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164 – Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery!

Chapter 164:《Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery》!

The historical book ‘Starry Sky Aspiration’ would read: ‘Muyang has a determined mind and his wisdom is like the sea. Becoming a disciple of Starry Sky teacher Xiahou Qianbai was his starting point. Later, reaping such benefits, he became an ultimate success in Starry Sky.’

It appears that even the clouds were carrying out a myriad of analysis on the fact that Li Muyang was accepted as Xiahou Qianbai’s disciple.

Of course, the majority of people would think that they bonded because of mutual interest; the master is handsome while the disciple is good-looking; the master is remarkable and the disciple is even remarkable; seeing the two of them together would make others think that they’re the most famous pair of master and apprentice in the world—–

The truth was both cruel and embarrassing.

At that moment, Li Muyang only had one thought on his mind: I have already knelt down, if you do not accept me as your disciple then does that not mean I would suffer too great a loss? Wouldn’t that be too humiliating for himself?

So, with a sincere expression on Li Muyang’s face, he added: “Teacher Xiahou, I have no selfish desires, I only want to repay you. I kindly ask Teacher Xiahou to fulfill my request and let disciple serve Teacher Xiaohou——”

“Taking you in would not beneficial to me, but a nuisance. That’s how you repay me?”

“If I became accomplished one day, I will definitely mention Teacher Xiahou’s name.”

Xiahou Qianbai sneered unceasingly: “Do you think——I need a guy who only just successfully built his foundation to add luster to my name? If I have to rely on you to achieve fame in Starry Sky, I might as well work harder myself——”

“I can collect herbal ingredients for Teacher Xiahou to refine pills——”

“Pills and medicines are one of the main ways of cultivation and you are lacking knowledge in this. It would only require my constant teaching, thus, adding more trouble to myself.”

Li Muyang clenched his teeth. He decided to use his trick. “I can kill chickens for Teacher Xiahou——If there are other poultry or wild animals, I’m willing to do it.”

“Taoists does not kill without reason.” Xiahou Qianbai coldly refused.

After a pause, he continued: “But because of your enthusiasm, for now, I will take you in as my disciple. But I must warn you beforehand, if l know that you used my name wrongly, I will kill you instantly.”

Li Muyang ‘plopped’ down on his knees, kowtowed and said: “Master, rest assure, I will only add to master’s good name and will never let any damage be done to master’s reputation.”

“Get up.” With the stretch of Xiahou Qianbai’s hand, Li Muyang couldn’t help but rise from the floor.

Xiahou Qianbai carefully studied the face of his new disciple, Li Muyang. This kid looks handsome; his skin is white and soft.

What’s strange WAS that he was not this white before, But now his skin is the same tone as Xiahou Qianbai’s own complexion. The most dazzling part of his face is his pair of eyes, black like ink, lively and shining. Because of his eyes, his entire face looked especially ‘alive’, giving off a natural sense of intimacy.

Wearing Starry Sky Academy’s cloud robe, which fluttered in the breeze, tall and handsome, he exhibited a similar demeanor to Xiaohou Qianbai back in the days.

Back then he was hailed as the most handsome man of Starry Sky, is this kid going to inherit this title?

Thinking of this possibility, Xiahou Qianbai suddenly was not so against accepting him as a disciple.

“I have only taught students before, I never had a disciple nor do I know how to teach a disciple. So, don’t think I will have any special treatment towards you.”

“Disciple understands. Even if I’m your disciple, I don’t ask for any kind of special treatment. I just hope Teacher Xiahou treats everyone equally and teach me whatever you teach other students, so that I can prove my honesty and sincerity.”

“Hm. That’s good if that’s the case.” Xiahou Qianbai was more and more satisfied with Li Muyang. This kid knew what to say. “You’re my disciple, what I know would obviously be passed down on to you. Long story, I’ll tell you about this in more details later. You have just successfully built your foundation and moreover, you relied on external forces to build your foundation, so you need to be more diligent and practice daily for your foundation to become more stable and solid. Cultivation is similar to voyaging through the stormy sea on a boat; the more sturdy your ship is, the more easily it is for you to endure the power of the waves——”

“Thank you, master.” Li Muyang immediately expressed his gratitude. You see, this is the difference between student and ‘disciple’. Before he became his master, he had never talked to him like this. Now that he’s his master, not only his attitude and manner have changed immediately, he also talked about more personal matters.

“Your valley is different to other people——“ Xiahou Qianbai said, hesitating. After all, he did not bear to tell the truth as he saw it to Li Muyang. He feared it would affect the boy’s enthusiasm in cultivation.

Before, he was a spectator. Whether or not he felt that Li Muyang’s empty valley was a valley or a sea, this was Li Muyang’s business and had nothing with him.

But now, as his master, he had to think and plan for him.

A disciple’s affair is the Master’s affair.

If his disciple was not good, the master would also feel ashamed, right?

“But I believe that as long as you diligently train, you will be able to fill it up. I look forward to the day when you step into the High Mountain Realm.”

“Thank you, Master.” Li Muyang thanked him profusely again.

Xiahou Qianbai gave a dismissive wave. “You have been here for several days now, there must be many people looking for you. You should go back to your house, I also have some things to think about.”

“Yes.” Li Muyang respectfully said goodbye and scurried over to pour Xiahou Qianbai a cup of Divine Fog tea before he left. “Disciple will leave now. I will come pay respect to master tomorrow.”

Li Muyang turned, walking towards the outside of the medicine hut.

“Wait.” Xiahou Qianbai exclaimed.

“What else can I do for master?”

Xiahou Qianbai walked over to a bookshelf and began to rummage for something. He reached under the space of the bookshelf and pulled out a book.

He handed the book over to Li Muyang, saying. “‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ was left behind by master Tai Yi Xuan; it’s the only way to practice Pervading Mystery——This is my handwritten copy and it has always been passed along within the Taoist sect, one day I will take you to Mt Lungfu. Take this book back and study it carefully. It will be a great help in your practice and aid you to break through into the next realm. ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’ is a supreme technique of training qi. You have only practiced it for a short time so you’re still deficient in qi, so practice ‘The Art of the breaking Body’ daily and do not slack off——‘The Art of the Breaking Body’ trains the Qi, while ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ contains great wisdom. As for other matters, this will depend on your effort and nature.”

Li Muyang received the bamboo scroll. His eyes brimmed with tears as he said: “Master’s kindness, disciple will always remember and won’t dare to forget.”

With the flick of his hand, Xiahou Qianbai said: “This is the first and last time. It won’t happen again.”

“Disciple knows. Today, master made an exception, Disciple feels very guilty and uneasy——”

“Go. Carefully study it. It contains so much wisdom in it. Back then, Master I was able to break through two realms within three years because of the sudden inspirations that came to mind from reading ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’——I hope you will also have this sort of achievement.”

“Disciple will not disappoint Master.”

After saying goodbye to Xiahou Qianbai, Li Muyang returned to his own small courtyard, holding tightly onto the Taoist sect’s treasured ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’.

He immediately shut the door and after confirming that no one was around, he held the ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ up with both hands and began to laugh heartily.

His laugh was unrestrained but did not emit any sound.

Then, tears flowed down his cheeks like big beads.

From the moment he left his home, he did not dare not to relax. After he unintentionally killed Cui Zhaoren, he felt as though a mighty mountain was bound onto his back.

He desperately fought.

He desperately fought for himself, and also his parents and sister far away in Jiangnan.

Now, he finally sees hope.


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