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180 – Swear a blood oath!

Chapter 180: Swear a blood oath!

If eyes could kill, Li Muyang would have died 3,800 times already.

Could eyes kill?

Yes, of course.

But Li Muyang was still alive.

Because, he had struck the ‘Qi Palace’ pressure point on Lu Qiji’s shoulder, causing her body to lose the strength to defend and to kill.

Now, Lu Qiji is the same as an ordinary person that he can crush to death at any time.

“I know you’re mad, I know you hate me, and I know you’ve been wanting to kill me all along——” Li Muyang said, his voice surprisingly calm and a scheming smile twisted on his lips. After all, from the moment he pretended to collapse to his buttocks till now when he captured Lu Qiji, he gave his own performance 101 points. He’s not even afraid of seeming arrogant by awarding himself one extra point. “But you must listen to me now. Throw away the sword in your hand. Otherwise, when I make a move, you would only embarrass yourself, don’t you think so?”


Lu Qiji loosened her grip on the hilt of her sword, dropping the heavy sword to the white, translucent jade floor with a crisp and melodious sound.

She was a clever person; she knew what choice to make.

Although she did mistrust Li Muyang’s ‘confession’ and let down her guard against him, and consequently caused herself to be in danger.

This matter will be hidden deeply within her heart and never be known to a third person.

“So well-behaved. We’re classmates, I don’t want to make things difficult between us. As long as you cooperate, we can negotiate.” Li Muyang was very satisfied with Lu Qiji’s reaction. To make a woman who has eyes on the top of her head to submit to his own ‘requirement’ and go against her heart, is harder than ascending to the heaven.

“You planned to plot against me, is this what you call not making things difficult?” Lu Qiji said through gritted teeth, flames flickering in her eyes. I’ve secretly thought of a plan already, as long as there’s a chance, I must kill him instantly with my sword. I knew this guy is shameless, but never thought he could be shameless to this point.

“I was forced by the circumstances and had no other alternatives, I hope you understand.” Li Muyang said in an embarrassed tone of voice: “You wanted to kill me repeatedly, every time you look straight into my eyes I feel you have the urge to mince me up and feed me to a dog. When you suddenly appeared just now, you lunged a sword towards my chest. Do you think I can believe that you don’t have the courage to pierce my chest? When I deliberately dropped to the ground to avoid your sword, you placed the sword to my neck again——what does that mean? You have been thinking about killing me. You never gave up that thought.”

“Although I don’t know why you hate me so much, but I must be wary against you——otherwise, when you do stab me with your sword, who should I find to reason with? If you were me, would you do the same?”

“I’m not as despicable as you.”

“Despicable?” Li Muyang doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I’m not despicable, I’m not despicable at all. I’ve always been good person, and will also be a good person in the future—I have never done anything bad. I have not bullied good people. However, I have been bullied, shouted at and insulted all the time. Is this called despicable? I just want to live. If one merely wants to live, then whatever they do can be forgiven—how could you say I’m despicable?”

“I’ve thrown away my sword, you can let go of me now.” Lu Qiji, not wanting to talk nonsense with Li Muyang, bluntly spoke out her own conditions.

“I can’t.” Li Muyang said, smiling and shaking his head, his finger still covering her ‘Qi Palace’ pressure point dared not to lift off of the slightest. “Although I haven’t fought you before, but I know I can’t win against you, most likely? You’ve dropped your sword, but am I that stupid to believe that you won’t kill me anymore? If you’re just missing a sword, would you not be able to kill me?”

“What do you want?” Lu Qiji sneered. “You want to kill me?”

“What?” Li Muyang’s smile became cold, his right hand still on Lu Qiji’s Qi Palace pressure point while his left hand gently stretched to her soft cheeks. “You can kill me, but can’t I kill you too?”

Lu Qiji stood motionless, letting Li Muyang gently brushed his fingers against her satiny small face. To her, her body was just a shell that contained her life. The moment she rises from the ashes is ultimately the time for her to abandon it. It posed no value to her.

Li Muyang also liked her stubbornness.

If it were other women, they would most likely have already slapped him across the face?

“What? Want my body?” Lu Qiji licked her lips and looked at him with a devilish glint in her eyes. “Take it. I won’t resist. However, immediately kill me after and don’t give me the opportunity to retaliate——otherwise, you will undoubtedly die.”

Li Muyang paused before he replied: “I’m still a virgin.”

“Then, you must want to try even more? To explore the unknown world is human nature.”

“Why do you keep dreaming?” Li Muyang said snappily: “I said I’m still a virgin. My body is saved for a woman I love——The woman must also love me deeply. This is what’s considered as love, living a long and happy life together. I hate you so much, how can I let you take advantage of me?”

“——” Lu Qiji felt the insults she received today was more than that she had received her entire life.

“You’re my prisoner now, it’s best to keep a clear understanding. Don’t think of things that you will never have——” Li Muyang sternly lectured Lu Qiji who was letting her imagination run wild. “To tell the truth, I really can’t bring myself to kill you. I know you want to kill me, but——to kill you just like that, I feel it’s a very weird thing. Also, honestly, my heart won’t let me do so. Although I’m not sure why my innermost feelings feel this way.”

“——” Lu Qiji clamped her shimmering lips, her beautiful eyes firmly fixed on Li Muyang. Is this man going to repeat himself over and over again till death? He better not fall into my hands, or I will make him live in utter misery.

“However, if I let you go, I feel very uneasy.” Li Muyang said, clapping a hand to his head, unsure what to do. “If I let you off, you will try to kill me again. What if I can’t beat you? I won’t do something so foolish.”


Li Muyang thoughtfully stared at her, before he replied: “I’ll tie you up. I won’t kill you but you have to bring me out of here. You don’t owe me and I don’t owe you. We’re even. What do you think?”

“Fine. I promise you.” Lu Qiji said.

Hearing Lu Qiji agree so readily, Li Muyang began to feel uneasy again. There must be something he hasn’t considered thoroughly; there must be a flaw somewhere in his proposal.

Li Muyang grabbed Lu Qiji’s shoulder and said in a threatening tone: “Why don’t you make a blood oath——otherwise, I would still think you’re going to harm me.”



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