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174 – Speak, just what is this

Ye Qingyu was able to obtain lots of information in his conversation with the [Painting saint] Liu Yuqing.

A point that made him pay particular attention to, was that the entire Empire and the great army of Youyan Pass, was currently preparing to retaliate against the demon race. They wanted to completely reverse the situation of the last ten years, and launch a frontal assault against the Snow ground demon court.

Without question, this was a matter that would affect the entire fate of the Empire. It was a battle that was related to the fate of everyone from top to bottom in Snow Empire. Once they were able to completely destroy the Snow ground demon court according to the plans of the army of the Empire, then Snow Empire would no longer have any opponents in the entire Heaven Wasteland domain. They could rule entirely over Heaven Wasteland domain.

Ye Qingyu faintly felt, a vast and tremulous era, was about to open in front of him.

He did not like war.

But such matters, was not for him to decide.

Right now, what he needed do was raise his strength greatly. Before the descent of battle, he had to increase his ability to protect himself. This was the most important thing.

As for the bestowal of Marquis by the military, Ye Qingyu did not care about this at all.

In reality, he did not have too much interest in the title of Marquis that he obtained through his contributions.

The reason he had enlisted in the army at Youyan Pass,   was partly due to the the fact that he did not want to see the plots and schemes between the nobles and commoners at White Deer academy. The other part was that he wanted to train and refine himself within the military.

From Ye Qingyu’s perspective, a person’s personal strength was the only factor that could be used to decide their own fate and status.

Just now, in the words between him and Liu Yuqing, Ye Qingyu had roughly described how he had managed escaped. Of course, he did not say anything regarding the Snow dragon cemetery and the mysterious illusive figure, Supreme Ice flame, Dragon’s fang submerged in blood, etc. These were issues that would not affect the interest of the great army of Youyan Pass. Furthermore, Ye Qingyu faintly felt, that right now for the time being, this should only be known by himself.

As for whether Mister Liu believed, and how much he believed, this was not something Ye Qingyu cared about.

No matter what, he had a clear conscience.

As he slowly sorted his muddled thoughts, Ye Qingyu’s heart gradually began to settle down.

He began to activate the nameless heart sutra, cultivating his yuan qi.

After breaking to the twenty Spirit springs stage, through Ye Qingyu’s forceful suppression, the ancient bronze book [Titled Fiendgod chart] did not further refine his yuan qi. Right now, this was the moment for this to happen.

Ye Qingyu’s consciousness used inner vision.

With his dantian world, the twenty Spirit springs were distributed in the vast desert world, like twenty bright pearls embedded within the desert. It formed little lakes thousands of miles long. There were constantly silver mist formed from the springs that steamed up, like a tornado sweeping through the air. Ultimately it transformed into twenty strands of inner yuan that flowed through Ye Qingyu’s body, meridians, like rivers and lakes. It constantly nourished Ye Qingyu’s body, beneficially changing Ye Qingyu’s body for the better at every minute and at every second.

And in the very centre of this desert world in his dantian, a silver flame, as if it was the sun , was currently burning, shining in all directions.

This was the Supreme ice flame.。

“The mysterious person, has helped me assimilate the Supreme ice flame to its beginning stages. But he has only allowed my flesh body to get used to it, and for it not to destroy my body. This does not represent, that I can utterly control and use it as I will. I need to slowly refine it step by step. When the Supreme ice flame has completely combined with my inner yuan, only then can I fully use the Supreme ice flame and explode with a the ultimate pinnacle cold power….”

Ye Qingyu comprehended in his heart.

But he was not in a rush.

Training in martial arts was like sailing. It could not be rushed no mater what.

His consciousness retreated from the desert dantian world. Ye Qingyu used inner vision on his sea of consciousness.

It was time for him to allow the [Titled Fiendgod chart] to purify his inner yuan and return it to himself.

The ancient bronze book emitted a radiance, floating within his sea of consciousness.

He activated his inner yuan, removing his suppression and activating the bronze book.

He could see as if the bronze book had awakened from its slumber. The pages quivered slightly, then a bronze radiance emitted. Instantly a powerful suction, absorbed the yuan power around Ye Qingyu,that headed crazily towards the ancient book. At this moment the ancient bronze book was as if it was alive. Like a whale sucking water, it completely absorbed the inner yuan of Ye qingyu. Even if Ye Qignyu did not use inner vision anymore, he could clearly feel that his yuan qi was like an absolute mountain avalanche that rushed madly towards the bronze book.

Ye Qingyu maintained his consciousness, observing all that happened.

Such a matter, had already occurred several times already. In his heart he was calm, not feeling strange at all.

After a whole hour , the ancient bronze book had completely sucked dry all the yuan qi in Ye Qingyu’s body.

Then began the repayment.

Incomparably pure yuan qi rushed out from within the bronze book. According to the path it came, it headed towards Ye Qingyu’s body, roaring past every meridian.

Within such a process, Ye Qingyu’s body emitted a noise like that of a rumbling great river. This was the yuan qi travelling at high speed, rumbling like a meteor. It was rumoured that only experts who had cultivated to the Bitter Sea stage, would cause such a scene when they activated their inner yuan. For Ye Qingyu to be able to do this, it was evident just how powerful and surging his inner yuan was.

Such a process, continued for two hours.

Repayment was finished.

Ye Qingyu felt his body unprecedentedly comfortable.

The inner yuan in his body flowed naturally, like the river roaring past, flowing through his meridians, Growing and multiplying without end. Circulating and completing a whole cycle. His strength, even if he did not pay particular attention to training, would also naturally rise. Cultivating had already become an instinctive action of his body.

Ye Qingyu deeply breathed in air, summoning the bronze book and flipping through the pages.

Every time refinement occurred, there would be new contents unlocked in the bronze book.

“I wonder what part of the bronze book would be unlocked. Is it a technique, or is it a strange object?”

Ye Qingyu waited expectantly in his heart.

He began serious translating.

Five minutes later, Ye Qingyu closed the book.

“The section unlocked this time is a cultivation technique, called [Grass Wood heaven yuan power]. It’s able to control the surrounding vegetation to do battle. It seems to be not bad, but it does not have much use for me. The yuan qi cultivation techniques that belong to wood of the five attributes, is not suitable for me to cultivate. Furthermore, in a battle environment of the Explosive Snow glacier, controlling vegetation using such a cultivation technique was useless. There were far, far too little plants in a world of snow and ice…….”

Ye Qingyu was slightly disappointed.

But after thinking over it, this was normal.。

Within the ancient bronze book , there were many bizarre and unknown techniques contained within. It was not that every time he unlocked it, there would be contents that was suitable for his cultivation. Furthermore after his [Spirit raise] had undergone successfully, the Ye Qingyu who had chosen an ice attribute, had even stricter requirements towards cultivation techniques. His field of choice became much narrower.

“This cultivation technique, I can temporarily put aside.”

Ye Qingyu would not cultivated in the [Grass wood heaven yuan power].

He brought the bronze book back into his sea of consciousness. When he was about the continue cultivating, suddenly there was something that knocked into himself from behind.

Ye Qingyu turned around and looked and was shocked.

The silly dog Little Nine, without knowing when had soundlessly crawled behind his back.

The glutton lay on the floor, his limbs twitching, and white foam dripping from the corner of his mouth. His large eyes were completely showing white, as if he had been poisoned. He vomited white foam and dry heaved, but could not vomit anything. His body was bent into an arc, twitching and quivering.

“What is it ?” Ye Qingyu quickly rushed over to carry him.

“Disgusting, I want to vomit…..” The silly dog Little Nine said without any strength. “Master ,my tummy hurts.”

“What has happened?” Ye Qingyu seeing Little NIne’s appearance, his heart was hurt but at the same time he also felt bewilderment: “You were fine just now….could it be you have caught a cold? Or perhaps you have eaten something bad?”

This glutton had always eaten everything. Even that Snow ground dragon ape, had been eaten alive by him. He had never seen Little Nine in such a state before.

“Don’t know. It hurts….” Little Nine said weakly, his mouth spitting out white foam again.

Ye Qingyu did not know what do do.

“Go, lets go see the vet . I don’t know whether there is any vets within the city!” Ye Qingyu was in a panic.

Even though normally this glutton was not particularly pleasant to the eye, but after being together so closely for so long, in reality deep feelings had already been born in his heart. Little Nine was equal to his family. Seeing Little Nine suddenly in such a state, Ye Qingyu’s heart was in pain.

“It’s hard to bear…….ugh……” Little Nine suddenly spat out a pale green liquid from his mouth.

A strange fragrance, suddenly wafted throughout the entire room.


A strange noise came.

When the green liquid landed on the floor, it instantly completely melted the boulder like stone floor. Like metal being dissolved, strange noise came out, the rock emitting white smoke, and a large hole appeared.

Ye Qingyu suddenly felt an acute pain from his arm.

His arm had lightly touched upon a little bit of the pale liquid Little Nine emitted. Instantly his skin had been completely dissolved, and his flesh also. One was able to see the pearly white bone inside his arm.

“Just what is this? Ye Qingyu was greatly alarmed. ” His digestive juices? This is far too terrifying, this is acid enough to dissolve any metal. My flesh body is so strong that even Spirit weapons would be hard pressed to hurt me. For it to have been instantly dissolved by this green liquid?”

He quickly activated a strand of Supreme Ice flame to envelop the back of his hand. Only then could he get rid of the pale green liquid.

And right now Little Nine, looked like he was on his last breath, doing his utmost dryly heaving.

“Master, it hurts, hurts…..” The Little fellow said pitifully towards Ye Qingyu.

“Endure it a little, I’ll bring you the vet right now! ” Ye Qingyu said, activating his White Horse wings and was about to rush out from the window.

At this moment——-


Little Nine suddenly madly vomiting.

Large quantities of the pale green liquid was vomited out.

What followed after was a noise of something dropping, then one could hear something white was vomited from his mouth, falling to the floor. Rolling about in the green stomach acid, it was completely unharmed. The acid was not able to dissolve in the slightest. It emitted a pale white silver colour, and a strange ice aura, instantly enveloped the entire room.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

He felt that this white oval object, was somewhat familiar.

Carefully inspecting.

“Eh? Isn’t this the Snow ground dragon egg?”

Ye Qingyu was slightly shocked.

This oval white thing, was evidently the mysterious snow dragon egg he had seen in the cemetery of the Snow dragons.

Ye Qingyu evidently recalled at that moment had had clearly returned this snow dragon egg beneath the ice crystal coffin and into the ice crystal bird’s nest within. Why was it that it would suddenly vomit from the mouth of the silly dog Little Nine?

Could it be?

Right now, he could already see Little Nine immediately recover his vitality and life force. The white foam at the corner of his mouth had already disappeared, and he madly jumped from the ground. His previous painful state, had completely disappeared. He excitedly barked and shouted “Woof woof, woof? It doesn’t hurt anymore? Woof is good again? This is too strange, my tummy is completely right again…..Thank you, master!”

He rubbed his head against Ye Qingyu’s leg, doing his utmost to be adorable.

Ye Qingyu immediately had a dark face. Looking at Little Nine, he then pointed at the Snow dragon egg again:” Speak, just what is this?”


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