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190 – Just who was he?


Nan Hua in this instant, completely did not dare to believe her eyes.

In that instant, the white robed wealthy youth was like a divine soldier descending from the heavens. From the window beside her, he broke in and entered, breaking apart the window that had been reinforced by formations, the same window that no one had been able to break apart. In front of this white robed wealthy youth, it shattered apart like tofu….

Outside, a light, which was piercing to the eyes, surged in.

The figure of the white robed youth, was like a mountain that could not be climbed over, blocking the white coloured huge lizard. Nan Hua was currently staring at the back of this white robes. A feeling of security she had never felt before, made her forget to be afraid.

“He really was an expert….”

At this moment, Nan Hua finally understood.

The black haired middle aged Shishu, Wei Tianming and the other disciples of the Crepe Myrtle Sect, and the entire people of the Jianghu people on the fourth floor, also understood this at this moment.

In that instant, everyone’s gaze was gathered onto the body of the white robed youth.

There were people’s gaze that brightened from the moment the white robed youth had broken apart the windows and came in, as if someone drowning in water with no hope left had seen a patch of grass that they could grab onto. Like dogs of a mourning family, they flew towards the windows and fled outside……

With one person leading the way, there were instantly people mimicking.

These people completely did not care whether this white robed youth would be able to defeat the two demon warriors. They wanted to quickly escape from this Asura bloody hell place. Protecting their own life was most important….

“Don’t escape, everyone act together to assist this little brother…..” The middle aged Shishu shouted, wanting to stabilise the situation. With the appearance of the white robed youth, he was able to see his chance. If everyone was able to unite together, then they would definitely be able to kill these two demon warriors.

But only a few people listened to him.

The so called good men of Jianghu, was heading as a hive towards the only possible route of escape, the window. There were even people who for the right to leave first, fought against each other…..

At this moment—


A green demon qi light pillar, suddenly brushed past the broken window, flashing by outside.



“Save me, save me…….”

Even more tragic and despairing cries came from the outside. Those Jianghu people who excitedly and impatiently ran towards the outside, was wrapped around by the green demonic qi light. As it whistled past, one could faintly see them transforming into bloody rain…..

“There are also demons outside!”

“It’s even more dangerous outside….”

Howls and squeals like pigs being slaughtered, sounded.

At this time, there was no one charging outside anymore.


Ye Qingyu’s twenty spirit springs were activated to its fullest, the Little Shang sword in his hands. While observing in detail the strength of the two demon warriors, he walked step by step closer.

“It’s a titled demon warrior!”

Ye Qingyu did not dare to let down his guard.

The demon warrior realm of the demon race, was largely similar to the Spirit spring of the human race in terms of cultivation, and could be compared to each other. When the human race was at the twenty Spirit springs, it was approximately at the stage of a four star demon warrior. This was a great threshold in the path of cultivation for both of these two great races.

And these titled demon warriors, their strength was comparable to the people at the forty Spirit springs of cultivation.

If these demons had some innate battle ability, then its battle power could even be greater than forty Spirit springs.

Within Ye Qingyu’s body, there was a constant roar of dragons sounding.

After absorbing the aura of the Snow Dragons, there was already a faint pressure of the dragon race within Ye Qingyu’s inner yuan. This point was hard to be noticed by other experts of the human race, but for the demon race that was extremely sensitive naturally towards the classification of their bloodlines, this was an extremely evident matter.

As such, when Ye Qingyu appeared, the gazes of these two titled demon warriors focused on Ye Qingyu.

They could feel the descent of danger.

“Human?” The blood red flame was burning around the blood flame demon bear. LIke a Fiendgod, it stared at Ye Qingyu.

The scarlet red eyes of the hue white lizard emitting a chilling light, focusing on Ye Qingyu’s body. It emitted the language of the human race: “Kekeke, what a handsome little boy. Another perfect human skin, give me, quickly give me, I want…..”

There were twenty snow dragons that danced around Ye Qingyu like divine dragons.

“Not knowing your own death. Two tiny little demon warriors, to dare appear within Youyan Pass?” Ye Qingyu’s robe was white like jade, his sword like frost, his gaze sharp like a blade: “What, are you so impatient to die?”

“Human, die!”

The blood flame demon bear roared, and like a small hill, came charging at him.


Opening its mouth wide, a blood flame pillar shot towards Ye Qingyu.

At the same time, the tongue of the white lizard also moved slightly. Unexpectedly, there were two tongues that shot out from her mouth, like a bolt of lighting. With the cover and concealment of the blood flame pillar, it headed lightning quick towards Ye Qingyu without any signs.

These two demon warriors, cooperated extremely intricately.。

Ye Qingyu frowned slightly.

Originally he could rely on the speed of his body techniques to evade this attack….But if so, then the Jianghu people behind him most likely would die a tragic death.

His thoughts flying like lightning, Ye Qingyu let out a low grunt, reacting.

Instantly activating a membrane that was even thinner than white paper formed on his palm, as if it would collapse if one just lightly poked it. It grew around his body, blocking towards the direction of the terrifying blood flame pillar and the two silver white venomous tongue……

“Too arrogant…”

“Is he looking to die?”

“Why does he not use his sword to block?”

The far off JIanghu people, seeing this scene, let out exhalations of shock. No one had imagined, that a layer of thin membrane formed from yuan qi, was able to block the attacks of the two titled demon warriors. Was this white robed youth looking to die?

In the spark of a flint—–

Boom! Boom!Boom!

Fearful explosions sounded.

The entire building fiercely shook, as if it would collapse at any moment. The four walls, stone pillars, windows, the formations greatly activated. One could faintly hear the creak and squeak of the walls, as if this building was about to split apart……

The hearts of every JIanghu people, nearly jumped out.

The blood flame exploded in the air, completely covering Ye Qingyu.

At this moment, many people thought that Ye Qingyu would die for sure.

But the next moment, the blood flame disappeared. What came was the shocked bellow of rage from the blood flame demon bear along with the sharp screech of its comrade, the white huge lizard. These two titled demon warriors, was as if they had just suffered an incomparably terrifying matter, emitting a howl of fear and anger……

“He blocked it?”

Countless people were shocked.

A light screen that was thin like paper, could it really defend against the attacks of two great demon warriors?

The blood flame dissipated.

Countless gazes saw Ye Qingyu’s charge like a white robed killing god.

He had come out completely unharmed from the exploding blood flame. The Little Shang sword in his right hand vibrated at high speed. Between the hilt of the sword and his wrist, there was a radiance like quicksilver that fluctuated. This was evidently the signs that an extremely profound sword technique was about to be performed…..


Ye Qingyu increased his speed.

Three steps later, his figure became blurry. He transformed into a ray of light, with an explosion like sound, that appeared like a ghost in front of the blood flame demon bear. A sword with the force of ten thousand pounds struck down!

“To want to kill me?” The blood flame demon bear bellowed.

On it’s shoulder, a silver flame the size of palm began to burn. Burning large swathes of his flesh, exposing white bone, completely provoking its ferocious nature. The claw of the palm was like metal, striking towards the Little Shang sword.

It was able to recognise that this was a Spirit weapon.

But so what?

The Spirit weapons of the human race, as if it could break apart the natural weapons of demons?

His pair of metal bear claws had already been trained to the extreme. This was its natural demon weapon. On the battlefileld of the Explosive Snow glacier, just how many Spirit weapons of the demon race had it broken apart….


In an instant, the bear palm and the Little Shang sword clashed together causing sparks to fly.

The blood flame demon bear was about to activate its demonic qi, to crush the Little Shang sword, when it suddenly felt there was a bizarre power seeping from the Little Shang sword, and the originally surging demonic qi, suddenly quieted down with no way to activate. It was as if all the demonic qi within his body had frozen……

“This……” It was greatly shocked, it’s eyes widening.

But Ye Qingyu would not give him a chance.

Retrieving the Little Shang sword, his figure was in mid air. His left palm struck towards the skull of the blood flame demon bear, and his hand passed by like autumn lightning, without the slightest trace of resistance…..

Time, seemed to freeze at that instant.

This shocking sword strike, caused the hearts of everyone to stop.

At this time, Ye Qingyu’s figure was in the air. Suddenly, he seemed to have noticed something. With a slight hesitation, his head turned, and the moment he twisted his body, the snow white venomous tongue of the white lizard had already struck his shoulder like a bolt of lightning…….

He exerted strength with his left hand, lifting with a mighty force.

The head of the huge blood flame demon bear, was in his hands.

And using the force of the attack of the snow white venomous tongue, he lightly floated backwards.

His figure landed on the ground.

The long sword in his right hand was like frost, and his left hand held the head of the enemy.

Ye Qingyu’s with his white robe swirling, stood towering and alone.

Beside him, before the figure of the huge blood flame demon bear fell to the ground, demonic blood spurted out like a fountain from his chest, splashing tens of meters, like a bloody waterfall falling…….

Ye Qingyu held his sword alone, his body bathed in demon blood.

Far off.

Everyone of the Jianghu seeing this, was completely stunned.

No one could describe the astoundment in their hearts.

No one was able to capture the breathtaking power of that sword.

No one knew just what had happened in that instant that made the blood flame demon bear lose its head without even moving.

Even more, there was no one that dared to stare directly at the white robed figure that was bathed in blood, holding a sword.

The impression of the wealthy white robed, completely collapsed at this instant.

What replaced it was a figure like that of a god in front of their eyes. At this moment, the people of the Jianghu, only now just understood how ridiculous their error was. Only now did they knew just how laughable it was to be so arrogant in front of such a person. The so called fact that the Jianghu people did not like constraints, going from high to high, elegant like an immortal, in front of the breathtaking white robed youth awash with blood holding his sword, was completely an incomparably ridiculous joke.



Heroic and decisive!

Was this the battle method of the army?

At this instant, the people of Jianghu lowered their heads.

They knew the way they regarded the army, was wrong.


This white robed youth, just who was he exactly?

In the hearts of countless people, such a question floated to their minds.


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