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194 – Invincible


“Lu Zhaoge, didn’t you want to kill me? I’ve come, why have you still not come out?”

Yan Buhui words were like he was reuniting with an old friend.

His voice was like a Fiendgod singing, reverberating throughout the air, travelling through the entire Youyan Pass. Countless civilians, at this moment clearly heard the provocation of the great villain of this age towards the War god of Youyan Pass.

Two rays of light, shot out from the collapsed structure of the [Breeze and Drizzle Building].

It was the commander of the vanguard, Liu Siufeng.

The other figure was another figure that was similarly smiling, and was a taller than Liu Siufeng by a head. His figure was thin, and the wide robe drifted about his body. From far away, he seemed like a bamboo wearing a piece of clothing. The lower part of the robe flapped about as if there was nothing there at all. This man had a horse shaped face with a broad mouth, possessing tangerine orange short hair. His two eyebrows were extremely peculiar, the two eyebrows growing very near the centre of his forehead. It was extremely clustered at the end of his two eyebrows, causing them to droop down, like two blades were hanging from his face.

This was the commander of the Right Camp Peng Yizhen.

He was one of the six great figures of Youyan Pass.

He was the person that Liu Siufeng said he had a meeting with.

The two figures soared into the skies, standing above the clouds, facing the Yan Buhui far off.

“The power of that villain, has gotten so strong?” There was surprise on Liu Siufeng’s face.

When he had betrayed and leftlelt the Youyan army, Yan Buhui was only at the forty spirit springs stage. After leaving for a year, he reached the seventy Spirit springs. In three years, he reached the eighty sixth Spirit spring stage, and in the fourth year he had reached the Bitter Sea stage. In these years, the growth of Yan Buhui’s stage was shocking, but it largely still remained within the early stages of the Bitter Sea stage.

Even if just accounting one month ago, in the encirclement and assassination operation, the strength Yan Buhui exhibited was not as strong as it was today. If Yan Buhui really had such strength, then at that time he would not have been so heavily injured. He had nearly perished.

But two months had not yet passed, but Yan Buhui’s strength had risen to the middle stages of the Bitter Sea stage. This was completely unprecedentedunprecenteded.

Liu Siufeng and Peng Yizhen were similarly of the Bitter Sea stage in terms of cultivation. But facing Yan Buhui right now, they still felt spells of suffocation. They were able to sense that the aura of the opposing party, was as deep and as unfathomable as the ocean, like a divine mountain that they could not climb over, a. As if the enemy could crush and destroy them at any moment. At this moment, these two top class experts did not dare strike out.

“Could it be that this villain has used some secret technique or weapon?” Peng Yizhen’s blade like eyebrow moved, his expression unprecedentedly serious.

On the ground,.

Ye Qingyu’s gaze left the three great experts.

He constantly searched around on the ground, attempting to find any traces of the little loli Song Xiaojun.

A premonition that was clearer and clearer, caused Ye Qingyu to nearly suffocate.

He could nearly be sure, that the little loli was definitely hiding at some place.

The power of the Unmoving City of Darkness, had absolutely already descended at Youyan Pass.

“Little girl, little girl, if you’re really here, you must not come out…..”

Ye Qingyu prayed in his heart.

However no matter how much he searched, he could not find any traces of the little loli.

As for the previous young girl wearing a short dress and holding the little dagger, there were also no signs of her.

In the skies.

“Old man Lu, if you still don’t appear, are you not afraid I’ll kill off all your lackeys?”

Like a Fiendgod standing alone in the skies, Yan Buhui’s voice thundered throughout the skies. Not seeing the appearance of Lu Zhaoge for such a long time, he had finally gotten a little irritated. He slowly lifted his hand, and gradually began to exhibit his pressure to crush everything in front of him.

Following along with his movement, the surging demonic qi that was like the ocean behind him, also began acting violently.

A gigantic palm made from demonic qi, began to be born that shrouded the skies, heading forward to crush all in its path.

Immediately the clouds and wind were moved.

The yuan qi of heaven and earth intersected in disorder.

The cloud of the skies were blown everywhere.

An indescribable terrifying force, headed crushingly towards Liu Zongyuan and Peng Yizhen. This demonic palm was thousands of metres wide, as if a legendary Fiendgod beast had broken apart space and time and descended. The entire Youyan Mountain range, began quivering at this moment…….

On the ground.

Ye Qingyu’s found it hard to even breathe.

He felt that of this moment, he was like a toad being pressed beneath a mountain. The houses and structures that stilled remained intact were also affected. One after another, they fell into pieces. Even if Ye Qingyu utilised his entire strength, his entire person was deeply sunken into the ground, being pressed down by an entire metre……..

Was this the power of the Bitter Sea stage?

Ye Qingyu’s heart was utterly stunned.

This was not a power a mortal should be able to possess. It was completely like a deity.

Ye Qingyu when he killed both the blood flame demon bear and the snow white demon lizard, was calm and elegant. But right now, just facing the residual forces of the gigantic demonic palm in the skies, he had already lost all his battle power. He bitterly struggled to resist against this force……

In his body, the twenty Spirit springs began to boil. The Supreme ice flame began flickering more and more rapidly.

The power of his inner yuan that he had bitterly suppressed was about to surge and explode after receiving the stimulus from this external pressure.


Ye Qingyu swore, biting apart his lips, forcefully suppressing his inner yuan.

This was a moment of life and death. Once his inner yuan activated, the Yan Buhui in the sky would definitely notice. This villain was exceedingly sensitive to his own aura. At that time, even if he were to abandon the maps, he still wanted to make him stay behind and kill him. If he were discovered by Yan Buhui right now, he could annihilate him with just a snap of his finger.

Ye Qingyu continued to do his utmost to forcibly suppress the yuan qi in his body. It gradually settled down.

But within the skies, the situation of Liu Siufeng and Peng Yizhen was not as good as Ye Qingyu’s.


“What type of power is this?”

When the gigantic demonic qi palm had not yet pressed against them, the two great experts had activated their yuan qi to obstruct it. They discovered that this unstoppable force was not something that could be obstructed through the power of man. They felt an acute pain in their chests and their wrists as if it had snapped. They spat out a jet of fresh blood, their bodies flying backwards.

The two top experts were indescribably shocked.

Comparing cultivation and battle power, even if two months ago they could not have defeated Yan Buhui, but any one of them could fight against Yan Buhui for over a thousand moves without being defeated. Right now, even with the strength of the two combined, they were heavily injured with one move…….

Just what kind of power was this?

Just solely from the residual waves alone. The gigantic palm had not yet truly descended upon them, but the two were already heavily injured?

Peng Yizhen and Liu Siufeng let out a roar of rage, their yuan qi activated to the extreme. Golden radiance completely covered their bodies, and line after line of golden light exploded from their bodies. It was as if two little golden suns had appeared in the air……

They nearly completely expended their entire strength to stabilise within the air after being sent shuddering backwards hundreds of metres.

The tide of battle was evident.

The two great figures, were absolutely not the opponents of Yan Buhui.


Yan Buhui let out a long laugh to the skies.

Everywhere the gigantic demonic qi palm passed by, the air vibrated, as if it was about to tear apart space itself.

The surrounding formation airships also began to quiver and tremble. Especially the tens of ships at the very front, were like little rafts dragged into a whirlpool in the great ocean. They had no way to be controlled, and were dragged along by the terrifying air currents. The air could not help but rotate, and the ships inside flickered rapidly with formation arrays, that let out a frightful explosion. The formations had no way to withstand the pressure of the gigantic demonic qi palm, and exploded.

The airships that had lost the formations to act as their energy source, were like kites that had their string cut. They fell from within the air……

Ye Qingyu risked his life to crawl from a pit in the ground, looking up towards the skies. Lying in rubble, he saw everything that had happened in the skies.

Such a scene was too ridiculous and unbelievable. Facing this Yan Buhui who was like a Fiendgod, the countless battleships, and experts of Youyan army were like a group of ants surrounding a massive dragon.

“The effect of a top class expert, is it really so frightful?”

Ye Qingyu sighed with emotion.

Not long ago, he felt what decided victory and loss in battle was strategy, military power, formations, resources etc. But seeing the Yan Buhui ruling over all, such a preconception was completely broken.

The Youyan Pass that had been carefully cultivated by the Empire, having a reputation of being invulnerable to attack. But it had been invaded sneakily by Yan Buhui. And he had appeared with great fanfare. It seemed that there was no power that could defeat him.

In the skies.

Yan Buhui was like the master who overlooked every little being struggling in the mortal world.

“Hahaha……Lu Zhaoge, if you still don’t dare come out to see me, then I’ll completely slaughter your fangs and claw. Haha…..” Yan Buhui said this and within the air, the gigantic demonic qi palm increased its speed. Like the clouds overtaking the moon, it headed towards the direction of Liu Siufeng and Peng Yizhen, completely destroying everything in its path.

At this moment, the faces of the two great figures of Youyan Pass completely changed.

Facing such a power, they completelycompeltey could not block it.

Seeing the huge palm was already in front of their eyes, both of them wanted to flee. But they were locked down by a terrifying qi, their flesh not able to move in the slightest. They felt an acute pain everywhere around their body, as if they were about to transform into powder…..

At this instant, within Youyan Pass, the faces of countless people went pale.

The Liu Zongyuan, Wen Wan and the military warfare officers hiding far off, roared with rage, wanting to rush out and save them…….

And it was also at this instant—–


A sword light cutting everything from the direction of the residence of the Pass Lord far off appeared.

A golden sword light.

Cutting through everywhere it passed.

The sword light was like lightning, piercing through the gigantic demonic qi palm, like a whale sucking water. It completely dispersed this gigantic demonic palm.

Liu Siufeng and Peng Yizhen rapidly retreated.

Within the skies, from the ground, from all directions, the entire Youyan Pass exploded with mad screams and cheers.

Every soldier and civilian screamed and shouted with excitement.

Such shouts and cheers were like an avalanche, like a tsunami, like the clap of thunder, like a divine song. There was a divine power that began to emanate from Youyan Pass.

The originally tragic atmosphere was completely swept away.

Because all those who had lived for more than a year at Youyan Pass, at the moment when they saw that sword light, they would abandon all their fears and worries. They would forget all their suffering and danger, because they understood, just what that golden sword light represented. Its meaning was —-

[War God of Youyan Pass], Lu Zhaoge.

A living legend of the empire that belonged to this era.

An invincible human legend.

After remaining silent for approximately fifteen minutes time, the deity of Youyan Pass finally acted.

This was the first time Ye Qingyu had seen Lu Zhaoge act.

This sword light, apart from being piercing to the eyes, one could not sense any other energy or fluctuation. But it was through this that the gigantic demonic qi palm was cut apart. The intricacies and profoundness of the martial way contained within that strike could not be understood at all with Ye Qingyu’s current level of cultivation and experience.


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