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192 – Forcibly fuse!

Chapter 192: Forcibly fuse!

That pair of eyes, clear as a flame, understood Li Muyang’s psychological activity. His voice changed greatly to a more dignified tone when he said: “The Dragon Clan are born as half divine beings, with growth and cultivation, every one of us would possess remarkable powers. Even though many dragons can’t change shape, but growing scales and magical claws, and sending dragon breath across imperial waters are our basic skills and abilities. This is the advantage of our clan, and human can hardly contend against this power.”

“Moreover, the dragon clan has a strict ranking system, which is intensely competitive. For every promotion, they would need to be assessed and compete against other outstanding members. Select the most outstanding from a group of outstanding. And only the best is qualified to become a divine dragon commander, and then, from the three most outstanding divine dragon commanders, select the next dragon king——the physique of the human body is already weak, and you’re the weak of the weak.”

Li Muyang became boiling with anger. “My body turned like this, who is responsible? If you had not forcibly entered my body, would I have become a trash? Besides, I was just a newborn baby at that time and did not have the ability to defend myself. I’m lucky to be alive, and you almost killed me——Now you’re blaming me for being a weakling?”

“I chose you, but your body could not withstand the immense energy of the dragon’s soul. Even now you still have not been able to merge with the Tear of the Dragon King, and could only absorb bits and pieces——Even so, you’re already a young outstanding talent of West Wind Kingdom. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to replace you? If I choose a better and more powerful existence to inherit my mantle and ambition, then at that time, possessing the Tear of the Dragon King, he will be the most powerful person in the entire Starry Sky, who in this world can stop him?”

“——” Li Muyang was speechless. But thinking carefully, what he said was very reasonable.

“However, since the will of the heaven have chose you, both you and I can’t change this fact. Now you and I have already fused into one, you have me, and I have you. Then let it be, and we shall comply with the will of the heaven.” The voice was somewhat sad. Evidently, the old dragon, having placed such a heavy burden and great responsibility on such an unreliable young man, was not confident that he would succeed. “From your emotions I feel that you’re a fair and kind man. You sympathise with the dragons and are willing to fight for the souls that were wronged. So, I’ll leave it all to you.”

“Wait——” Li Muyang shouted. “You said leave the rest of the things to me——what’s left?”

“Revive the dead, restore the Dragon Clan.”

“Is that the only thing?”

“Avenge my clan.” The voice became cold and cruel, echoed all around Li Muyang, and resonated in his head, causing him an intense pain. “Let those traitors pay with their blood.”

A hesitant look crossed Li Muyang’s face. “I really want to help you, but you also know that the dragon clan was killed by the king of the nine countries and all the human elites. Do you want me to fight them all on my own?”

“What? Don’t you have faith in yourself? The eyes grew angry. “You are the high and mighty Dragon King, you will inherit all my divine energy and treasures, and you will become the richest man in the vast divine continent——isn’t that enough?”


Li Muyang pondered for a moment, before he responded: “If I really did, destroy the nine countries, kill all the elites of human race, at that time——what if the Barbarians invade again, who will be there to defend against them?”

“That’s the business of the human race. What does that have to do with you? You’re now a dragon, and even if you don’t want to admit it, all humans will think of you as a dragon——When your identity is revealed, when they know of your true identity, they will attack you from all sides and think of thousands of ways to kill you. Just like the way they massacred the dragon clan back then. Do you think they will still treat you as their people? Do you think they have any kindness or justice?”

“If you don’t tell anyone, and I don’t tell anyone, they will never know my identity?”

“That’s impossible.” He said with an amused glint in his eyes. “The Tear of the Dragon King has entered your body, your body already possess a dragon soul. You have not fused with it, so the people have not yet sensed a dragon’s presence yet. But when you gradually merge with it, the aura of dragon inside your body would turn more and more intense. At that time, do you still think you can deceive the strong people of the world?”

“What if I don’t fuse with it?”

“Did you want to fuse with it before? And the result? Were you able to control every single changes in your body?”

“Elder, it’s not that I don’t want to promise you, and it’s not that I’m speaking for human. After knowing the secret, I don’t have a good opinion of the royal families and the elites, and I feel their methods are despicable——But, I have parents and a sister, and people I really care about. If I really had the ability to destroy the nine countries, kill the elites of human, and cause great chaos to the divine continent, then when the Barbarians invade, what about my family and sister? What about those who really care about me and love me? I have to be considerate to them.”

“Elder, I can deceive you, I can accept all your conditions now, and waited till you really disappear, then you wouldn’t know. But I don’t want to deceive you, because I think you’re a——dragon worthy of respect, and also someone who changed my life and fate. I do not know whether this is a blessing or a curse, but to have the opportunity to achieve the first place in the Kingdom’s imperial exam, the chance to enter Starry Sky Academy and learn from other strong people in Starry Sky, even the thought of it is exciting enough.”

“Literature should be full of ups and down and not dull and ordinary, people should be the same. All young people hope to embark on a blood stimulating journey that is full of unknown, every young person hope to be able to become a hero of mankind and be written into songs and poems——Thank you, thank you for your existence, thank you for changing my life. If not, I would have just been an ordinary teenager in Jiangnan city, achieve average grades, admit into an ordinary school, and finally have a quiet and ordinary life. When I’m old and can’t move, lying in the courtyard under the grape tree and think back, the most memorable thing would be breaking the front teeth of a bad boy from another district——”

“I’ve experience a life like that, so I’m afraid of a life like that. I’m very grateful to you and also respect you very much. I don’t like to lie, I don’t want to promise you what I can’t do——I’m not going to deceive you. Even if you wouldn’t see me deceiving you, that’s still deceiving. Can you understand?”

“I can.” The eyes looked firmly at Li Muyang before he continued in a low voice. “But there are things that both you and I cannot change. In this world, you can’t always do what you like. You will understand the true meaning of this later. Well, I don’t have much time, I need to give you a little gift before I leave.”

“What gift?” Li Muyang asked. Thinking to himself: you just gave me the Tear of the Dragon King. You’re only a wisp of spirit in the tear, what else can you give me?

“Soon you will know.” The pair of eyes reluctantly looked at Li Muyang, his voice immensely sorrowful: “Live well. Remember, after you possess mountains of treasure, you still need to work hard, diligently practice to improve yourself, and only then you can become a true strong person of Starry Sky——And only then, after three changes, become a golden dragon. At that time, you are the world’s supreme master, you have the ability to revive the dead, you can give our deceased clan a second life——Pacify Nujiang’s wrath, and make it so that Dragon Slaying Canyon no longer slay dragons.”

After that, the eyes vanished from the dark sky.

On the back of Li Muyang’s hand, a black scale rose slowly.

It hovered atop Li Muyang’s head, rotating at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Abruptly, it began to thread its way through Li Muyang’s head.

Li Muyang felt his head splitting, as if a worm was trying to bite through his flesh into the top of his head and suck his skull and brain inside.

“Pain——” Li Muyang cried, before he yelled: “It hurts.”

He clutched his head, trying to stop the piece of black scale.

But the scale easily penetrated through his palm——

It looked like a scale, but invisible. Li Muyang’s hand could not touch it at all.

It rotated a little, as though it was attempting to drill a small hole in Li Muyang’s head, and then go in to take a rest or occupy Li Muyang’s mind.

It pierced his flesh, and then began to make its way into his skull.

Li Muyang ached like he was beaten half-dead, with his whole body drenching in sweat, finally he lay on the ground thrashing around in pain.

Li Muyang finally understood, what was the gift the old dragon said he would give him.

He forcibly helped Li Muyang fuse with the Tear of the Dragon King. Before the Tear of the Dragon King was attached to his palm and could not enter the depths of his body and truly integrate into one with him.

Now, he wants Li Muyang to really have the Tear of the Dragon King, he wants Li Muyang to become a real dragon, the King of the Dragon Clan——

Worst of all, Li Muyang was unable to bear the immense power. Without enough strength, he could not support the entry of such tremendous force. He needed his external assistance.


Li Muyang was dizzied by a sudden influx of information and a large number of images.

Everything darkened as he passed into unconsciousness.



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