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170 – Talk alone!

Chapter 170: Talk alone!


The wind stopped almost abruptly and rain began to subside.


The sky was still dark like a pond of ink, speckled with stars, which are the pearls and jadeite deposited by the starry river.


The distant giant tree branches soared skyward and the nearby land transformed into a lush green colour.


A shallow breeze rustled the trees now and then, bringing a refreshing, yet intoxicating aroma.


Sitting on a large, brown rock and with a serious look on his face, Li Muyang earnestly explained to his two classmates standing in front of him in astonishment after witnessing the bizarre scene.


Li Muyang was actually conscious.


From the moment he possessed the ability to play the tune ‘Phoenix looking for Phoenix’, he knew something’s not right.


He could use a piece of leaf as a musical instrument because back then, when he was bullied and humiliated, and sat by Sunset Lake licking his wounds, he often gently played a sad or cheerful tune with a leaf.


When he played a cheerful tune, his mood turned sad. Other people’s world is so beautiful, why is his life so lonely?


When he played a sad tune, his mood became even more gloomy. The world is full of despair, if even the music is so sorrowful, where is the future? Where is the warmth?


Later, he seldom played music again.


However, he had never played the tune ‘Phoenix looking for Phoenix’, or listened to it before.


The tune has been lost for hundred years, how would a common teenager from Jiangnan city heard of ‘Phoenix looking for Phoenix’?


However, it turns out that he could play this tune, and also achieved the cheerful and light-hearted melody followed by a sorrowful melody before it finally changed into a heart-wrenching tune.


That girl in white who approached him, he desperately wanted to see her face——

Those sparks of purple flames were his burning fury, struggle and suffering——


He knew that something is wrong.

That thing came out again.


He could not control it at all.


The most deadly thing was that Qiandu and Lin Canghai witnessed it all.

Li Muyang needed to give them an explanation. Whether or not they believe him is not important; whether or not they accept is the most important.

“Teacher Xiahou is your master?” Lin Canghai asked, looking at him with shocked astonishment. The difference between teacher and master is immense; a teacher teaches all students, as long as they’re willing to listen to Xiahou Qianbai’s lecture, they can call him ‘teacher’. But ‘Master’ is different, only people like Li Muyang who is accepted as his disciple can call him ‘Master’.


If Li Muyang did not tell any lies, then it means he will inherit Xiahou Qianbai’s techniques and is the successor of his status.


People would think highly of Li Muyang and value him because he’s Xiahou Qianbai’s disciple. And it’s also because of the fact that he’s his disciple that they have a certain respect and——fear towards him.


“Of course.” Li Muyang nodded firmly. “How would I lie about something like that? If you don’t believe me—we’ll ask teacher Xiahou when we get back. However, Teacher Xiaohou is a low-profile person, he would not want this to be known to the outside world.”


“So——” The corner of Lin Canghai’s mouth quirked slightly upwards, revealing a cute and charming smile, before he continued: “Are you using Teacher Xiahou to threaten us to help you keep this a secret?”


Li Muyang’s eyes turned cold.


It seems, the situation was a little bit troublesome.


With his hand clasping the hilt of his sword, Lin Canghai’s taunting smile became increasingly obvious: “What? You think what I said is wrong?”

“I have said it before, everyone has secrets.” Li Muyang looked serious. “Those secrets are harmless, as long as they’re tightly locked in the innermost corners of the heart. However, if someone scattered it around, it would lead to death. Many people will die as a result.”


The smile on Lin Canghai’s face did not fade when he said: “So, who do you think is the person who will die?”


“Lin Canghai——” Li Muyang roared in a deep voice. His eyes gloomy like the sky overhead, the vicious tendency in his heart rapidly rising to his face, as if he might erupt at any time. “Do you have to make things so absolutely difficult?”


“Li Muyang.” The smile on Lin Canghai’s face finally vanished. That handsome, cute and flawless face unexpectedly has an ill-tempered side. “You turned yourself into a monster and then threatened us with the name of a teacher to not tell anyone——Do you have to make things so difficult?”


“I’m not trying to threaten you, I’m just telling you the facts.”


“What kind of facts? The fact that you’re a monster? Or the fact that you threatened us with Xiahou Qianbai?”


“Do you want to kill me?”


“I’m more afraid of being killed by you——”


“Lin Canghai——”


“Li Muyang——”


One clenching the hilt of his sword, while the other clenching his fist.


The two no longer exchanged words, sending flashes and shadows of swords

across from their eyes.


The atmosphere was tense and heavy with hostility, as though a fight might break out at any time.




Qiandu giggled charmingly.


Her eyes curved like a crescent moon, and her voice was as clear and sharp as a skylark’s cry.


Qiandu looked at Lin Canghai, then at Li Muyang, before she asked aloud: “Are you two going to fight?”




With her arms folded, Qiandu paced back and forth in front of Li Muyang and Lin Canghai: “A fight is good. Since we have nothing to do anyway. Lin Canghai, did you not always wanted to try your ‘Chop off million demons at once’ and see what stage it is at? Li Muyang——Right, I still don’t know what realm Li Muyang is at. He said he just built his foundation, I don’t believe it. How can someone who could blow out musical notes that transformed into strange fire only recently built his foundation? It’s a good thing if you two have a fight, so that I can examine your ability. Let’s see who will be the winner.”


Qiandu waved her, saying: “Go ahead, fight, just pretend I’m not here.”




Li Muyang shot a glance at Lin Canghai and loosened his fist.


In front of Qiandu, Lin Canghai has no temper at all. He also loosened the grip on the sword hilt.


“You’re not going to fight?” Qiandu glanced at Li Muyang then back at Lin Canghai, before she said glumly: “I wanted to see a fight.”


Lin Canghai’s lips twisted into a wry smile. “I know you don’t want us to fight.”


Li Muyang looked Qiandu seriously in the face, bowed deeply at her and said: “This time, please.”


“Li Muyang, what do you want me to do?”




Qiandu turned to Lin Canghai, saying: “Let me and Li Muyang talk alone.”


Lin Canghai gave an apprehensive glance at Li Muyang. With that, Qiandu immediately understood his mind. “Don’t worry, he’s no match for me.”




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  1. Thank you again for another chapter 🙂

  2. Ultra Mega Giga Super Sonic-Booming Ninja Assassin Cake

    April 19, 2018 at 1:50 am

    Whaaaaa is now everyone stronger than mc even in his DF?!

  3. What the f is going on?! Muyang is the dumbest turd I have ever read in one of these novels. If he is so afraid of getting his secret known, why would he in the first place choose dragon slayer class? And if he did choose, why is he always getting into situations where he is vulnerable. Anyone with half a brain would lay low and study and cultivate, keeping an extremely low profile and not make friends.

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