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169 – A strand of consciousness from millions of years ago




At that instant, acute and terrible pain made Ye Qingyu feel as if his soul was quaking.

If was as if there were invisible cutting blades that was currently tearing his soul into pieces bit by bit.

“Don’t let your thinking run wild…… little mud person, condense your mind and accept my will!”

The voice suddenly became passionate, like the morning bell or evening drum that sounded within Ye Qingyu’s mind.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu could not care about this special vision that he was having. He was no longer looking at the figure being devoured by that silver flame. Instead, all of his thoughts and mental power were used to adjust to that power piercing into his consciousness. Such a feeling, was as if there was someone forcefully stuffing countless information into your brain, nearly cramming your brain full till it exploded.

“True Will of the Martial path, the key word is true……… this world, there are ten great true will of the martial path. Every one of them has power akin to laws. By understanding and grasping these true wills of the martial path, you can completely crush opponents at the same realm of you, as well as other miraculous attributes. There is the blood of the divine dragon in your body. I will pass on the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] to you, this is the one that is most compatible with your body. Use your heart to comprehend, you will forget the pain. Once you have completely grasped the [True Will of the Sky dragon], the power that you can wield will greatly exceeded countless top experts. And when you have comprehend to the extreme, the power of the ancient dragons will appear again……”

The voice constantly sounded.

The power of this person was so great that it made one tremble. Ye Qingyu had no way to resist, and could only oblige in whatever the opposing party wished to do.

Thankfully, this mysterious person did not seem to hold any ill intentions.

He forcefully inserted a mental energy of his will into Ye Qingyu’s spirit but this would not cause too great a harm to Ye Qingyu’s spirit.

This entire process, seemed to have only lasted a single instant.

In the time of a spark, everything was complete.

“Good. The seedling of the [True Will of the Sky dragon], have already been planted. Whether you can comprehend it, and how much you can comprehend it, all depends on yourself……”

The voice sounded again.

And then the acute pain gradually faded like the ocean tides receding.

Ye Qingyu felt that there were far too many things in a brain. But if he carefully sensed, it was as if there was nothing there at all. This was an extremely special sensation, as if something was slowly combining with his body and blood. This was like the fleeting flash of an idea; the flash of light that disappeared was so far away yet so close. But ultimately, it was hard to grasp in his hands.

“True Will of the Sky dragon…..True will of the Sky dragon…..”

Ye Qingyu did his best to comprehend.

Ye Qingyu had once read in ancient texts legends pertaining to the ten great true wills of the martial path. But for him at that time, this was something too far away. He had once not dared to think too much about it.

In the hundred year history of Snow Empire, it was said that there had never been anyone who had truly comprehend the true will of the martial path. Even if it was top level experts like the [War God of Youyan Pass] Lu Zhaoge, even he had never managed to touch upon the true will of the martial path. In the history of the human race, those existences that were able to control the true will of the martial path ultimately were able to traverse to the state of extreme experts. They became mountain peak after mountain peak in the martial world. Others that followed behind them could only look upon them with admiration, with no way to surpass such existences.

Therefore this was an extremely rare opportunity for Ye Qingyu.

He did his utmost to capture this minute mysterious sensation in his spirit.

This sensation, was the seedling of the [True Will of the Sky dragon] according to the mysterious voice.

He must grasp it.

If he missed such an opportunity, even the heavens would be furious.

He did not even care at all about the state of his flesh body. His entire will and consciousness, was immersed in this type of forceful comprehension.

Everything that happened outside, already had nothing to do with him.

At this time even if apocalyptic thunder exploded next to him, he would most likely not notice.

Time passed minute by second.

The extremely powerful surging martial consciousness in the Snow dragon cemetery, finally began to gradually settle down.

Within the air, the currents also slightly changed.

A faint yuan qi, slowly began gathering. It finally transformed into a human shaped mirage that appeared next to the body of Ye Qingyu which was completely covered by the silver light.

This person was taller than normal people, his figure burly and muscular, as if he was a little giant. He was wearing a ancient battle robe with a golden helmet. There was a special dignity and authority surrounding him. As if he was an emperor that had traversed through time and space. But it was a pity that his figure was like smoke and cloud; it flickered and faded like a reflection on top of water. He was extremely like an illusion. There was not the slightest fluctuation of life from him and there was not the faintest hint of energy coming from him. It was as if a slight wind could completely blow apart this smoke that had been gathered together using yuan qi, making him disappear from heaven and earth.

“Supreme Ice flame……..Form!”

He looked at Ye Qingyu’s corporeal body. Accompanied by a low shout, a strand of smoke came from his body that entered into the burning flame.

The next instant, the madly throbbing silver flame immediately stopped shuddering.

The ice flame froze like ice.

The shell of Ye Qingyu’s flesh body could temporarily be preserved.

As he finished doing everything, this illusion like figure finally shifted his gaze, dumbly looking into space.

“Several millions years have already passed. The body of the human race, has already transformed far too greatly. With the desolate passing of time, the human’s path has already undergone great changes. My close friends have already disappeared from the world, why was it that I was awakened……”

“The battle in the past, I thought I had already died……”

“The era of the three Sovereigns has finished. This world still has humans, does this means that the battle of the past, could it be that the human race has won? Fine, if there are still humans alive, then I can rest assured. The blood of the Fiendgods were not spilt in vain…..”

“That youth said, that today it is the era of the Human sovereign, and that this is the Snow country of Heaven Wasteland domain…..These are completely unfamiliar terms. After millions of years, my era, has already ended….”

The smoke like figure mumbled to himself, looking down at his hands.

He was namely the owner of that ocean like martial consciousness.

He was namely the person that had spoken to Ye Qingyu.

Tens of millions of years ago, he had once been an authority that had completely suppressed an area, ruling over the fate of one era. He had once been one of the few people who were able to climb to the pinnacle. One of his thoughts, could completely change heaven and earth. It caused tens of millions of lifeforms to bow down in worship, caused countless alien races to shiver and tremble. His fame had once travelled through numerous domains, his spoken words were like the law. He was once only half a step from eternal, but he still had perished in that great calamity……..

Several millions years later, the last strand of his consciousness that existed awakened.

In the past, a strand of his consciousness was enough to slaughter he strongest lifeforms of the world in an instant.

Right now, the strand of his consciousness no longer possessed its former strength. Even for him, there was no way to prevent the great deterioration and passing of time. He sensed that his strand of consciousness was beginning to disappear drop by drop, dispersing like smoke. He sensed the strange energy of this world. He knew, that the era belonging to him, had already completely disappeared.

“Why is it like this? Just what has happened? Why can I not sense any of the auras of my old friends…….the old friends in the past, could they have really perished?”

He asked himself in a small voice.

The three Sovereigns of the human races, just what kind of Supreme existences were they? Even if millions of years had passed, would they have really disappeared?

And as for those fiend gods of the other races. One of their thoughts was enough to extinguish stars, how could they perish?

And as for those great enemies of the other races in the battle of the past. Those lifeforms  were near immortal. The passing of tens of millions of years, could it really destroy them?

He did not believe this.

The things that had happened in the past, were far too terrifying. Such terrible enemies existed, that even the three Sovereigns of the human races and the ancient ancestors of the other races could not fight against. How could they be destroyed by the mere passing of time?

Just what has happened in these years?

It was a pity, that everything had already no way to be known.

He knew, that the he of that time had already died in battle.。

Right now, somehow a strand of his consciousness had awakened.

For a peerless expert like himself, the awakening of a strand of consciousness, represented reincarnation.

“Could it be after that I died in battle, there has been some expected change that occurred? The three Sovereigns somehow preserved a seed of my energy,  allowing me to have such an opportunity today?”

He was deep in thought.

Suddenly awakening from his long slumber and the passing of time, everything had changed.

Everything that was familiar to him had disappeared like smoke. Even one that was a powerful and as strong as him, could not help but feel a spell of confusion and regret. A loneliness arose involuntarily that enveloped him.

He wanted to go in search for the answers to his questions.

Those old friends and enemies in the past, just where had they gone.

But first, he needed to recover his strength and cultivation.

His gaze, fell on the flesh body that had been frozen by the Supreme ice flame.

“This youth to have met me today, could be counted as his destiny. Could it be that fate as already arranged everything. His body is weak like smoke, but his body is flowing with the blood of the divine dragon. No wonder he can enter deep into the Ice throne, and was not destroyed by the seals outside, to come here……..This Supreme ice flame is compatible with his body. Since I have aided him already, why not help him another time, for him to assimilate with the Supreme ice flame…..”

The will of the illusive smoke like figure acted.

Another white yuan qi, splitted from his figure, directly entering into the solidified Supreme ice flame.

The originally peaceful Supreme ice flame, once again began surging and boiling.

Then with a boom, it transformed into tens of thousands of little sparks, as if every one of them was a lively little spirit, that excitedly flowed throughout the air. Finally tens of thousand of them flowed into the flesh shell of Ye qingyu’s body, entering into his skin. Drop by drop, they entered into Ye Qingyu’s body, finally disappearing.

One could see on the surface layer of Ye Qingyu’s skin, there was quickly a layer of faint frost that formed. His eyebrows and hair was covered by silver frost, as if he was a person made from ice.

Then what followed after was that this layer of frost rapidly melted, and Ye Qingyu’s skin turned into a lively bright red.

But after another ten breaths, this layer of frost once again appeared, enveloping Ye Qingyu’s body, dyeing his eyebrows and hair white.

Then it melted.

Then the silver frost once again formed.

Such a process continued for tens of time.

After the last time the silver frost showed, and the skin became red with vitality, the Ye Qingyu that had no aura like a corpse, finally slowly opened his eyes.

His expression was taken aback, lowering his head to look down at his body and at the surrounding environment.

“I’m fine… spirit has returned to my body…….I am well again?”

Ye Qingyu was overjoyed.

“Woof, Woof Woof!” Little Nine crazily rushed over, intimately licking Ye Qingyu’s face. “Master, you just turned into a devil. You were burning up, and your hair and beard also turned white. The fire was rumbling, I thought you were going to explode….”

You are going to explode.

Ye Qingyu felt that this glutton did not know how to speak too well.

But after seeing from his strange perspective the Little Nine who madly rushed to protect him, he felt somewhat moved in his heart.

“Young man, your comprehension is very exceptional. It makes me shocked..” the smoke illusion next to him opened his mouth with a smile.

Ye Qingyu only just noticed the mirage next to him.

“You……Elder, it’s you! You are….” After being shocked Ye Qingyu instantly was able to discern that the voice of this figure was namely that mysterious voice.


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