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165 – Guilty conscience!

Chapter 165: Guilty Conscience!

‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ is written by Wenzi. Wenzi’s surname was Xin and his sobriquet was Jiran. He was one of the founders of Taoism and was respectfully known as master of Tai Yi Xuan. He was also the disciple of Taoist sect’s most powerful and formidable Lao Zi.

‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ was one of the four sacred scriptures of Taoism, which contains great meaning and wisdom.

This scripture had always been kept a secret therefore the outside world was not aware of it’s existence. Needless to say, Li Muyang would have never obtained this manuscript byhimself.

The fact that Xiahou Qianbai was willing to give this book as a present to his new disciple Li Muyang to understand and study, showed that he really valued this new disciple.

Li Muyang understood Master’s kind intention, so he won’t ever let his Master down.

Not only to survive, but also to let Teacher Xiahou know that accepting him as his disciple is something to be thankful for.

Today, I’m proud of my master and one day, I hope my master will also be proud of me.

So, after receiving this book, Li Muyang did not dare to slack off in the slightest.

After cooking a small pot of rice porridge and eating by himself, he began to study ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ in the yard.

‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ is divided into twelve scrolls: one, Origin of the Tao; two, The sincerity of the essence; three, The nine observances; four, Words from registers; five, The virtue of the Way; sixth, The virtue of the ruler; seven, The illumination of the minuscule; eight, nature; nine, The virtue of the people; ten, The kind-heartedness of the ruler; eleven, The righteousness of the ruler; twelve, The propriety of the ruler.

Li Muyang dared not to be too greedy, too greedy in obtaining profound knowledge.

He started reading from the first volume ‘Origin of the Tao’. He has to first understand what is the ‘Dao’ before he has the opportunity to truly comprehend the way of the Dao.

“Lao Zi said: There was a mix of things before the birth of Heaven and Earth; it was soundless, it was formless, lonely, solitary and changeless. To name it, I do not know how, I just call it the Dao.” Li Muyang recited out loud.

The opening atmosphere was impressive. With just a few words it had given a concise introduction on the Dao; Li Muyang felt very enjoy.

“The Dao is unpredictable and unfathomable; it wraps around the heaven and earth but is formless; flowing from the origin, it gushes but does not fill; turbid, calm and pure, it dispenses its endlessness and omnipotence day and night. It holds everything but let go when needed. It is hidden away but is bright; it is flexible but is hard, inhaling yin and exhaling yang as the three light, the sun, the moon and the stars. The mountain is high, the lake is deep, the beasts run, the birds fly, the unicorns roam, the phoenix soars, the astronomic calendar travels—–”

Li Muyang recited in one breath, realising that it’s not too difficult to understand.

What was even more fascinating was that when he covered up the scroll, the words still glowed in his mind and he even blurted out subconsciously: “An authentic person is someone big in a small world, someone who lowers their noble self to govern humans, someone who is not evasive and unreliable, not lost and delirious, and will conceals their name. When Dao prevails they will keep concealed, when the world is without Dao they will show themselves, act without action, attend to affairs without attending to them, harbours the heavenly law in their mind and embraces the will of the heaven, exhaling and inhaling yin and yang, spitting out the old and accepting the new, close and open with yin and yang, roll and unfold with strength and gentleness, lower and rise with yin and yang, share common wishes with the heaven and earth and the same body with the Dao——–”

Li Muyang was stunned.

It’s here, it’s here, that wonderful feeling is here again.

The same as when he read ‘The Language of Dragons’, despite it being the first time he touched that book and saw those hard-to-pronounce characters, he was able to read the characters fluently, understand the meaning and feel the sadness that the words contained.

Li Muyang felt he really was a genius.

No, the black dragon in his body was a genius.

Otherwise, why can it do everything?

It’s understandable that it knows dragon language; after all, when others scold him and call him a waste, a idiot, he also could speak the Jiangnan accent fluently.
However, for it to be proficient in Taoism’s ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ is very surprising.

Is ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ not the Taoist’s treasure? Why would a dragon have such a deep knowledge of it?

Could it be—this dragon once went undercover in the human world?

Even thinking about it is exciting.

Knock, Knock, Knock——

There was a knock on the other side of the door.

Li Muyang listened carefully. It was only until he was certain that someone was knocking at the door, did he cautiously hid the ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’ into a small dark secret compartment he dug out in his room. He then placed a vase as disguise over it, before he went to open the courtyard door.

Standing at the door were Li Muyang’s classmates Qiandu and Lin Canghai. Today they did not have classes, both of them were dressed in ordinary casual clothes. Qiandu wore an all-black outfit, as though she was about to have a fight with someone. Looking determined and formidable but beautiful and cute. Her eyes were soft and with a tenderness that makes one forget about everything.

Lin Canghai was dressed in a white outfit, his skin is pale like snow and his facial features were delicate and soft, and with a clear and bright pair of eyes like a child. His face always carried a faint smile, anyone who sees him would praise the boy cute, and then can’t help but have tender affection for him.

It was said that Starry Sky Academy controlled all the talents of the nine nations; solely by this fact alone, it was already better than the other top schools.

Li Muyang suddenly remembered Cui Xiaoxin, who’s far away in Tiandu; if she was here——How good would it be.

Qiandu stared at Li Muyang lost in thought at the doorway, then suddenly said with a smile: “Muyang classmate, are you thinking whether or not to let me and Canghai in——Did we come at a bad time?”

It was only then that Li Muyang snapped out of his daze, hurriedly invited them into the house and said apologetically: “I’m sorry, seeing you two reminded me of a friend, so I suddenly got a little distracted.”
With both hands behind her back, Qiandu stepped into the house, her footsteps were light and graceful, and her eyes narrowed into half circles as she said with a smile: “She must be a very beautiful girl, right?”

“Yes.” Li Muyang bravely answered. Qiandu guessed correctly. Cui Xiaoxin is really very beautiful, although Qiandu’s a girl, he couldn’t lie about such things.

However, subconsciously he did not want to talk about Cui Xiaoxin to other people.

Because——he felt that it’s a little secret that’s buried deep in his heart.

“So, that friend must be very important to you?” Qiandu then asked. Women have peculiar reactions when they hear gossip.

Li Muyang gave a wry smile, saying: “Strictly speaking, she’s my first friend——female friend. So she’s very important.”

“Oh.” Qiandu exclaimed, her eyes blinking in excitement. “A very important beautiful girl, Muyang classmate must like her very much, right?”

Li Muyang’s face flushed bright red, mumbling: “Actually, I don’t——like her very much.”

“You like her normally?”

“Lets not talk about this topic.” Li Muyang turned somewhat embarrassed and somewhat shy. “Why did you come?”

Qiandu’s lips curved into a soft smile and she no longer forced Li Muyang to answer her question, instead said with a smile: “A few days ago I heard that while you were attending Teacher Xiahou’s Taoism class, you suddenly went into a violent state. And a fight broke out between you and teacher Xiahou—-”

“What?” Li Muyang looked shocked, asking anxiously: “Me and Teacher Xiahou broke into a fight?”

He has been staying in the medicine cottage these days and had no contact with the outside world. He was not at all informed of what happened after that day.

Qiandu gave Li Muyang a doubting stare as she asked: “You don’t know anything?”

“At that time——I was feeling very uncomfortable. My mind was filled with extremely violent thoughts and my entire body was not under my control. At that time, my mind was in a mess. When I woke up my mind was blank and I don’t even know what happened.”
“No wonder.” The suspicion in Qiandu’s eye had not completely dispersed, casting a meaningful glance back and forth Li Muyang’s face, she said: “This matter turned very big, only very few students in Starry Sky Academy dare to publicly make things difficult for teachers, and in such a rude way. After the incident, the whole school was talking about this, someone said you—were possessed by a demon.”

“Of course, no one agrees with that. How could a person with a demon in his body be accepted by Starry Sky Academy? Are the teachers of Starry Sky Academy blind or idiots? However, many people say you’re secretly practicing evil techniques, so when you heard the recitation of Taoist ‘Cleansing Mind Incantation’ you became irritable, restless and lost control of emotions so you started to attack teacher Xiahou—”

Li Muyang staggered to his feet, murmuring: “It’s finished. Finished. I—attacked Teacher Xiahou, this matter is getting out of hand—”

Lin Canghai smiled sweetly as he said in a ridiculing tone: “Brother Muyang, we all envy you. You have just entered the school but you have earned so much fame. We are way behind you.”

“Canghai——” Qiandu whispered harshly.

Lin Canghai gave a slight, brief bow to Li Muyang an as apology.

Li Muyang could already tell that Lin Canghai attaches great importance to what Qiandu says. And he follows Qiandu around all day long like he’s her little tail.

“It doesn’t matter.” Li Muyang’s face turned pale: “I had no idea that I did such a stupid thing. How can I go out and meet people? And then? How was the situation solved in the end?”

“Later teacher Xiahou stood up to explain for you. He said you’re stupid, you have not built your foundation and you’re delusional to think that you could become successful instantly. He says you borrowed a mysterious scroll from the Starry Sky Library and secretly practiced, and in the end was possessed by a demon, giving rise to what happened—He also said that if he did not use the ‘Cleansing Mind Incantation’ to help you eliminate the evil, dispel all distractions, then you would have became a trash who cannot talk or move anymore.”

“——” Li Muyang was inwardly thankful. Although the way he explained it was a bit mean but at least it satisfied the other students’ curiosity, so they are no longer suspicious about his physical condition.

Otherwise, no matter where he goes, groups of people would gather around him and point their fingers at him. Some people would even bet ten gold coins that demons are hiding inside his body while some people would bet twenty gold coins that he’s possessed by a demon——Can he still live at that time?
As the saying goes: a guilty conscience needs no accuser.

“Teacher Xiahou is right, if it wasn’t for his help, I’m afraid I won’t be standing here laughing and talking happily with you two—” Li Muyang tried to maintain calm and composed. “So, that’s why you came to see me?”

“No, we’re here to see if there are demons in your body.” Qiandu said in a cold voice, fixing Li Muyang with a piercing gaze.


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