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175 – Let’s discuss things first

Little Nine blinked his eyes, staring innocently at Ye Qingyu: “Master, what are you saying? Little Nine doesn’t understand.”

“Stop pretending in front of me.” Ye Qingyu had a dark face. “Just what is this egg? Did I not put it back already?”

“What egg? Little Nine was dumbfounded, then followed along to the the direction Ye Qingyu’s finger was pointing to, and instantly began jumping up in shock. He had a face of bewilderment as he said: “Eh? This is too strange why is it there is a egg in here? This egg is very familiar, as if I’ve seen it some place before…..”

Ye Qingyu’s face turned darker and darker.

A faint killing intent, began spreading through the air.

Little Nine lowered his head, as if he had suddenly thought of something. “Woof, master, I suddenly thought of something that I still have yet to do. Master you have to obediently train, bye bye Master, I’ ll leave first and I won’t bother you!”

As he said this, he turned around and was about to jump out from the window.

“You little rotten scoundrel. Pretending to be confused are you. You want to leave?” Ye Qingyu lifted his hand, grabbing at the hind legs of the little white ball, dragging him back., Pointing at the white coloured snow dragon egg: “I’ve evidently placed it back, to have sneakily eaten it when I was not paying attention? No wonder your stomach was hurting, to have eaten a big icy lump in your stomach, could you be comfortable? You little brat is really capable, just when did you swallow this snow dragon egg, for me not to have noticed!”

Little Nine paws madly scrambled in the air, saying in a wronged tone: “Master, it hurts, quickly release me………’ve made a mistake, this is not that egg, this is the egg I gave birth to!”

Ye Qingyu:”………”

“You can even tell such a lie.” Ye Qingyu was completely speechless. “Let’s see you give birth to another egg then.”

Little Nine seeing that he had no way to explain himself, crisply decided not to explain himself. His watery eyes looked at Ye Qingyu, his tender little tongue sticking out, panting and pretending to be adorable. “Master, woof is so cute. I’ve only eaten a dragon egg, I’ve already vomited it out. How could you still want to punish me?”

Ye Qingyu.”…….”

Just what kind of battle companion have I raised.

At this moment—–

Crack crack!

The snow white dragon egg that was on the ground, a minute crack suddenly appeared on it’s surface.

Ye Qingyu and Little Nine looked at each other. All four of their eyes displayed suprise.

The egg had cracked?

The thing inside was about to come out?

Crack crack crack!

Fracture after fracture constantly appeared on the egg shell.

A white coloured claw, broke apart through the egg shell and slowly stretched outside.

Was it really going to be born?

Would it be a little snow dragon?

Or perhaps some other creature?

Ye Qingyu and Little Nine jumped in front of the egg shell, their eyes fixated.


A piece of the white shell was broken apart by a claw.

Through the gap of the egg shell, they could see a pair of beautiful little silver eyes staring outside. Bringing with it curiosity, bringing with it fear, bringing with it yearning, it was currently looking towards the outside. No matter what the life form, the moment it was born, it would have such an expression.

Ye Qignyu was about to come closer and have a even closer look……..


A streak of white light, broke apart from the shell of the egg.


The white light emitted a strange noise, encircling around Ye Qingyu and Little Nine. It’s weak voice was filled with adorableness, and finally the brightness of the white light dimmed, floating in front of Ye Qingyu.

It was a little silver dragon that was the size of a finger.

This silver little dragon was as if it was sculpted from ice crystal, his body emitting a faint white light. It’s dragon scales was tight and clustered, sparking with a radiance, as if it was a divine jade ice crystal. It four little claws was sharp, its tail faintly moving. Budding little horns, its eyes black and white, like minerals embedded, extremely adorable. From top to bottom, there were no imperfections on its body.

“Yiya, Yiya yiya……”

Naughty sounds came out from the mouth of the little dragon, its eyes curiously regarding left and right. Sometimes looking at Ye Qingyu, sometimes looking at Little Nine, it seemed to be doing its utmost to discern something.

It was said that after a creature had been born, the first life form it sees, it would treat it as if they were their parents.

The little silver dragon, could it be that it was doing its best to distinguish its parents?

From its outer appearance, this should be a little snow dragon?

Ye Qingyu was able to sense from the body of this little fellow, a faint icy cold. It was extremely similar from the air exhaled from the slumbering Snow dragon King, but also somewhat slightly y different. Snow dragons were the descendant of the dragon race, and it was said that the more their outer appearance was like that of ancient dragons, then this represented the purer their dragon bloodline was. And in reality, this was so. In the snow dragons Ye Qingyu had seen, the higher their strength the more they were like the legendary dragons.

And the finger thick silver little dragon in front of him, was exactly the same as the pure dragon race the ancient books had described.

“Could it that the bloodline of this little fellow has returned to his ancestors?” Ye Qingyu’s heart was faintly moved.

If there were signs that it had returned to its ancestral roots, this meant that the dragon bloodline within the body of the little silver dragon was extremely pure. It was very possible that it had already exceeded the normal level of a snow dragon.

Ye Qingyu slowly stretched out his palm.

“Come, little fellow. Who would have thought that the moment you were born, you a little snow dragon king.” Ye Qingyu attempted to communicate with this little fellow with a faint smile.

“Yiya?” In the eyes of the little silver dragon, a questioning look appeared. It slowly headed towards the centre of Ye Qingyu’s palm.

Little Nine seeing this, immediately let out a bark. He placed his long tail from his behind in the way: “Woof, quickly come over my side. Woof is your real mama, its me that brought you out from the snow dragon den. You came out from my tummy……”

Ye Qingyu was instantly speechless.

This glutton was becoming more and more shameless.

“You dare steal from me?” Ye Qingyu said furiously.

The silly dog Little Nine eyes flitted to the side, mumbling in a low voice: “Woof is just fairly competing.”

“Yiya?” The little silver dragon slowly neared them. Floating in the air, it looked at Ye Qingyu, and then looked at Little Nine, then looked down at the egg shell on the floor. Finally making its decision, it slowly floated towards Little Nine.

Ye Qingyu seeing this, ‘mother, just what was this, he could not even beat a dog?’

“Woof, woof. Master, perhaps you are going to lose to me.” Little Nine said in a fashion of someone taking delight in someone’s misfortune. “I’ve already said, it came out from my belly, it would definitely recognise me. Recruiting a little dragon as a servant, just what a fortunate thing this is. From now on I can ride it everywhere to play, a dog’s life is just perfect. Woof, hahaha!”

Ye Qingyu really wanted to throttle this thing.

As a battle pet, apart from eating, all he did was sleep. And apart from sleeping, all he did was eat. Without the slightest battle power, and right now, it was stealing a battle pet from his master. This was completely against the heavens.

And ever since this thing was able to talk, he became more and more mischievous.

As he saw the little silver dragon slowly nearing, Little Nine began grinning delightedly in victory.

At this moment—–


The little silver dragon suddenly used its little tail, to fiercely strike Little Nine on his mouth.

“This…..” Ye Qingyu’s mouth was wide open.

The clear noise of the impact made Ye Qingyu’s teeth also ache just from hearing the sound.

Little Nine was completely knocked dumb, tottering about with golden stars about his head, as if he was drunk.

And before anyone could react, the little silver dragon transformed into a ray of white light that appeared in front of Ye Qingyu.

The silver coloured little head light rubbed against Ye Qingyu’s cheek, and its little dragon head that was like a little silver strand or a little hand, touched Ye Qingyu’s head. Within it’s mouth, yiya yiya noises constantly came out, an expression of incomparable familiarity and closeness.

And when the dragon antler of the little silver dragon touched Ye Qingyu’s head, a clear and distinctive noise,sounded within Ye Qingyu’s mind——


It was the little silver dragon.

It used a special exchange of consciousness to communicate with Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu did not know whether snow dragons would have such abilities just when they were born. But it was not only able to fly about at lightning speed, it also had powerful mental power. However Ye Qingyu could be sure of one point; he was absolutely not the mama of this little dragon.

“Errr, call me brother…….but I have to first make something clear, little fellow, you may have identified the wrong person.” Ye Qingyu replied probingly with his consciousness.

“It can’t be wrong. You are mama, I am able to sense the aura of mama from you. It’s mama you who gave me life….” The little silver dragon said in a determined fashion.

I gave you life?

I don’t have such an ability.

I didn’t give birth to this egg.

I don’t have that function.

Ye Qingyu was about to deny this, when suddenly a flash of light flitted through his mind.

He suddenly remembered, during the time at the cemetery of the snow dragons, when he was holding this snow dragon egg, an abnormal change had happened. The dragon egg had abruptly absorbed the ice inner yuan energy from his own body, and the dragon egg that had always remained silent, suddenly changed. He faintly felt, within the dragon’s egg, there was a little thing that was swimming about in the half transparent dragon egg……

Could it be at that time, his ice inner yuan had awakened the slumbering little silver dragon? Therefore it had remembered his aura, and identified he as its mother?

It seemed like this was possible.

“Hey, hey, hey. Mama’s here, you’ve got the wrong person…..” Little Nine reacted, and said with his nose swollen.

The little silver dragon did not even give him a glance.

Ye Qingyu was about to say something, when at that time —-


The silent door, was suddenly kicked open.

A figure like a hurricane rushed in and headed towards Ye Qingyu, a punch striking out.

“You little bastard……”

The figure shouted loudly, his emotions moved.

After a slight shock, Ye Qingyu finally saw the person clearly. Quickly evading, he cried: “Hey, speak first, there’s no need to use violence. If you break something you have to pay for it…..”

“Pay for it my ass. You little bastard. Time after time you play at being lost and pretending to be dead. Could you consider other people’s feeling? Your father I will just decide to kill you today, to prevent me from worrying about you time after time again…..” Wen Wan was like a person with mad cow disease, clenching his teeth and punch after punch striking towards him with no mercy.


A stone table, was crushed into pieces.

Ye Qingyu felt the wind from the punches were like the ocean, about to drown him. Dodging to the side, he shouted: “Hey, Old Wen, quickly stop, you’ve crushed my table.”

“I still need to crush your head.” Wen Wan screamed with red eyes. “Little bastard, coming back alive, you don’t even send someone to notify me. I was the last person to know……don’t dodge, let me hit you three times for me to release my anger.”

Ye Qingyu felt both moved and funny.

“Yiya, yiya yiya…..”

The little silver dragon seeing its own ‘mama’ being chased after by someone, in its mineral like eye there was the colour of rage. With a sissy like roar, it spurted a stream of silver light towards Wen Wan.


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