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185 – Fire Phoenix starts a prairie fire!

Chapter 185: Fire Phoenix starts a prairie fire!


At the place where Lu Qiji was standing, crushed gravel and broken rocks swirled into the air, while the solid ground collapsed into a large sunken hole.

Although the punch that Li Muyang thrusted out with looked ordinary and mediocre from its appearance, it contained wild and overbearing essential qi within.

Li Muyang was no longer in control of his own body. He was half human and half dragon currently or it could already be said that a Draconic spirit was currently occupying the majority of his thinking, consciousness. It had forcibly took ownership of his body.

Facing Lu Qiji, the only one who has a chance of endangering him, he did not hesitate to release an explosive punch. To kill her.

“Li Muyang——”

Lu Qiji had already vanished from her original place, surging to the same height as Li Muyang.

Her white dress ballooned outwards. Her short hair was glowing with a pretty and flirtatious purple colour.

Purple flames flashed in her eyes, the exact identical colour of her hair. Even a glimpse of her appearance would emit a burning sensation down the lungs of everyone.

“You’re a human, but you relinquished your body to a dragon and betrayed your own kind. You deserve to die.”

“Then take out your all your power.” Li Muyang growled fiercely, punching out once more.


A black ball of light swept across, like an eclipse of the sun. The rays that streaked through glowed with an eerie light, but the frantic aura inside the globe made people fear and despair.

“‘Solar Eclipse’. Li Muyang, you must not know the origin of this technique, right?”

As Lu Qiji asked, a purple ball of light formed atop her palm, thundering and swirling, growing larger every second like a living creature, until it finally darted out of her palm on its own.

As the ball spun rapidly in the air, its annular body suddenly exploded.

Its front began to transform into the head of a firebird until a feathered crest and a pointy mouth was clearly visible.

As it dashed forward, its body elongated and its two feet developed, and behind was a long blazing phoenix’s tail—–


The tremendous canyon resounded with a loud and clear sound, and then the firebird bravely advanced as though it was armed with the objective to burn everything in sight

Fire Phoenix starts a Prairie fire!

Cultivating a firebird from the genuine yuan in the body, and then releasing it to incinerate your enemies.

“Miraculous.” If there were any bystanders, they would have used such an evaluation to complement such a magnificent move. It must be said that even the strong people of Starry Sky could not produce such a brilliant killing technique. Let alone a young-looking boy and a beautiful-looking little girl.


The entire body of the phoenix charged into the solar eclipse, which remained silent and peaceful, as if nothing had happened.

It was still drifting toward Lu Qiji, ready to engulf Lu Qiji’s entire body. It was going to absorb all her energy until she was entirely drained.

Lu Qiji stood motionless, while coldly staring at Li Muyang descending to earth like a demonic king.


The rapidly drifting solar eclipse juddered and shook, the sound inside grew louder, almost deafening.

Soon after, the huge black surface was torn apart. Like erupting lava shattering pumice everywhere, or like fragments of rocks bring propelled into the air during the explosive eruption of a volcano.

It lit up the night sky, as though a huge sun suddenly fell onto the steep canyon. Even the huge pearl like moon lost its splendor, compared to the rays of light that bloomed in an instant.


Huge stones tumbled down from the top of the canyon, plunging courageously into the pool of dragon’s blood.

The pool of Dragon’s blood splattered, lifting to the sky, before falling onto the black and old axe like speckles.

— Ka-cha Ka-cha——

The tens of carved deity sculptures rocked from side to side. While their body rocked, the giant black chain in their hands also swayed back and forth.

However, it was unknown what materials the giant black chain was made of. Even while shaking, the chains did not make the slightest of sounds.

The earth trembled and the mountains swayed, the whole canyon was on the verge of collapsing.

The huge explosion propelled them backwards. Lu Qiji was already prepared, a split second before the explosion she already flashed onto a statue’s shoulder like an eagle.

Li Muyang was unprepared; his body brutally slammed onto the wall, knocking a huge hole onto the solid stone mountain.


Deathly silence.

Lu Qiji’s eyes were fixed unblinkingly on that broken cave, she knew Li Muyang did not die. She knew he wouldn’t die so easily like this.

If he died so easily, he doesn’t deserve to be her old fated enemy——

“So it’s you——”

Li Muyang was deep inside the cave, so when his voice echoed from the depths of the cave, it seemed to exhibit an eerie feeling.

“So it’s you——”


Rocks rumbled and shook, before a barrage of rocks flew in her direction with Li Muyang propelling out from inside the cave. He once again soared into the air and hovered above the canyon.

“Fire Phoenix starts a Prairie fire——I should have guessed it was you, I should have known it was you——only you could use Phoenix Prairie fire, only you would not give up on your goal to kill me until you the day of your death——”

Li Muyang’s voice was full of grief and indignation, like he was reunited with an old friend after a long time, but the other person was still doing the same thing: trying to kill him.

“Tens of thousands of years have already past, I have already forgotten the time——are you not tired?”

“You should know why.” The flames in Lu Qiji’s eyes seemed to extinguish. She looked a little sad as she said softly: “Let go of everything. Let everything begin anew.”

“Begin anew?” Li Muyang gazed down at his own body before he replied: “You mean——have this body? And then, start everything again? Pretend that nothing happened? Pretend that none of my clan died?”

“But they are in front of me.” Li Muyang said, pointing to the giant skull, which was tightly secured by more than ten giant chains. “Look, that’s the head of one of my clan members, and they were beheaded with that huge axe.”

He then pointed to the thundering blood-red pool at the base of canyon before he continued: “And that red pool, the blood that flowed out of their bodies, the pool of blood that drowned their scarred and worn out bodies, as well as their unsettled and resentful souls——They are speaking to me, they are screaming at me, I can hear them clearly. How can I pretend it never happened? How can I——start over again?”

“Then——” Lu Qiji’s voice turned cold.

The flames in her eyes burned more intensely than before, as though they were breaking away from the binding of her eyes.

Her red, beautiful mouth slightly opened, until a white crystal darted out from her mouth.
It hovered overhead, emitting a soft glow, when suddenly all the surrounding lights raced toward the white crystal.

There were no moon and no stars in the sky. Not even a speck of light.

Even the huge luminous pearl overhead was covered with a layer of black fabric, its gorgeous luster swallowed by the white crystal, becoming a pathetic useless fruit bowl.

For a moment, the Dragon Slaying Canyon was dark as night. So dark that you could not see your hand in front of you.

The Heart of the Phoenix!

The heart of the Phoenix absorbed primordial energy of heaven and earth as well as light to become a blazing flame.

Only the black scales floating above Li Muyang’s head were unaffected. It still remained there stubbornly and proudly, emanating a black aura.

“Li Muyang——” In the dark, Lu Qiji’s voice sounded cold, calm, as if she was saying something unimportant to an insignificant person.

“Then let us have a true ending——for real.”


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  1. OMG is this intense!!

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    But such is hubris—

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