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168 – True Will of the Martial Path

On the top of the ice peak, there was unexpectedly the light of a fire burning.

The power of this flame was in complete contrast towards the great ominous atmosphere of the ice peak. But they appeared at the same time despite this.

“Let’s go up and see.”

Ye Qingyu’s white horse wings activated and he soared into the air.

Little Nine tightly bit onto Ye Qingyu’s shoe, also flying upwards.

The pressure of the surrounding space was extremely terrifying.  Twenty yuan qi snow dragon mirage coalesced madly around Ye Qingyu, his entire inner yuan activated to the extreme. The White Horse wings released its brightest radiance. After spending twenty breaths of time, they finally arrived at the top of the solitary ice peak.

He lightly landed at the top of the summit.

“This is……”

The area of the peak was around that of a field. It was glossy like a mirror, as if someone had specially grinded and polished it.

And at the very centre of the ice peak platform, there was a nine layered ice crystal altar, just like a pyramid like structure. From top to bottom, the ice was sparkling and translucent, without the tiniest hint of impurity. The colour was entirely transparent; one was able to see the other side by standing there. The height of the altar was only one metre and a bit, and at the very top of this ice altar, there was a jade stone the size of a thumb. It emitted a silver fire that was currently burning.

The white jade stone trembled slightly. It was unknown as to just what it was.

And the silver flame above it, moved and quivered like quicksilver. Without sound, it throbbed and pulsed, extremely peculiar.

Ye Qingyu was able to sense the sensation that he had previously felt, that familiarity, that feeling as if he was being summoned. It namely came from within this flame.

The closer he neared, the clearer the sense of familiarity became.

Such a feeling, was as if there was a family member with the same bloodline that was currently in this peculiar silver flame, beckoning Ye Qingyu over.

Ye Qingyu neared step by step to this miniature ice crystal altar.

But for such an altar to appear here, there must be something strange.

Within Heaven Wasteland domain, an altar signified an abnormal power.

Ye Qingyu dared not be careless.

He carefully observed the surroundings of the altar, but did not discover anything special.

Finally he came to the altar before his eyes, inspecting the crystal flame and the rough jade stone.

He extended his hand. When the flame and his hand was at the distance of half a metre, he still could not sense the slightest hint of heat at all.

“This silver flame is peculiar………it’s rumoured that in Heaven Wasteland domain, there are ten strange flames. They are flames, but they are the strangest flames within the world. Such as Lotus purifying flame, Apocalyptic flame, Divine will Spirit flame, Executioner immortal heart flame, True era flame and others. These are extremely rare flames that possesses strange power. The power of these strange flames are far too terrifying, that even Fiendgods need to fear them. They belong to one of the strongest powers in this world.”

Ye Qingyu silently pondered.

He had once seen information regarding  this in the books of White Deer academy. Especially in a specialist book that introduced all the attributes of the strange flames of Heaven Wasteland, its form and the areas where they were formed. Ye Qignyu had once specially looked over these in detail. Added to his photographic memory, these were remembered remarkably well.

The silver flame in front of him seemed to produce no heat at all. It did not stop throbbing soundlessly, as if it was floating mercury in the air.

From just the outer appearance, it seemed to belong to one of the strange flames.

But Ye Qingyu could not be sure, just what kind of strange flame this silver flame was.

“Could it be the Divine will spirit flame? The colour is similar, the temperature is also similar. But the ancient books have said, that as the divine will spirit flames burns, there are definite peculiar sounds that accompanies it. Like the singing of deities resounding throughout the air, causing one to want to bow down and worship…….could it be the Executioner immortal flame? That’s also not right, the ancient book also said that as the executioner immortal flame burns, there are definitely apparitions appearing along with it. In the air ,there will be drip after drip of immortal blood appearing……”

Ye Qingyu recalled all the attributes of the ten strange flames, but could not reach any sort of conclusion.

He thought for a while, then took out a formation curved blade from the [Cloud top cauldron].

This blade was a weapon belonging to the previous master of White Horse tower. The workmanship of the weapon as well as the material of the weapon was top class. A hair would be cut cleanly if it was blown lightly on the blade. It could be classed as a divinely sharp weapon.

Ye Qingyu held this curved blade as the tip of this blade slowly extended to the silver flame.

The next instant, Ye Qingyu’s expression completely changed.

A extreme surge of cold, instantly exploded from the flame.

The instant the curved blade touched the flame, the body off the blade was frozen into powder.

And at the same time, the originally soundlessly throbbing flame, suddenly became restless, as if it was a slumbering huge dragon that had been woken accidentally. The silver flame followed along the blade like madly encroaching lightning. What followed after was an vast consciousness, like an mountain avalanche that was released from this jade white stone. It instantly crammed the cemetery of the Snow dragon full.

Ye Qingyu was completely flooded and overran by this vast and solemn consciousness. His entire person could not move, as if he had turn into stone.

“Crap……this is…….could it be the consciousness of an extreme expert?”

When the martial way had been cultivated to its peak, the wills of those experts could become divine. Those extreme experts could brand their will in the air or perhaps in some special tools, eternally preserving their will. Even if they perished, their will and consciousness would still exist in this world. The people of later generations, in front of a martial will like this, were like ants falling into the ocean. It was impossible to resist against. If they resisted against such a will, they would instantly be crushed into powder.

Ye Qingyu was locked in place by this mysterious martial will. His mouth could not speak, his eyes could not move and he could not take any action whatsoever.

And the silver flame that was encroaching on the curved blade, instantly burned this formation curved blade into ashes. Then it began spreading to Ye Qingyu’s hand.

A clear and cold sensation came over Ye Qingyu’s palm. Then he lost all his feeling in his limb.

And as the silver flame spread, the flame slowly devoured Ye Qingyu’s arm, shoulder, abdomen, head……

Finally, Ye Qingyu’s entire person was enveloped in this silver mysterious flame.

His body, completely lost all sensation.

But Ye Qingyu’s consciousness was still clear and awake.

This feeling was as if his spirit had left his body.

Ye Qingyu was shocked to discover, that he was still able to see things.

But the angle of which he saw things, became incomparably strange.

He was able to see that within the snow peak standing alone in the cemetery of the snow dragons, he was able to see the ice altar beside him, he was able to see a figure completely swallowed by that silver flame, it’s figure becoming indistinct. The light of the silver flame became larger and larger, ultimately becoming tens of metres high, as if it was a human shaped pillar…….

He was still able to see Little Nine madly howling and barking, as if he had gone crazy. He ran circles around the figure swallowed by the silver flame. There were several time that he wanted to jump in the flame, but was rebounded by this silver flame……

Without knowing why, the silver flame could not burn on the body of the glutton Little Nine!

Ye Qingyu felt at this moment, as if he was outsider, like a god overlooking the mundane world. Using the cold glance of a spectator he looked at everything that was happening on the icy peak.

That person that was burned by the silver flame, that was about to turn to ashes by the flame lfrom the formation curved blade, that person was evidently himself, but why would he see this happening from such a perspective? Could it be that he was already dead, and his soul was floating through the air, so he could……..

Ye Qingyu could not explain what was happening to him currently.

At this time, a voice, sounded from beside his air——


Ye qingyu was surprised to hear these two ancient syllables.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, then instantly understood the meaning behind these two ancient sounds.

These type of syllables, should belong to the early human civilisation language of the God and Devil era. Through the passing of several eras, such an ancient language was now rarely used by people. Only  people that had dealings with ancient texts, formation masters, pill masters, or perhaps metal masters were able to know such a language. Today, the human language used for communication had long changed.

Ye Qingyu had spent a large amount of time learning the ancient characters and language for the [Titled Fiendgod chart] bronze book. Therefore such a thing, as long as it was not too esoteric, was not a problem for him.

Without waiting for Ye qingyu’s reply, more syllables were spoken.

“For it to be a human…….could it be that this is Heaven’s Will acting behind the mysteries?”

It was as if the voice was talking to himself.

Ye Qingyu had already slightly understood at this moment.

This voice, was emitting from the mysterious martial will that completely swept the cemetery of snow dragons like the tide of the ocean.

“Young man, no need to be afraid……..” The ancient voice that had undergone great changes, once again sounded. It was still the language of the God and Devil era that had long disappeared from this world. Ye Qingyu could not hear it very clearly , but he could largely understand the rough meaning. The voice continued, asking: “What year  is it in the era of the Three Sovereigns?”

Era of the Three Sovereigns?!

Ye Qingyu did not know what to say.

After the God and Devil Age, the three Sovereigns of the human race rose, supporting the human race and preventing it from being destroyed in those chaotic times. After that, it was the five Emperors that struggled for the peak, becoming the most powerful in the entire world. They brought about the prosperity of the human race. Then the five Emperors disappeared, the human race multiplied and reproduced. Such continued for several eras. And today, the age of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors were already extremely far away. The people thought of the era of the Three Sovereigns and Five emperors as legends. For this voice to ask what year is it in the era of the Three Sovereigns, could it be that he was someone from the era of the Three sovereigns?

The era of the Three Sovereigns, were already millions of years ago from the current time!

Wihtout hearing Ye Qingyu’s reply, the voice remained silent for a while, as if realising something. Asking again: “Could it be that the age of the Three sovereigns has already passed? Then right now, what year is it?”

Ye Qingyu suppressed the huge shock in his heart, saying: “Elder, the era of the three Sovereigns, is already something that occurred six million and six hundred thousand years ago. Today it is the era of the Human Sovereign, this is the explosive snow glacier at Heaven Wasteland domain…..” Using the most simple words, he tried to describe the passing of the ages briefly. The language of the God And Devil era was extremely rusty when spoken by him. Ye Qingyu had great difficultly speaking it, and he did not know whether the opposing party understood his words or not.

A very long silence.

Then it was a very long sigh.

Within the sigh, there were far too many emotions contained within.

“Your strength is so weak, why have you been able to come here…….” The voice was as if he was speaking to himself. Then an extremely vast and powerful consciousness swept out, as if he was sensing everything around him. Three or four breaths later, he had evidently already understood something. With huge shock in his voice: “The world, has already changed like this…….For the Ice Throne to deteriorate to such a state, the  fall of the protectors, just what has happened……why is there the bloodline of the divine dragon running in a youth of the human race………..”

There were too many cryptic syllables, Ye Qingyu could only understand a little.

Evidently, the voice was currently sighing over the changes of the world.


But right now Ye Qingyu cared about the situation he was in right now. Within his vision, his shell of a body had completely been swallowed by the silver flame. Indistinctly, he could see his muscles and bones emitting radiance, as if they were ice. Evidently, he was transforming into ice. Like the snow dragon kings that had perished for tens of thousands of years, his body was turning into ice. This was extremely peculiar.

As if he could sense the panic of Ye Qingyu, the voice sounded again——

“No need to panic young man. Being swallowed by the Supreme ice flame is your fortune. You have the bloodline of the divine dragon, only through this could you come to this place……..Meeting me is your destiny. The Supreme ice flame cannot destroy you……This is the will of heaven and earth………your fate has arrived…….Young man, I will pass on the [True Will of the Sky dragon] of the ten great wills of the martial path], to aid you in assimilating the Supreme ice flame…..”

As the voice finished.

An powerful will, like a sharp sword, pierced into Ye Qingyu’s consciousness and spirit.


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