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166 – The cemetery of the Snow dragons



It was said in legends, that the dragon tomb was the cemetery of dead dragons. There were corpses of the kings of the dragon race within.

From ancient times, the dragon race’s name was tantamount to power and mystery. In the God and Devil race, the dragon race was once the only race able to resist against the two great ruling races out of the thousand great domains.  Furthermore, it had always retained the upper hand. Even the Fiendgods dared not incite battle with the dragon race easily. The dragon race was the race that inherited the bloodline of Heaven and Earth. The were naturally born with power and divine abilities. The thicker their blood, the greater their power. As the God and Devil era ended, the glory of the dragon race was also blown away by the wind and rain…..

After the era ruled by the Fiendgods, hundreds and thousands of other races began to rise.

The human race was one of them.

For many races, the body of the dragon was crammed full with treasures. Even a dragon scale, could form a sharp weapon.

Living dragons, because they were far too powerful, had no way of being hunted. Therefore many human gazes fell on the corpses of perished dragons. But the corpses of dead dragons was extremely rare. Under such conditions, the dragon tomb that contained thousands, tens of thousands of corpses of dragons was regarded as one of the most sacred treasure trove by experts of every major races. It was an existence that lifeforms of countless eras wished for in their dreams.

In the long river of time, there had once been precedents of such things happening.

Legend had it that in the upper ancient ages, there was one a human race faction. Because they had failed in their fight for territory, they were chased down by their enemies. With nowhere else to go, and not wanting to die at the hands of their enemies, they forced themselves to trespass in a forbidden area. This was an area of certain death. Who would have guessed that they did not die, but rather coincidentally discovered a dragon tomb belonging to the dragon age. Bursting out from the brink annihilation, they destroyed all their enemies and began to expand. They finally managed to create a powerful empire, named the [Dragon’s Fang divine empire].

The influence of the [Dragon’s fang divine empire] surged. Not only did it rule over everything in one domain, it’s influence stretched over several domains. It had once ruled over the entire fate of several domains, completely matchless. In the entire history of the human race, the [Dragon’s fang divine empire] was a super power that could rank in the top five.

From this, one was able to see the value of a dragon’s tomb.

It was hard to blame Ye Qingyu for being so shocked that he could not even utter a word.

He forced himself to stay calm, calm, calm ,and calm yet again.

His fiercely beating heart, finally slowly settled back to normal.

Ye Qingyu activated the white horse wings. One hand cradling his chest, the other hand holding Little Nine, he flew above the dragon’s tomb, carefully observing.

After a short while, he descended before the corpse of a huge dragon.

“So this place really was the cemetery of the Snow dragons. But the cemetery of the Snow dragon is far too different compared to the true huge dragon tombs in legends. The Snow dragon is after all only the descendants of the divine dragon. The glory of the dragon race has been lost already. The Snow dragons can only be counted as a slightly strong demonic race right, and this Snow dragon cemetery, was not really as packed with treasures as the legendary dragon tombs…..”

Ye Qingyu looked at the huge dragon corpse in front of him.

After the death of a snow dragon, it’s body would not rot. Instead, it would slowly transform into ice.

The corpse sleeping here was a Snow dragon that had died naturally because it’s life had reached it’s end. The figure was extremely humongous, and the dragon scales on its body had already turned into ice, translucent and sparking. Vaguely, one could see the bones inside. But namely because the corpse had already partially turned into ice, there were not too many uses or value for the corpse. Furthermore, the Snow dragon was not a true dragon, so the scales, bones, veins, head and fangs did not have an extremely high value.

There was a peaceful aura emanating in the cemetery of the Snow dragons.

Ye Qingyu was affected by this atmosphere. His greed could not be roused.

Without knowing,  there was a faint sorrow in his heart after arriving in such a place. Seeing the Snow dragons slumbering here one after and another, there was a hard to control sorrow that originated from his very bones. This emotion completely occupied Ye Qingyu”s chest. It was as if he saw his own race, subordinates and friends slumbering here.

“The current situation of the Snow dragons is not ideal. Furthermore it is not a race that likes to gather money, wealth, treasure or armours and weapon. Therefore in this Snow dragon cemetery, there are not any objects of value apart from the ice and snow dragon corpses.

Ye Qingyu had a look all about again, and largely came to such a conclusion.

If he chose several dragon corpses that had not yet begun transforming into ice, perhaps he could obtain some rare materials by flaying the skin and pulling the tendons, knocking out their fangs and drawing out their marrow,. If he brought it to the human world, it could be exchanged for significant wealth. But, due to the holy atmosphere in the dragon’s cemetery, and the strange emotions in his heart, Ye Qingyu gave up on doing this in the end.

Respect for the deceased should be held as the priority.

Even the glutton Little Nine, did not mutter with words of yummy or the like. He only silently lay on Ye Qingyu’s shoulder. Unexpectedly, he seemed to be afflicted with emotions, like a melancholy little girl. Lustrous tear after lustrous tear sparkled in his eyes. The instant they fell into the ground, they turned into ice pearls.

Ye Qingyu took out that Snow dragon egg.

“Little Nine, just where did you find this?” Ye Qingyu asked.

Little Nine let out two barks, then with a whoosh, he rushed out from Ye Qingyu’s shoulder.

Because his speed was extremely quick, the little delicate figure left a chain of silver coloured mirages in the air. Constantly jumping, like an bouncing comet, he hopped in front.

Ye Qingyu followed behind.

The largeness of the Snow dragon cemetery far exceeded Ye Qingyu’s imagination.

As they travelled over ten thousand metres, the terrain was getting lower and lower.

The surrounding dragon corpses began to show greater and greater signs that they were turning into ice.

The terrain was like a gigantic funnel. And on the surrounding ice slopes, there were snow dragons coiled that were already half frozen.

From the degree of how much they had turned into ice, one could determine that the time of death of these Snow dragons were at least tens of thousands of years ago.

“Their ages are far too distant. And this place is so mysterious. The North ground demon race has occupied the Explosive Snow glacier for so many years but they really have not discovered this underground Snow dragon cemetery. From the surrounding environment, it seems like no outsider have ever came here before…..”

Ye Qingyu evaluated in his heart.

“Woof, Woof, woof!” The chubby little figure of Little Nine stopped, turning towards Ye Qingyu. “Master , it’s here, we’re about to arrive!”

In front of them was a flat icy plain.

It was the end of the ice slope heading downwards.

Two ten thousand metre long gigantic corpses that had completely transformed into ice appeared in front of them.

These two dragon corpses were coiled above this ice plain on the left and right, as if they were two sacred holy protectors. Their bodies that were hundreds of metres tall, divided a divine passageway on the icy plain. Their translucent snowy white jade were nearly transparent. A radiance emitted from their corpses. This caused this ice plain to be as bright as day time in a divine country. The divine passageway was as if it was a passageway that headed towards everlasting light.

They were two Snow dragons that had at least died for over a hundred thousand years.

Compared to the normal snow dragons, it’s external appearance was even more like that of a true dragon.

Ye Qingyu could even faintly feel a true dragon pressure from emanating from their bodies.

“That’s not right, these are no longer normal Snow dragons……could it be that there are true dragons in front?”

Ye Qingyu’s heart, once again began fiercely thudding.

Once a true dragon corpse appeared, this was a matchless fortune of this world.

As they walked forward.

It was another two Snow dragon corpses that were even larger. These bodies had completely transformed into ice.

Their expressions were peaceful, laying on the ground in slumber. Their bodies emitted a sacred bright light. The pressure of the dragon race was even greater.

Even if they had died hundreds of thousands of years ago, but the sensation they gave off. was as if they were still alive. As if they could casually open their mouth and swallow a person. As if they had the possibility of bellowing , then soaring through the skies, travelling through the nine heavens and surveying all life below.

As Ye Qingyu neared them, he felt as if there were the pressure and weight of mountains hundreds of thousands pounds heavy that burdened him. Every step he took needed a great deal of energy.

He most likely could not have come here if he only had fifteen Spirit springs for his cultivation.

If it was a normal expert of the ten Spirit springs and under, in such an environment, they would absolutely explode with the pressure coming off the corpses of the dragons.

“These snow dragons are life forms that are already dead for hundreds of thousands of years. Then when they were alive, the dragon bloodline running in their bodies must be much more concentrated than the current Snow dragons. It is nearly akin to true dragons……it seems like the theory of the books in White Deer academy are not wrong. The reason that true dragons does not appear, is that the bloodline of true dragons has become thinner and thinner with the slow passing of time……..This is also the tragedy of countless strong lifeforms. In the past, even the Divine race and the Devil race, could hardly escape from this process of deterioration.”

Ye Qingyu could not help but sigh.

Without knowing why, Ye Qingyu could clearly sense, that  there was something attracting him, summoning him in front of them.

Approximately fifteen minutes later.

They had finally arrived at the heart of the ice plain.

A lofty and majestic snow and ice summit appeared in front of their eyes.

Ye Qingyu lifted his head to look.

The ice peak was tens of thousand of metres high, like a sharp sword that stabbed into the upper regions of this space. An absolute sharp killing intent like that of a blade unsheathed was present on this snow icy peak. Ye Qingyu neared several steps, and only felt pain on his skin, as if was being sliced apart by a divine weapon…….

“On the icy peak, there is an great ominous object!”

Ye Qingyu had seen some ancient text in White Deer academy. He knew what this ominous killing aura represented.

“Woof, woof, it’s here……” Little Nine bounced over, standing at the bottom part of the icy peak, near a ten metre tall icy boulder. Turning his head to look at Ye Qingyu, he barked: “It’s here, I found that great bird’s egg here…..”

Ye Qingyu looked over.


Underneath this small icy rock, there was nothing at all, without anything like a nest.

Little Nine had discovered the dragon egg from here?

Ye Qingyu was somewhat suspicious. He went over, closely inspecting, but still did not discover anything of note. When he lifted his head, he casually swept his gaze pass an icy rock by him. There seemed to be something sealed within the ice rock. As he closely looked, his heart suddenly madly thudded. His gaze stared fixedly at this ice rock, without budging in the slightest.



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