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173 – Give me an accounting

“Scheme?” The leading soldier began laughing uproariously, his eyes filled with mockery and disdain. His entire appearance indicated the attitude of ‘what does it matter if you know’ but his mouth denied this accusation: “You really are filled with lies. Is it worthwhile for the supply department to use a scheme on a tiny little sword slave? Just who do you think you are…..People, arrest these thieves who dare steal the soldiers’ pay!”

Four soldiers held steel shackles in their hands and advanced like wolves or tigers towards Bai Yuanxing.

“You… does the laws of the army still exist?” Bai Yuanxing was both angry and enraged, doing his utmost to struggle. “I am a person of White Horse tower, you dare act against me? I know, it’s because my master Ye had disciplined that officer surnamed Zhao. You are using official channels to settle a private revenge. To have used such a plot to get back at us, you guys really are ignoring all the rules…..“

“Hmph, a person that doesn’t know death. To dare say such nonsense. People, come beat his mouth till it’s messed up.” The leading solder had a cold glint in his eyes.

The mother Wu laying on the floor, seeing this, knew that Bai Yuanxing could not be of any use. Instantly she was in a panic and afraid. Lunging forward begging, “No, no, no, don’t! This has nothing to do with Master Bai….The silver….the silver was really stolen by us…….We admit that we’re guilty…..” She had brought these soldiers of the supply department over, hoping that Bai Yuanxing could stand witness for them, and save her husband.

But seeing the scene so far, this normal housewife, even if she was stupid, would also understand certain things.

Thinking to the attention and care that Bai Yuanxing normally treated with her, Mother Wu crisply bit her teeth and acted bravely. At least this would prevent her from dragging the people of White Horse tower down.

The Ye Qingyu in the crowd seeing this scene, could not help but feel a faint shred of warmth in his heart.

The servant Mother Wu, was a person that he had hired to take care of Bai Yuanxing. He had casually hired her in the marketplace without much thought. After Bai Yuanxing had recovered, he originally intended to ask her to leave. But in those days Mother Wu’s performance was very good, and she was also able to cook delicious dishes. Hence Ye Qingyu’s heart had softened, allowing her to stay behind. He did not think that such a normal housewife would have such admirable bravery.

“You are breaking the laws of the army…..You bunch of bandits, I will report you at the Pass Lord’s residence….”

Bai Yuanxing did his utmost to struggle, shouting loudly. He wanted to cause a ruckus and cause the patrols of the city to come to investigate.

The leading soldier had continuous cold smiles on his face: “Reporting this to the Pass Lord’s residence? Just who do you think you are? Haha, I think you should just follow me and see my superior….”

Before he had finished.

Another voice sounded.

“I don’t think there’s a need. Why don’t you bring your superior here to see me.”

Ye Qingyu slowly walked out form amidst the crowd.

The crowd could only sense a blur across their eyes. The people holding Bai Yuanxing fell backwards with a low grunt. Ye Qingyu was already beside Bai Yuanxing in the next instant.

Patting Bai Yuanxing on the shoulder, he shook his head with a smile: “This can’t do. If you don’t practice martial arts and you don’t have the ability to protect yourself, you will really lose my face. In the time I was not here, the dogs that have no eyes, really think that people of White Horse tower are pushovers.”

Bai Yuanxing was dumbfounded.

Then instantly he understood. Doing his utmost to rub his eyes, his eyes instantly moistened.

With a plopping sound, he knelt on the ground. In these days the White Horse sword slave had always been in a state of fear and worry. Right now, such emotions dispersed like smoke. He had an excitement that was like the radiance of the moon finally finally coming out from behind black clouds. His voice was hoarse as he said: “Master, you….you’ve finally returned, they said you had…..I didn’t believe them. I knew, you would definitely return.”

Ye Qingyu lifted his hand, and an invisible energy assisted Bai Yuanxing up. “Don’t kneel so casually. The people of White Horse tower can fight, can die, but they cannot kneel.”

“Yes, Master, I know.” Bai Yuanxing wiped his tears, shouting loudly.

“Go look after Mother Wu.” Ye Qingyu said.

Bai Yuanxing went to the side, assisting the Mother Wu that was covered in blood up.

After settling the two, Ye qingyu clapped his hands, coming to the front of the armoured soldier. With a smile: “What is it, after hearing I had died, did someone impatiently wanted to do something? The people of the supply department, their memory is really poor. A bunch of plotting worms, they really are not fit to serve in a place like Youyan Pass….it seems you have not managed to remember the previous incident at all.”

The leading soldier’s face was completely red. He did not dare to say anything, a expression of complete fear.

When Ye Qingyu had completely caused a chaos in the hall of the supply department, he had also been present. He saw with his own eyes Zhao Ruyun being hung like a dead dog on the [Discipline pillar]. The cool breeze mountain faction as well as the other officers, did not dare to say anything in retaliation. Even the head of the supply department Zhang San, could not do anything against this patrolling sword envoy. Therefore this leading soldier deeply knew how fearful Ye Qingyu was. He was so scared that his heart was pounding.

At this time, the surrounding bystanders only just understood what had happened.

Some people were able to recognise Ye Qingyu’s identity.有

“Heavens, that fellow has returned…..”

“Who is that young man?”

“The master of White Horse tower, patrolling sword envoy Ye Qingyu!”

“He really is Ye Qingyu, he is too young!”

“Is the hero of the battlefield Ye Qingyu? The army in these days, had always publicised his heroic actions?”

“He really is the idol of all young people, he was still alive? This is too good…..”

“That’s not right. The army has already sent a notice around regarding the fact that he has already died in battle. How was it that he came back, could it be that he is a ghost?”

“Nonsense, have you ever seen a ghost in broad daylight……A mistake must have been made somewhere!”

The surrounding people discussed constantly.

Within the crowd, there were some people that understood the intricacies behind this incident. They had long seen through the inconsistencies and secretly held sympathy for Bai Yuanxing and the others. But there was nothing they could do. Right now seeing Ye Qingyu’s reappearance, they could not help but become overjoyed.

In these days, the army had always publicly advertised the fantastical actions of Ye Qingyu. The scale of this propaganda was not small in the slightest. Many young people in the city, soldiers viewed Ye Qignyu in admiration. Seeing the rumoured martyred hero appearing alive in front of the them, they immediately became excited.

The only people who were not excited, were the armoured soldiers of the supply department.

They would not even dream of encountering such a situation. They knew, they were in great trouble.


“According to logic, you are only a subordinate who are listening to orders. I should not make things too hard for you.” Ye Qingyu looked at the leading soldier. “However, even though you are just following orders, your actions should not be so cruel. To have hurt the people of White Horse tower.” Ye Qingyu pointed at the bruised and swollen Mother Wu, then pointed to Mother Wu’s husband. Continuing to speak: “Everyone should pay for their own actions. Give me a satisfactory accounting, and I can let go of you today.”

The leading soldier’s body quivered.

His face was sometimes green sometimes red, his spirit ever-changing. Ultimately, he mustered his determination. With a sound he unsheathed the short sword at his waist. Biting his teeth, he stabbed it into his own thigh.

The surrounding crowd let out shocked gasps.

The leading soldier took out the short sword, and a jet of blood spurted out. His face was pale yellow, “Such an accounting, is patrolling envoy Ye satisfied?”

Ye Qingyu seriously gave him a glance, then nodded his head. “It is satisfactory. Go back and tell your superior, that what he should do next, he should be extremely clear. Don’t make me go to the supply department again….Go.”

The bunch of soldiers turned and fled in a rush.

The surrounding crowd, instantly began clapping.

Evidently Ye Qingyu’s neither overbearing and servile attitude, where he was justified and reasonable had won the recognition of some people.

Especially in this entire situation, his authoritative aura had won the respect of many people. Youyan Pass was a heavy military outpost, and their attitude was extremely martial. There were many talented people with exceptional strength, but someone like Ye Qingyu who was so young was uncommon. To be so firm and to have such authority even when he did not fight, was really rare in recent years.

Ye Qingyu greeted the surrounding people with a smile: “There’s nothing to see anymore, everyone can go.”

The crowd gradually dispersed.

Then Ye Qingyu turned around, heading to the doors of White Horse tower.

Mother Wu had her face filled with tears as she hugged her husband. With a light voice, she breathed out the name of her husband. Bai Yuanxing stood by the side helpless, not knowing what he should do.

Ye Qingyu bent down and a pure strand of yuan qi entered into the body of this man, protecting the meridians around his heart. Using a special method, he sealed away the pressure points of his shoulder, then slowly took out the metal hook in his shoulder little by little.

“Master, my husband he….” Mother Wu said anxiously.

Ye Qingyu had a faint smile: “Don’t worry. It’s only that his external injuries are somewhat heavy. After you return, find a doctor to take care of the wound and rest for a while. The problem should not be large.”

Mother Wu knelt on the ground with a bang, bowing constantly: “Thank you master, thank you master…….”

“You are a person of White Horse tower. It is natural that I should protect you. Quickly get up.” Ye Qingyu said sincerely.

Bai Yuanxing quickly assisted Mother Wu up. The two people went to find a stretcher, and brought the man within White Horse tower. After settling down, Bai Yuanxing under Ye Qingyu’s instructions, went outside in search of a doctor. Mother Wu filled with gratefulness, went out with her shopping basket, saying that she needed to make something good for Ye Qingyu to eat…..

Such a disturbance, temporarily ended for the moment.

Ye Qingyu returned to the quiet room at the fourth floor of White Horse tower. Sitting on the prayer mat, he stared out through the window towards the outside.

He had finally returned.

The silly dog Little Nine happily crawled back to Ye Qingyu’s bed. Sensing the softness and familiar smell, he was very quickly snoring away.

Ye Qingyu’s heart, was peaceful for once.

He once again thought back to the words that were said between him and the [Painting saint] in the military council pavilion.

“The Empire has obtained the maps of the Explosive Snow glacier, and also heavily injured Yan Buhui. This is an extremely crucial opportunity. Because of the betrayal of Yan Buhui in those years, the [Army of Youyan Pass] has always bided their time for all these years. Our military power is already surging to its peak, its time we retaliate. I believe very quickly, a large scale war will begin. No matter whether it is the imperial family of the Empire, army of Youyan Pass or Lord Lu, they all want to break past the Explosive Snow glacier in one strike, heading straight towards the Northern ground demon court. Exterminating the snow ground demon race, and getting rid of the worry in the hearts of Snow empire….”

“Battle is about to arrive. All the other preparations for battle, naturally has sped up it’s progress.”

“This time, you have been given a title, directly becoming a Marquis. Although I certainly supported this, a very large reason for your title, was the need for propaganda prior battle. The army of the Empire wanted to construct an image of a hero for everyone to aspire to. Therefore the army has greatly advertised this, using it to raise morale, and to incite the will to fight of the soldiers. You came from a common background, and is also a inheritor of a heroic military badly. Sacrificing yourself, you made a great contribution. At such a crucial time, you are unquestionably the ideal candidate for their propaganda. Furthermore, because you were announced to be dead, bestowing the title of Marquis to a  dead person would not touch upon the nerves of the noble factions. Therefore they did not oppose this……As such, at such a time, you became the youngest Marquis in the history of the Empire.”

“But this time, they bestowed a title on you when you were dead. To have come back alive, you have created a hard problem to the army. Is this bestowal still still in effect…..Haha, I think that once the news that you have come back alive has been passed o,n the heads of the army must have a headache…..”


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