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189 – A dragon amongst men


When a middle aged man that had always sat quietly, who had never even spoken a single word suddenly took off his clothes and tore apart the human skin on his body, the bustling atmosphere instantly ended as he transformed into a blood red six armed huge bear.

The two people from the sects next to him was instantly dumbfounded.

Before they could have any sort of reaction, their bodies were cut into six parts by the terrifying sharp claws of the blood red bear demon.

Demonic qi that was like a bloody flame, instantly exploded from the body of the six armed bear.

A bloody smell enveloped the entire fourth floor of the Breeze and Drizzle building.

“Demonic qi……blood flame demon bear!”

There was the exclamation of shock from a young swordsman.

But very quickly, his face of despair transformed into a puddle of blood.

Because the seductive woman he had been happily ‘conversing’ with, her tongue suddenly transformed into a silver line that pierced through his chest. This was a toxic tongue, and the venom instantly traversed throughout his entire body. It dissolved his blood, bones, and organs, leaving only his human skin behind.

This seductive woman cackled with an enrapturing smile, while her figure started bloating up.

When the skin on her face had completely blown up through expansion, her seductive figure turned into a terrifying white scaled lizard.

It was another demon.

The fourth floor instantly became chaotic.

The people of the sects became disordered and chaotic. Various kinds of weapons were unsheathed. There were distraught and distressed screams and screeches. There were people who activated their yuan qi in the first instant, holding weapons in their hands, guarding against their comrades. They were afriad that the fellows they were laughing and conversing with just now, would also tear apart their human skin and transform into sinister and horrifying demonic beasts.


The blood flame demon bear struck his own chest, his body constantly enlarging. In the blink of an eye, it was four or five metres tall, like a huge beast. A blood red flame exploded from its massive body, as if it was like fireworks, demonic qi roiling that caused one to suffocate.

There were several men from the sects that were touched by the blood red flame by accident. With a speed indiscernible to the naked eye, they became dehydrated and began to shrivel up. Like a flower that had boiling water poured on it, in the blink of an eye, they turned into several corpses………

“Careful, the surrounding blood flame of the blood flame demon bear is toxic. Do not breath it in…..” The flying heaven sword Wei Tianming shouted in caution.

“Everyone don’t panic. Surround these two beasts, we have so many people here , how could we be afraid of it? Act together, and slaughter these two beasts!” Another disciple of the Crepe Myrtle Sect also shouted.

At this time, the quality of the disciples of the large sects could be seen.

As for those who came from small sects, they were completely frightened out of their guts. After all the Crepe Myrtle Sect was the top sect, so the disciples of this sect were the first that reacted.


The blood flame demon bear let out a roar of rage. From his mouth, a pillar of blood flame shot out towards Wei Tianming.

“Flying Heaven One Sword……..cut!”

Wei Tianming shouted loudly, the heart sutra of the Crepe Myrtle activating to its extreme. There were twenty one Crepe Myrtle stars swirling around his body, displaying that his highest level of cultivation was at the twenty one Spirit spring stage. The violet colour on his sword greatly increased its radiance, then the sword struck out.

This Flying Heaven One Sword was his most accomplished battle technique.

He had relied on this move to obtain the title of the Flying Heaven Sword.

Wei Tianming had intentionally shown his face in front of this people, so he used his ultimate techinque at the first instant, wanting to hack this blood flame demon bear apart.


The violet sword and the blood red pillar struck together.

The light of the sword was extinguished in an instant like boiling water splashing on snow.

He could not even withstand a strike.

The pupils of Wei Tianming became constricted.

He was about to be swallowed by the blood flame pillar of the demon warrior, a thousand pounds hanging on a single thread, a figure flashed by. It saved Wei Tianming from the fatal strike by a hair’s breath.

The person who had acted, was namely the black haired middle aged Shishu.

Wei Tianming had cold sweat all over his body. This experience of returning from the death god’s hand, made sweat drip from all over his body.

“Careful, this is a titled demon warrior. One must take care……” The middle aged Shishu shouted to remind everyone.

A so called titled demon warrior was comparable to an expert at the forty Spirit springs of the human race. It was completely not someone, with Wei Tianming’s level of cultivation, could resist against. Just now, if it was not for the middle aged Shishu acting, this flying heaven sword Wei Tianming would most likely have already turned into a dehydrated corpse.

When they were speaking.

There were several other nameless people of Jianghu, that was torn apart by the blood flame demon bear. Fresh blood and intestines flowed from their bellies, broken limbs splashed about. There was no one that could withstand a single strike from the demon bear.

“Kekeke…….” Within the mouth of the huge snow white lizard, there was the cackle of the seductive girl.

The snow white tongue in its mouth, shot out like lightning, as a silver thread that was fast to the extreme. A normal disciple of the sect could not possibly evade, so this silver thread pierced through their bodies. Afterwards, their entire person, flesh, bones and interntal organs were instantly dissolved. Pus like fluid effused out, and what remained was only human skin……

The power of this huge white lizard was not in the least lower than that of the blood flame demon bear.

Only tens of breaths had passed when the two demon monster broke apart their disguise but over twenty people had perished on the fourth floor. The power of these two demons, completely crushed them……


There was a person sharply screaming in panic.

These good men of the Jianghu, after a short lived resistance, when the demon warriors displayed their strength, their courage was like thin snow meeting scorching water, turning to steam in an instant.

When the first person sharply screamed for them to run, the originally rabble like Jianghu people were in an even worse state.

No matter how much the black haired elder of the Crepe Myrtle shouted, he could not stabilise the defeated situation.

“Kekeke……the flesh of this little girl is not bad. I am currently lacking a human skin……” There was human language coming out of the out of the huge snow white lizard. It’s bloody red fierce pupils, looked towards Nan Hua.

The human skin of beautiful people had always been collected by her as a hobby.

Nan Hua’s gorgeous face instantly went pale.

She instinctively retreated backwards.

“Careful” The black haired Shishu seemed to have discerned something. With a shout of alarm, the long sword in his hand struck, cutting in front of the space in front of Nanhua. With a light sound, he cut apart a silver strand.

This was namely the tongue of the huge white lizard.

Nan Hua was so frightened she kept scrabbling backwards.。

If not for the sword of the black haired Shishu, then most likely now she would have turned into a piece of human skin through the toxin of the tongue.



After a slight vibration, the silver coloured tongue suddenly softened, entangling with the sword. It pulled fiercely.

“Ah…..” The black haired Shisho screamed, as if he had been struck by thunder. There was fear on his face, and his figure quivered, madly retreating backwards. Throwing away the long sword in his hand, his right hand formed a blade that cut towards his left shoulder. The entire left limb was hacked apart.


Fresh blood spurted everywhere.

IN an instant, the silver arm that had been hacked apart on the floor, transformed into silver pus.

So his left limb had been pierced by the silver tongue.

Thankfully the cultivation of the middle aged Shisho was a little stronger, that he could use his yuan qi to seal and prevent the demonic qi poison from spreading. Luckily, in the first instant he had cut apart and sacrificed his left limb. Otherwise, his entire person and bones would have turned into pus, leaving only a piece of skin behind……

Within the fourth floor, the cultivation of this middle aged Shisho was the highest. He should be higher than the Spirit springs stage, but in an instant he was heavily injured. This made the other people scared out of their wits even more…….

The other disciples of the Crepe Myrtle Sect’s will to do battle completely broke apart in this instant.

Why did it become like this?

This was completely different from the normal sayings of the sects. Why was the demon race so terrifying?

The crowd fled in all directions with sharp screams.

But many people discovered in their despair that after the two servant girls, responsible for the White Jade stair small formation, were killed , the formation had no way to function anymore. And suffering the strike, all sorts of formation of the Breeze and Drizzle building had activated automatically, reinforcing the walls and windows with the power of formations. They could not break this apart, so they had no way to escape.

They were trapped like beasts.

No one could flee.

The shadow of death, in an instant, shrouded the malevolent faces of the Jianghu people.

“Kekeke, little girl, no need to be afraid. It doesn’t hurt in the slightest. Give me your human skin, hehe, come quickly come……”The huge white lizard laughed delicately, constantly nearing Nan Hua.

“No…, no … me……” Nan Hua was completely frightened senseless.

She did her utmost to retreat backwards. Turning her head, she saw Wei Tianming standing by the side. She beggged for aid: “Senior borther Tianming, save me…..”

Wei Tianming rapidly headed somewhere else to hide, as if he had not heard her plea at all.

Those senior brothers who normally were beside her,who slapped their chests with guarantee that they would eternally protect her with their lives, right now had completely and utterly forgotten the oaths that they swore to pursue for the beauty. They ran faster than dogs……

The middle aged Shishu’s figure quivered then fell…….

Nan Hua was enveloped in despair.

“Senior sister Nan Hua, quickly run, let me block….” A skinny appearance, blocked in front of her.

Nan Hua was shocked: “Junior brother Li, you……”

The Liu Rui blocking in front of her, was the most stupid disciple with the lowest cultivation within the Crepe Myrtle Sect. Normally he was the person that the other disciples mocked and laughed at, because he was stupid and cowardly. He did not dare resist with his hands or mouth. Nan Hua normally had little impression of this junior brother with ordinary talent. But she would never have imagined, that when lives were on the line, it was this cowardly youth that would block in front of her……

But it proved to be no use whatsoever.


The air was broken apart. A soul ripping silver strand easily pierced through the shoulder of the cowardly youth Li Rui.

The venom activated.

Li Rui felt him losing feeling in his body.
He opened his mouth, using the last of his vision, to look at the girl who for him had always been as proud as a girl on the ninth heavens. He wanted to say his last words, but he discovered that no sound could come from his throat any longer…….”

“Senior sister Nan, you are beautiful. I also like you…..”

He could only sigh in his heart.

To die like this, he did not regret.

Because he did the bravest thing in his life opposite his normally cowardly self.

An action that he would never ever feel regret for.一

When the silver tongue was taken out of his body, he felt acute pain. The weak youth felt he was about to turn into pus. At this time…….

In the spark of a flint, an unexpected change occurred.

A palm, lightly patted on his shoulder.

A seeping cold went into his bones, instantly covering his entire body.

“Retreat to one side and activate your qi to treat your injuries.”

An unfamiliar voice sounded from beside his ear.

The weak youth was dumbfounded, then he discovered in surprise that his body did not dissolve into pus from the poison of the giant lizard. Conversely, a layer of silver frost completely erased the venom within his body in a single moment.

A gentle power, pushed him to one side.

At this time, only then could Li Rui see who it was that acted to save him.

It was the wealthy white robed youth.

It was the wealthy white robed youth that had previously arrogantly insulted senior brother Wei Tianming as trash on the fourth floor.

At that time, in the hearts of everyone, they thought that he was an idle and useless wealthy youth of some noble family. But right now, with his white robe, there were tens of silver dragons roaring and encircling him. He held an autumn water clear sword that was the width of five fingers in one hand, like an immortal that walked towards the terrifying white lizard.

The white robe flickered with radiance, as if he was a god of war.

For it to be him?

The skinny youth Li Rui was completely dumbfounded.



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