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177 – I’ve come to give an accounting

Seeing Wen Wan’s thief-like like manner, Ye Qingyu shivered in his heart.

“You ask him yourself.” Ye Qingyu pointed at the little dragon.

Wen Wan turned around to glance at the little dragon and saw that the little silver dragon was glaring at him viciously. He suddenly realised that this little fellow would not be too willing to listen to his commands, and gave of a shiver. Waving his hands at the little dragon, he laughed: “Look at you, I was just having a joke……I’m going.”

Saying this, he quickly turned and left.

As he left, he kept a close watch on the little dragon. The matters that he had been spat on by the little silver dragon must not be spread around.

After seeing Wen Wan off, Ye Qingyu’s mood was brightened.

To be able to sit and talk with friends, teasing each other, was really an enjoyable event of life.

“That bastard. Thankfully for him he ran quick, or I would definitely eat him.” Little Nine said in a huff.

He felt that after the little silver dragon had appeared, he had evidently been neglected. Especially Wen Wan’s attitude, it was completely the classical personality where one preferred new objects to old objects.

Ye Qingyu did not pay attention to this sensitive fellow.

A while later Bai Yuanxing came back.

Ye Qingyu asked him to take care of the rubble of the stone table in the quiet room.

As he silently stood by the window still, Ye Qingyu surveyed from a high position. Looking at the Youyan Pass covered in a blanket of vast snow, his thoughts were many.

After a complete day of hustle and bustle, just what kind of turbulence would the Pass that seemed peaceful contain.

This time Wen Wan’s visit, although it had seemed disordered and chaotic, in reality he had brought many pieces of information.

“It seems I should head towards the Vanguard to have a look. After being in Youyan Pass for such a long time, ultimately I feel like I’m missing something if I do not enter into the camps. Out of the four major camps, if I am able to choose, then of course I would choose the Vanguard. Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan are both people of the vanguard. When the time comes, we can assist and aid each other. With the aid of two military warfare officers, I will be more easily immersed within the camp. Furthermore once battle breaks out, the vanguard will definitely be the front lines who enter in the first instant into conflict. This will act as even greater training for myself……”

In Ye Qingyu’s heart, he had already made a decision.



In the next few days, Youyan Pass was comparatively peaceful.

As for the news that the great army was about to retaliate against the Explosive Ice glacier, it had already been spread out through various channels. The large majority of people were able to sense the increasingly tense atmosphere. Only some higher ranking officers would know of just how high the concentrations of the troops being mobilised were. [Army of Youyan Pass] was like a platform of vast and precise machine, that began to function methodically. Right now it was currently storing great power, waiting for the day to explode.

The [Black eagle jade statue] constantly appeared above the skies of Youyan Pass.

More and more advisors and strategists began to come and go from Youyan Pass.

Wagons of files would endlessly be carried out from the Pass Lord’s residence, then there would be new dossiers entering.

The golden flickering lanterns of the military council pavilion would not dim even during the night. The advisors and strategists of the Pass Lord’s residence could hardly find time to return to their homes to sleep for the night.

On the streets, more and more patrols could be seen.

Various restrictions began to be enacted during the night.

Within Youyan Pass, they had discovered the secret agents of the demon race several times already. Battles that that could not be described as small or large had sprung up as a result of this.

Before the real battle had begun, the agents of both parties already began exchanging blows soundlessly in darkness and shadow.

Ye Qingyu saw with his own eyes, a white ape of the class of demon warrior, being captured by the experts of the military. This type of white snow ground ape was a demon race that specialised in transformation. It could transform into the figure of a human that was indiscernible to a regular person. Furthermore it was extremely skilled at hiding and climbing. Even in Youyan pass where it was situated in a precipitous mountain pass thousands of metres high, it was able to use purely its physical power of its limbs to enter without utilising any sort of demonic qi whatsoever. Within the demon races, the white apes were natural born spies.

As for that white ape, it was ultimately imprisoned in the blood prison of the Pass Lord’s residence.

What awaited it was a hard to imagine painful and bitter torture.

Under the silver torrent-like arrest and investigation of the army, there were constantly demon races being captured within Youyan Pass.

One day, outside White Horse tower, there were sounds of conflict outside.

Ye Qingyu quickly rushed to see. It was the squadron responsible for investigating and capturing the demon races. They were currently capturing a pig demon.

Even Ye Qingyu was not able to discern, that the chubby and amiable owner of the bun stand opposite White Horse tower, was transformed from a pig demon. His tracks were discovered by the squadron of the Pass Lord’s office. During his capture, the pig demon understood that once he was captured, his life was not worth living anymore. Therefore he choose to resist till his death, ultimately being killed at the bun stand.

Even the human wife of that pig demon, and his twin sons not yet ten years of age, were also killed on the spot.

“Who would have thought, fatty Zhang was a pig demon…..”

“That’s right, boss Zhang has at least opened the bun stand for tens of years in Youyan Pass. I have never seen him do anything to harm anyone!”

“Ai, lower your voice. Such words, if they are heard by the demon capturing squadron, then you will be in trouble. This is sympathising with the demon race!”

“But the wife of fatty Zhang was evidently human. And his two sons, do not have any attributes of the demon race…..Ai, they’ve died too tragically!”

“As long as they are the demon race, then we cannot show mercy.”

Within the crowd, all sorts of discussions and arguments broke out.

Ye Qingyu lightly shook his head.

He had also visited the bun stand several times. The buns that fatty Zhang made was definitely tasty, and could be counted as the best from several streets around. But with Ye Qingyu’s strength, even he was not able to discover that fatty Zhang was a demon in disguise. In the instant that fatty Zhang fought to his death, in the midst of his despair and rage, he transformed into his original demonic appearance. A black massive wild boar metres high, shimmering with demonic qi, causing one to suffocate. He was definitely a demon at the class of demon warrior.

Seeing the completely scarlet red eyes of that pig demon, Ye Qingyu knew, that the slaughter had only just begin. It had not ended by far.

At this instant, Ye Qingyu suddenly realised, would there also be humans hiding within the territory of the demon race?

If these hidden humans, their identities were discovered by the demon race during their investigations, would they die in despair in battle?

The Ye Qingyu at this time, did not imagine, that the roiling flames to eradicate the spies of the demon race, would begin to light on his body less than half a month later.

Amidst the discussions, Ye Qingyu turned and returned to the White Horse tower.



The morning of the second day.

A visitor came to the White Horse tower.

The head of the supply department Zhang San, brought the allocation officer Zhao Ruyun who had previously gotten in a conflict with Ye Qingyu to White Horse tower along with him.

Four armoured soldiers stood guard outside White Horse tower.

The two people came to the room to receive guests in White Horse tower and saw Ye Qingyu.

“Marquis Ye, this time coming here was mainly to resolve the grudges between the White Horse tower and the supply department. I hope that Marquis Ye does not blame me for being too direct.” Zhang San sat on the chair with his legs wide opened, then leant backwards and placed his foot on the table in front of Ye Qingyu. Squinting his eyes, he said with a smile that was not a smile to Ye Qingyu: “Marquis Ye wants us supply department to give him an accounting. I, Zhang San, have come to give an accounting today.”

The head of the supply department Zhang San, was absolutely an extremely famous person within Youyan Pass.

It was rumoured that he was once the personal bodyguard of the [War God of Youyan Pass] Lu Zhaoge. Afterwards, he had established many contributions in battle, and was extremely sensitive towards resources like money, food etc, excelling in the accounting and allocation of these resources. He was entrusted with the task of head of the supply department of Youyan Pass. In these years, he had made several contributions. The reason that hundreds of thousand of the [Army of Youyan Pass] were able to eat so smoothly was definitely due to Zhang San’s efforts. From his history, he could definitely be counted as a part of the achieving faction in the [Army of Youyan Pass].

But Zhang San’s personality was arrogant and conceited. He was also extremely protective. For any person that dared to go against his subordinates, no matter whether they were in the right or not, he would definitely cause a great fuss. He would frequently give no face to anyone, making a significant number of enemies in the army. But relying on his background, and the deep relationship between the [War god of Youyan Pass] Lu Zhaoge, there was nearly no one who could do anything against him.

Three years ago, Zhang San had once caused a great chaos in the Right camp after his personal bodyguard was injured by a military warfare officer in the Right camp. He caused the commander of the Right camp Peng Yizhen to apologize personally. As a result of this, his fame greatly rose.

Zhang San was known to other people as the [Worry of ghosts].

The meaning behind this was that even if a ghost met him, the ghost would need to worry.

Such a title, did not have positive connotations.

But after Zhang San knew of this, he was proud of this title, spreading it about of his own initiative. There were several times that he expressed satisfaction of his title.

In these three years, there were nearly no one who dared to go against the head of the supply department, the [Worry of ghosts].

And under the influence and personality of a person like Zhang San as head of the supply department, practically everyone under him became overbearing. Furthermore they controlled the allocation of all sorts of resources such as weaponry in the army. They could be counted as the wealth god of the army, they were characters that everyone needed to request something from them. Unless they were extremely enraged, there was no one that was willing to incite them of their own volition.

Two months ago, Ye Qingyu and Zhao Ruyun had butted heads. Ye Qingyu forcefully hung Zhao Ruyun on the [Discipline pillar]; this was tantamount to viciously striking the faces of everyone in the supply department.

It was also tantamount to striking Zhang San, the [Worry of ghosts] face.

Within Youyan Pass,there were many people eagerly waiting for Zhang San, the [Worry of ghosts] to take care of Ye Qingyu who was like a newly born calf that was not afraid of the tiger.

But what made people eyes wide open with shock, was the fact that Zhang San had not displayed any sort of stance, and did not go looking for trouble with Ye Qingyu.

But two days ago, Ye Qingyu had once again fiercely struck the faces of the soldiers of the supply department. He had released them and told them to bring people of the supply department to ‘account for themselves’. When the [Worry of ghosts] Zhang San brought Zhao Ruyun outside, there were already people who realised. News spread out through various channels. Before Zhang San had even reached White Horse tower, there were many people hidden around the surroundings of White Horse tower observing.

At this time, apart from the four guards outside White Horse tower, there were also a significant number surrounding the tower.

The [Worry of ghosts] was finally about to go crazy?

The Ye Qingyu who was a newly born calf that was not afraid of the tiger, would he be able to cope with this vicious person that could shake Youyan Pass just by a stamp of his feet?

“This time, I want to see if that trash surnamed Ye, is able to bear this.” Lin Lang said with a cold smile, rejoicing in Ye Qingyu’s misfortune.“

He and his group sat in the upper floor of a restaurant two hundred metres away. Coldly they observed everything around White Horse tower. Apart from Lin Lang and the others, there were also people of the cool breeze mountain faction belonging to Yi Sance of the Pass Lord’s residence. They had rushed here the first moment they got wind of this.

Apart from this, there was also the [Painting saint] Liu Yuqing and his student Xing’er. They sat on the second floor of the restaurant, quietly sipping tea.

On the door of the restaurant, there were Liu Zongyuan and his trusted subordinates. They wore full armour, holding their blades and standing straight.

And in the road five metres away from White Horse tower, there was Wen Wan. His expression was as dark and as gloomy as water. He had used the quickest of speed to rush towards White Horse tower.


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