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190 – Dragon Clan’s blood and tears!

Chapter 190: Dragon Clan’s blood and tears!

Sank. Li Muyang’s body sank all the way.

It was an infinite world, as if he would never reach the end.

In the world of darkness, a pair of eyes appeared above Li Muyang’s head.

It was a pair of aged, sorrowful eyes, with infinite power and influence.

“Li Muyang.” A lofty voice suddenly said.

“Who are you?” Li Muyang looked up. He saw the eyes, a familiar pair of eyes. He shouted loudly: “Who are you?”

“I am you.” When the pair of eyes looked straight into Li Muyang’s eyes, Li Muyang saw his own figure from the pupils. “You’re also me.”

“Who the hell are you?” Li Muyang obviously did not believe the nonsense, angrily shouted back: “Don’t fool me, who are you really?”

“I am a dragon.” The owner of the pair of eyes stated aloud. Li Muyang could not see its mouth, facial features or its body. The only thing he saw was a pair of eyes. The eyes suddenly popped up in the dark, like a mischievous person had painted two eyes on a black cloth. But these eyes were more vivid. “I’m in your body, so I’m a dragon and so are you.”

“Why did you enter into my body?” Li Muyang finally understood the familiar feeling he felt when he faced this pair of eyes. It had appeared countless times before in his dreams. In Li Muyang’s countless nightmares, every time he dreamt of a tremendous dragon roaming the sky and looking at him with a grim face, and then without a single sound, charged towards him——tearing his body, and finally entered through his chest and fused with him.

At that time, the eyes were on a dragon. So, Li Muyang could distinctly identify them.

Now, the pair of eyes appeared by themselves, so Li Muyang was unable to determine its origin at first glance.

He is right; he’s a dragon and also himself. Because a long time ago, he had already fused with him.

“Because of the will of heaven.” The pair of eyes said aloud.

“I don’t believe in the will of heaven.” Li Muyang shouted. He could not accept an explanation like that; he hated when others use the words ‘Will of the Heaven’ or ‘fate’ to give him a perfunctory explanation. “I believe that this was caused by someone, and I believe that every ‘will of the heaven’ is actually being deliberately set up by people with ulterior motives.”

“You think so——” His eyes flashed as he slipped into deep thought, pausing for a long while, before he continued: “You’re smarter than me.”

“——” Ever since he was born, this was the first time Li Muyang was praised by a dragon.

Of course, his own praise did not count.

“You’re right, we really were manipulated by humankind. That’s why we were wiped out. The majority of my race was slain.” His eyes flamed with resentment, as he raised his voice in anger.

Obviously, that kind of injury, no matter how many thousands of years, there was no way it could fully erase or fade away.

“What actually happened?” Li Muyang asked. “Why did humans want to slay dragons? Is the Dragon Clan really evil? Dragon Clan——”

Li Muyang thought for a moment, before he bravely continued: “The story that the Dragon Princess likes to eat human heart is not true, right?”


“What do you mean by not answering?”

“Ridiculous.” The eyes were full of contempt. “You’re also a dragon, why don’t you have a plate of fried human hearts?”

As Li Muyang imagined the scene, he hurriedly shook his head in refusal: “Forget it, I don’t eat organs——whether it’s animals or human, I don’t like to eat them.”

“Dragons are half divine beings, how majestic and noble? They eat morning dew in the morning and drink the rays of sunlight before night. They devour unusual flowers and precious fruits, and absorb the vital energy of the heaven and earth. We don’t want to enjoy our good food, but eat human heart, that kind of disgusting thing? Do you believe in such lies? But it’s the way that those bastards deceived all the people——”

“I don’t understand, why did they have to make up this story to slander the dragon clan?” Li Muyang asked aloud. “To make everyone hate on the Dragon clan? So everyone cultivated to slay dragons?”

“Because they were afraid of the Dragon Clan becoming the hero of mankind.” The eyes, deep like the starry sky, reflected his infinite grief and resentment.

“How could the dragon clan become the hero of mankind?” Li Muyang seriously pondered each of his words thoroughly. “Could it be, the dragon clan has saved mankind before?”

“Do you know the Barbarians of the abyss?” The eyes looked at Li Muyang and asked. Without waiting for Li Muyang’s reply, he continued: “Yes, it’s impossible for you to know. Because they have disappeared tens of thousands of years ago, having been defeated by the Dragon Clan tens of thousands of years ago——With Flower Language as the barrier, Nujiang as natural moat and countless sages of the divine continent as protectors, they could not take a step into the divine continent.”

“Barbarians of the Abyss?” Li Muyang exclaimed. It was the first time he heard of this. “Could it be, there are other race in the divine continent besides the human race?”

“In the divine continent, war broke out between the human race and the Barbarian race. The Barbarian race sailed the tides and marched to remote regions belonging to the human race. Barbarians are cruel and violent, and as a result, the human race, unable to defend, retreated. When the Barbarian attacked Flower Language Plains, the nine kings of the nine nations gathered elites and warriors for a decisive battle with the Barbarian race. This war, the human race was defeated, leaving countless casualties. The Barbarians seized this opportunity and took the land of the divine continent. The king of the nine countries as well as many elites climbed Dragon mountain, implored the Dragon Clan to fight against the Barbarians and promised to be their subjects forever, and would enshrine and worship them through all ages——”

The pair of eyes grew dim with sorrow, and then, a boundless flame lit up inside, leaping and blazing fiercely.

“Since the human race and dragon clan both resided in the divine continent, and the human race did seem more meek and kind hearted, while the barbarians ferocious and disgusting——So I agreed to their request. I led my clan members to wage war against the Barbarians. We were victorious at the first battle and did our best to drive them out beyond of Nujiang——”

“And then?” After listening, heart pounding to the story, Li Muyang felt the story was too bizarre and too strange. There were races that he had never heard of before. But he felt it was true. He believed every single word the pair of eyes said.

Because it’s himself. The whole world could lie to him, but he would never deceive himself.

“The Barbarian race resided in a very cold place, their living environment is extremely bad and even the sun was shrouded by dense fog all year round. However, it also conditioned them to develop a strong ability to fight and survive. That war, the Dragon Clan won decisively, but because the number of barbarians was countless and they were also unafraid of death, my clan was outnumbered and the victory was not easy. After the battle, we were left wounded and riddled with scars——”

“My clan made concerted efforts to drive the Barbarians out of Nujiang, and expended all our energies to deploy the Heavenly Dragon Barrier to prevent Barbarians from ever invading again, but we did not expect——”

The two eyes already turned a blood-red colour, tears brimming in his red eyes.

Li Muyang felt the pain as though he suffered it himself. He reached out to touch his own cheeks, only to find that tears had already overflown in his eyes and ran dripping down his cheeks.

“The kings of the nine nations who stood on the sidelines, recuperating and building up strength, commanded the elites of the human race to raise their sword at my clan,  to slay dragons without restraint. Dragon heads came tumbling down, staining Nujiang red——I hate——I hate——”



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  2. That’s it. I’m changing races. I’m a dragon now. Who would want to be human when they’re so treacherous? :c

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