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167 – Ice sealed coffin

How was this an icy boulder.

This was evidently an ice coffin!

A fantastic inner and outer coffin that was in a sealed state.

Outside was the outer coffin, and inside was the inner coffin.

The outer coffin was to preserve the inner coffin, and the inner coffin was to preserve the corpse.

This strange ice inner and outer coffin was transparent on the outside. It was roughly made, as if it was a natural piece of rock, Unevenly matched, there were some minute cracks but this did not affect its outer appearance at all. On the outer surface layer there was something like thin snow covering it. At first glance, it seemed like a natural ice boulder. It was hollow on the inside. Through the chinks in the shallow snow, one could see an even smaller half transparent ice coffin inside.

The half transparent coffin was around thirty to forty feet long, and twenty feet wide. It should have been made from the hands of a grandmaster. There were carvings of flying ledges outside and nine dragons that were swallowing pearls. Its appearance was splendid and magnificent, with green jade tile and curled lines and patterns all over. There were lustrous cauldrons to stabilise the corners pressing down from the top. It was a seven star huge coffin with bells hanging on it, and layers upon layers. The first look gave someone the impression that this coffin was exactly like a half transparent exquisite small scale white jade palace.

This inner coffin was built with a magical material that was like ice but not ice, like jade but not jade.

Ye Qingyu surveyed the outside ice coffin, not able to recognise the material instantly.

Of course, this was not the thing that shocked Ye Qingyu the most.

What made Ye Qingyu’s brain completely blank, was because within this coffin, there was a girl that seemed to be human.

Although this coffin was only half transparent, but with Ye Qingyu’s vision, he was able to see the rough features of this human girl.

He was only able to see her reclining inside the coffin with her head pointing towards the south and her feet pointing the north. Her pitch black was thick like the clouds. She was wearing a snow white palace dress. Her hair was split apart behind her head, black hair that glistened with light and radiance. The facials features of this girl were clearly distinguished, her features matchlessly lucid and elegant. Her skin was like white jade. Her eyes were slightly closed, her pitch black eyelashes long and narrow. She had a slender figure, wearing a wide palace dress that covered her two legs. Her hands were cradling her abdomen, left hand clasping the right. Her delicate jade like little hands were like little shallot sprouts.  Her fingernails were slightly pink, her wrists like snow, and on her right wrist there was a jade bracelet…….

The more Ye Qingyu looked, the more he felt that the beauty of this girl was matchless. She was truly the most beautiful person he had ever seen in his life.

Although she only silently lay in the ice coffin, but the sensation she gave Ye Qingyu, was as if he was looking at the most beautiful painting in the world. His gaze could not be broken away.

“Under the heavens, there was such an outstanding, magnificent incomparable girl.”

Ye Qingyu felt that his gaze had entered into that ice coffin. Even his soul was about to sink in.

At this moment, he stood there dumbly, gazing at the female fairy in the ice coffin. It was hard to pull himself away.

At this time——

“Woof, woof, woof……Wu, Wu, Hou!”“

From his ear came the low and clear bark of Little Nine.

Ye Qingyu suddenly fiercely turned his head, his mental state clearing. Then he suddenly felt dizziness, as if he was lacking in physical energy, as if he had just experienced a great battle.

“There is something strange about this ice coffin!”

He immediately understood.

Although Ye Qingyu was at the age where one was young and vigorous, but even if she was a peerless beauty, he should not lose his composure like so. The only explanation for this was that this ice coffin had a strange power to affect one’s mental state. Unknowingly it had affected Ye Qingyu’s thinking, with his consciousness nearly torn apart…….This was an extremely direct and terrifying method that affected one’s heart.

“Thank you, Little Nine.” Ye Qingyu lightly patted Little Nine on the head.

The little fellow began jumping up and down excitedly, jumping from his shoulder and circling around Ye Qingyu.

It was very strange. The voice of this little fellow was able to break apart the strange power of the ice coffin at the crucial moment. This made Ye Qingyu have a higher opinion of this glutton.

After praising Little Nine, Ye Qingyu turned his head to continue observing the ice coffin.

He gathered his concentration, activating his defences. He did not stare at the white clothed fairy anymore, and only looked at the ice coffin from the corner of his eyes, wanting to find some clues.

As long as he did not stare at the white clothed girl, his attention would not be drawn.

“On the ice coffin, there are not any characters or diagrams…….this is far too strange. Why is it that in the cemetery of the Snow dragons, there is a human coffin?” Ye Qingyu could not understand this even after thinking it over and over again. He only felt a enormous mystery surrounding everything. “This girl seems to have already been dead for a very, very long time, but her body has not rotted. Why is it like this, just what is her identity?” Who placed her here into the cemetery of the Snow dragons after her death?”

Puzzle after puzzle flashed by in Ye Qingyu’s brain.

One point he could confirm was that the background of this girl must be extremely terrifying.

Mortal worlds paid particular attention to feng shui*. And as for the martial world, they would also pay particular attention to fortune, Spirit qi and yuan qi. The energy of heaven and earth was vast and mysterious. Even countless top experts could not truly say that they had fully and truly understood the secrets behind the power of heaven and earth. But those with intelligence far surpassing their peers were able to observe the stars, the veins in the earth, the ripples in yuan qi, mountains and rivers etc., using these to discover some special locations that were either known as ominous or fortune locations. Such places, had different effects if used for cultivation or for interring.

Some martial cultivators, their bodies were powerful but they want to possess an immortal body. However, it was difficult for their cultivation to reach an everlasting state, so they had to take short cuts.

The greatest short cut, was borrowing power.

Borrowing the power of heaven and earth.

It was rumoured that in the upper ancient ages, there were various sects that specialised in investigating the secrets within Heaven and Earth. Among them, there was a super power that was called the [Earth Master sect].

The Earth Masters, of the [Earth Master sect] could pry into the secrets of the Earth. Using the power of humans, borrowing the force of the world, they create places of fortune or ominous places, changing the yuan qi in Heaven and Earth. They could even go against heaven and change fate, borrowing destiny from heaven and earth. If some experts of the martial path were buried in the locations they had prepared, their bodies could be maintained for tens of thousands of years without rotting, retaining a shred of life. When their chance arrived later, they could reawaken again, returning to the living world and living another life. Such a method could be said to steal the natural way from heaven and earth. It was extremely mysterious and peculiar.

And throughout the ages,  people had always maintained the study of terrain, human cultivation and heaven’s destiny.

Very many great character of top factions and sects, was incomparably glorious when they were alive that wanted to be interred in places of fortune after they perished.

To be interred like this, one was able to retain a shred of life. This enabled them to silently wait for their return and to reincarnate once again.

Such as the previous emperor of Snow country. It was said that he was interred alive. Even though the Royal family of the Empire announced that he died, that the old Emperor had soared as a dragon to the heavens. But the rumours in the public said that old man Huangbing had not died. When he was alive, his cultivation was deep and unfathomable. When his life reached its end, using the power of the Empire,  he created a terrain of fortune, interring himself within and retaining a shred of life.  He waited for the moment several eras later when he could awaken again, living yet again so that he could once again rule over this Empire.

But Ye Qingyu guessed, that even if the status of the Emperor of Snow country was even more noble, it would not be as elegant and gracious as the Snow dragon cemterary.

The Snow dragons was a powerful race in the demon race. For tens of thousands of years, this cemetery was their territory. This was unquestionably a terrain of fortune.

And this Snow dragon cemetery, was absolutely not a little cemetery. On the way here, he had already witnessed dragon corpses that had been frozen for who knows how long. One could determine, that it had existed for at least a hundred thousand years. It was a location that had been discovered and protected by the Snow dragon race for hundreds of thousands of year. Normally speaking, outsiders could not enter. But someone conversely placed a ice coffin inside, and the Snow dragon race did not discover this……

The history of this girl, must be frightening to hear.

Could it be when she was alive, she was an extreme expert?!

Ye Qingyu was full of curiosity. But it was a pity that this ice coffin did not possess any clues whatsoever.

“This Snow dragon egg, was really obtained by you from this coffin?” Ye Qingyu asked Little Nine.

Previously Little Nine had said, that he had discovered the dragon egg from here.

“Here, it should be here…..” Little Nine jumped down from Ye Qingyu’s shoulder, his chubby little head pushing through underneath the ice coffin.

Ye Qingyu had a careful look, and could not help but be taken aback.

The bottom of the ice coffin unexpectedly had a fracture. It was the width of one palm and the length of six palms, as if heavy weaponry had hacked a section apart. And around the fracture, there were tight and clustered white lines that encroached around the bottom of the ice coffin. Behind the fracture, between the inner and outer coffin, there was a bird nest like ice nest. One after another ice line intersected, it was like an ice bird next, a remarkably alike ice snow bird nest.

It was empty within the ice snow bird nest.

“Woof, woof, it’s here……….” Little Nine nodded his head at the ice snow bird next in delight, then looked at the Snow dragon egg held in Ye Qingyu’s hands.

So this Snow dragon egg, was obtained from within the ice coffin.

No……It was possibly not a Snow dragon egg.

Ye Qingyu looked at the oval white egg that was like white jade in his hands. Right now, he could not be sure whether it was really a Snow dragon egg. Because he had never heard before, that the Snow dragons were a life form that would create nests like birds, and because the ice coffin was far too mysterious. The things obtained from the coffin, must be even more mysterious. Perhaps this egg, had some relation with the white clothed fairy inside the ice coffin.

But he could be sure of one thing; there was only one egg in the ice snow nest.

Ye Qingyu’s plan to find even more eggs had completely fallen flat.

Once his gaze moved away from the ice coffin, Ye Qingyu’s gaze once again focused onto the top of the ice peak.

The closer he neared, the more he could sense the faint ominous killing aura that was seeping out from the  top of the ice peak.

For a solitary peak to suddenly appear in the centre of the Snow dragon’s den, this was already something strange. And the ominous aura contained within the peak made this even more strange.  With the behaviour of the Snow dragons, they would absolutely not allow something that contained such a great ominous will appearing in their pure and holy dragon cemetary……

Ice coffin.

The corpse of the white clothed fairy.

Ice snow nest.

Mysterious white egg.


Ominous peak.

One after another of inexplicable matters appeared at the same time, at the same location. This really was unimaginable.

Even if Ye Qingyu was more clever, he could not guess at the reasons behind this.

Therefore he did not think about  this anymore.

Because the previous feeling that was like a family member summoning him had indistinctly appeared again. At the summit of the ice peak in front of him, he could see above him that there was a silver coloured flame flickering……


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