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176 – Borrow him for me to play with for a couple of days

Wen Wan suddenly felt a coldness on his face.

   “Eh? What’s that thing? It dares to spit at my face?” Wen Wan turned to look behind him, his mouth wide open with incomparable shock at the floating silver dragon in front of him.

   The next moment his shocked expression solidified.

   A layer of silver ice, two fingers thick, began spreading out from his body. Before Wen Wan could have any sort of reaction, he was completely sealed in ice with the silver light at the centre.

   Ye Qingyu was also dumbfounded.

   He had always felt Wen Wan’s strength was deep and unfathomable, but right now, he began to  doubt his impressopm….

   Seeing the ice sculpture in front of him, was Wen Wan really that strong?? Just a mouthful of spit from the little silver dragon was enough to completely freeze him. Wen Wan still maintained the posture of lifting his fist with an expression filled with shock and bewilderment. He was a freshly made ice sculpture, filled with power and beauty.

   “Yiya Yiya….”

   The weak voice of the little dragon sounded, and another globe of silver light slowly gathered.

   He wanted to spit again?

   Ye Qingyu was shocked by this and quickly covered the mouth of the little silver dragon: “There’s been a mistake, he’s our friend…..”

   “Woof woof? Hahahaahah………” Little Nine hugged his tummy with his tail, and began laughing in an unrestrained and loud manner. “Wahahaah, compared to that misfortunate fellow, I’ve only been hit a few times by his tail. I am really fortunate indeed……”“

   Fine, it seems that glutton was trying to make his heart feel better through this.

   “Yiya?” The little silver dragon looked at Ye Qingyu in confusion. He seemed as if he did not understand why his mama wanted to protect that vicious person.

   Ye Qingyu also could not present an explanation. Qingyu looked around to find a hammer and began pounding  at the ice sculpture, wanting to break apart the surface layer of ice on Wen Wan away..

   -Clang! Clang! Clang!-

   As hammer after hammer was struck, tiny little white fractures began appearing on the silver ice on Wen Wan’s body, but it did not shatter apart.

   “Why is it so tough?”

   Ye Qingyu was completely stunned.

   Anything hammered by him, even if it was refined steel, would be shattered and broken. The ice that the little silver dragon spat out was of such a degree of hardness.

 No wonder Wen Wan did not use his inner yuan to break apart the ice after being sealed.

   What could he do now?

   Would Old Wen freeze to death after being sealed in ice for a while??

   “Yiya? Yiya yiya…….” Seeing Ye Qingyu’s actions, the little silver dragon slowly floated up from the ground. Using his little horn that was like a little bone flower blossom that had yet to grow fully, he lightly tapped the ice.

   -Kacha! Kacha!-

   Clustered white cracks and fractures began to appear.

   Afterwards, the silver ice covering Wen Wan’s body cracked apart, falling to the ground with a crash.

   Wen Wan maintained the posture of punching Ye Qingyu. Only after a short while did he let out a breath and coughed several times, looking somewhat confused. Looking at Ye Qingyu, his gaze fell on the body of the little silver dragon. With a trace of disbelief, he inspected him for a while before asking , “Just now, was it this little fellow who spat at me?”

   “This is a misunderstanding………” Ye Qingyu attempted to give an explanation.

   He was afraid that Wen Wan was about to get mad again.

   “It’s kind of cute.” Wen Wan’s expression changed, kneading his fist. Turning around as if nothing had happened, he sat on the stone chair, grinding his teeth. “All the bones in my body were frozen stiff. Let me tell you, just now I was not prepared. That’s the only reason I was hit by his spit. The next time won’t be so easy. But seeing that this little fellow is so cute, I won’t take things further with him……….”

   At this point he suddenly cast his glance to Little Nine who was currently relishing in his misfortune. Frowning he said: “To think that this trash glutton has not yet died? I thought he had already been devoured by the demon race….”

   In an instant, the subject had changed.

   Little Nine had a feeling of being shot by an arrow despite laying on the floor.

   He was instantly enraged, his face filled with innocence. Jumping up, his tail pointed at Wen Wan’s nose, “You are the trash, your whole family is trash……”

   Wen Wan had a face filled with shock, jumping up like he had seen a ghost: “Just what is happening? What has happened, why can this dog  speak the human language?”

   Ye Qingyu stared at the two living treasures, not knowing what to say.

   Five minutes later the bickering finally died down.

   “You little bastard, exactly what happened? You scared me to death….” Wen Wan once again asked about the events on the Explosive Snow glacier.

   For Old Wen, Ye Qingyu did not conceal too much. He roughly described that on the way back, he had encountered Yan Buhui who was treating his injuries. Thankfully he had managed to escape from Yan Buhui’s clutches. He recounted in detail about the matters in the Snow Dragon Cemetery. But as for the events concerning the illusive mysterious figure and the white clothed immortal in the crystal coffin, he concealed them. It was not that he did not trust Wen Wan, it was just that for such matters, Ye Qingyu felt that the less people that knew, the better.

   “In other words, this little fellow, is he really a little snow dragon?” Evidently Wen Wan was extremely interested in the little silver dragon.

   “Eh……he can be counted as one I guess.” Ye Qingyu was not able to discern the true identity of this little fellow.

   Since it had come from the bird’s nest in that ice crystal coffin, it was possibly not a snow dragon. According to some ancient books, normal snow dragons, when they were born, would not have such strong intelligence. And furthermore, the vision of the snow dragon race had deteriorated extremely seriously, but it was evident that the little dragon’s eyes were perfectly fine. Perhaps the fact that its genes had returned to its ancestral state was one explanation, but Ye Qingyu felt that matters were not quite this simple.

   Wen Wan attempted to stroke the little silver dragon.

   But just how prideful was the little silver dragon? ?

   Apart from treating Ye Qingyu affectionately and relying on him like he was his mama, he absolutely would not pay attention to anyone else. As Wen Wan attempted to stroke him, he began making sounds of ‘Yiya yiya’, and silver light gathered in his mouth. A chill that seeped into one’s bones began emanating throughout the air.

   “Ai? I really cannot stroke it…..” Wen Wan’s hand retreated, looking at Ye Qingyu. “This fellow is the same as you;  he cannot be teased at all. Ai, the things that happened here cannot be spread around, or I will really have no face…..”

   “Woof? What’s face?  Can you eat it?” Little Nine’s tail began wagging happily.

   Wen Wan gave him a glare: “You useless trash damn dog, scram to the side.”

   Ye Qingyu: “……”

   He felt that Wen Wan and Little Nine were more and more like a pair of destined foes.

   Wen Wan, after all, was once a teacher at White Deer academy.  Why must he fight with a dog?

   “Ai, to speak truthfully, the next time you encounter such a situation, can you not be so earnest? You’ve made me worried for such a long period of time.” Wen Wan’s expression became serious, saying these words in a deadpan manner. “Such as that old man Mister Liu. If he wanted to stay behind and accompany the great demon king Yan Buhui, then you should just leave him behind to die. What does it have to do with him?  You really stayed behind of your own initiative to die.  Your head has really been kicked when you were young. I look down on you.”

   Ye Qingyu: “……”

   Just where had the iron blood of a soldier and their unflinching righteousness gone?

   Ye Qingyu suddenly imagined that if Old Wen was captured he would,at the first instant, kneel down and surrender?

   The two again bickered and conversed for a period of time.

   Wen Wan spoke again: “In this near period of time, the matters in the Pass are somewhat chaotic. I’ve heard that the people of the supply department have come over here to cause trouble again. These matters are somewhat complicated to speak of. You are too young, so you best not interfere too greatly in such matters. Since the military bestowal has already been passed, the chances of them retracting it is not high.   After all, the military has  already begun to publicise about you. They want to construct you into the classic image of a hero as propaganda. This is tantamount to an arrow already nocked in the bow; they have no choice  but to fire it. If they were to retract the bestowal, they are just hitting their own face, and it would affect morale. Without any incidents, your position of fourth class Marquis should be stable. But the prerequisite is that in this period of time you do not commit any errors which could be utilized by people with bad intentions…..”

   Although in Ye Qingyu’s heart he really did not care about such matters, but after hearing Wen Wan say this, he was somewhat moved.

   If there was one person in Youyan Pass that truly cared about him, that person was absolutely Wen Wan.

   Although the painting saint Liu Yuqing had treated Ye Qingyu well, this was based on the foundation that he was extremely valuable.

   “That’s right, after being given the title of Marquis, you will possess a separate military authority. You will no longer only command ten people like a patrolling sword envoy. Once the dust has settled down in this matter, the Pass Lord’s residence will definitely send an order for you to choose a camp out of the Left, Right, Vanguard and the Rearguard. From there you can select and gather soldiers to participate in battles. In the army, apart from individual strength, your military power is also one of the factors when evaluating someone’s strength. Therefore you had best make your preparations. In this time, you should spend some time thinking about what camp you wish to select from and to spend some time walking around the different camps. After understanding the details of the military order, you can secretly choose some elite soldiers…..” Wen Wan said again.

   The right to commander soldiers?

   After he became a Marquis, he had the power to lead soldiers?

   Mister Liu had not mentioned this point before..

   Ye Qingyu thought this over in detail, then nodded his head: “I understand, thank you Old Wen.”

   “Qie, thank you my arse, so pretentious.” Wen Wan said in disdain.

   Ye Qingyu: “……”

   “Also, the person called Ye Congyun that you asked me to find, I have some slight clues as to where he is. He should be within the Vanguard, but I have not yet managed to find him personally. After I have confirmed it, I will give you some reliable news.” Wen Wan said with an embarrassed face. After spending so long but not yet having found such a person, his old face also could not help but turn red.

   “He’s in the vanguard? This is too great.” Ye Qingyu was overjoyed.

   Ye Congyun was the younger brother of the armoured sentry. Ye Qingyu had promised the sentry that he would definitely take good care of him.

   “Also, the old man Li Shizen situation is not bad within the vanguard. If you have time, you should go see him. There were several times that the old man talked about you.” Wen Wan stood up, stretching his waist, his mood evidently much better. Patting Ye Qingyu on the shoulder, he suddenly leaned in closer and said with a shifty eyed expression: “Little Ye, lets negotiate. Speak truthfully, can you let me borrow this little dragon for me to play with? This little fellow’s spit is so threatening. If I bring him to the vanguard, whoever displeases me, I can let him spit on them, hehe…..”

    When he got to the end of the sentence, Wen Wan’s crafty looking eyes began to gleam with a light.


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