt somewhat lonely and bored. First he circled around Ye Qingyu, wanting to jump on Ye Qingyu’s shoulder. But he was blocked by the ice crystal gale that encircled around Ye Qingyu. The fifteen yuan qi snow dragons was as if it was real, sometimes appearing sometimes disappearing. Big Head could not get close.

Fifteen minutes later, the silly dog bounced and jumped upward. His little legs ran several hundred steps away, then he peed on the ground to make a marking.

A while later, this fellow with his nose sniffing, left the ice crystal space. It was unknown just where he went.

Time slowly passed by.

Another three days passed.

There was one more yuan qi snow dragon that encircled around Ye Qingyu.

Sixteen yuan qi snow dragons.

Sixteen spirit springs.

Ye Qingyu’s strength, had risen yet again.

He did not awaken from his cultivation state, and still had his eyes closed in cultivation.

The unending aura of the snow dragon was emitted form the snout and mouth of the snow dragon, then transformed into a snow ice gale that was ultimately absorbed by Ye Qingyu into his body.

As time passed on, the ice and snow gale began to gradually show signs of weakening.

One could see the aura that was emitted from the mouth and nose of the Snow dragon king, was not entirely a ice and snow gale anymore. One part of it transformed into a invisible pure energy that floated over, enveloping Ye Qingyu like a transparent ripple. Following Ye qingyu’s breathing, it expanded and contracted. Unendingly, it entered into his mouth, his nose, his apertures, his pore, constantly entering into his body…..

Ye Qingyu entirely entered into a strange state.

Time passed minute by second.

A day later.

The snow and wind gale in the ice space finally disappeared.

The air emitted from this snow dragon king had already transformed entirely into pure energy, heading towards Ye Qingyu, wrapping him within.

The snow dragon mirage surrounding Ye Qingyu had already became seventeen yuan qi snow dragons.

Seventeen Spirit springs!

Another spirit spring was successfully excavated.

This type of speed was really universally shocking.

Only he was mad enough to dare to train next to a slumbering snow dragon king. If it was other martial artists at the same level, they would have long ran off as far as they could.

Another day passed.

The yuan qi silver dragons around Ye Qingyu became eighteen.

Eighteen Spirit springs

This type of growth in strength, had already exceeded what common sense could explain.

Ye Qingyu still had not sensed this in the slightest, still within his state of cultivation. The him right now, was as if he had turned into the glutton like Big Head. His body was currently greedily sucking and absorbing the pure aura from the Snow dragon king. Endless, his body was like a bottomless hole that could not be crammed full not mater what.

When the third day came, the yuan qi snow dragons around Ye Qingyu had already became nineteen.

Nineteen Spirit springs.

At this time, five hundred metres away, the slumbering Snow Dragon king slowly opened its eyes.

It looked in question at its surroundings. It seemed to find something was weird – why would it wake up prematurely.

The body of the snow dragon race had a extremely powerful behaviour pattern. After it entered sleep, unless it felt a huge threat, or a great change in the surroundings, otherwise it would not wake up prematurely.

The massive body of the dragon minutely moved, and uncoiled using a nimbleness that did not seem to belong to such a gigantic body. The huge head of the dragon king rose up without sound. After the Snow Dragon king had evaluated its surrounding, it finally noticed the existence of Ye Qingyu far away. As a life form with extremely strong territorial nature, a killing intent flashed by in the huge dragon eyes at the very first instance. Although its vision had already degenerated by a large degree, but at such a close distance, it could still vaguely see Ye Qingyu.

A tiny little ant, dares to appear in my territory?

And to dare steal the energy of me?

This was just courting death.

Soundless frost, began gathering at the head of the Snow dragon king.

The power of ice and wind instantly gathered.

If he was struck, , Ye Qingyu would most likely turn to powder instantly.

But in the next instant, there was a trace of suspicion in the eyes of the Snow dragon king. As if he had noticed something.

“What? Why is there the aura of the almighty divine dragon in the body of the little ant…..”

The Snow Dragon King stopped what he was doing.

His huge head, slowly neared. It bent it’s head near, nearly touching Ye Qingyu’s body. The long dragon tassels, encircled around Ye Qingyu’s body like rope, as if he was seriously sensing something. The questioning look in it’s eyes became thicker and thicker.

A mortal, really had the aura of the divine dragon on him?

Too bizarre.

The Snow dragon had not yet thought of what to do when, suddenly —–

A white coloured lightning came from above him.

“Woof, Woof……Hou!”

The white coloured lightning turned into an adorable little dog. The sound of growling came from his mouth, and his little white milk teeth glistened. He had an countenance that he was about to charge over and tear the Snow dragon into pieces.


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