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175 – Scared to death!

Chapter 175: Scared to death!

Li Muyang felt insulted.

Whether you want to kill me, cut off my flesh, swallow or rip me apart, hurry up——At a place like this, even if you want to simmer or deep fry me, it’s impossible.

What do you mean by circling around me? Do you think I’m too small and insignificant and lack the ability to counter-attack? So you deliberately toy with me, right?

If it were Lin Canghai or Chu Xun, you definitely would not treat them with such a rude attitude?

What tortures people is inequality rather than scarcity.

I did not expect to see a toad that discriminates. What is the difference between you and those classmates who bullied me before?

So, Li Muyang wanted to strike back, even if it was only a little strike. He wanted to teach the toad an unforgettable lesson.

“Ugly, hideous dead toad, I hope that you will be be covered with poison warts, have a butt on your head, give birth to son without eyes——” Li Muyang ruthlessly let out a torrent of abuse.

He thought his counterattack was very effective. After cursing out loud, he suddenly felt a lot more relaxed and his mind at ease.

“Ah?” Li Muyang cried out in surprise.

He indeed did feel much lighter, that feeling of pain of ten thousand needles piercing into the top of his head disappeared and the pain from the ice water cutting into his skin and flesh also faded.

The ice water was still cold, but his body had gradually adapted to such harsh temperatures.

Moreover, he felt that immersing in the frozen lake was very relaxing, comfortable and free. Like he’s a fish returning to the sea.

Li Muyang cautiously opened one eye then the other, the previous pricking pain from the ice water was gone.

Not only were his eyes able to withstand the water, but he once again regained his sight.
No, he could see things at the bottom of the lake.

Even though he could only see within a range of a few meters, but it was still very astonishing.

After all, as Lin Canghai has said, the lake is as dark as ink and it’s hard to see with the two eyes.

Even with Lin Canghai’s level of cultivation, he couldn’t see anything at the bottom of the lake, why could he do it?

However, now was not the time to think about this problem.

The three-eyed ice toad wandered back and forth behind his butt, as though it might rush up and swallow him at anytime.

The only thing on Li Muyang’s mind right now was that he needed to make some necessary defensive measures.

For instance——escape from this bottomless pond.

He clenched his fist, realising that his hand was able to move freely.

His arms that trailed at his sides became flexible. He was able to swim freely and effortlessly.

So, Li Muyang held his breath, his cheeks puffing up like the toad.

He compressed his body, and then, like a spring, propelled forward at once, desperately swimming across.

The toad originally did not know how to deal with Li Muyang. It was afraid of eating him but at the same time felt it’s a pity if he did not. While hesitating, he came to discover that the prey he was eyeing on was on the verge of escaping——

It wants to, it doesn’t want to, or perhaps it deeply thought about it——

Consequently, its huge foot began to make a slight movement, opening its tremendous mouth and charging over in the direction of where Li Muyang was escaping.

The three-eyed ice toad has resided in the cold pond for a long time, of course it’s incredibly familiar with the terrain.

More importantly, it was born to live in the underwater world. Of course it’s more skilled in swimming than eating.

Li Muyang dared to have an underwater race with it, was that not a path leading straight to death?

As expected, before Li Muyang even swam a few meters, he was already swallowed by the three-eyed ice toad.

Li Muyang was torn with anxiety.

If he was swallowed by the toad, was that not also the same as a dying?

He must live a beautiful life, but if he died——also must die beautifully.

Li Muyang does not want to become the toad’s meal, does not want to be mixed with smelly fish, shrimps and Lu Qiji——He must not let Lu Qiji take advantage of himself.

He decided to strike back.

A dying counterattack, or perhaps a final struggle at death’s door.

He clenched his fists and held it tight, gathering qi into his dantian.

The sea of qi area, like a boundless sea began to roll up shallow waves, as if a breeze was blowing over the surface.

Li Muyang felt his fist growing in size and the temperature becoming burning hot.

His pair of fists boiling in fury in the frozen lake.

“Breaking fist.” Li Muyang roared

H suddenly twisted around and punched out at the toad’s forehead.

Li Muyang swam fast, the toad chased even faster.

When it discovered Li Muyang, Li Muyang suddenly turned around and threw out a punch. Fear once again enveloped his whole body——

With a swift stroke of its foot, it sent him propelling forward.


The three-eyed ice toad unexpectedly ran.

“That scared me.” Three-eyed ice toad took shelter behind a rock, its claws patting its round and bulging belly——

Without any greeting, Li Muyang once again plunged into the cold pond, going against his own suggestion that ‘everyone should find its weaknesses first and then launch a fatal blow’.

Qiandu darted across to the place where Li Muyang just swooped down, gazing at the ripples widening on the surface of the lake and the shattered pieces of ice caused by explosion as she said in a worried tone of voice: “Li Muyang, that’s too risky——”

Lin Canghai leaped to Qiandu’s side, his face glowing with admiration. “Li Muyang is very brave and also values friendship——Even though he was fully aware of the ruthless and astonishing power of the three-eyed ice toad, he still dived down with no second thought. It proves that he’s someone with courage and values friendship. This classmate is worthy of being friends with, just now I wronged him.”

After a brief pause, he asked in a worried tone: “But, what to do now? Li Muyang is most likely in extreme danger now, everything points to disaster, right?”

Chu Xun stared blankly in a trance at the unfathomable cold pond. This is something he should have done but Li Muyang beat me to it.

Because of the time he spent with Lu Qiji, he knew clearly that Lu Qiji disliked Li Muyang. Although he did not know where this hostility came from or why it started.

At the same time, he also knew that Li Muyang was not fond of Lu Qiji. They have clashed repeatedly, which was also witnessed by everybody.

“However, why did Li Muyang do such a thing?” Chu Xun was still puzzling over this problem in his mind, he really couldn’t understand.

It was not a disguise nor acting.

This was a real test of life and death.

The three-eyed ice toad has exposed its ugly head, and even though he and Lin Canghai attacked together, they still could not kill it. It’s an opponent that posed an enormous threat to someone’s life——With Li Muyang’s skill, the instant he jumped down he would be swallowed.

Nevertheless, Li Muyang still did so.

He does not believe that a person would be so selfless to risk his own life for another person. Moreover, that person is one of his enemies.

What kind of secrets was he hiding?

“From what you guys said, in this underwater world, we are no match for the three-eyed ice toad. If it blindly attacked us, we wouldn’t even notice.” Qiandu’s face turned gloomy. “However, leaving Li Muyang himself at the bottom of the pond is really dangerous, we must jump in, make some big movements and cause a huge disturbance in order to attract the toad’s attention. This way, we can reduce the pressure on Li Muyang. However, we better not collide head-on with the toad, but instead think of ways to bring it to the surface, where we can strike together—just now the result of Canghai’s and Chu Xun’s joint attack was pretty good.”

Lin Canghai turned to look at Chu Xun, saying: “Brother Canghai, what do you think? Just now when the two of us attacked together, we were extremely well-coordinated. How about we unite again to rescue Li Muyang and Lu Qiji?”

The expression on Chu Xun’s face remained cold and indifferent. “Lu Qiji is one of my closest friends, no matter what, I have to save her, even if it means sacrificing my life. Whether or not you’re going to save her, I will still risk my life to save her——”

Lin Canghai’s face grew slightly angry. “What are you talking about? Who said we’re not saving Lu Qiji? There’s always disagreement between Li Muyang and Lu Qiji, but at this critical moment of life and death he still dumped away the former hatred, disregarded his life and plunged into the cold pond. Li Muyang values friendship, we’re obviously the same as him——We will save Li Muyang, and also Lu Qiji. In any case, they don’t clash anymore. As long as we kill the three-eyed ice toad, wouldn’t everything be solved?”

“But you’re too selfish, you only wants to save Lu Qiji herself, is Li Muyang not also your classmate? Because of some minor contradicting views before, you don’t care about his life?”

“No matter what you say. The first person I want to save is Lu Qiji.” Chu Xun said in his firmest tone.


“Fine. Canghai, no need to say too much.” Qiandu said aloud. “Now is not the time to quarrel. Lu Qiji has been in the lake for some time now, we don’t know the situation down there. Li Muyang just dived into the cold pond, he’s most likely in danger now——We must not waste time and save them now. It doesn’t matter whether Chu Xun would be saving Lu Qiji or Li Muyang, as long as he will help us kill the three-eyed ice toad——”

Qiandu’s line of sight shifted over to Chu Xun, asking: “Chu Xun classmate, do you agree?”

“Of course” Chu Xun replied.
“Let’s start.” Qiandu said.

“Understood.” Lin Canghai nodded, clutching his long sword, he was the first to jump into the cold pond.

He thinks Li Muyang is a worthy friend, so was willing to fight to death with the three-eyed ice toad for him.

Holding a green magic flute in her hand, Qiandu’s outside was haloed in a faint pearly light, and then, light as a feather, she descended into the cold pond.

Hovering in mid-air, Chu Xun slowly lowered, looking at the cold pond with a solemn, serious expression on his face.


His long sword returned in its sheath.


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