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165 – Dragon’s tomb


“Big Head? Just where has that fellow ran off to again……”

On the upper edges of the ice space , Ye Qingyu could not find Big Head anywhere. He had a faint feeling of unrest.

Near this current period, this blockhead had always invited disaster. Could he have ran to a Snow dragon’s den, and attempted to eat a Snow dragon?

This was far too crazy and ridiculous.

And just when Ye Qingyu was thinking about this, accompanied by two barks, a white streak of lighting suddenly appeared from the passageway. It sprinted in front of him.

“Eat, yummy, quickly come…….Master, something tasty, woof has discovered something good…….” Big Head sparkled with joy. He possessed a countenance of trying to win favour and his tail was wagging like shooting stars.

In Big Head’s mouth, he was holding a white coloured egg that was about the size of his own body. His saliva was dripping on it. Carefully and cautiously he placed it in front of Ye Qingyu then he jumped and hopped around Ye Qingyu’s leg, his eyes filled with joy. He had the manner of someone awaiting his praise and reward.

An egg?

This was the snow dragon’s den, could it be that this fellow had brought a dragon’s egg back?

This is…..dragon………dr–dra-dragon egg?

A light flashed by in Ye Qingyu’s mind. He suddenly realised something.

Then instantly he felt his entire body being unwell.

This fellow wouldn’t have really stolen a snow dragon’s egg from some place?

Ye Qingyu felt his scalp going somewhat numb.

This was really framing his master.

If this was discovered by the Snow dragons, then both of them added together could not even full the crevice between the furious Snow dragon’s teeth.

Big Head still did not know what he had done wrong and was waiting for his praise patiently. Ye Qingyu really wanted to send this thing flying with one kick, then pretend he did not know him at all.

“Yummy, this, yummy, master……..” Big Head was dripping with saliva while waiting for his praise.

Ye Qingyu wanted to faint at this instant.

This was a Snow dragon’s egg.

It could birth a little Snow dragon.

Eat it?

To waste natural resources like this by eating it was simply a sin.

Ye Qingyu eyes glimmered with light. After a slight hesitation, he ultimately picked up the Snow dragon egg.

The lustrous white oval, was much more heavy than what it seemed like from the outside. It was cold to the hand, satin like texture, as if he was clasping a piece of cold ice. A slight chill seemed to encroach along his arm. Even with Ye Qingyu’s strength, he could not help but activate his inner yuan to resist against the attack of this terrifying cold.

But the instant he activated his inner yuan, Ye Qingyu’s face changed.

The inner yuan in his body followed along his palm and into the egg. Like the release of a flood, it involuntarily rushed towards the egg of the Snow dragon.

This type of feeling, was as if the Snow dragon egg was automatically absorbing nutrition from him.

At the same time, Ye Qingyu felt a faint life force emitting from the Snow dragon egg.

This type of life force fluctuation, seemed to bring with it a faint reliance and familiarity.

Ye Qingyu was startled and immediately stopped activating his inner yuan. His palm moved away from the Snow dragon egg.

Everything returned to normal.

“This egg is slightly strange, it is already showing signs of life. Could it be that the little snow dragon inside is about to break out?“

Ye Qingyu had a strange sensation.

If this egg could really give birth to a little Snow dragon, then this could absolutely be counted as a hard to encounter fortune.

For  any human expert, to be able to raise a snow dragon as a battle pet, was an incomparably rare matter.

The strength of the Snow dragon in battle was a factor that did not need to be mentioned. But no matter what the dragon kind, to have one as a battle companion represented power, mystery and nobility within human society.

He turned his head to look at the Big Head taking credit for his achievement.

Could this fellow really be my lucky star?

To really have helped me stolen a battle companion with limitless potential………………

Haha, this fellow must have felt he was far too trash, and felt too ashamed so after his conscience kicked in, he found a powerful battle pet as compensation?

Ye Qingyu was furtively delighted.

But who would have guessed Big Head would open his mouth and say a phrase: “Eat, yummy…….”

Ye Qingyu had the impulse to lift both his hands in surrender.

Fine, a glutton was a glutton in the end. In his eyes, the use of the anything was to eat. He would not consider any other factors. It seems like he should not have too many expectations for him.

Ye Qingyu with the snow dragon egg at the centre of his palm, began examining it.

The egg was slightly larger than a human’s hand. It was sparkling and translucent, as if it was an oval sculpted from the highest quality jade. It emitted  a silver white mist, it was as if one could see deep inside or as if one could not see through it. Ye Qingyu did not know whether it was him over thinking it, or he had mistakenly saw something, but Ye Qingyu felt there was something moving rapidly in the egg.

“Woof, woof. That’s right, I remember, Master, Little Nine* saved you yesterday…..” Big Head said, hopping and jumping.

“Oh……..” Ye Qingyu replied automatically without paying much attention, still examining the snow dragon egg. Then he realised something, staring at the glutton, and said in surprise: “Save me? Little Nine? Who is that?”

“Little Nine is myself…….” The silly dog said in a coy manner.

Myself? Your referring to you?” Ye Qingyu said in shock.

The silly dog began excitedly nodding his head, his head going up and down like pounding garlic.

Ye Qingyu instantly became interested: “Aren’t you called Big Head? I’ve long given you a name, how has it became Little Nine? That doesn’t sound good, Big Head sounds better. Change it back…….”

Big Head was astonished for a moment, lowering his eyebrows in gloom, then let out a snort. “Woof, woof, I don’t want that. Big Head sounds so bad. My name is called Little Nine……Master, from now on, woof is called Little Nine.”

Ye Qingyu heard this and nodded his head. “Fine, fine, as you wish, Little Nine.”

Little Nine became excited again. “Thank you Master. Woof, woof, I saved you yesterday…..”

“That’s right, where did you find this egg?” Ye Qingyu interjected in Little Nine’s words, pointing at the snow dragon egg in his hand. Seriously asking: “Is there still any left?”

“I discovered it in a very cold ice hole……that’s right, master, I saved you yesterday…….” Little Nine said excitedly.

“Oh, I know. Bring me over to have a look.” Ye Qingyu’s eyes glimmered, his mind completely occupied with Snow dragon eggs.“

“Fine Master, I’ll bring you over…….” Little Nine excitedly wagged his tail, turning his body and heading towards the outside passageway. As he jumped and hopped excitedly he said: “I only found these bird eggs by accident….That’s right, master, I was just saying to you, I saved you yesterday……”

“Bird eggs? Did you eat several already?” Ye Qingyu broke apart Little Nine’s words again.

He suddenly felt that to bring this glutton in a Snow dragon egg was a wrong decision. If there really was a nest of Snow dragon eggs, most likely it would be nearly destroyed by this glutton. This was really like realising a great wolf into a flock of sheep, just how many sheep would remain alive?

As they turned to leave the ice space, Ye Qingyu lowered his head to look at the slumbering Snow dragon king.

That’s right, the time to quickly leave had come.

He did not know just when the Snow dragon would awaken. Since he had already absorbed enough of the aura of the Snow dragon with his inner yuan explosively rising to twenty Spirit springs, he had no way of increasing it anymore in a short time. There was not a need to take risks anymore.

“No, I haven’t eaten yet……” Little Nine led the way, his little tail wagging adorably. Turning his head to say: “That’s right, master, Little Nine saved you yesterday……”

Before he had finished.

There was a slipping noise, then suddenly he slid down.

Ye Qingyu quickly chased after to look. There was a sleep incline that extended hundreds of metres downwards. The icy surface was incomparably slippery, as if it was often polished, without the slightest trace of dust or grime. It was metres wide, seeming like a passage, and the two walls on the side was also extremely polished. Little Nine with his little bottom on the ice chute, excitedly barked: “It’s down, it’s down here………”

Ye Qingyu activated the White Horse wings, following downwards.

Gradually, a strange ice aura began to emit from down the passageway.

Ye Qingyu sensed the bizarreness.

“Below is the place where the Snow dragon eggs are stored? A very pure aura of Snow dragons…………”

He was able to sense, that the aura emitting from below then was even more stronger and purer than the aura emitted by the slumbering Snow dragon king.

As they headed downwards, the ice chute suddenly stopped and a flat space appeared.

Little Nine madly sprinted in front.

Ye Qingyu quickly followed after.

The pure snow dragon aura was richer and purer here. It was nearly at the Xiantian ice snow aura of the Snow dragon

This made Ye Qingyu even more curious.

Approximately a hundred metres after, the ice slope changed it’s incline again. This time it was nearly completely vertical, as if it was a huge ice well in front of them.

“Eh, what is this?”

Ye Qingyu activated the wings of the White Horse armour, gradually descending. He suddenly saw, that on the walls of the ice well, there were strange marks left by the chafing of something. If one examined in detail one could see that there were snow dragon scale after snow dragon scale embedded on the walls. Every dragon scale was about the size of shield, bright and resplendent, as if it was created through superlative craftsmanship. It brought with it a faint Snow dragon pressure that was not least in any way to the previous Snow Dragon King…….

“These dragons scales, must be from a powerful being in the Snow dragon race.”

Ye Qingyu understood in his heart.

He did not know how many thousands of metres he descended when he heard the loud barks of Little Nine.

Then suddenly Ye Qingyu felt his eyes brightening.


An entirely new huge underground ice world appeared before Ye Qingyu’s eyes.

When he saw the things in this little world, Ye Qingyu was instantly dumbfounded.

“Heavens, this is far too incredible. What am I seeing……this is dead Snow dragons? Massive dragon corpses?”

Ye Qingyu was fossilised.


There were dragon corpses everywhere.

True dragon corpses.

Everywhere the eye could see, there was one after another of Snow dragon corpses that formed small hills within this huge ice world. Every dragon corpse was at least ten thousand metres long, tens of time larger than the previous Snow dragon king. These dragon corpses silently lay on the icy ground, as if they were a towering mountain range. There was also a strange splendour that emitted from these dragon corpses. The entire space was resplendent, incomparably bright. If not for the fact that there was not any fluctuation of life in this space, Ye Qingyu would definitely believe that this was the slumbering place of countless huge Snow dragons.

These huge dragons that had died, their expressions was very peaceful.

The pure aura of ice and snow was throughout the air. But it did not cause the atmosphere of this little world to become gloomy and cold. Conversely, there was a sacred atmosphere, as if this place was a holy ground.

“Could this be the dragon tomb of legends?”

Ye Qingyu suddenly realised something.



*Sounds like Little dog in Chinese


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