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192 – The reappearance of the Unmoving City of Darkness


This pure and innocent little girl, like a spoiled girl throwing tantrum, stabbed over with her sword. Everyone had a feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry, as if they really needed to willingly go over and let the young girl stab them to allow her to vent her anger.

In truth, the moment Miao Xiu had torn apart his human skin, even Ye Qingyu reckoned that a terrifying monster would appear similar to the blood flame demon bear and the snow white demon lizard.

But he did not imagine what jumped out was an eccentric little girl.

What kind of demon was she?

Ye Qingyu could not be sure.

“Evildoer, just where has junior brother Miao gone? Just what are you?” The [Flying Heaven Sword] Wei Tianming loudly shouted: “You must have killed junior brother Miao. Everyone go together, let’s slaughter this little demon.”

Seeing the demon monster was only a little girl, the men of the Jianghu were no longer that afraid.

“Tut tut, your junior brother Miao is a pervert. Originally I didn’t want to take his life, but who would have guessed that he would be so perverted, to dare harass me and say that he will rip my clothes apart. Therefore I killed him with one strike.” The little girl with large eyes laughed charmingly. “Such a person, even if he dies, he deserves it! Therefore I cut off his skin to play around with.”

As the words were said, the colours of all the faces of the Crepe Myrtle disciples changed slightly.

Just what kind of personality Miao Xiu had, they were extremely clear. He was definitely perverted. Seeing such a young girl carved like jade, and to have sneakily gone and harassed her, was definitely something he could have done.

But Wei Tianming’s face was red with indignation. Saying angrily: “Evildoer, to spout such lies. We, the Crepe Myrtle sect are a righteous sect, how could we do such thing? You are throwing mud on junior brother Miao Xiu’s name, don’t think you can leave today…..”

“That’s right, as a disciple of the Crepe Myrtle sect, how could they do such an act?”

“How can we believe in the words of an evildoer?”

“Kill her.”

The surrounding people of the sects became disturbed, screaming for them to kill her. But no one dared to take a step forward.

Everyone’s gaze focused on Ye Qingyu, hoping this white robed reaper of death would act.

Ye Qingyu smiled slightly.

He abruptly turned to look at Wei Tianming, and said in contempt: “Disciples of righteous sects, can perform no wrong? They must be saints?”

Wei Tianming would never have thought, that the white robed killing god would suddenly interrogate him like so. As he thought back to how he had continuously made things hard for this person, there was a hard to ignore fear in Wei Tianming’s heart. He subconsciously took three or four steps backwards. Only after breathing in a mouthful of cold air into his chest, could it make his head function a little clearer. He said stutteringly: “Because…….the sects has rules……us……famous righteous sects will not do such evil acts, we…..”


Ye Qingyu let out an evident laugh of mockery.

“This is really a strange logic. Righteous sects, haha…….” Ye Qingyu thought back to the Azure Phoenix pill king Chen Moyun of Azure Phoenix academy; he was also one of the righteous sects, enjoying the title of a pill master of Snow Empire. But the person behind that facade, was as sinister as a jackal.

The faces of the disciples of the Crepe Myrtle instantly turned red like pig’s blood.

There was a fiery feeling on their faces, as if they had been ferociously slapped on their faces.

But they did not dare argue back.

The middle aged Shishu Liang Quan also remained silent.

At this moment—

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Four figures, suddenly came flying in from the window Ye Qingyu had broken.

These were namely the four trusted soldiers following beside Liu Zongyuan.

The four people had rigid armour, wearing a black steel flat plate. From top to bottom, only their eyes were exposed to the outside. They had the stances of the armoured soldiers, and in their hands were the standard steel blades of the Youyan military. Made from the hands of a master, they were near Spirit weapons, incomparably sharp. In these steel blades there were blood rivulets with demon blood dripping. Evidently, they had just experienced a battle….

A metallic blood smell, arose involuntarily.

The figures of the four men formed a line behind Ye Qingyu.

“We greet Marquis Ye. Officer Liu has ordered us four to give our assistance to Marquis Ye.” The person who had acted to hurt Huang Ran said respectfully.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

From the window far off, one could faintly see, the experts of the demon race doing whatever they pleased. They were madly destroying, but the experts of the army had already reacted. Ray after ray of yuan qi light pillars exploded out, like divine dragons soaring through the skies exploding upwards. Like the clap of thunder, they roared. The experts of the Vanguard, reacted at the first instant.

True top class experts, had not yet acted.

Evidently they had taken a lot into consideration. Before the true motives of the old demons of the [Southern Incline Legion] were made clear, the top level experts of the Vanguard remained silent. On one hand, it was to defend against the sudden appearance to the true experts of the demon race, and on the other hand these titled demon warriors that had appeared were not worth it for them to act. They naturally left it to martial experts at the level of the military warfare officers to handle!

Soldiers vs soldiers!

Warriors vs warriors!

Ye Qingyu’s gaze looked away, turning to look at the innocent young girl in front of him. “Today you cannot escape. Submit and be captured, then I can give you a quick death.”

He was able to sense that there was demonic qi within the body of this young girl.

And furthermore it was a demonic qi that was not in the slightest less than that of the two titled demon warriors, the blood flame demon bear or the snow white demon lizard.

Although he did not know exactly what she was, her outer appearance was extremely similar to a human. But who could know for sure, whether this was another human skin shell, and her original appearance was that of a ferocious and cruel demon monster.

He had seen too many scenes of the demon race slaughtering the human race. Ye Qingyu would not show any pity towards the demon race.

The four black armoured soldiers, came stealthily from all directions, surrounding this strange young girl.

But this young girl seemed not be afraid of this in the slightest.

She giggled coquettishly: “The old demons of the [Southern Incline Legion] really made their descendants and students come here to be cannon fodder. They does not care about this in the least. But the people of the Unmoving City of Darkness, are not so stupid. We are not prepared to go to our death so easily……”

Saying this, the short sword in her hands, suddenly emitted a silver radiance. It completely enveloped her entire person inside.

“Not good, this evildoer is about to escape…….” Someone shouted.“

But Ye Qingyu was as if he was struck by lightning. He stood there stunned, remaining where he was.

There was an unprecedented light twinkling in his eyes. He stared at the young girl, and exclaimed in shock: “What did you say? The Unmoving City of Darkness? You are a person belonging to the unmoving city of darkness, you……”

“Hehe, I’ll remember you. You’re interesting, I’ll come find you again.”

The young girl smiled charmingly, then the light surrounding flashed. She disappeared from where she was standing.

Ye Qingyu lifted his hand, wanted to make her stay behind. But it was already too late.

The charming laugh of the young girl reverberated throughout his ears.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu’s heart was in complete disorder and chaos.

Why was it the Unmoving City of Darkness?怎

At this moment, countless memories, appeared like a flood within Ye Qingyu’s mind.

He had no way of controlling himself, he recalled on what had happened when he was at White Deer academy. A clumsy and ditzy little loli calling him brother Qingyu. On the first morning of the academy, the little loli that had fallen over because her robe was this long. A person that trusted him unconditionally, a person that because she wanted to see him in the disciplinary hall, had wasted her precious academy points……

That girl called Song Xiaojun.

In Ye Qingyu’s life, she was the girl that he worried over and showed the most affection for.

She was also a girl that Ye Qingyu swore he would find.

She was an extremely special person in his life.

A year had not passed since the female sword immortal Wang Jianru had brought the little loli who possessed the bloodline of darkness away from people who wanted to kill her. But Ye Qingyu already felt that as if countless years had passed. It was hard to describe just what sort of emotion Ye Qingyu felt for the little loli. But Ye Qingyu knew that in the silent night, when he had just finished cultivating, he would think about her.

It seemed to have become a type of obsession.

There was a devil in the heart of the martial way. Ye Qingyu’s martial heart was the Asura Killing Heart, the devil in his heart should be related to the word killing.

But right now, the Song Xiaojun whose body flowed with the ancient bloodline of darkness, had become his obsession on his martial path.

Ye Qingyu originally thought that for a very long period of time, he would never hear of the names the Unmoving City of Darkness or the name of Song Xiaojun. But he had never thought that today he would hear the words Unmoving City of Darkness from such a clever and intelligent girl.

“Why has the Unmoving City of Darkness and the [Southern Incline Legion] of the demon race joined forces?”

“Was the Unmoving City of Darkness not a force that is not allowed to exist in this world by the human race as well as the demon race?“

“Just how is the little loli doing?”

“The bloodline of darkness in her body, has she completely merged with it now?”

“What about Wang Jianru? That peerless female sword immortal, is she still protecting Song Xiaojun?”

Question after question madly sprouted from Ye Qingyu’s mind.

He stood there dumbly.

He did not know how long had past—–

“Marquis Ye, Marquis Ye, are you okay? What should we do after this?” The young armoured soldier finally could bear the silence no longer, attempting to ask.

He had no way of understanding, why the decisive marquis Ye seemed to change into an entire different person after the little demon girl had said those words and left. It was as if he had lost his soul, standing there dumbly staring into nothing.

But this was not the time to be standing there staring blankly into space, therefore the young soldier attempted to break Ye Qingyu out of his daze.

“Ah?” Ye Qingyu turned to look at the young soldier. Shaking his head: “Mm, I’m fine…..”

Before he had finished, another abnormal change occurred.


The entire [Breeze and Drizzle Building] began shaking and quivering fiercely.

The numerous formations madly flickered, the reinforcement formations activated to their maximum. But one could see with their own eyes, fracture after fracture still appearing on the walls.

A hard to describe power appeared outside the [Breeze and Drizzle Building] without any prior signs whatsoever.

In front of the force of this incredible power, the building known as the [Breeze and Drizzle Building] was like a broken bamboo building in a violent storm. It shook and quivered, emitting creaking noises, giving a sense to people that it was going to collapse at any moment…..

“This building is about to collapse, quickly leave!”

Some people began losing their composure and started yelling.


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