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172 – Three eyed ice toad!

Chapter 172: Three-eyed ice toad!

Broken Mountain is tall and broad, apart from the area that Starry Sky Academy occupied, the other areas remain undevelop or utilized. Some places are deserted, inaccessible and no one can find it.

Although there’s a legend that a dragon slayer immortal slashed off the top of Broken Mountain, but that tale happened tens of thousands of years ago.

Whether or not the story is true or fake, in these tens of thousands of years, time flies and years have passed, yet Broken Mountain peak still maintains its flat shape and form. But what had happened on the mountain, what great changes it underwent or what kind of strange neighbours it had, only this great mountain knows.

Starry Sky Academy is located on an isolated peak, providing a scenic spot and place of interest for students. Therefore, students spontaneously like to go out for ‘adventure’.

Just like Li Muyang, Qiandu and Lin Canghai. On one hand, they were here to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Broken Mountain and get familiar with the terrain of Broken Mountain, but also hoped to encounter some rare birds, beasts, Lingzhi, or strange treasures.

Li Muyang also hoped to catch a Mt Gong colourful chicken or a short-legged rabbit to give to master Xiahou to make soup. After all, teacher Xiahou gifted him Taoist secret scroll ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’. Master’s kindness surpasses the sea; also, the soup he makes smells very fragrant——the meat in the soup was also really delicious.

Some rare treasures can be nourishing to the body and even improve one’s cultivation level.

In the divine continent, tragic scenes and bloody fights of mass of cultivators trying to snatch a rare treasure were often seen.

Talents and treasure, can only be acquired by fated people. What if they are those fated people?

While Li Muyang, Qiandu and Lin Canghai were in high spirits, exploring the mountains and woods, and with ‘Phoenix looking for Phoenix’ playing in the background, they unexpectedly walked onto some unknown land.

What was even more unexpected is that, there’s someone who ventured further than them. Moreover, it was one of their classmates.

“Why did Chu Xun come here?” Qiandu furrowed her beautiful brows, her gaze fixed on the deep pool under the waterfall. “What monster is in the pond?”

“I couldn’t see clearly. The monster only revealed its back, but did not show its true face. However, Chu Xun is not weak, even with his ability, he still looked so troubled, it seems that thing is extremely powerful——”

“It really does look tough, it’s so big.” Li Muyang exclaimed. He also saw the huge shadow in the pool. With his lack of knowledge and limited experience, he thought that the bigger something is, the more powerful it is. That dark figure was very big, so the monster must be very strong.

Just like the turtle drake he rode before, although he was injured and ultimately ended in a tragic death because of him, when he plunged down into the sea, his body caused a series of water waves——

With one slashing sword stroke, Chu Xun frightened the monster, and while he was still hovering in mid-air, he noticed Li Muyang and others were also here.

His face was still as arrogant and cold like always. He merely threw a sidelong glance at them. He did not greet them, nor request support, instead clasping his sword, dived into the cold, bottomless pond once again.

“Should we help?” Lin Canghai asked aloud.

“Even though we met by chance, we can’t just sit and watch. Besides, our classmates are in danger, how could we not help?” Qiandu firmly said. “Canghai, you watch over at the side, I’ll go in and see.”

Lin Canghai did not want Qiandu to take any risk. He immediately said: “Or you stand watch, I’ll take care of it.”

Before Qiandu’s agreed, he already darted towards the waterfall.


Lin Canghai plunged into the pond, without the slightest splashing of water.

Qiandu swept her glance over at Li Muyang, saying: “You stay here, I’ll also go and see. This cold pond looks strange, I’m afraid they’re in danger.”

Li Muyang pulled back Qiandu by the arm. “Don’t worry. The monster will not show itself for now, and both Chu Xun and Lin Canghai are skilled swordsmen, they will not lose.”

“Moreover, Chu Xun and that Lu Qiji are inseparable. Chu Xun clearly had the opportunity to escape, but he still dived into the deep pond. It means that Lu Qiji is also in the pond——With their combined strength and skill, they can slaughter a dragon.”

Qiandu turned round to look Li Muyang in the eye, her line of sight slowly shifted to his hand grasping her arm tightly as she said: “You’re afraid?”

“How would I be?” Li Muyang desperately denied. “As a student of Starry Sky Academy, I’m prepared to sacrifice all, even my life. Besides, I’m Teacher Xiahou’s disciple, if I get cold feet, would that not bring shame to my master?”

“Then why are you holding onto me so tightly?”

“Am I?” Li Muyang immediately loosened his grip and removed his hand, his face flushing with embarrassment: “I just think, we should first monitor from the outside. If you know your enemy and know yourself, then you can fight a hundred battles without defeat. Now, you don’t know what the situation down there is like or what kind of monster it is, jumping down rashly——is a very stupid behavior.”

“What advice do you have?”

“We stay here and watch, wait until they lure the monster out, then we shall immediately attack, targeting the monster’s weakness and trying to strike a deadly blow.”

“If the monster doesn’t come out?”

“If the monster does not come out, Lin Canghai and Chu Xun will definitely come out.” Li Muyang said. “At that time, whether to fight or flee, they should have a clear decision in their mind. Let’s listen to their judgement.”

“If Lin Canghai and Chu Xun do not come out?”

“Then we have no reason to go in” Li Muyang said. “So many people have went in already but still hasn’t come out, if we both go in as well then would we not be killed by that monster too?”


“Do you think I’m too cruel? For a gentleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long. As long as we remember this place, remember what monster ate our friends——no matter what, we must kill it to avenge our friends.”

“You’re scared.” Qiandu said bluntly. “You’re scared that if I was gone as well, you would be in danger——but I’m in favor of your suggestion, let’s first see what kind of monster is hiding in the pond.”

Qiandu’s eyes turned cold, staring intently at the deep pond, until suddenly the green flute that she used to play the tune ‘Phoenix looking for Phoenix’ appeared in her hand. “Then, kill immediately.”

Before the sound of her voice faded away, a dark shadow soared out of the deep pond. Li Muyang saw it clearly, it was Lin Canghai.

Then, following closely behind, another person propelled out of the deep pond. Li Muyang also clearly saw, it was Chu Xun.

Then, the water began to vibrate violently, before a giant ugly head jets out of the deep pond.

That head is really ugly, hundred times uglier than the ugliest creature Li Muyang has ever seen and ten thousand times uglier than Li Muyang before he became whiter——

A flat, gigantic head with a slender, tapered mouth and sharp cheekbones. It has three eyes, with the two eyes on the left and right sides bulging up, as though they might explode at any time.

The third eye is on a raised area on the skin right in the middle of the head. The eye is blood-red, like it is wrapped in red clouds.

Its cheeks puffed up on both sides, as if they were stuffed with something.

Its skin is a green-brown colour and its head is full of warts of varying sizes growing all over.

Let alone touch, even the sight of them were disgusting and nauseating.


Its bloody mouth sprung wide open, gushing out a burst of white gas in the direction of Lin Canghai and Chu Xun hovering in the air.


Within a radius of hundreds of meters, temperatures plummeted, even where Li Muyang was, he felt an unpleasant, piercing chillness in the atmosphere.


The moist air began to solidify, the water droplets dripping down from Lin Canghai’s and Chu Xun’s body became frozen solid.

What was even more frightening is that the huge waterfall that constantly poured water into the lake was completely frozen over. Those sphere droplets of ice hit against the icy surface, causing the air to be filled with pa-pa-pa, sounds.

Across the cold pond, besides the ugly head, which was still struggling and twisting, pouring out cold air from its mouth towards Chu Xun and Lin Canghai, the entire surface was frozen.

The waterfall was frozen all over, water droplets solidified, as if time has stopped.

“Three-eyed ice toad.” Qiandu said aloud. “I did not expect to find a three-eyed ice toad up on Broken Mountain——In front of Broken Mountain is Flower Language Plain and behind is Nujiang, it’s a place where strange flowers and bizarre creatures live. This toad actually grew a third eye; moreover, its third eye is completely open and not in a closed state, it’s most likely over a thousands years old.”

“What monster is that?” Li Muyang exclaimed. “Thousand years?”

For a teenager, the two words ‘thousand years’ are too distant—too shocking.

“The situation is not good.” Qiandu said. “Lin Canghai has came out, and Chu Xun has also came out. You just said that Chu Xun and Lu Qiji are inseparable——Chu Xun had a chance to escape but he did not leave, instead, without regards to his life, rushed into the cold pond. It means Lu Qiji hasn’t come out yet——”

“Lu Qiji——” Li Muyang stood aghast, muttering: “hasn’t come out?”

In that instant, Li Muyang could not describe his feelings.

For some reason, the first time he met Lu Qiji, she already disliked him.

After they enrolled into the same course, Lu Qiji often picked a quarrel, provoked and made accusations against him time and time again.

Li Muyang could sense it, when she looked at him, her eyes were filled with an indescribable hatred.

She hates him, although the reason for this hatred baffled Li Muyang.

But now, knowing that she still hasn’t come out. There was a possibility of her being buried in the bottom of the cold pond——

Li Muyang’s eyes turned red.


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