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171 – Returning to Youyan Pass

“Elder, I still have matters I want to consult with you….” Ye Qingyu said in a panic.

But the mysterious figure in front of him had already transformed into a wisp of green smoke. As if ascending towards immortality, he disappeared within the air.

It was as if nothing had ever appeared.

“This piece of [Beiming archaic jade] you are not to bring away. I will leave a strand of consciousness within, to suppress the [Dragon fang submerged in blood], to prevent the killing aura from seeping to the outside world, and causing harm to the lifeforms of this area…..Little friend, your future cannot be measured. Look after yourself. If a day of disaster arrives, the hope of your empire perhaps will land on you……..Before leaving, remember you must go back using the path you came. Although the ice thone has decayed, but it still has the power to instantly kill. If not for the fact that you have the divine dragon bloodline, you would have long died halfway…..Little friend, we’ll meet again. Haha, haha!”

The last words of the mysterious person could be heard.

His laughter resounded throughout the air.

By the time Ye Qingyu had more questions to asked, that illusory figure had already completely left.

Little Nine sniffed everywhere, suspicion on his face.

Ye Qingyu originally still wanted to ask, that just who was the person in the coffin below the solitary snow peak. But right it was already too late.

The illusive mysterious figure did not mention the mysterious white clothed female immortal sealed within the ice coffin. Perhaps there was no relation between the two.

Once again returning in front of the ice crystal altar, his gaze fell on the jade the colour of white mutton fat. This was very possibly the [Beiming archaic jade] the mysterious person had mention, but as for the so called suppressing the [Dragon fang submerged in blood], just what did he mean?

On the ice crystal altar, apart from this white jade, there was not any sign of existence of the so called dragon’s fang.

This made Ye Qingyu feel something was strange.

“It’s time to leave. This time following the glutton Little Nine into the depths of the cemetery of the Snow dragon’s is somewhat brash and ill-considered. I was nearly killed by the [Supreme Ice flame]. If not for the fact that the mysterious figure had suddenly awakened, most likely right now I would be turned into powder……”

Apart from feeling fortunate, Ye Qingyu also felt somewhat shaken.

Thankfully the benefits he received was extremely great.

“[Supreme Ice flame], come!”

As his heart willed, a burning silver flame appeared floating above his palm, throbbing and moving like a sprite.

This type of flame, was not within the ten strange flames. It’s classification was even higher.

Although it was said to be a flame, but its foundation was a ice mist that had reached extreme cold. It seemed to be similar in form to flame. No matter what the material, the instant it touched this ice flame, it would instantly turn into powder from the extreme cold, like that formation curved blade. The effect of its complete destructive power seemed as if it had been burned by flame. But in reality, it was not fire at all.

Possessing the power of such an ice flame, it was tantamount to Ye Qingyu grasping a forbidden power.

Once the Supreme ice flame had been cultivated to its extreme, in legend it was said that it could annihilate gods and destroy devils. Slaying dragons were no longer just words. It was one of the most terrifying powers in this world. Although Ye Qingyu had only just begun to control it and he could not use it in a familiar fashion, but if he grasped the opportune moment, most likely even experts at the Bitter Sea stage had a possibility of falling in Ye Qingyu’s hand.

Ye Qingyu laughed uproariously. With a jump, he directly jumped down from the solitary ice peak mountain.

“Woof?” Little Nine tightly clenched onto Ye Qingyu’s shoulder, madly barking, his pupils immediately turning wide: “Master? You’ve gone crazy? What matter can you not think through, you can quickly say it to Little Nine?”

This glutton thought Ye Qingyu wanted to commit suicide.。

Within the air, there was originally a frightening pressure present. Ye Qingyu’s descending figure became faster and faster, friction occurring in the air. Around his body, there were a series of sparks, as if his entire person was really a meteor descending from the Ninth heavens. His entire person was completely shrouded by the light of this fierce flame, his body transforming into a streak of fire that directly headed towards the ground.

These was true flames!

Little Nine madly sharply screeched, his little paws tightly holding onto Ye Qingyu’s hair.

Ye Qingyu laughed uproariously, and a strand of energy from the [Supreme Ice flame] seeped out, causing this throbbing flame around him not able to near his body at all.

There were less than ten metres from the ground.

There was a clear and angry long dragon roar sounding from within Ye Qingyu’s body. Twenty snow dragon yuan qi encircled around his body, as if each and every one was alive. The dragon’s head, dragon’s claw and dragon scales was extremely distinct and clear, as if it was fundamentally alive. This was no longer illusions of before he had previously absorbed the aura of the Snow dragons. These were true ancient silver dragons, possessing singular and majestic power. Ye Qingyu was interlinked with them, as if layers and layers of divine dragons were coiled around his body in defense. Instantly they stalled Ye Qingyu’s body, the gravitational force of the fall gradually lessening, and he quickly descended to the ground.

True Will of the Sky dragon!

There was the aura of the Snow dragons in Ye Qingyu body, and he had received the enlightenment of the true will of the Sky dragon. Under the activation of his yuan qi, his yuan qi transformed into ancient snow dragons, its power powerful and matchless.

Although he was still at the twenty yuan qi Spirit springs stage, but he could not longer feel the slightest amount of pressure from the surrounding space. He could come and go as he pleased.

“Woof woo, you scared me to death. Master, next time before jumping off a mountain, could you first give me some notice.” Little Nine covered his heart, panting with his tongue held out. He had the complete countenance of someone scared to illness, his little eyes staring at Ye Qingyu resentfully.

Ye Qingyu only laughed uproariously.

“We should leave here. As for this Snow dragon egg……” Ye Qingyu brought out the white oval shaped egg and carefully considered for a while.

Finally, he made his decision.

” This time we have mistakenly trespassed into the cemetery of a Snow dragon, we are already greatly fortunate and have gained a huge harvest. We can’t be too greedy…….So called out of fifty, only forty nine are used in divination. Heaven and earth is originally not complete* . Every matter cannot be perfect, everything perfect cannot be matter. The way because of perfection cannot resemble**. The so called fortuitous event, will expend my personal fortune. One person’s fortune is limited, if I expend all my fortune, I will definitely suffer. As the saying goes, don’t take things too far, I cannot be too occupied with profit and loss. Leave the Snow dragon egg behind here…..”

As he thought of this, Ye Qingyu placed the snow dragon egg back under the ice coffin and into the ice crystal bird’s nest.

The silly little dog Little Nine blinked his large eyes. He looked at Ye Qingyu’s action in confusion, not able to understand the reason.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Qingyu held Little Nine, activating the white horse wings and flew towards the outer edges of the Snow dragon cemetery.

After ten breaths, he suddenly had a sensation in his heart. Turning his head to look at the far away solitary ice peak, suddenly a streak of lightning flashed by through his brain. He suddenly realised something.

“This solitary ice peak…..”

Within Ye Qingyu’s mind, he was extremely shaken.

He suddenly understood what the [Dragon fang submerged in blood] was in the words of the mysterious person.

If one carefully observed from far away, one would discover that this solitary ice peak was not an ice peak at all. It was a broken apart blood red dragon’s fang, stabbing into the centre of the Snow dragon cemetery. It was only that the surface was covered by ice and snow, and once was not able to see it directly……..Heaven’s this was a dragon’s fang that was ten’s of thousands metres long!

NO wonder from the beginning he could feel a faint shred of ominous aura emitting from the ice peak.

This was the ominous aura coming off from this dragon’s fang.

And as for why it was called the dragon fang submerged in blood?

Just what kind of dragon’s mouth, would possess such a gigantic fang?

As he imagined according to the scale, Ye Qingyu’s heart could not help but throb in palpitation. Such a leviathan like dragon if the scale of the tooth was to be believed. It’s mass was far too humongous.

According to the mysterious person, he needed to leave a strand of consciousness to suppress this dragon’s fang. Could it be that it could come alive yet again?

Ye Qingyu faintly felt, that he today had interacted with a gigantic secret that originated from the great ancient age. A piece of history that had been sealed away by dust, had demonstrated the tip of it’s iceberg to he himself…..there were far, far too many things hidden within this Snow dragon cemetery.

“I need to forever hide the events that occurred here today. The things that happened here, I must not let anyone else know.”

Ye Qingyu made his determination. Bringing Little Nine, they left rapidly away from the Snow dragon cemetery.



The southern boundary of the Explosive Snow glacier.

Very early in the morning, a violent snow storm swept through the air.。


A huge noise.

The hundred metre surface layer of ice suddenly cracked and ruptured, icy rocks flying everywhere.

A figure soared in the air, breaking free from the confines of the ground.

“Mm, I’ve finally came out….”

The figure was namely Ye Qingyu.

As he saw the faintly showing dawn, the radiance of the sunlight made him drunk with happiness.

He had been confined in the Snow dragon den for over a month. Right now deeply inhaling the fresh air of the earth surface, Ye Qingyu could not help but feel greatly invigorated. There was a type of sensation like he had been reborn.

The silly dog Little Nine also deeply breathed in the cold air, a extremely greedy and drunken countenance!

To prevent himself from encountering the experts of the demon race, Ye Qingyu continued to head south within the surface layers. Using the power of the [Supreme ice flame],he burned through the ice layers, like an ice dragon constructing a den. After travelling tens of kilometres, the position he was in right now was already at the boundary of the Explosive snow glacier. This place was the area controlled by both the demon race and the human race. He no longer needed to worry about encountering existences like Yan Buhui.

“Lets go, return home!”

Ye Qingyu activated his white horse wings, holding Little Nine. Transforming into a ray of light, he headed in the direction of Youyan Pass.

His strength had explosively increased, and the speed he flew at was rapid. In the time of breaths, he had already travelled tens of kilometres.

In the blink of an eye, one could already see Youyan Pass far off in the distance.

A strand of red sunlight, slowly rose from the heaven’s boundary. Illuminating the mountains and rivers tens of thousands of miles around Youyan pass, it was utterly breathtaking.


Suddenly, a scarlet red ray of light, shot towards him from within a cloud.

Ye Qingyu lifted his hand, his two fingers clenching the projectile.

It was a scarlet red formation arrow used to pierce through armour.

A small scale formation ship suddenly broke from the cloud layers, with soldiers of Youyan Pass standing upon it. Leading them, was a military warfare officer. With a bow in his hand, he roared from far away: “I wonder which of our friends have arrived. You have already entered into the boundary of Youyan Pass. Please stop your steps, and indicate your identity!”

He had encountered people of Youyan Pass.

Ye Qingyu let down his guard, saying: “Youyan pass’s sword patrolling envoy, returning to the pass. This is my military seal.

As he said this, Ye Qingyu activated his military seal and sent it over.

The opposing party extended his hand to receive it. After examining it for a while, he did not give an immediate reply. A fire signal exploded out from the formation airship, dyeing half the sky red. Evidently it was rapidly passing along information.

Ye Qingyu could only patiently wait.

But in less then ten breaths of time, there were tens of formation airship that appeared from the surroundings, encircling towards Ye Qingyu from all directions. Vaguely, it seemed to surround Ye Qingyu at the very centre. Blades and spears were unsheathed, swords prepared. The formation cannon on the airship were also charged, the lights flickering with surging energy. The airships formed an array with Ye Qingyu at the centre, displaying faint signs of hostility.

“Eh? Just what was this?”

Ye Qingyu was somewhat nonplussed.



*Out of the Great Treatise I,繫辭上 – Xi Ci I


**Yeah, I’m not going to lie…’s some deep taoism stuff that I don’t know what it means so take this translation with a grain of salt.


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