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184 – Muyang demonstrates his power

Chapter 184: Muyang demonstrates his power!

With the explosion of its belly, came the death of a thousand-year old Three-Eyed Ice Toad.

By the time the minced flesh settled into the bottom of the lake, the scarlet blood was already diluted down by the lake water. The giant toad’s body also sank to the bottom of the lake.

A colossal monster, weighing more than thousands of pounds, disappeared like it never existed before.

Life is so fragile, for beast and for humans.

A beam of white light flashed across like a transparent sphere drifting to where Lin Canghai was.

Lin Canghai’s eyes glimmered with delight, his lips moved as he tried to say something until he realised he was still under the lake. He slammed his mouth shut after swallowing a gulp of water and asked with the sound wave technique: “Qiandu, you are okay? Are you injured?”

“I’m fine.” The ball of light stopped right in front of Lin Canghai.

Being surrounded by that transparent sphere, which blocked off all water from entering, Qiandu was calm and relaxed, and did not have the slightest scar nor was she contaminated by any dirty substance. She showed no signs of being in battle, as though she merely took a trip to some unknown place.

“I was scared to death, I thought you wouldn’t come out again——What happened?” Lin Canghai asked, a look of deep concern crossing his face as he looked at her.

Qiandu calmly explained: “I used the Glass mirror.”

“Glass mirror?” Lin Canghai repeated in great astonishment: “Uncle Wang gave you the glass mirror?”

Glass Landscape!

This was a mysterious weapon listed in the list ‘Sacred Weapons’. The wielder can use it to sail through difficult waters and not be soaked by storm, ice and snow. Even lightning couldn’t cause any harm to it.

An extremely rare treasure like that would attract countless people to fight over it.

In order to gain possession of it, some people would not hesitate to use unscrupulous methods. Even murder and robbery are common.

An innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth. What it describes is the vile act of robbing the precious treasures of others.

Lin Canghai knows that even with Qiandu’s extraordinary background, a treasured weapon like that does not come as she wishes. Moreover, the Glass Mirror had always been with Qiandu’s father, his uncle. Even if ordinary people want to see it, it is impossible.

Unexpectedly, he gifted it to his beloved daughter. From this, it was clear how important Qiandu was to him.

Being in possession of this magic weapon, Qiandu obviously was not afraid of being swallowed by the toad.

After she entered the Toad’s belly, with the Glass Mirror protecting her, the environment was no different to the outside world. But the smell inside was more unpleasant, the sight——ah, she kept her eyes shut all along, not wanting to see what the toad’s belly was like.

Qiandu knows that the toad’s skin is tough and its flesh is thick, to the point that not even swords and spear could pierce through. Adding to this, it’s also extremely cunning. In this underwater world, it gets what it wants and there’s not much one can do about it.

Therefore, when she noticed the toad was trying to swallow Lin Canghai, she pushed away Lin Canghai and consequently let the toad swallow her instead.

After she entered the toad’s body, she also came across some difficulties.

Because of it.

Qiandu nodded, as though unwilling to linger on this topic. She asked: “Have you seen Li Muyang?”

“No.” Lin Canghai shook his head and heaved a long sigh, looking deeply upset as he stammered: “Could it be——could it be——”

“No.” Qiandu said.

“Why is Sister Wang so sure?”

“From his face and appearance, Li Muyang is not a short-lived person.” Qiandu said in a low voice.


“You go rest ashore first. Since I have the glass mirror to protect me, I will search around the bottom of the lake more. The most powerful thing in the lake should be that Three-eyed Ice Toad, which is dead now, there shouldn’t be any other monsters coming out to hurt people.” Qiandu said comfortingly.

“I will accompany you to look around.” Lin Canghai refused Qiandu’s kind intention. “At worst we will just have to search the entire bottom lake again. I just don’t know how Chu Xun is now. We caused so much noise, he should come over soon.”

Lu Qiji could see that the Li Muyang now was no longer the Li Muyang before.

Li Muyang became crazy, or the monster in his body has already gained control of his consciousness.

Now, he no longer regarded himself as a human, but as a member of the Dragon race. Only this reason alone could explain why he burst into bitter tears when he faced those dragon skulls and bones, and why his heart became filled with hatred and hostility when he caught sight of that bubbling pool of dragon’s blood——

Knowing that he might assume his mantle, become the new master of the Dragon Clan, Lu Qiji glared at Li Muyang with murderous intent.

“Li Muyang, do you know what you’re talking about? You’d better calm down.” Lu Qiji yelled. “Those strong people slaughtered dragons in order to protect humans, otherwise, the entire human race would have been swallowed or drowned by the dragons’ breath——The whole world would be in flames and the end of the world would come early. Is that what you want to see?”

“You’re not a dragon, how do you know the Dragon race will destroy humans?” Li Muyang shouted in a shrill piercing voice, grabbed Lu Qiji’s tightly by the shoulder and shook her. “You’re not a dragon, how do you know the Dragon Clan must be evil? Those despicable humans, they deserved to die——”

“Li Muyang——if you don’t come to your senses, it’ll just be a dead alley for you.” A purple ball of light emerged atop Lu Qiji’s palm. The ball of light, originally the size of a dove, under Lu Qiji’s persistence and addition of energy gradually grew to the size of a silver plate.

Crackling and rumbling sounds emanated from within the ball of energy like it would explode at any time.
Immediately sensing danger, Li Muyang fixed his eyes at the ball of light in Lu Qiji’s hand, as he yelled: “You want to kill me——You can still use qi?”

“Li Muyang, you really think that your unmastered ‘Big Spirit Hand’ can block my body of qi? I don’t need to use meridians to send qi around, I only need to use my sea of qi and I can transfer qi throughout my whole body or accumulate it to one area——” Lu Qiji shot a fierce stare at Li Muyang as she said: “So you better not act blindly without thinking. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“You want to kill me?”

Li Muyang’s expression grew more ferocious and sinister, his eyes enveloped by a cloud of deep red mist. His pupils disappeared, like two red holes had suddenly formed on his face.

On the back of his hand, white scales suddenly grew on the surface, before turning black, growing more intense and darker every second.

The scales dropped off from the back of his hand, like triangular-shaped black crystals floated around the air, before they hovered above Li Muyang’s head.

“The Tear of the Dragon King.” Lu Qiji exclaimed, staring intently at the black crystals. “Li Muyang——you’ve really inherited the Tear of the Dragon King.”

As though Li Muyang did not hear Lu Qiji shouting, or perhaps did not care what she was talking about.

His body soared into the air, his wide sleeves fluttering like wings in the cold wind.

His pair of blood-red eyes looked condescendingly down on Lu Qiji while emitting an imposing and powerful demeanor, his voice deep and low, but full of power and ruthlessness when he roared: “Those who destroyed my dragon race must die.”

As he bellowed, he thrust his fist forward at Lu Qiji, who was standing motionless.


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