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193 – The reappearance of Yan Buhui


Ye Qingyu finally recovered his state of mind.

His gaze swept over everyone on the fourth floor, his thoughts like lightning, and his figure flashed. In an instant he came to before the wall, punching out. There were the clear roars of a dragon’s howl emitting from his bones and muscles, as if the power of a dragon or tiger had enhanced his body……


Half the wall completely exploded outwards.

Light that stung one’s eyes surged out from the outside.

The people of the Jianghu dispersed, everyone of them escaping into the hole on the wall.

If not for Ye Qingyu’ destroying a side of the wall, it was most likely that everyone would be trapped within the [Breeze and Drizzle Building] that was about to collapse.

Ye Qingyu did not regard these Jianghu people highly. However, he also did not want them to die here in this place just like that. He would not leave them alone.

Amidst a swathe of voices of panic and gratitude, Ye Qingyu stood at the opening, looking to the outside.

Thousands of metres away in the air, a familiar figure stood like a God or a Devil, towering above the clouds.

Within this apocalyptic pitch black aura fluctuating everywhere, the demonic qi that was like that of an ocean in the air emitted from his body. It completely shrouded the skies as it spread out, nearly covering the entire sky. It was unknown just how many miles it covered, one could not see the end of is. It was as if this world had entered into the apocalypse.

This terrifying demonic qi, was namely the reason for the collapse of the [Breeze and Drizzle Building].

Yan Buhui!

It was Yan Buhui!

Ye Qingyu’s pupils’ constricted.

Just how was this possible? The most evil person of this aura, would appear within Youyan Pass?

Ye Qingyu’s shock was not little.

Was he crazy?

For Yan Buhui to have appeared in Youyan Pass. Was he not recovering from his wounds?

Did he recover so quickly?

Even if this peerless villain was at his full strength, unless his brain was retarded, or else he would not have come to Youyan Pass alone. This was like an old man eating poison, resenting the fact that his life was too long. Even if he was fiercer and stronger, such actions were not any different from suicide. Previously to kill him, the Youyan army had expended countless efforts of strategists to lay the trap, to make you come out. But they wasted their efforts and only heavily injured him…….

Who would have thought that the Yan Buhui who had only luckily escaped, would come back into the net of his own volition.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu thought he had mistaken this figure for another person.

He even rubbed his own eyes, carefully looking into the sky. The person standing alone on top of the clouds, like an apocalyptic Fiendgod, was namely the villain of this era, Yan Buhui.

“You are Ye Qingyu, the heroic Marquis Ye Qingyu of Youyan Pass?”

An extremely peculiar noise came from behind him.

It was Nan Hua.

This prideful and gorgeous female disciple of the Crepe Myrtle did not pay attention to the Fiendgod like figure outside. She did not pay attention to her comrades fleeing like beasts and birds, and she even did not hear the shout of her Shishu Liang Quan. She just suddenly shouted in a tone of enlightenment. It was unknown whether she was happily surprised or disappointed.

Ye Qingyu turned to give her a glance.

In reality, he did not have a shred of goodwill to this charming Crepe Myrtle sect disciple.

For such a girl skilled in manipulation, one could tell with one glance that she was a clever character. The exclamation of surprise right now, contained a preplanned sensation that made Ye Qingyu instinctively uncomfortable. The less he interacted with such a character, the better.

But Nan Hua’s exclamation of surprise, still attracted the attention of the JiangHu people on the fourth floor.

The gazes looking at Ye Qingyu instantly transformed.

“So that White robed youth, was Ye Qingyu!”

“He is the youngest marquis in the history of the Empire who received his title through his own achievements.”

“In this period of time, the rumours of the Empire have fluctuated. The young man that has caused the entire Jianghu to discuss him, is him?”

“No wonder!”

“His fame is not in vain. He really has the requirements to be proud.”

“He was that battle hero? He is not an easy character to handle…..”

Different kinds of thinking, floated from the hearts of different people.

Wei Tianming at this time had fallen into an extreme state of fear and trepidation.

He finally understood, the white robed person that he thought was beneath him, the person he provoked and targeted, just what his identity was. Thinking back to his extremely overbearing actions, the conflict at the [White Jade Stairs] and even ordering someone over to incite trouble at the fourth floor…….this entire process, was like a dog using every method to want to humiliate a fierce tiger. It was utterly seeking its own humiliation.

Thinking back right now, if Ye Qingyu really wanted to slaughter himself, it was only the effort of raising a hand.

And even if he died, it was likely that the Crepe Myrtle sect would not do anything for him. They would not go against a rising star of the Empire that was so popular it was burning just for him.

Thinking to here, the sweat of the [Flying Heaven Sword] Wei Tianming was like rain. His back was completely drenched. A hard to describe fear enveloped him; it was like the hands of the reaper was grasping his heart. He soundlessly retreated, hiding behind the backs of Liang Quan Shishu as well as the other disciples of the Crepe Myrtle sect, afraid that he would attract Ye Qingyu’s notice.

As for the other Crepe Myrtle sect disciples, they all completely shut their mouths.

Even the Liang Quan who had experienced and seen many things, had a face of shock, an expression of enlightmtment.

“Marquis Ye, it was really you.” Nan Hua had a face of worship, her entire person seeming to emit a hard to describe charming light. It seemed like a young girl encountering the prince on white horse of her dreams. Such a gorgeous face, made any male have a type of instinctive action to rush out and protect her.

But Ye Qingyu was not a normal man.

He had seen many beautiful girls; such as Jiang Xiaohan, such as Bai Yuqing, such as Song Xiaojun, such as the strange and clever girl of the demon race. For Ye Qingyu’s perspective, if he just casually chose any from among them, they would be even more stunning than Nan Hua after they had grown and matured.

Therefore he only turned his head to calmly look at Nan Hua, then coldly looked away.

Nan Hua’s expression changed.

This was like fiercely punching empty air, with nothing she could latch onto to exert force. It made her feel hurt, as well as somewhat angry.

The situation was different from her imagination.

Just what was wrong with this Ye Qingyu?

Could it be that he did not like women?

Her performance had been very obvious.

Could it be that he was a martial lunatic, a wooden lump that was completely insensitive?

Nan Hua was about to make her own actions even more obvious…………

But Ye Qingyu’s figure had already flashed, disappearing from where he was.

He transformed into a ray of light, directly flying out of the [Breeeze and Drizzle Buidlign].

“Go notify officer Liu and officer Wen, to tell them to quickly return. There has been a change in the situation.” Ye Qingyu’s voice came from the outside. His figure already could not be seen.

These words, were said to the four armoured soldiers.

The four armoured soldiers figures also flickered, and the sound of them tearing through the air could be heard. They rushed out from the [Breeze and Drizzle Buidling], acting according to Ye Qingyu’s instructions to find Liu Zongyuan and Wen Wan.

Nan Hua’s pink lips that were open, were frozen in midair.

“You…..this ……Hmph!”

Seeing Ye Qingyu’s disappearing figure, Nan Hua hatefully and angrily snorted, then ferociously stamped on the ground.

Which man did not like women?

She did not believe, he could escape from her palm.

Nan Hua fiercely grinded her teeth. She decided after she had obtained and captured Ye Qingyu’s heart, she would viciously torture and play with him. Hmph, he was only a tiny little Marquis, just what was so good about him…..

“Let’s quickly leave from here!”

The shout of Liang Quan awakened the surrounding Crepe Myrtle sect disciples.

From just one glance, one could discern the demonic male far off was a top level expert. Just solely the demonic qi fluctuation emitted by him was enough to make normal martial experts suffocate. Evidently the battle between top level experts was about to explode. The [Breeze and Drizzle Building] was at the center of the battlefield, it was really far too dangerous.

This crowd of people in a sorry state left in a state of fear and fright.



Ye Qingyu landed on the ground the moment he flew out from the [Breeze and Drizzle Building].

Using the constantly falling walls and the dust soaring into the skies as cover, he constantly changed his position, observing the battles surrounding him. The twenty to thirty titled demon warriors that had appeared in the beginning had already fallen by half. Those who were still stubbornly enduring, were the old famous titled demon warriors. There were many hidden aces up their sleeves, so even under the combined attack of the experts of the Vanguard, they still had the ability to resist.

Voice after voice of alarm and alert sounded throughout Youyan Pass.

Countless formation lights flickered through the air. All sorts of restrictions and formations in the city, were continuously activated.

At the same time, there were endless formation airships converging to this spot. They were like black sharks swimming through the air, the light of the formation cannons constantly gathering. Large and small yuan qi energy of different attributes flashed throughout the sky, as if they were stars twinkling in the daytime.

The reaction of the Youyan army, could be said to be decisive.

One could see the experts of the demon race including Yan Buhui, were completely surrounded at the center from top, left, right and bottom.

The battle also began to die down.

The experts of the army gradually stepped aside.

The titled demon warriors also gradually neared Yan Buhui.

Ever since Yan Buhui had appeared, such a level of battle was no longer needed.

What truly decided the fates of both parties, was the exchange of blow between the top class experts.

On the ground.

Ye Qingyu had completely hidden away his aura, controlling the yuan qi in his body. Using the purest physical power of his body, he pierced through alley after alley, nearing the direction that Yan Buhui was in.

Doing it like so, would avoid Yan Buhui’s notice to the greatest extent.

“For Yan Buhui to have appeared, just what is his motive?”

His heart was extremely nervous.

What made Ye Qingyu even more worried, was that there was a terrifying premonition in his heart.

The appearance of Yan Buhui, perhaps had something to do with the Unmoving City of Darkness.

If it was really so that the power of the Unmoving City of Darkness had also participated in this matter, then would the little loli Song Xiaojun also appear? Wang Jianru had once said, that Song Xiaojun had the bloodline of the Unmoving City of Darkness within her, that she would sooner or later enter the Unmoving City of Darkness. For the Unmoving City of Darkness that had disappeared for many years, for it to appear today, it was hard to say there was not the factor of Song Xiaojun behind it.

At this time, Xiaojun should have completely lost all her memories?

This made Ye Qingyu’s heart slightly hurt.

If they met again today, would the little loli who liked to hold his sleeve and call him brother Qingyu, still recognise himself?

If she really stood at the side of the demon race and acted to aid Yan Buhuil……

Ye Qingyu could not dare to imagine, just what should he do if such a thing happened?

Should he helped Lu Zhaoge handle Yan Buhui, or aid the little loli to fight against the Youyan army?

And just when Ye Qingyu was finally approaching just below Yan Buhui, and hid behind a collapse building to observe in detail, the Yan Buhui that had always remained silent within the air finally opened his mouth to speak.


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