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187 – Imperial Court and the sects


While the Jianghu people were discussing things disappointedly, Wen Wan and Ye Qingyu had already arrived at a quiet booth on the eighth floor.

“Little bastard, your wrist is slightly large these days, wanting to pretend to be self-important? To make the two of us old men wait for such a long time.” When Wen Wan saw Ye Qingyu, he could not help but hop up and glare at him.

Ye Qingyu smiled slightly and said, “If I do not remember wrong, the time that we have arranged to meet, should be exactly at noon. Look at the position of that sundial…..”

Wen Wan turned his head to look. The direction the shadow was pointing at on the sundial, was still a finger’s width till noon.

It was still not noon just yet.

It really wasn’t time yet?

Mad Tiger Wen blinked his eyes.。

Why did he feel that he had already waited for a long time here?

For it not to have reached the appointed time yet.

He was dumbfounded for a moment, then instantly responded in an unresigned angry tone, “So what? You are of the younger generation, can you not come a little earlier to wait for us. Instead you make the two of us old men wait for you? Just what kind of reasoning is this!”


Ye Qingyu lifted his hands in surrender.

Comparing the standards of being unreasonable, he really was not the opponent of Mad Tiger Wen.

“Haha, the time is just right. Everyone quickly sit. Let’s first agree, we’re not returning without being drunk.” Liu Zongyuan laughed boisterously, bringing Ye Qingyu to the main seat of the room.

The four trusted soldiers behind him, were also young men not exceeding twenty five years. They were true elite soldiers that had survived along with him through numerous battles. They had been looked favourably upon by Liu Zongyuan and heavily cultivated. They had great room for development in the future, and at least were soldiers who would become military warfare officers. Within the army, they had some fame.

At this time, the four people and Bai Yuanxing were sitting in the supplementary table outside the room.

The ages of the five people were similar, so their conversation was enjoyable.

At the beginning Bai Yuanxing was somewhat restrained. With his strength, normally he would not have the right to sit together with expert soldiers like these. But behind him, after all, was a little Marquis famed throughout Youyan Pass. Even Liu Zongyuan was respectful towards Ye Qingyu. The four young soldiers would naturally not be disrespectful in the least towards Bai Yuanxing.

The atmosphere gradually became harmonious.

The three people were currently seated at the main table of the room.

“Why did you run to the fourth floor?” Wen Wan laughingly poured wine, completely filling Ye Qingyu’s and Liu Zongyuan’s cups.

Ye Qingyu smiled and replied, “I encountered some people of the Jianghu and was curious in my heart. I went to see the graceful bearing of the rumoured good men of Jianghu who goes from high to high.”

Wen Wan laughed loudly, “And the result? Are you satisfied with the graceful bearing of the good men of Jiang Hu?”

Before Ye Qingyu could speak, Liu Zongyuan had already answered for him. Coldly sneering he said, “What good men of Jianghu, they are just a mob. This time the reward of the enlistment of the army is extremely high causing some clowns of Jianghu to see their chance. Adding to this, someone is agitating the waves; there are clowns from thousands of miles away rushing to Youyan Pass, wanting to share in the gain. These people came for the riches available, and the people who have arrived at the Pass these days are people with substandard strength. Not knowing how to die, the army has already arrested several who caused trouble in the Pass.”

When he was on the fourth floor, Liu Zongyuan had already long known everything that had occurred there.

But his considerations were the same as Ye Qingyu. He did not want to cause trouble and be placed with the blame of spoiling the cooperation between the sects and the army. Therefore he artfully took care of Huang Ran, at the same time, he dealt a retaliatory blow for Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu was a clever person, so he naturally understood the intricacies behind this.

After he heard Liu Zongyuan finish speaking, Ye Qingyu nodded his head while saying, “That’s right, although the strength of these men of Jianghu is not bad, they lack discipline, not liking any constraints. There are too many with a flighty dispositions, and as for the spirit of brotherhood in Janghu, it seems more like the spirit of bandits. Even if they are released to the battlfield, most likely they would not prove to be of much use.

“The bosses from the military, their brains must have been kicked. To have really released such a foolish summon.” No wonder Wen Wan was Mad Tiger Wen, he dared to say anything. Lifting his cup, “I don’t care anymore. Come, come, come. Let’s first drink a cup then speak.”

The three lifted their cups, hitting them together.

As the excellent wine entered into Ye Qingyu’s mouth, he felt a warmth in his chest, his entire person feeling utterly comfortable. He could not but sigh in praise, “Good wine.”

Wen Wan chuckled, “The [Breeze brew] and the [Drizzle brew] both used to be tributes to the Emperor. Only the imperial family could drink it, and although we can now buy it, one earthen jar is worth a thousand golds.”

Ye Qingyu squinted at him from the side, and could not help but suspiciously ask, “Really? It’s really rare for Mad Tiger Wen to be so generous.”

Wen Wan answered in a strange tone, “What do you mean? I’m not paying for the meal today!”

“If it’s not you, could it be……” Ye Qingyu was taken aback then looked towards Liu Zongyuan.

Liu Zongyuan instantly said in an upright tone, “There’s no need for Marquis Ye to look at me. I am only a tiny little military warfare officer, my wage is pitifully small. My entire month’s salary is not enough to pay for one earthen jar……”

Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded, then was instantly amused and outraged by the shamelessness of these two martial officers. “Then today you invited me, is to make me pay? To even have chosen such a pricey place, you had long planned to completely ruin me.”

Wen Wan chuckled gleefully, “Since you were bestowed with your title of marquis , you obtained a significant amount of money, why be so stingy?”

Ye Qingyu was utterly speechless.

Originally Wen Wan was shameless, but at least Liu Zongyuan was somewhat reliable. In the end, those near the cinnabar would turn red; Liu Zongyuan was becoming more and more shameless. He really was too incautious when making friends.

“Returning to the subject, the considerations of the summons of the army must be greater than what we can think of. The writers of the official military documents brains are so devious, even a little bit squeezed out is enough to make someone fall into a scheme.” Liu Zongyuan brought the subject back to what they were originally discussing. “To make such a decision, they must have some other plans. Most likely, this time, the opponent that the Empire needs to take care of, is not only the demon race but also the sects within the Empire.”

“Taking action against the sects?” Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

Liu Zongyuan nodded his head, saying, “This is only my guess. Think about it. Ever since the Empire was founded, the sects have always been placed outside the law. The laws and rules of the Empire are completely useless against the three schools and the three factions, the six top sects of the Empire. It is prohibited for us to arrest them for crimes. Within the sects, there has never been a lack of top level experts. For the Imperial family of the Empire, this is, in the end, a shade over their hearts. As the saying goes, the matters of Jianghu will be resolved in the Jianghu. It sounds good, and countless Jianghu people feel proud of this statement, but this, for the Empire, is already a significant humiliation. Everywhere under the heaven is the Emperor’s soil, and everyone is the subject of the Empire. Just what is the reason for the Emperor not being allowed to interfere in the lives of the subjects within the area he rules?”

LIu Zongyuan spoke a lot in one breath.

Ye Qingyu faintly understood after hearing this.

Wen Wan laughed slightly, “To want to eradicate the sects is not that easy. The great founding Emperor, just how powerful and mighty was he. And even he, could only negotiate with the six large sects. The Snow Empire today has wasted far too much energy against the Snow ground Demon court, and they are in an even worse position to resist against the top class experts of the sects. This time the enlistment, is merely urging the wolves to swallow the tiger, then watch the fires burning across the river. (delay entering the fray until opponents are exhausted fighting against each other) However, what we have summoned this time, is a horde of mice. They cannot even be counted as wolves, then how can we sit back and reap the harvest?”

Ye Qingyu looked in surprise at Wen Wan.

This mad tiger, seemed like a brute, but he had some inner qualities. To think that he could be so incisive when looking at matters.

Liu Zongyuan nodded his head when he finished hearing his words. “This is hard to say. After all, the Imperial family of the Empire has nominal sovereignty. Even the large sects have to give some face to the Imperial family. Even though it is a rabble that have come to Youyan Pass in these days, but the true geniuses and experts of the sects will slowly arrive. At that time, everything will be made clear.”

“True experts?” Wen Wan chuckled, “Those old monsters shouldn’t appear. If [One blade], [Twin swords], [One whip], [Three dragon and three phoenix], these characters of the true dragon rankings appear, then it will be really lively. At that time Little Ye can meet the inheritors of the six top sects.”

“Why am I the topic again?” Ye Qingyu glared at Mad Tiger Wen.

The three laughed boisterously, drinking again.

As they had three rounds of drinks, the delicious food and delicacies began to be served.

The cooking arts of the chefs of the [Breeze and drizzle building] were very famous. It was naturally extremely delicious. Ye Qingyu’s appetite could not be help but be greatly aroused, beginning to devour ravenously. Since these two martial brutes wanted to take advantage of him, then he should eat more and gain something back first.

As they were eating, a clamour suddenly came from the outside.

Very quickly, the little manager wearing golden silk clothing came in and apologised with a smile, “Three honoured guests, sorry to interrupt you. Recently a strange white little dog and a silver snake that can fly have appeared from who knows where. They often come here to steal food, and are extremely nimble. We’ve tried to capture them several times without succeeding. This time they have come, and have stolen three jars of [Breeze brew]. The experts of the restaurant have gone out to chase them, so therefore it is a bit noisy. Please don’t take offence!”

A white little dog?

A silver snake that can fly?

Ye Qingyu was stunned, then instantly realised something. He said in a natural tone, “These type of little robbers, are really hateful. You must capture it and beat them!”

The little manager said many agreements, giving them complimentary wine then retreated.

Wen Wan grinned roguishly, looking at Ye Qingyu. He was about to say something, when he could hear someone let out an exhalation of shock from the four soldiers of the Vanguard outside. Then the four stood up uniformly, armours clanking, evidently performing a military salute……

When they turned their heads to look, a middle aged man that was evidently short and stout, gradually walked in.

This short and stout middle aged man, seemed to be around thirty years of age. His face was white and clean, face filled with amiableness, a gentle smile filling his face. He seemed like a wealthy man completely at peace with the world, with no hair at all on his face. He wore a black coloured cotton robe, without any aura or impulsiveness whatsoever. In his right hand, there were two silver coloured Baiding balls that were swirling…….

If one had met such a normal looking chubby person on the streets, most likely you would not even give him a second glance………

But at this moment, Wen Wan jumped up like his bum had been hacked by a blade.

An expression of startlement appeared on the face of the normally stable Liu Zongyuan. He quickly stood up.

Ye Qingyu was also surprised, clasping his hands and paying his greetings. “Commander Liu!”

This normal looking short and stout man, had a great background. He was one of the six huge figures of Youyan Pass.

The commander of the Vanguard.

Liu Siufeng!


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