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182 – Strangers in the Pass


Every year when spring arrived, the [Army of Youyan Pass] would symbolically organise a spring time attack. But for the large majority of the time, this would be like thunder with little rain. Their main objective was in training soldiers, if they really wanted to invade into the territory of the demon race, then for the previous [Army of Youyan pass], this was beyond their power.

This year, it seemed to be different.

The movement of military troops were more frequent.

Apart from this, within the city of Youyan Pass, there were explosive movements against the agents of the demon race that continued on at a crazy pace. Those demon spies that had hidden extremely deeply were all unburied. On the [Beheading demon platforms] everywhere in the city, there were constantly demons who were captured and executed. The heads were hung on the two sides of the [Beheading demon platform], on the stone obelisks of the iron cage, exposing it to the elements.

The mood of the people were like tar, nervous.

Under the propaganda and the encouragement of the military, all the military citizens of Youyan Pass seemed to transform into berserk beasts. The hatred they felt for the demon race, was currently frantically growing and accumulating. Everyone wished that they could rush outside the Pass, and fight to the death with the demon race.

The smell of the blood of the demon race, spread throughout the entire city.

And it was also on that day, that the matter pertaining to Ye Qingyu’s appointment was finally decided and announced.

Out of some people’s expectations, the final appointment and reward, was that the previous decision would not be retracted. Ye Qingyu still was the fourth class heroic Marquis. Not only this, because he had returned alive, there would also be extra rewards. A thousand pieces of gold, a Spirit weapon, ability to command soldiers, half a pound of origin crystal. Furthermore, he was also bestowed with a hilly region with the perimeter of around a hundred miles that was thirty miles North of White Deer city.

Once this news came out, all parties within Youyan Pass were shaken.

And on the ceremony where Ye Qingyu was bestowed his position as Marquis, even the War God of Youyan Pass, Lu Zhaoge, personally appeared. He personally gave the seal of the Marquis to Ye Qingyu. That day, the commanders of the Vanguard, Rearguard, Left and Right camp as well as military warfare officers, and various major and minor nobilities also attended this ceremony.

Apart from the head of the supply department, Zhang San.

This huge figure that ranked within the top of the Army of Youyan Pass, because of a reason that everyone knew, did not attend this bestowal ceremony.

When Ye Qingyu received the seal of the Marquis from the hands of Lu Zhaoge, countless gazes focused on the body of this young man.

A new page of history was born in the Empire.

He was the youngest Marquis in history, and was also the military officer that rose the fastest through his contributions.

That day, tens of thousands of gazes were gathered on Ye Qingyu.

This signified that Ye Qingyu had officially entered into the upper echelons of the Youyan army.

At this moment, the entire Youyan Pass was discussing this young Marquis.

The military spent even more efforts in advertising Ye Qingyu’s heroic feat, not sparing any expense at all. Manpower, money and materials were spent. They wanted to create him as a person the [Youyan army] and even the army of the Empire would model themselves after.

Apart from making countless people envious, it also made them start guessing. This Ye Qingyu, just what was his background, that he was able to ascend so smoothly? Could it be that he was a hidden successor of some noble family of the Empire? Or perhaps he was a young talent of the Imperial family of the Empire?

In the long history of the Empire, it was not that there were not some exceptionally talented young people that appeared and rose through the ranks quickly. But ultimately, they were all proven to be noble young masters with great backgrounds. The roots of the noble and wealthy were deep and intertwined and they controlled the heart of the relatively young Empire. For a commoner to want to ascend through the ranks, it was really too difficult.

Since the founding of the Empire, the greatest achiever of the commoners was the current Left Minister of the Empire.

But even this Left Minister, was completely suppressed by the forces of the Right Minister who originated from the Empire.

If Ye Qingyu did not have the support of the nobles families, for Ye Qingyu to become a Marquis when he was not even sixteen was really somewhat unbelievable and mysterious.

The person who had just fought with Ye Qingyu several days ago, the [Worry of Ghosts] Zhang San, he could be counted as a huge figure in the military. But even he was not yet bestowed a title. The greatest obstacle, was because of the fact that he came from a common family.

In such wind and rain, Ye Qingyu at this moment became the most sparkling and dazzling figure in Yoyan Pass.

The doors of White Horse tower, became even more jam packed.

It was a pity that due to mother Wu’s the shrew’s existence, those who wanted to get closer and network, abruptly found the door barred.


Three days later.

Ye Qingyu went out the doors.

The morning sun had not yet risen and there was a spring chill in the air.

Ye Qingyu brought his personal sword slave Bai Yuanxing, onwards towards the path to the Vanguard.

This was his first time going out ever since he became a Marquis. Ye Qingyu decided to have a look around the Vanguard.

The first objective was to go visit Li Shizen, that old grandfather and friend. He had to hand over several letters that the little girl Qing Qing at Deer city gave him. The second objective was to go see Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan. Previously they had already arranged for a small gathering, and today it was just right that they were not on duty and were on break. The third objective was to pay his respects to the commander of the Vanguard, Liu Siufeng. Ye Qingyu had already indicated his stance that he wished to enter into the Vanguard after receiving his military command at the celebratory feast after the bestowal ceremony. At that time, Liu Siufeng had indicated that he would welcome Ye Qingyu with open arms.

The streets were empty.

The curfew had just ended, so there were not many people on the streets.

Ye Qingyu had civilian clothes on, his white robes like jade, and there was an elegant long sword engraved with gold at his waist. From his outer appearance, he seemed like a carefree and aimless young master. And following beside him, wearing a green little hat and robes, was Bai Yuanxing. He wore the evident attire of a servant boy.

They casually chose a morning stand and ate a bowl of soft tofu pudding.

Ye Qingyu placed down the bowl with a sigh: “Mother Wu’s cooking is better. The food outside cannot satisfy me anymore.” In these days, the mouth of this Little Marquis had been spoiled by the good cooking of the Shrew of White Horse tower, Mother Wu.

These words, turned the face of the owner of the morning stand angry.

But very quickly, after Bai Yuanxing tossed him a tael of silver, the fat stand owner who was around fifty years of age expressed a delighted grin.

Finishing his soft tofu pudding, Ye Qingyu was about to stand up and leave when suddenly there was the sound of footsteps.

One could see tens of figures that walked hurriedly towards the morning food stand. The person at the lead of this group was a young man with sideburns, loudly shouting for the stand owner to prepare twenty bowls of soybean pudding. They then combined several tables for the people behind him to sit in. The leader of this group was a middle age man with black long hair, his temple swelling. There were flickers of light in his eyes. He was evidently an expert with unfathomable strength.

This group of people, largely wore brocaded long robes, and did not wear armour. The way they spoke was casual, without the restrictions and discipline of soldiers. They sat down and began chattering and laughing, evidently not part of the military. They should not even be military citizens of Youyan Pass, and originated from outside the pass.

But if they were merchants, they did not bring any sort of merchandise next to them, and they were without any wagons. They did not seem to emit the aura of merchants.

Ye Qingyu was faintly curious, and could not help but give them a few glances more.

“Stinky little brat, what are you looking at. Be careful I don’t cut your eyes out.” A young man with his face of haughtiness, glared at Ye Qingyu. Sitting next to him was a young girl with a gorgeous appearance. He thought Ye Qingyu was secretly glancing at the girl. The young man scowled, cursing at him, viciousness between his eyebrows.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, then smiled a little.

The White Horse sword slave was instantly enraged. In his heart he said, ‘just what kind of wild duck and chickens were they, that they dared to come here to create trouble. To even curse at his Marquis, they really don’t know how to write the character death’. He was instantly about to rush and shout at them, but he was held back by Ye Qingyu’s raised arm. He indicated for Bai Yuanxing to ignore them.

Bai Yuanxing quickly retreated.

The two stood and left.

After walking tens of steps, they could hear a burst of laughter from the stand behind them. There were people pointing at the back of Ye Qingyu and Bai Yuanxing. Evidently this was laughter mocking Ye Qingyu.

Bai Yuanxing turned his head back, seeing the entire scene. He was about to rush back and fiercely teach this group of people a lesson.

But seeing Ye Qingyu leave as if he had not heard this at all, Bai Yuanxing could only follow behind.

“Sooner or later those fellows with eyes but no pupils, will know my Marquis’ awesomeness.”

Bai Yuanxing said in his heart resentfully. There was a saying that the disgrace of the monarch was the death of the minister. The meaning behind this was that if the servant could not protect his monarch’s dignity, then he was better off dead. Bai Yuanxing completely worshiped Ye Qingyu to his bones, he would not allow anyone to show Ye Qingyu disrespect.

He remembered those faces in his heart.

At the morning food stand.

“Within the city of Youyan Pass, why is there such a carefree and idle young master. Seeing his perverted gaze looking at junior sister Little Hua, I really want to cut off his dog like eyes……..” The young man with sideburns that had previously cursed at Ye Qingyu, said with a large laugh.

The young gorgeous girl next to him, hearing this only had a faint smile.

There was a lofty pride concealed within her expression.

The other young people all laughed loudly.

One was able to see, that the charming young girl was very popular among her peers.

The middle aged man with long black haired coughed: “Coming to Youyan Pass, one should be more careful. Don’t bring your usual careless attitude in the sects to the military. After all, everyone here is part of the military. If you offend someone of the military, it will bring trouble.”

“Shishu[1], you are being too careful. We have come to give aid. These military brutes, should be grateful to us.” The young man with sideburns laughed without giving too much care: “Besides, the experts of the Crepe Myrtle sect has as many experts as the clouds. The military should give us the respect we deserve.”

“That’s right, we are people of the Jianghu. We are not those dumb military brutes, being a little more undisciplined is normal.”

“Hehe, if we show our moves, if those military brutes see it, would they be so shocked that they would screech?”

“The people of the sects, do not cater to the worldly rules, and we are above the common populace. We don’t have to pay attention to the profane army.”

The young people laughed and chuckled with an uncaring attitude, ignoring the words of their Shishu.

Within the area of Snow Empire, there existed many sects and factions.

The Crepe Myrtle sect was one of the three sects and three factions that were the six greatest in Snow Empire. Their strength was deep, and had already existed before the founding of the Empire. It was said that their history was already hundreds of years old. After the Snow Empire was founded, they accepted the rule of the Snow Empire, and became one of the subjects of the Imperial family of the Empire. Receiving the permission of the Imperial family, they were allowed to accept disciples and passed down their martial arts. They could be counted as one of the forces outside the army of Snow Empire that had exceptional power.

The martial way passed down through the disciples of the six top sects were deep and profound. Throughout history, they had produced significant numbers of military experts. Walking through the Jianghu, they went from high to high, a complete appearance of someone above worldly affairs. There were many rumours circulating about them around the citizens, that everyone of them thought of themselves as exceptional.

Regarding the martial way, martial artists who came from the sects had it easier when it came to finding deep and profound cultivation techniques. Compared to those experts who relied on fighting on the battlefield to gain their skills, their martial way was more profound. This created the haughtiness and arrogance of many disciples of the sects.

Hearing the discussions of her senior and junior brothers, this pretty young girls face had a faint and proud smile.
[1] Master’s junior brother


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