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188 – The suddenly arrived demonic qi


Apart from the War God of Youyan Pass Lu Zhaoge, there were six huge figures of the Youyan army. They were the commanders of the Vanguard, Rear Camp, Left and Right Camp, the head of the Military Supply Department as well as head of the Military Council. These six commanders of the army were the peak existences of the military.

And among these six great figures, this Liu Siufeng was the most famous.

If you look at his amiable aura and the image of his white chubby appearance, it is really hard to link it together with the legends regarding him. It was said that he had slaughtered millions of demons. Within the Snow Ground Demon Court, the name Liu Siufeng existed side by side with titles such as Death God, Demon King, and Monster. When the demon races discussed of him, their faces would pale in fear.

The Vanguard of the four great camps had a fierce way of doing things, with strict discipline. It was said that this was influenced by the way Liu Siufeng personally did things.

Tens of days ago, in the bestowal ceremony, Ye Qingyu saw Liu Siufeng for the first time. He could not help but be taken back. It was very difficult to connect the fair faced chubby man with the fierce commander of the Vanguard.

The two had a short exchange at the bestowal ceremony, so they were not complete strangers.

As they saw Liu Siufeng enter, both Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan quickly rose to give a military salute.

Liu Siufeng amiably nodded his head, telling everyone not to act so restrained. Then he said with a smile, “Today I had a meeting within this restaurant, and coincidentally heard the little Marquis was also here. Therefore I came to have a look…..”

Ye Qingyu quickly said he did not dare.

Even though he had became a Marquis, but compared to a huge figure of the Empire like Liu Siufeng, there was still a large difference no matter when comparing status or military contributions.

From all areas of evaluation concerning this commander of the Vanguard, apart from being fierce and vicious in battle, it was basically all positive. In front of this person who had so many achievements for the Empire, Ye Qingyu did not dare to pretend to be self important at all.

In reality, when he was at the White Deer Academy, Ye Qingyu had already read a record concerning the different army leaders of the Empire. In the introduction concerning LIu Siufeng, there was a phrase that Ye Qingyu remembered clearly even until now —— “The great army of Youyan safeguards the northern gates of the Empire. Fifty percent is due to one of the ten great warriors, Lu Zhaoge, and thirty percent is thanks to the contribution of the of the commander of the Vanguard. The other twenty percent, is thanks to the other people of the Youyan army……

From this, one could see just how important Lie Siufeng was to the Youyan army and the borders of the Empire.

As for the lifetime achievements of Liu Siufeng, Ye Qingyu could not help but be impressed.

He had always admired Liu Siufeng like an idol. But seeing him in reality, even though he could not help but have a feeling of his idol being destroyed due to his outer appearance. Still, Ye Qingyu clearly knew, a person should not be judged by their outer appearance. For someone with such an ordinary appearance, to have such a high reputation, he must have his particular qualities.

“On the day of the bestowal ceremony, the process was rushed so we could not talk fully.” Liu Siufeng smiled, the silver steel balls in his hands swirling, a strange aura of the sun and moon moving in motion together. “On that day, you once said that you had the intention to serve in the Vanguard. I wonder just what your decision is after several days of consideration?”

His words were straightforward and direct.

There was unexpectedly a slight hint of impatience in his words.

Liu Zongyuan and Wen Wan could not help but sneakily give each other a glance, both able to see the suprise in each others’ eyes.

Commander Liu was a famed person for having high expectations. For the soldiers of the Vanguard, he had extremely strict requirements. There were many noble families of the Empire that wanted to place their family members into the Vanguard, making the ordinary seem special. But they were all decisively rejected. In these years, it normally was people asking him for a favour. He had never invited anyone into the Vanguard of his own initiative.

It was said that the military had greatly advertised Ye Qingyu’s actions, and there was a momentum to cultivate him into the hero of the army. But with the personality of Commander Liu, he would not pay attention to this fake fame at all. Those so called geniuses, even if they really had talent, would all be sniffed at by Commander Liu……

And today, he would think so highly of brother Ye?

Ye Qingyu hearing this, quickly said, “Thank you for Commander’s heavy favour, I do not deserve your praise. I have already made my decision, I am willing to enter into the Vanguard, to hear the instructions of the Commander.

Liu Siufeng began laughing uproariously, “Good, this is a wise choice by the Little Marquis. I can finally put this matter to rest……” Saying this, he lightly patted Ye Qingyu’s shoulder and continued to speak, “I’ve commanded soldiers for tens of years, and have seen countless of people. I have seen many of those so called geniuses. But none of them have been able to arouse my love for talent and want to raise him as the next Commander. Little Marquis, you are the first.”

As these words were said, apart from feeling greatly surprised, Ye Qingyu rushed to say, “Commander, you have over praised me.”

Liu Zongyuan and Wen Wan on the side, however were not too greatly startled by this.

The personality of Liu Siufeng had always been direct and straightforward. The way he said and did things, he would not go about in a roundabout fashion. There were very little matters he would hide in his heart. Since he had said such words out, then it was real, he would not put on false pretense and give fake praise.

For Commander Liu to have such an evaluation of Ye Qingyu, made the two both shocked and overjoyed.

Previously when Ye Qingyu had gravely offended the head of the Supply Department Zhang San, he could be said to have made a great enemy within the army. In the future, he would definitely suffer the vengeance and obstructions of Zhang San. But right now, when Commander Liu spoke such words without any disguise, then this represented that there was a mountain he could rely on that was even higher than Zhang San’s. This meant they did not need to worry too much.

As these words were said, and received Ye Qingyu’s affirmation, the mood of Liu Siufeng became especially pleased.

He stayed to speak some more, and Wen Wan and Liu Zongyuan mustered their courage to give him a toast. He did not reject, drinking it all in one cup, then turned and left for his meeting.

Before he left, he once again reminded Ye Qingyu that very quickly someone would specially hand over the prepared uniform and seal for Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu and the others rose to see him off.

After Liu Siufeng had left, the three returned to their seats, looking at each other then bursting into laughter.

“This is my first time seeing such an impatient expression appear on the Commander. Haha, I nearly couldn’t bear it and almost burst out laughing. His expression, was as if he was a little bit late, brother Ye would have been stolen away by someone else,” Liu Zongyuan could not restrain himself from saying such with a smile.“

Wen Wan said in an excited tone, “This is great, since Commander Liu has such high expectations for this little bastard, then in the future it will be much easier within the army. From now on as long as I throw the name of this little bastard out, let’s see who dares incite me within the Vanguard.”

Ye Qingyu was completely speechless.

“That’s not right. It’s not like you don’t understand the Commander’s personality. The higher the expectations he has for someone, the stricter his requirements. From my perspective, the reason Commander was so amiable with brother Ye was because he has not yet a person of the Vanguard. When brother Ye wears the battle robes of the Vanguard, the Commander will treat him like he is a normal soldier, or perhaps even stricter.” Liu Zongyuan shook his head.

As he finished saying this, he could not help but once again remind Ye Qingyu. That he should not be beside himself with joy just because of today’s meeting. Within the army, one relied on military contributions. He should not become conceited over someone’s favour and break military discipline.

“You really are such a woman.” Wen Wan looked in disdain at Liu Zongyuan, and said in a tone of contempt, “what you just said, do you think the little bastard doesn’t know? This fellow, is extremely devious. You don’t need to worry about him. He’ll be able to perform even better at the same tasks than us. There’s a pole in his heart that can be used to measure everything in the world.”

“That’s right.” Liu Zongyuan thought back to the things Ye Qingyu had achieved. He suddenly felt that his worry and reminders were needless. For a monster like Ye Qingyu, using the words accomplishing many when young was not even enough to describe him.

Ye Qingyu could not hold back his laughter after seeing the bickering of the two.

LIke a cyclone, they completely devoured all the dishes on the table. There was only wine left.

“The Commander said he came here for a meeting.” Wen Wan said in a curious tone. “Why don’t you guess, just who has he arranged a meeting with?”

Ye Qingyu was also slightly curious.

Liu Zonguan said, “Within Youyan Pass, there are only six people with the requirements for arranging a meeting with the commander. Of these six, Lord Lu rarely comes out from the Pass Lord’s residence. Then there are only five people left. It is somewhat difficult to guess…..”

Before he’d even finished.


Everywhere, suddenly quaked a little.

The surrounding walls, floor, tables, screens, suddenly had the flicker of light from the activation of the formations. The formation appeared to reinforce it, only then could the building stabilise. A layer of invisible energy protected the restaurant within.

But at the same time, numerous extremely powerful demonic qi, surged and broiled, shooting towards the skies.

“There’s demonic qi….”

“Experts of the demon race has appeared?”

“A demon horde has gathered?”

Liu Zongyuan and Wen Wan rose at the same time, the expression on their faces greatly changing.

The yuan qi within the two shimmered out. In an instant, they were like a drawn bow, the yuan qi in their bodies activated to the fullest. They prepared to act at any moment.

This was the instinctive reaction of a martial artist.

In Ye Qingyu’s body, it was similarly surging with inner yuan, as if it was a raging great river.

The expression on the three faces, became incomparably serious.

Four young armoured soldiers, also rushed in.

What followed behind them was the White Horse sword slave, Bai Yuanxing, his face filled with shock.

“Within Youyan Pass, why is there such a level of demon qi within? Furthermore, there is not only one, and for it to be so close to the Vanguard…..This group of demons, do they not want their lives? To so publicly appear, they are asking for their death.” Liu Zongyuan walked rapidly towards the window, looking out.

“In the east, there are three demon qi auras. There are at least three demon warriors! In the west…..” After a slightly observation, Wen Wan could discern what was happening. Outside, there were significant numbers of the experts of the demon race that had appeared. Demon qi was roiling and shrouding the skies, causing one to suffocate.

There had never been so many experts of the demon race that had appeared within Youyan Pass.

This sudden change, completely exceeded everyone’s imagination.

“Slaughter all the demons. We cannot delay, we must quickly act, otherwise chaos will break out within the Pass.” Liu Zongyuan had already prepared to strike.

Wen Wan nodded his head.

Ye Qingyu frowned, a noise of surprise coming out of him, as if he had observed something. “There are also experts of the demon race that has appeared within here…..En, it’s on the fourth floor, its three demon warriors….I’ll go take of them.”

Saying this,his figure flashed, breaking out through the window.

“Be careful.” Liu Zongyuan and Wen Wan followed behind them.

For the experts of the demon race to suddenly show their faces, this was something greatly out of the norm. But they could not care about this. They first must kill and capture the experts that had already shown themselves. Otherwise they would bring terrible harm and loss to the citizens of the Pass, and they would also destroy the military buildings within the Pass. If allowed to wreck as they pleased, complete chaos would break out.

At the same time the three reacted, the martial experts of all areas of the great army, also struck out.

At this time, demon qi shrouded the skies.

Countless figures, were torn apart within the demon qi, turning into blood mist and becoming the food of the demon race. Countless buildings collapsed, demon fire raged and burned large areas. Demonic wind blew, bringing with it sand and dust. The citizens of the human race tragically cried within, as they, along with their houses was blown into the skies….. ……

On the fourth floor, there were shocked and alarmed cries.



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