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170 – A person with no fate

Ye Qingyu was not an idiot. He knew the reason that he was able to avoid this disaster, had something to do with the so called divine dragon bloodline in his body. But it also absolutely had something to do with the aid of the smoke illusion figure in front of him. At least this mysterious existence had helped him to obtain the [True Will of the Sky dragon] of the ten great true wills of the martial path. He could already be counted as his benefactor.

Therefore his attitude towards him was so respectful.

“How much of the [True Will of the Sky dragon] did you managed to comprehend?” The face of the illusive figure had a faint smile.

Ye Qingyu closed his eyes, quietly sensing, then deeply breathed out a breath of air. “I am ashamed, I have only approximately understood a tenth….”

“A tenth? Not bad. I thought that you needed at least several years of time, before you can begin to grasp even a part of the essence.” The illusive figure nodded his head, saying: ” To be able to come to the depths of the [Ice throne], you must be an exceptional person, with great fortune. You are definitely not normal. Since ancient times, this has always been so……are you the descendant of the dragon human race?”

Dragon human race?

There was such a race?

Ye Qingyu was blank for a moment, then shook his head: “I am the of the human race of Snow country, from a common background. I am not of the dragon human race.”

“Snow Empire* human race?” The illusive figure was blank for a short moment, evidently not knowing about Snow country at all. “Since you are not of the dragon human race, why is there the bloodline of the divine dragon flowing in your body?”

Ye Qingyu shook his head.

Previously when he was enveloped by the Supreme ice flame, the mysterious person had seemed to say there was the bloodline of the divine dragon flowing in his body. But in truth, Ye Qingyu did not know know just what was it that he was referring to. The so called divine dragon bloodline, he had never heard of before. He himself did not know at all, why there existed such a bloodline in his body…..It seemed somewhat ridiculous. He had considered his family background, his parents. They were all normal humans, why was there the bloodline of the divine dragon in his body?

“You don’t know yourself?”

The illusive figure frowned, greatly surprised.

Ye Qingyu said respectfully: “My experience is still too shallow. I have never heard of the existence of the dragon human race. Furthermore……”

He recounted his background and history in detail.

Without knowing why, in front of this mysterious holographic figure, there was a sensation of trust invoked in his heart. He did not hide his background in the slightest as a result of this.。

The illusive figure after hearing this, shook his head: “That’s not right, that’s not right……you should not be of that background……what is not right…..”

He seemed to have fallen into deep thought and pondering.

Ye Qingyu did not know what the mysterious person meant by not right. He only silently stood there by one side.

The glutton Little Nine that was laying on his shoulder, constantly sniffed in the direction of that illusory silhouette, his little nose twitching. In his large and glistening eyes, there was a trace of a question. Why could his eyes clearly see this illusive figure, but his nose could not smell the slightest trace of his scent? As if there was nothing in front of him. Just what kind of ghost like thing was this, that it could fool his nose?

After a period of time had passed, the illusive figure shook his head. There was still a look of question on his face. Hesitating a little: “Little friend, if you don’t mind, could I see your fate?”


Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

Some ancient texts had mentioned fate before. But this was far too ridiculous and nonsensical. In these several past eras, the thing called fate had long been proven to be a divergent path. Nearly no one cared about such a thing any longer.

But Ye Qingyu still nodded his head.

This mysterious person came from the era millions of years ago. Perhaps it would be different.

Seeing that Ye Qingyu had agreed, the eyes of the mysterious figures suddenly exploded with two rays of golden light, shining onto Ye Qingyu’s body.

Everywhere this strange light of his eyes passed by, Ye Qingyu felt his body had suddenly become transparent. Layer upon layer of his muscles, flesh, bones, marrow, organs could be seen. This scene was incomparably bizarre.

“Why is it like this?” The more the mysterious illusive figure surveyed, the more he was shocked. “You… don’t have a fate. You fundamentally should not be a person that should exist in this period, you……I have never seen such a fate before, too strange, too strange…….could it be a Supreme existence has shrouded your fate?”

Ye Qingyu hearing this, could not make head nor tails of this.

The difference of strength and history between the two people were far, far too great.

After a long while, did the gaze of the mysterious figure retreat from Ye Qingyu. Bringing with him a slight regret, he shook his head: “I can’t see through your fate. If not for a Supreme existence helping you cover the track of your fate, then there is only one possibility left…..”

“What possibility?” Ye Qingyu opened his mouth and asked.

“Perhaps you are the reincarnation of some Supreme existence, therefore I cannot see through you.” The mysterious figure said.

“Reincarnation? In this world, does reincarnation really exist?” Ye Qingyu asked in shock. Reincarnation had always been spoken of, and was known from ancient times. But he had never heard of before, that someone had really been reborn. There had never been a similar precedent. Even those extreme experts who was famous throughout the past and had shaken eras, ultimately their accomplishments were helpless in front of the battering of the rain and wind. They were not able to able to remain alive until now.

“Perhaps there is, perhaps there isn’t.” The mysterious figure once again sighed. “Since the beginning of the God and Devil age, just how many peerless and mighty people have existed. just how many peerless and mysterious cultivation techniques has been passed on. Perhaps they could pierce through the mysterious heaven and earth and break away from the shackles. Reincarnation, perhaps could be. In this world, everything is possible.”

Ye Qingyu hearing this was greatly shaken.

Similar words, coming from someone else’s mouth, perhaps would be ridiculous nonsense. But coming from the mouth of this mysterious illusive figure, then it represented a great likelihood.

“Although I was not able to see your fate, but I was able to see some other things on your body.” The mysterious figure continued to looked at Ye Qingyu, asking: “Little friend, what sect and faction do you come from? Why are you cultivating in a cultivation technique millions of years ago?”

A cultivation technique belonging to a million years ago?

Ye Qingyu heart was shaken. Instantly he realised, the battle techniques that he trained in, came from the [Titled Fiendgod chart]. Could it be that the illusive figure had seen through this?

That’s not right!

Ye Qingyu shook his head at this possibility.

The things that he obtained from the bronze book [Titled Fiendgod chart] were battle techniques. They were moves used in battle. They could not be counted as cultivation techniques, then this represented…..

As he thought to here, Ye Qingyu’s heart began fiercely throbbing. He had always cultivated in the nameless breathing heart sutra that his father had passed on. Could it be that this was a heart sutra that existed in the God and Devil age millions of years ago?

How was this possible?

His own father, was only a normal martial artist of Deer city. Why was it that he knew a heart sutra that belonged to an era millions of years ago?

Ye Qingyu suddenly felt his brain in complete chaos.

He suddenly realised, regarding to his own parents, was there something area that he did not know?

“I came from White Deer academy. The heart sutra that I cultivate in, has been passed down through my family……” Ye Qingyu did not hesitate, recounting the background of the heart sutra that he cultivated in. He even retold in detail the methods and contents of the breathing cultivation technique. He wanted to confirm and uncover the secrets of this mysterious cultivation technique from this mysterious figure, and to discover the true history of this nameless heart sutra. If so, perhaps he would be able to obtain even more information regarding his father?

The mysterious figure hearing Ye Qingyu speaking his words, lowered his head in thought for a while.

“Natural and free, skilful but seeming to be clumsy, a mystery within a mystery, the intricacies cannot be put to words. This is a true cultivation technique for the the great way. The gate to many wonders is all held within. This seems to be normal from the outside, but even in the age of the Three Sovereigns, this was a technique of the natural Great way. It could change fate and go against heaven…..such a heart sutra, perhaps it is able to change destiny. I am only able to vaguely grasp a little bit of the beginning. I need to cultivate for a long time, to able to comprehend the intricacies within…..not simple, really not simple!”

“Could elder you determine, just what sect did this heart sutra came from?” Ye Qingyu asked in a rush.

“It does not belong to any sect or faction. It’s aura seems to indicate it belongs near the God and Devil age, but it does not belong within the God and Devil age. I can be sure of one point, this is a cultivation technique created by someone after me.” The mysterious figure remained silent for half a moment before saying again: “Furthermore, this heart sutra is only suitable for you to cultivate in. Only then is it effective. Other people cannot cultivate in it. Even if they forcefully do so, they will not receive any benefits and waste their time in vain.”

“What? This… is this possible?” Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded.

A cultivation technique that was only suitable for him?

This was really far too universally shocking.

In this roiling world, there were ten thousands of cultivation techniques. Even if there were cultivation techniques with harsh requirements where the vast majority could not cultivate in, but as long as they had the required body type, the small minority could still cultivate. He had never heard of a cultivation technique that only allowed one person to cultivate where no one else could cultivate in it.

“Because only a person with no fate could train in this cultivation technique. From ancient time to now, everyone has a fate. Apart from you.”The illusive figure said.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

He slowly began to be unable to explain everything that he had seen today.

Could it really be that his background, was really special, that even he himself was not aware of it?


Ye Qingyu’s mind was completely blank.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered the words that his father said before he died, that he reminded Ye Qingyu of—–

“If there is a day, that your strength is able to enter into the Bitter sea stage, then go to the sacrificial altar of the Imperial family of Snow country. Go there and find a object. If you are able to find that object, then you will understand everything. If you are unable to enter into the Bitter Sea stage in your lifetime, then become a normal person instead…..”

These were the last words of his father before he died.

At this moment, these last words, became unprecedentedly clear in Ye Qingyu’s mind.

If previously he had felt that these words were just intangible words of his father that he said because of his last unfulfilled wishes, then right now Ye Qingyu fiercely realised the meaning behind these words. It was very possible, that in the altar of the imperial family of Snow Empire, there was a huge secret hidden within that was waiting for he himself to uncover.

Ye Qingyu hated the fact he could not go immediately.

But after a slight consideration, the last words of his father was that he must wait until he was at the Bitter Sea stage before going. This prerequisite requirement must be extremely important.

As he thought of this, he deeply bowed to the illusive figure. “Thank you for elder for showing me the way. My gratitude is endless.”

“Perhaps I have already said something that I should not have said. Millions of years have passed, could it be that the schemes of those fellows could be arranged even until today…..” The mysterious figure sighed, then as if he had also thought of something. “I should leave. Sleeping for millions of years, my era has already ended.But I still need to go outside, to see if I am able to find some matters of the past. Little friend, the path of Jianghu is long. We will meet again if we are fated!”


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