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181 – Evaluation

“Mister Liu has also come…..” After Liu Zongyuan had said his greetings, he pointed at the White Horse tower behind him.

Liu Yuqing had a faint smile: “I’ve heard there were matters undergoing here, so I came to have a look.”

“But you did not enter and see.” Liu Zongyuan was taken aback, but after seeing the calm smile on Liu Yuqing’s face, he suddenly understood. He said in surprise: “Mister Liu, you long knew the result of this?”

Liu Yuqing nodded his head. “I can largely guess. The way Marquis Ye does things is out of people’s expectations. But he rarely does anything that he has no confidence in. Like last time when facing Yan Buhui, he was able to escape from his clutches. According to my expectations, he should be able to bear it even if he was facing the [Worry of ghosts].”

Liu Zongyuan had for long greatly admired the thinking of this strategist of the Military council. As he listened to him, he nodded his head. “That’s right, Zhang San was enraged till he went crazy. He struck out by himself, but he nearly could not gain any advantage whatsoever. Brother Ye only suffered small external injuries. After resting for two or three hours, then he should be recovered……” As he said this, Liu Zongyuan said in a somewhat questioning tone: “Mister Liu, Brother Ye’s strength, to have……”

Liu Yuqing shook his head: “I also don’t know. Perhaps he has an ace up his sleeve, and is not afraid of normal fake Bitter Sea stage experts. This little Marquis, has encountered many fortuitous events, and his fate is even more peculiar. I cannot see through him. But from the situation at the present, this person is not something destined to live in a pond. This is only his temporary hibernation; once his opportunity arrives, after experiencing wind and rain, he will transform into a dragon to soar above the Ninth Heaven. His achievements in the future, is not something we can guess at.”

Such an evaluation was extremely high.

In Liu Zongyuan’s memories, he had never heard Mister Liu praise a person like so before.
“Today you went against Zhang San?” Liu Yuqing asked with a smile.

Liu Zongyuan nodded his head with a bitter smile. “I was in too great a panic. The way Head Zhang does things, is far too tyrannical. I thought that Marquis Ye had died under his hands, therefore…..”

“You may lose at sunrise but gain at sunset. For you, this perhaps is a fortunate incident. Zhang San will recompense all the slights he received. You must be careful in the near future. Liu Yuqing reminded, then said. “Since you have chosen Marquis Ye, why don’t you walk this path completely to its end. Perhaps there is a completely different world awaiting you.”

Liu Zongyuan nodded his head: “Thank you Mister Liu for your advice.”

The Central Military officers behind him, after hearing these words apart from feeling shock had also grasped a great deal of information. The worry in their hearts gradually dissipated. They were the confidants of Liu Zongyuan; not only were their strength’s exceptional, but their thinking was also extremely nimble. Hearing this, they understood that their superior’s action was not a moment of rashness. It was a decision that he had deeply mulled over.

This Marquis Ye, could he really arm wrestle with a huge figure in the army like Zhang San?

No matter what, everyone was utterly clear, that since their superior officer Liu Zongyuan had made his choice, then their fate would rise and fall along with Ye Qingyu’s.

After discussing for a bit more, Liu Zongyuan clasped his hands to say farewell, rushing towards the camp for his duty.

Liu Zongyuan and Xing’er walked slowly and leisurely.

Without knowing when it started, snow once again floated through the air.

Xing’er lifted up an oiled paper umbrella, standing on his tip toes to hold the umbrella for Liu Yuqing. His eyeballs were whirling, and there was a trace of curiosity on his fair face: “Mister, did Zhang San really get injured?”

“You little fellow, you have long seen through this, why did you ask me?” Mister Liu reprimanded with a smile: “Your power and cultivation is significantly higher than mine, but instead you ask me. Are you bullying the poor eyesight of this old man?”

Xing’er stuck his tongue out. “Mister is the Painting Saint, his eyes are the best.”

Liu Yuqing had always spoiled his personal student. With a smile: “En, Zhang San was injured, and his injuries are not light. This Ye Qingyu, more and more I cannot see through him. That day when he returned to Youyan Pass and saw me, after recounting his own experiences, his first words were to ask me what level of cultivation Zhang San was at. It seems like, at that time, he had already predicted the matters today. His foresight is somewhat frightening.”

Xing’er humphed, and said in a disagreeing tone: “Mister is overestimating that fellow. Perhaps he was afraid that Zhang San would seek him for vengeance, so that’s why he preemptively asked you for information beforehand.”

Liu Yuqing shot a glance at his little student, and said with a smile: “What you say is possible, but you have missed a point. It seems that today he intentionally provoked Zhang San to strike out, so it should be that everything was in his plan. Zhang San meeting him could be counted as his tribulation. Whether he can pass through this, will depend on his luck.”

“Zhang San’s tribulation?” Xing’er had his eyes opened wide. “Mister, are you not over exaggerating?”

Liu Yuqing smiled, but did not say anything.

Looking at the floating snow in the sky, his heart slowly became heavier and heavier.

The effect of the battle of three punches in White Horse tower today would very quickly become evident. If Youyan Pass could be said to be an extremely compressed barrel of gunpowder these days, then the actions of Ye Qingyu today would become a fuse that would cause the explosion of this gunpowder.

And right now, the fuse was currently burning.



Supply department.

The great hall of the head.

Zhang San, step by step, walked up the platform. Every step of his was extremely slow.
He had ordered the other guards to retreat, and behind him was Zhao Ruyun with a deathly pale face, respectfully following behind him.

When there was only the last step between them and the entrance of the great hall, Zhang San suddenly stopped. He stood for a long time on the steps, not heading forward, not moving in the slightest.

The Zhao Ruyun following behind him, felt something was slightly strange.

He originally wanted to ask what the head was thinking, but he did not dare make a noise. He silently stood behind Zhang San.

After a total of fifteen minutes.

“Hold me.” Zhang San suddenly opened his mouth, suppressing his voice.

Zhao Ruyun was taken aback: “What?”

Zhang San slowly lifted his head. “Come over and assist me.”

Zhao Ruyun suddenly understood. His heart filled with tremendous shock, he took a quick step forward, holding Zhang San’s arm. Zhang San lightly breathed out a mouthful of air, and with Zhao Ruyun’s assistance, walked step by step into the great hall. After entering through the door, they closed the doors of the hall.

At the moment when the large doors were closed—–


Zhang San’s figure quivered fiercely, a jet of blood came spitting from his mouth.
Scarlet fresh blood, fell on the smooth and polished jade like floor of the great hall. With light ‘chi chi’ sounds, it transformed into scarlet red ice, emitting a dense coldness.

“Superior, you…….” Zhao Ruyun was greatly shocked.

Zhang San waved his hands, not saying anything. He directly sat in a meditative stance, circulating his qi to recover.

An orange light seemed to emanate from within his body, enveloping his entire figure. It was as if his entire person had transformed into a scorching and burning flame. Originally in the somewhat dark great hall, instantly it turned completely bright. Hot air filled the entire space.

Zhao Ruyun stood dumbly by one side.

Although he had previously seen Zhang San’s fingertip dripping blood and knew that he was injured, but he would have never dreamed that the injuries were this serious. When Zhang San was climbing the steps, the reason that he walked so slowly step by step, was not because he was pondering something. It was because his injuries were far too serious, that he had no way of walking normally.

Time passed minute by minute.

Zhao Ruyun’s entire person was completely drowned in a type of fear that was hard to express.

A full two hours passed.

Only then did the orange flame on Zhang San gradually retreat within his body.

His face was somewhat more vigorous. Walking deep into the great hall, he sat on large white jade chair, then let out a faint breath. “This Ye Qingyu, to have controlled such a strange ice power. I did not suspect it for a short while, and nearly fell into his trap.”

Saying this, he felt apprehension after the event.

This strange power was like a maggot burrowing into the bones, there was no place it could not enter. Even with his flame power at the Bitter Sea stage, not only could it not obstruct this power, but instead, it invaded into his inner organs. If not for the fact that he expended his life yuan qi to forcefully eradicate it, most likely right now he would have turned into a block of ice already.

“Superior, right now…….are you fine?” Zhao Ruyun rushed over and asked anxiously.

Zhang San gave him a glance. “I am fine, you can go.”

Zhao Ruyun did not dare say anything, retreating backwards.

After walking several steps, Zhang San’s voice came from behind him: “The things that happened here today, is not to be known by other people.”

Zhao Ruyun rushed to indicate he understood.



White Horse tower.

Ye Qingyu saw off Wen Wan who kept insisting he wanted to borrow the little silver dragon to play with for a couple of days.

Eating the dinner Mother Wu sent over, Ye Qingyu returned to the clean training room.
The heart of the White Horse sword slave Bai Yuanxing was particularly excited, an emotion that was hard to describe using words. After so many years, he had the sensation where he could stick out his chest. The people who usually regarded him with disdain, right now hated the fact that they could not become his good friend.

The countless worries in his heart, were completely laid to rest in this one day.

He had already begun to worship the new master of White Horse tower.

The curse of the White Horse tower, had not shown any results on the new master.

Bai Yuanxing could vaguely see, the last wishes of his ancestor being fulfilled again. The White Horse tower, would soon rise again.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

His sword like lightning, Bai Yuanxing did his utmost to train with his sword.

With the powerful demonstration of his new master, apart from making him excited, it also gave him an unprecedented vitality. At this moment, he felt like he had an inexhaustible supply of energy, and his speed when he cultivated was numerous times higher than normal.

“I need to quickly raise my strength. Only then, do I have the qualifications to stay behind Master.”

Bai Yuanxing swore in his heart.

He felt, he was finally welcoming his new life.



The next three days.

Ye Qingyu stayed within White Horse tower to cultivate.

There were numerous people who came to pay their respects, but they were all kept outside by Ye Qingyu. The bruises on Mother Wu’s face had already subsided, so she once again swung her broomstick outside. She stood at the doorway to White Horse tower, and completely kept all the people from the various parties outside, waiting to pay their respects. Nearly in an instant, the fame of the White Horse Shrew, once again began spreading.

Counting the time, the coldest season of Snow Empire had already passed.

It was the season of spring.

The weather was no longer as cold like it was previously. In the corners of the city, one could faintly see tender sprouts emerging from the accumulated snow, displaying a faint lifeforce.

The rise of the temperature, was an extremely beneficial matter for the army of the human race.

And as for the Snow Ground demon race that lived all their lives in the Explosive Snow glacier to the North, this was not good news.


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